Dec 182013

Colin CowherdLink To Phyllis’ Latest Call Berating Colin Cowherd.

Colin Cowherd, host of ESPN’s “The Herd with Colin Cowherd”, joined Paul Finebaum today looking for publicity for his new book “You Herd Me”.

Well, he found publicity, but not necessarily for his book.

It came in the form of “Phyllis from Mulga”, whose call to Finebaum went viral on the internet.

Phyllis once again took exception to comments made by an ESPN personality regarding her beloved Alabama Crimson Tide.

She proceeded to unload on Cowherd.

Listen to the call:

Play Phyllis From Mulga - Colin Cowherd: COW TURD

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  4 Responses to ““Phyllis From Mulga” Takes On ESPN’s Colin Cowherd; Calls Him “Cow Turd””


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    Hi Paul, No one is talking about the Big 12’s no conference championship game. This cuts one leg out from under the Big 12 Champ! One less game played per season and against a ranked opponent!?! TCU’s #4 ranking is clearly patronizing by the committee. If Alabama runs the table we know they are in. If they lose, a 2 loss ‘Bamma may not be in. But if Ohio State wins out, and Bama loses, I would put them ahead of TCU just because they played a full season where as TCU cannot.

    I really appreciate your show.



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