Sep 272013
By Finebaum Fan.

Every college student looks forward to the day he completes his collegiate studies. Today was that day for American InterContinental University student, Clifton Channell, who completed his studies in the field of graphic design.

But, that’s not all he completed today. Clifton has been working on one last project – a caricature of ESPN radio host and Southeastern Conference football guru, Paul Finebaum.

Paul Finebaum Suitable For Twitter

Paul Finebaum by Clifton Channell

Why Finebaum you ask?  Well, here’s the story…

You may recall a recently-played football contest between The University of Alabama Crimson Tide and the Texas A&M University Aggies.  You remember – the one billed as “The Game of the Century”.

The on-field and off-field exploits of Aggie quarterback, Johnny Manziel, were widely publicized prior to the game. Manziel received extensive media coverage for an NCAA investigation into allegations he received payment for signing autographs.

Opinions of his exuberant style of play were voiced throughout the country.  The attention Manziel received prompted CBS to assign a dedicated camera which followed Manziel’s every move during the game. The camera came to be known as the “Johnny Cam”.

As a class project, Channell decided to design a caricature of the Aggies’ Heisman-winning quarterback incorporating the Manziel autograph and the CBS camera.

Paul Finebaum was one of the most prominent and opinionated figures speaking out on the events involving Manziel.

Upon completion of his artwork, Channell alerted Finebaum to his creation via Twitter.

Keep in mind that I never knew of Clifton Channell until this point.

While browsing Twitter, i noticed the #johnnycam caricature.  I thought the idea and the artwork were great and commended Channell on his accomplishment.  I had once heard Finebaum (on air) mention jokingly that he needed a new caricature for his radio studio’s logo and my two thoughts collided.

Encouraged by Channell’s confidence, I thought to myself, “I can do that”.  After all, he had the hard part. Envisioning the finished Finebaum masterpiece, I knew my part would be easy.

I patiently waited and a few days later I finally got a little teaser.

Ahhh, very cool. Time for some “Larry the Cable Guy” type encouragement!

“Hmmm”, I wondered to myself, “Could this be it?”

Finally, all my “hard work” of typing a half dozen “tweets” had come to fruition!

Anyway, this post is my attempt to live up to my promise to “make sure he sees it”. So Mr. Finebaum, as Carl Spackler said in “Caddyshack”,  “Hey, Lama! Hey! How about a little something, you know – for the effort?.”

No need for “total consciousness”, just a little acknowledging tweet to @ChannellDesign would be nice!  In return, here’s a new Twitter Logo to replace the “clown head” you found in College Station.  I just don’t want him to say, “Hey, he’s gonna stiff me.”

And, LOOK, he’s a listener!

Now, i would never dream of taking advantage of someone’s good nature and obviously gifted talents. And, I certainly don’t expect any agent’s or finder’s fee for my “discovery” of Channell.

But hey, I wouldn’t turn down any either!

Clifton Channell will earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design.

Congratulations Clifton.  Thanks for “The Finebaum”.

And, for goodness sake, someone GIVE THE MAN A JOB!

Clifton Channell’s Story From His Website

Ever since I first laid my little hands on that fat pencil they give you in Kindergarten, I have been in love with creating things. Although my technique and skill level have changed since those days of tablet paper and fat pencils, my passion and love for creating things has remained.

If someone had told me 25 years ago that I could actually color for a living, I would probably be a millionaire. Well, maybe not a millionaire, because crayons and supplies are expensive, and I like to have the best tools for the job. Unfortunately, none of my teachers gave me such advice; instead they told me that I needed to stop doodling on my papers and actually pay attention in class or I would never get a job.

To make a long story short, mainly because I would rather be creating something rather than writing this, I decided to go back to school and pursue a degree in coloring Graphic Design. The difference between these teachers and the ones who took my big pencils and crayons away is that my current teachers gave me Adobe software and challenged me to think visually.

For three long years I studied and colored day in and day out to earn my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. I now get the opportunity to do what I love every day, and the kicker is that I actually get paid to do it. So, for all my teachers back at Flatwoods Elementary, it looks like you were wrong. And to all the kids out there with their fat pencils and tablet paper, don’t let anyone tell you that coloring is not a job.

Check out Clifton Channell’s website, portfolio, and his resume’.

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