Aug 122013

Welcome to Finebaum Fan! We’ve been redesigning our site while Paul has been on “vacation”.  We are the number one source for information on The Paul Finebaum Show.  We have plans for much more to come.  Check back soon for more Finebaum!

  2 Responses to “Finebaum Fan Is Back!”


    Will Finebaum come back to radio in Bham or does anyone know?


    I was a faithful listener when he was on Sirius. When I heard about the SEC job I had my doubts ( and still do) given him being so deep in the pocket of Saban and the Tide. But I tuned in to his ESPN show and that did it. One single high-decibel, illiterate, pig-fart bleating from Tammy was all it took to end my fling with Finebaum. These morons have taken over his show.

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