Oct 222013

Paul Finebaum Hr. 1: 10/21/13


Paul Finebaum and Brad Edwards (ESPN BCS Guru) discuss the first BCS rankings and Dave Matter (St. Louis Post Dispatch) delves into Missouri’s upset of Florida.

Paul Finebaum Hr. 2: 10/21/13


Paul Finebaum and Samuel Freedman (Author ‘Breaking the Line’, Professor Columbia University) discuss the issues facing Grambling football.

Paul Finebaum Hr. 3: 10/21/13


Paul Finebaum and Cecil Hurt (Tuscaloosa News) discuss Alabama’s position at #1 on the first BCS ranking, and much more.

Paul Finebaum Hr. 4: 10/21/13


Paul Finebaum talks with Pete Thamel (Sports Illustrated) about Florida State and Oregon, and who should be ranked number two.

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