Jan 262014
David Cornwell

David Cornwell at Jones High School

By Finebaum Fan.

The University of Alabama may have lost 2015 quarterback prospect, Ricky Town, to USC – but David Cornwell is already on campus.

Cornwell, an Under Armour All-American and Elite 11 Alumni ,  is a 6′ 5” 241-pound early enrollee from Norman, Oklahoma who will be competing for the starting quarterback position this spring.

While at Norman High School North, he passed for 12 touchdowns and 1445 yards in the first five games of 2013 before suffering a season-ending knee injury.

His recovery has been progressing nicely and it appears he will be ready to compete by the time the Crimson Tide begins spring practice.

On Dec  3, just six weeks after ACL surgery, he posted an update to his progress on YouTube.

Sure, it’s a basketball and there isn’t an SEC defense in his face, but you have to admit this full-court pass is quite impressive!

I’m pretty sure he was just checking the wind on his first attempt, but he certainly nailed the second one.

But, what can he do with a football?

Here are some of the highlights from Cornwell’s high school career.

There has been much speculation that  Jacob Coker, a likely transfer from Florida State, is the heir apparent to Heisman runner-up, A.J. McCarron.

Coker and Cornwell are about the same size.  And like Cornwell, Coker is also coming off a season-ending knee injury.

After comparing Cornwell’s passing accuracy to that of Coker, I wouldn’t be surprised to see David Cornwell emerge as the Tide’s quarterback this fall.


For some interesting insight to Cornwell’s long road from Oklahoma to Alabama, read this article by Matt Scalici.

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Jan 242014

With Super Bowl Sunday just a few days away, now is a good time to reflect on the amazing career of Denver Bronco quarterback, Peyton Manning.

Speculation will certainly continue, leading right up to kickoff.  Is he the best ever?

Regardless of the place he will take in the history of professional football, one thing is certain.  He always gave back to the community – especially to his younger fans.

From MileHighReport.com Posted By Kyle Montgomery.

Peyton Manning talks about his classic United Way SNL skit and his exposure to the disturbing field of child acting.

This skit is an SNL classic, so it isn’t hard to give me a reason to revisit it and ultimately post it. But these quotes from Peyton Manning about the skit are priceless.

Manning was the keynote speaker at the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette’s inaugural All Arkansas Prep Awards in Little Rock over the past weekend, and the emcee asked him a number of soft-ball questions, such as the hardest hits of his career and how he’s forcing his younger teammates to watch classic comedies.

He also asked Peyton about his experience on SNL, which brought up this gem. Via The Sports Seer

“The one that people always talk about is the United Way skit, where I’m throwing the football at the kids. A lot of people have asked “Peyton, please tell me you weren’t really hurting those kids.” And I promise you folks, that was a Nerf football … and all these kids, they were all child actors which is a kind of disturbing field in its own way. And all the parents were there the entire time when we were doing that skit and the director said ‘You gotta hit them in the face, you gotta do it.’ And I had to have a little talk with myself before I could do it.

“But I felt a little more comfortable when I heard one of the parents yelling at the director ‘I want him to hit my kid in the face!’”

The only thing more disturbing than Manning’s persona in that skit? The parents of child actors. Terrifying.

Jan 212014

telephone270x200Bigotry: The state of mind of a bigot: someone who, as a result of their prejudices, treats or views other people with fear, distrust, hatred, contempt, or intolerance. – Wikipedia.com.

On Martin Luther King Day, John” called The Paul Finebaum Show and proved bigotry still exists in America.

Would you agree?

Play On MLK Day, John Proves Bigotry Still Exists In America

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Jan 212014

Martin Luther KingFrom  Wikipedia.com.

In 2008, Columbia University named Finebaum’s Show as one of the winners of its annual ‘Let’s Do it Better! Workshop on Journalism, Race and Ethnicity’ awards for providing a strong and sometimes controversial view on racial issues in sports. In particular, Columbia cited a poignant show on the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday – which highlighted the slain Civil Rights leaders still strong connections with today’s sports stars. Among Finebaum’s written works noted included a column in the Mobile Press-Register on the first two black coaches in the bowl, the admission of NBA star that he was gay, a column on the University of Alabama snubbing of Sylvester Croom to be the first black football head coach in the SEC and a tribute to the late Grambling coach Eddie Robinson.

Paul Finebaum celebrated Martin Luther King Day as he has the past few years by replaying this call from “Jay In Huntsville”:

Play Martin Luther King Day - Jay From Huntsville

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Jan 172014

telephone270x200By Finebaum Fan.

Lars Anderson, journalism professor at the University of Alabama and award-winning writer at Sports Illustrated, joined Paul Finebaum today for the broadcast of “The Paul Finebaum Radio Show”.

Late in the program, “Andy From Ohio” called in to discuss The University of Alabama football and Tuscaloosa Menswear controversy.

He began his call with shot or two at Finebaum’s resident caller, “Jim from Tuscaloosa” before he began elaborating on the subject.

As he has in the past, Finebaum seized the opportunity to pit “caller vs. caller” to deliver “radio gold”.

Finebaum referred to it as “one of the all-time calls”.

Anderson likened the phone call to a prize-fight. When asked by Finebaum who won the decision, Anderson replied,”That was a big beat down there.  Andy – all the way.”

Andy is an attorney from Perrysburg, Ohio, and well – Jim is Jim. The results were inevitable.

Listen to the call and the reaction of Finebaum callers – Will in Ohio, Joe in Michigan, Reverend, Jeff from Washington D.C., and Jimmy:

Play Andy From Ohio Delivers Beat Down To Jim From Tuscaloosa

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Jan 152014

Have you ever wondered why Peyton Manning screams “Omaha! Omaha!” when calling signals for the Denver Broncos?

Listen to the explanation in Manning’s own words:

Play Freddie Coleman: Peyton Manning Explains The Meaning of Omaha

The Freddie Coleman Show On ESPN

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