Oct 062014

By FinebaumFan.

“Phyllis From Mulga” took exception to ESPN’s Colin Cowherd’s comments regarding her beloved Alabama Crimson Tide and Head Coach, Nick Saban.

This morning on his show, “In The Herd”, Cowherd made this comment on air immediately after Paul Finebaum had been interviewed:

Phyllis called into the Finebaum show today unaware of Cowherd’s comments.

It didn’t take long before Phyllis began her second scathing of Cowherd on the Finebaum Show.

Her first call was a classic and quickly went viral on social media.

Play Phyllis From Mulga - Colin Cowherd: COW TURD


Today’s response to Cowherd was as intense as her first:

Here’s the COMPLETE call.

Play Phyllis From Mulga Scolds Colin Cowherd - Again

Video from The Paul Finebaum Show YouTube Channel:

Roll Tide!

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  2 Responses to “Call of the Day – “Phyllis From Mulga” Scolds Colin Cowherd – Again”


    Isn’t it clear he hates the SEC and especially Alabama. Nobody respect him because of his WEST COASTER love. He never mentions Alabama because he is stuck in the 1960s. Why don’t you stay in New York or where ever yhen sent you and leave your comments about the SEC teams–especially bama out of any person who makes his living sitting on a radio talking to yourself has serious narcissistic issues. We wan t you off the air in the SEC students’ signatures to sum it to you soon.

    nobody gives a rats ass a bout your opinion .


    My come above is for Cowherd….not Paul Finebaum.

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