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James FranklinBy Finebaum Fan.

James Franklin was recently hired as head football coach by Penn State University after three successful seasons with Vanderbilt University.

Franklin has been criticized for signing players he recruited to Vanderbilt to scholarships with Penn State.

He appeared today as a guest on The Paul Finebaum Show and the host was not bashful in breaching the subject of “flipping recruits”.

Listen to the complete interview as things got a little uncomfortable as it progressed:

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  25 Responses to “Penn State Coach James Franklin Grilled By Paul Finebaum For “Flipping Recruits””


    Franklin moving on and some players deciding to go with him is not the issue here. That always happens to some degree in these coaching changes. The issue is the manner in which this came about. Penn State knew some time in early November they could be losing their coach. In mid November feelers were put out through the usual clandestine channels to 4 coaches to guage their interest in the Penn State job. The source of this is someone who sits on Penn State’s Board. Franklin was one of the four. I think at that point he changed his recruiting pitch to come play for me as opposed to come play for Vanderbilt. I often wondered what had happened to recruiting as Vandy’s last public commitment was in October. There were no verbal commitments in November, December, or January even after the success of the season, beating UT in Knoxville and accepting the 3rd bowl selection in as many years. I think he knew early on he had a shot at Penn State and began the process then of being in position of flipping recruits. Even though he once accused a recruit of having no honor for not honoring a verbal commitment, Franklin likewise has demonstrated such a lack. He rationalizes it by saying he is now Penn State’s coach and it is his duty to do “everything in his power” to make Penn State a success. I guess that means there are no bounds for ethics’ or honor’s sake. The argument is Vandy fans should be happey with what he did for us, that it is a much more attractive and competitive situation. All true but what is lost is the opportunity Vandy afforded him after he was snubbed by Maryland. Where is the recognition and gratitude by himn for what Vandy did for him? He says he’s upset that Vandy fans are upset with him. Good, then he should be very upset. Penn State fans learn the lesson here. If he has success there and further enhances his credentials, it is only a matter of time before his next “dream job” comes calling. It may be hard for you to accept but there are easier places to win a National Championship than Penn State. Loyalty and family are just catchy phrases for a means to an end. From evertyhing I’ve heard and read about Coach Mason, THE coach of Vanderbilt University, this may be a blessing in disguise. He is a great coach, leader, motivator, man of honor and integrity who has assembled an excellent staff and worked miracles in the quality of recruits he brought in in spite of the sabotage efforts of Poach Franklin. He is uniquely positioned to take Vandy to the next level.


      Yeh Mike. Franklin started recruiting for Penn State even before he had the job and was up against three strong candidates also in competition for the job at Penn State. Get real! That makes no sense at all.


      Mike, as a penn state alumnus, I agree with most of what you say….. You would never had seen this from jopa who was a rare man of honor in a dog eat dog game today. Jopa was paid $500k up until the last yr or two when he made $1mm….. A far cry from the big bucke that they throw at these coaches today…….I’m not sure what the answer is but I feel for vandy, ESP when the NCAA pulled their crap on psu in 2012 and we lost a number of our better players….. I hope you do well….. And i’llwait to see if Franklin is a man of honor though at this point I have my doubts.


    Don’t remember Finebaum grilling Urban for stealing PSU RECRUITS after the sanctions were handed down . Why doesn’t he interview Lord Njck and ask why he cuts 8 or 9 scholarship players every year.


    They better add a deck to Beaver Stadium. It may be one of the largest but it is way too small to fit Franklin’s over inflated ego!


    Paul Finebaum is lowlife


    I still don’t get all the anger at CJF. He took recruits just like Derek Mason did. It happens all the time. Kids bought into his message just like the VU fans did for three years. Let it go already!


    Everyone hate james franklin because he’s doing his job! He don’t make any of these players flip. It was all their decision. Every high school coach in the country will tell his players “commit to a school, not a coach”. If they choose to follow that or not it’s their choice. What is he supposed to say? “Hey I know you want me to coach you and you want to come to Penn State, but stay at Vandy where you don’t want to be anymore”. Franklin isn’t saying anything wrong. He’s not saying he made their choice. He’s not saying he doesn’t care. He’s doing his job. Everyone would be calling him an awful coach. Why isn’t Finebaum grilling Steve Sarkesian for taking recruits from Washington to USC? Why isn’t Charlie Strong roasted? People will hate Penn State for anything.


    Franklin did not hold a gun to anyone’s head to make the switch to Penn State. In the end, it is the athlete and their families who have the final say on where the athlete accepts a scholarship. Each athlete could have remained loyal to Vanderbilt, but didn’t. They chose Penn State because they wanted to be there and did not want to be at Vanderbilt. That tells me that they trust the character of Franklin or they would not have made the switch. It is nice to be in America where we have freedom and choices.


    Finebaum is pathetic


    The reason that this is an issue is because in the past James Franklin has been extremely outspoken against recruits decommitting and flipping. When josh Dawson flipped from vandy to georgia, Franklin made a public statement about how some people aren’t men of honor or men of integrity and do not have the courage to honor their commitments. While I do not disagree that James Franklin is an incredible rising talent of a coach, he seems incredibly two faced as a coach. He acts like a used car salesman pitching his program. I don’t doubt that penn state will be successful with him, in fact I think he might even be an upgrade from another great coach bill o’brien; however James Franklin has proven himself to be a coach with little integrity. I will cheer for the man as I think he is one damn fine coach, however, I do not respect him and would have a hard time letting my son play for someone like him.


      Hey Anonymous. I am willing to bet that you have changed companies sometime in your life. If you have, you have “flipped” your loyalty from one company to another. Does that make you “two faced” or lack integrity? I think not.


      What I find disturbing about this interview is the hypocrisy of attacking an individual regarding a practice that seems to me to be fairly common in football. We as fans and commentators put tremendous pressure on coaches to produce a winning program. Yet we are surprised at what coaches do to protect and maintain their livelihood. It is not uncommon for recruits to receive scholarship offers from schools after they have verbally committed to another school. If Finebaum wants to criticize the recruiting process, i can’t say that i would necessarily disagree. But, the personal attack on Franklin for this process seems to me to be misplaced and, perhaps, disingenuous.


    Hmm, if I don’t get the answer I want, then I keep trying to put words in the other person’s mouth. You lost the interview Mr. host.


    Finebaum certainly displayed his “elitist” mentality. What axe does he have to grind with Franklin? He sounded has if he never followed the inter workings of college football and actually embassed himself with his interview, in my humble opinion.


    This is a no win situation. Someone will be offended no matter what. The bottom line is – what’s best for the kid (player) it is the kids decision and hopefully will be able to earn a diploma in 4 years


    So as a PSU fan, I’m not interested in a radio hosts opinion. He doesn’t recruit or coach. He never has and never will. He sits behind a microphone and voices his opinion. BFD! I could care less.


    Finebaum is just pissed that a coach could leave the mighty sec for lowly big ten. This happens all over the country. Did he slam Chris Peterson? If not he is a hypocrite who was only trying to push an agenda. Guy is nothing more than a shock jock who tries to start fires so he can get a few extra clicks and listeners. Going out on limb here that franklin could care less what finbaum thinks and will continue to flip players given the opportunity (which he should) and penn state will be better for it.


    What’s the big deal? These young men wanted to play for Mr. Franklin. Chris Peterson did the same thing – what Franklin did was not new and not wrong. Franklin’s answers were perfectly acceptable and Finebaum is simply trying to start an argument. It’s good radio, but really was inappropriate and completely unfair to Franklin, whose actions are consistent with every other coach in the U.S. Plus, Finebaum constant interrupting was further disrespectful. I guess this explains why I’ve never heard of Finabaum until now and will likely forget about him before lunch.


    Finebaum is part of the ESEC, That’s the new name for what use to be ESPN. They want to rip everyone else that may be a future threat to there paychecks and the SEC. Let’s face it this happens EVERYWHERE. You cannot tell me that even in the SEC that any coach that leaves one school for another during the recruiting process, don’t at least try to bring recruits with him.


    The radio host-Moron!


    Wow, this is crazy! Finebaum is forgetting a few points, Players get recruited on many fronts, first playing and fitting into a scheme, how soon and what position, second (hopefully) quality and availability of education, those players who flipped were sold mostly on those two premises! Coach Mason had a chance to sell them on his scheme and his plans for each player (they were already sold on the school) Penn State had a similar issue with Holley who flipped and O’Connor who stayed! I think it was amazing that we only lost one recruit(not counting Vincent) There is always going to be movement in any transition situation in any business! I don’t get Finebaum singling out Franklin let alone his tone of questioning, It really gives more validity to this ESPN witch hunt against PSU! Let’s talk NC State, Auburn, Miami, Etc.


    Not sure of context when Franklin accused a former commit of not honoring his word, but the big difference to me is whether the circumstances changed significantly or not. If most of a coaching staff changes schools, I see nothing wrong with a commit re-evaluating things and/or coaches convincing players to follow them. O’Brien leaving and Franklin coming in was a huge change and PSU lost Holly, but picked up others from Vandy. On the flip side, if nothing major changes, your word should mean something or you shouldn’t commit until you’re sure because there are only so many spots to fill. Not sure there is the hypocrisy some are claiming.


    Finebaum is a bum.


    Finebaum is a butthurt turd. This is what you get in college football, he would have no problem if the new vandy coach brought a bunch of great talent from his previous school. But that won’t happen because vandy is a junk job in college football, sec or not.

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