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Comment: Alabama’s not down as much as everyone else is rising to compete with Alabama.

Comment: Hello Paul I’m a bama fan living in oklahoma . My question is what is going on with the receivers like sims and Roberts that were recruited why are those recievers not being played instead of a injured white it seems to make more sence to have other players that maybe can be another cooper and make it more difficult to defend them all in the passing game thank you Paul I hope you can find this answer for me

Comment:: Bama fan here. Can’t win every game. No way. But being in the position to play in the big game is a biggie. I think Saban has that ability. If Bama won every single game, it would not be as interesting. 3 National Championships and a freak play cost him another. Great coach. RTR

Comment: Hey paul hows it going Florida fan here just listening to your show and cant figure out what these other fans are talking about the other sec teams in the saying whose gonna loose or win Alabama will beat auburn Georgia will loose a couple of games and Missouri will loose and lsu will drop a couple and florida will over come the quarterback issus before we play Georgia and it will work it self out

Comment: Concerning Saban Dynasty, I grew up in S.C. and began pulling for Alabama in 1957. Luckily, General Motors transferred me to Birmingham in 1968. In 1969 many fans and some media members were saying that Coach Bryant should retire, that the game had passed him by. He got on his show one Sunday afternoon and told Charlie Thornton that he needed to say something before watching Saturday’s game. He said: Some people are asking that I retire, I want people to know that two people would decide when I retire and that is me and Mary Harmon, the rest of you can go to hell. His daughter called him and the next Sunday he apologized for using language his daughter did not approve of and then said but I meant everything I said. He went on to be voted Coach of the Decade in the 1970s and won A UPI Championship and two AP Championships in 78-79. I now live in Jacksonville and the Jaguars fired Coughlin because of fan pressure and he went on two win two Super Bowls with the Giants. Send this on to Colin please. Good Coaches don’t forget how to coach.

Comment: Two SEC championships since 2007 does not make Alabama a dynasty.

Comment: Hi there,

I am hoping you can help me, we’d love to book Phyllis from Mulga on Campus Insiders, please let me know if you can let me know how to get in touch with her.

Comment:: Phyllis is NOT a true representation of the University of Alabama, she is a representative of the portion of our “fan base” that include idiots like Harvey Updyke. I find it extremely believable she has never contributed a single dollar to the University (upper deck tickets bought on Stubhub doesn’t count). She is an embarrassment to my wonderful University and to the State of Alabama.

Comment: Alabama football will continue to have big problems with good passer teams as their defensive back just chase and do not look back for the football; making it impossible to knock pass down or intercept it. Prime example, the last touchdown Ole Miss got, the defensive back for Bama was not looking back for the ball, but watched the receiver catch the touchdown pass. Any high school quarterback in the state of Alabama could have completed that pass.

Comment: Paul I turned on the TV and OMG it was not on the SEC Network, however I did see Luginbill demostrating how to correctly recover a fumble. Any chance seeing you demostrating how to kick a field goal? LOL ! Great show.

Comment: Please use my first name only or my call in name, “John from Gulfport”. Paul, how can Ole Miss safety Trae Elston (number 7) not be given a game suspension for kicking the Alabama player Drake when he was down . he was suspended for targeting last season as well. Where is the fairness in the SEC office?

Comment: I watched the show and love it. My question is, since the Big wins for OLE Miss and Miss State this weekend. How do you these fans will feel if both lose this weekend? Auburn is evidently a power house and OLE Miss has never played in front of the 12th Man at Kyle Field. There will be 106,000 plus giving A&M a significant advantage. There has been several key loses this season after big wins for numerous teams. Will there be a let down for these teams this weekend?

Comment: Pauls complete meltdown over Bama was epic!!!
Wonder if Mrs. Finebaum gets jealous over his Saban Fetish.
Great job John! AS a UT fan, I agree that it’s an issue when a team can’t close in the fourth. Of course so did Paul until it was mentioned that’s how Bama has been losing also!!! lol

Comment: Paul,
I am not buying the Miss State and Ole Miss Story. LSU is down and are really bad, and I am an LSU fan, Texas AM has not proven a thing. Ole Miss has a good defense and it took a turnover to beat Bama. Auburn got really lucky in beating Bama last year. Saban is still the best coach and will be. A lot of these teams run in cycle except for Alabama. They are the most consistant team in the league.

Comment: Please have your show on TV to have close-captioning accessibility, thank you!!! Go SEC!!!

Comment: Paul, First of all — LOVE YOUR SHOW!

I am a graduate of Mississippi State University of which I am very proud.

I would like to clarify something for you. You may (probably) already know where “HAIL STATE” originated, but you seemed quite confused about it on your show. I know “HAIL STATE” might seem a little random (as my daughter might say), but actually it is pretty creative (IMO).

You probably don’t know, or care to know, anything about the Miss. State fight song, but here it is for your pleasure:


Hail Dear Old State,
Fight for that victory today,
Hit that line and tote that ball,
Cross the goal before you fall,
And then we’ll yell,
For Dear Old State we’ll yell like H-E-L-L, Fight for Mississippi State, Win that game today

As you will notice, the first line of the song is “Hail Dear Old State” — hence, “HAIL STATE!”

You are the guru of all things SEC. That is why all of us who love our SEC schools are so fond of you and your show.

To be honest, as a State fan, I felt like you and your sidekick (John, right) where making fun, or at the very least, your were making light of our use of HAIL STATE!. As you can see now, from our fight song (above), there was a method to our madness when we chose to add HAIL STATE! to our vocabulary.

I know the use of HAIL STATE may seem a little “lame” to others not associated with Miss. State but, hopefully, it’s because they don’t know from where it originated — Our Fight Song — which is just as dear to us as I’m sure Alabama’s fight song is to their fan base.

It would be kind of nice if you could find a place on your show to explain where HAIL STATE! came from to you listeners. It would be a particularly appropriate time with all the attention that is now being focused on the Mississippi SEC schools.

Again — Love your show! Hope you have a long and happy run with it! Thanks for your time.


Comment: Dear Charles, ref your comment on Thursday (2 Oct) where you invoked the adage “act like you’ve been there before”. I counter with “don’t rain on my parade” and “don’t bite the hand that feeds you”. Why do you think Paul’s radio show became such a success? Debonaire charm, wit, and good looks alone didn’t do it. Fan enthusiasm made it happen. Unbridled, outrageous, over-the-top, raucous, inexplicable, ravenous. Why do you think SEC network exists? Philanthropy by ESPN?? No. It’s because of US, the great unwashed, those who are OVERLY enthusiastic, and yes, we spend money: Something north of $30 million in Mississippi this weekend alone. Dear Charles, I know you are young but keep in your mind’s eye that the vigor you researched plays the bills! I would not bother to chastise you if I didn’t love you and think you are better than this remark. I would just put you in the box with that poor self-possessed radio guy that thinks Crimson Tide fans are uneducated poverty-stricken hangers on. (He is the focus of many a prayer of mine,) Please rethink your view. Be amazed that people find joy. Don’t rob them of the magic. Like the Mississippi Attorney General said: On Monday, the state gets back to the reality of being #1 on nearly every bad statistical measure for quality of life. Don’t rain on our parade this weekend. And, please note THEY HAVEN’T BEEN HERE BEFORE. And, if State and Ole Miss both win even the reality of real life Monday won’t daunt the enthusiasm. This, from a die-hard Roll Tide fan

Comment: I just had to write to you. I am a listener not a caller. I often take car trips that last 3-4 hours and have always scheduled my trip to coincide with your show because of the entertainment value often times laughing aloud along the way. I have noticed that since you returned on air with espn as your boss I hardly crack a smile anymore. In my opinion there are way too many long boring bland (espn)guest interviews that almost put me to sleep while I am driving. Even though I think Jim from Tuscaloosa is an idiot he is right when he says you have become espnized. It’s like Otis Cambell said to the moonshiners he was about to be jailed with on the Andy Griffith show……It just doesn’t have the zip it used to…just another sports radio show…only because it is SEC is it surviving!!!!!!!!

Comment: Mr. Finebaum,

I owe you an apology, long overdue.
On a fishing trip too many years ago with a life long friend, Howell Raines, I made the comment that I thought you were a @#%*#@. Howell quickly said, not so fast, you need to give that another look. I did and I have.
I have become a fan of yours since that time.
I am a 1960 graduate of the U of A and I now get to follow you on ESPN and the SEC Network in the Pensacola,Fl. area.
I am happy for your success. Keep it going.
I send this apology to you on a personal level for what it is.
an apology with no response needed.

Comment: First meeting Ole Miss vs Alabama in Nov 1894. Univ of MS won 6-0. My grandfather, William Henry Cook, scored the first and only touchdown against Ala. He later Supreme Court Justice in MS.

Comment: I cannot get through by phone to courteously add praise for Mark RICHT. I recall Lou Saban said right after the last Alabama Game with Georgia, “I thought I was going to have a heart attack.” Georgia came one play from winning.

Last year, Murray, now in the NFL, and Gurley missed games with injuries… I hope the caller who wanted to fire RICHT, has a more understanding employer, than the caller….Has the caller forgotten about Saban’s last second at the end last year when he insisted to the referee he had one second?

It is a great conference and anyone can win.

Comment: Hey Paul if you have not given Marcus spears a nickname here’s one for you.

Comment: Listened to few minutes of show today …. had to go back and check if TAMU actually won the game. Arkansas has a fantastic running game (quotes Paul) … but still not buying into these Aggies. Will you at least admit your gamecocks and razor hogs lost. So sick of hearing about Alabama … maybe they need their own network like Texas.

Comment: paul Deitzel left LSU for Army and later moved to South Carolina.

Comment: why gary pinkel will stay at MU. 2015 may be best Pinkel team ever, Best defense if no early pro draftees. florida coach sideline demeanor suggest he is not a players coach. some will leave and recruiting will suffer.

Comment: Situation BYU, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Oregon, go undefeated and all SEC teams beat each other,(BAD DEAL) Suggestion 36 Bowl games, top 8 teams play each other in EARLY bowl games 4 winners go to playoff 4 losers eligible for other bowl games.?????

Comment: What happened to our old buddy Tim Brando? Haven’t seen or heard from him anywhere this year.

Comment: old news, former hs fb coach happy with move to SEC. Old MU fan with memory and respect but not fear of SEC. MU is 7-2 in bowl games vs SEC.

Comment: Can you e-mail the Finebaum show?
I am not interested in Twitter at all, and trying to call???? I’ve heard “We’re sorry…….” about 2,000+ times!!

Thanks for your time,


Comment: What are your thoughts on LSU now that Harris has secured the starting position. Also, do you think, based on his comments, that it was his own decision or a decision forced upon him?


Comment: Have tried to contact Paul by phone but always Busy. Mr Paul please comment how the players Character should be consider as as football talent to Be eligible for the Hiesman.

Comment: Paul,

To begin your show today, you mentioned it was the “Alabama” game. It is as much the “Ole Miss” game as much as it is the “Alabama” game.

Second, you stated the Missouri-South Carolina game was in Columbia….”Missouri”. It was in Columbia….”South Carolina”.

You and I and the world all knows Georgia should have beaten Tennessee much worse (the Dawgs were asleep at the wheel in the first quarter, along with their fans). If UGA gets some kind of improvement in their secondary and Mason improves as quarterback, Georgia will be a major force for national title honors. The question will be, if they do the aforementioned or not. Georgia let their foot off the throttle against Tennessee; if they hadn’t, they would have ended up demolishing the Volunteers much worse than Oklahoma did.

Enjoy your show.

Palm Springs, California

Comment: Is it possible to have Steve Spurrier and Nick Saban speak about football strategy together?

Comment: When is the sec going to invite Georgia Southern to the conference? On a scale of 1- Erk Russell , Bear Bryant was a 5!!!

Comment: Not that Paul needs a barber but we watch him here in Nashville from the Belle Meade Barber Shop every day. We have been trying to call but your line is always busy. We are Missouri fans. Please hire a secretary and add a line for your show.

Comment: I wasn’t able to listen to a lot of the show yesterday but I did hear saban’s “fired up” comments regarding his offensive philosophy. I have a perspective on this & it has to do with a jealousy of kiffin-don’t know if that opinion was brought up or not but it’s immediately what I thought of esp. After my “saban burn out” convo I had with Paul last week.
I also have an opinion on d’antonis comments but I’m sure those comments were adressed ad nauseum so I don’t have to expound on that-you let me know if u do(my in laws r all buckeye alum so my big 10 dislike is intense). @ the same time I am tired of sec fans acting & discounting every other team in America-there are a lot of good teams out there that could easily compete in our conference(of course I believe sec is superior but my goodness we sound ignorant at times).

Last topic is the richt garbage-I live here & have a semi-unique perspective considering I’m related to & the majority of my friends r ga alum.

Just interested if u would like me To call in &, if so, can I get another number so I don’t have to call 100 xs just to get on air.

Comment: I am a Mississippi State season ticket holder. My wife, 7 year old son, and myself will be at the Texas A-m game on the 4th. I listen and watch your show all the time and I am a big fan. My son is also a fan of you and of course Tim Tebow. We would love to meet you guys if possible. If we wear a P town shirt will that work? I understand if it’s not possible. Keep up the good work and Welcome to The Junction!!!

Comment: I’m from Cedar Rapids Iowa, love your show and SEC Network. Jim from tuskaloosa is very entertaining, look forward to his calls, he very seldom says anything of substance, but he does make me laugh.

Comment: Paul,    Sending you this e-mail in order to document the following predictions were made prior to their occurrence: Five College Football Coaching Predictions Cresting The Horizon

Comment: With all do respect your sports analysis shadows your political views. You are a staunch Republican. Your take on Charlie Strong mimics your far-right ideological thinking. Your bias opinion reference Strong is unfair. The man has coached only 4 games. Strong brings a stellar record from Louisville.

Stop hiding behind false excuses and man-up by publicly stating what your real issue is with the “Afro-American” coach!!

You sir are the classic southern Hannity/Limbaugh “Ditto-Head!

Comment: Paul, Long time RTR listener. I loved your show today and your guest was awesome. Please make him a regular.

Comment: Hi, I am a GA fan and I get really disgusted when a bad call costs us the game and everone including the official knows it. The play I am talking about is the 54 yd TD that was negated in the SC game because of a phantom holding call. Coach Richt talked to Mr. Shaw and it was indicated it was probably a bad call. Why can’t the SEC get a setup where the play is reviewed at the league office and get it right. It doesn’t help any with a mere acknowledgement. GA gets the bad side with a couple SEC officials and it is not right. Mr. Shaw may have integrity but that doesn’t change the wins and losses.

Comment: hey Paul! we love your show! we’re kinda young viewers but we watch it after school always! we were wondering if u could say happy birthday Abie for us, Thanks so much Paul! We love your show! ~Abie Lee, Skyler Duncan, Lexi Jones, Alyssa Dutton, Mckenzie Brown, and Katie Wilkes!

Comment: Crab Legs and the Criminoles: Is it true that FSU has hired Lois Lerner to conduct the Title 9 investigation of Crab Legs?

Comment: Hey guys, consider this. 2012. A player from Bama dumped a Mizzou player on his head, which could have been life threatening. Bama player got flagged. With all of the outrage, the only penality…he had to write a letter.
Not exactly a level playing field here.

Comment: Dear Paul, Is you show on a Dallas radio station …. or anywhere in Texas for that matter. I record your show on TV and enjoy your commentary … However …. if you are representing the SEC I would hope you look to promote more calls from the rest of the SEC. Your poll today on odds of winning the West is really a reflection of who watches your show and where you have spent your career. The bias (I understand it is like your hometown)for Alabama is a bit of a turnoff. I attended U of Florida and U of Tennessee and grew up in Nashville so I understand the deep south fans (ranting etc) but would content that most fans especially TAMU and Missouri do not necessarily fit the same profile and would add an interesting dimension. I wish you the best.

Comment: Paul, a lady called your show this afternoon (Mon 22 Sept) mentioning SEC coaches cussing on the sidelines which viewers see on tv broadcasts. You sort of tap danced around it. Heres the deal Paul, cussing does not set the correct standard for these men who are (1) representing their employer, the school and the Alunmi (2) cussing sends a pitiful example to the players who look up to the coaching staff (3) sends a wrong messages to the moms and dads of their “boys father figure” while in clooege, the coach.

Paul, this is not rocket science, I am with you in recent the FSU QB debacle, BUT YOU too are a role model and I am sure you have many younger fans tuning in to you show. Step up to the plate, hit it out of the park, tell your viewers cussing is unexceptable. My wife and I think your show is a big hit, you (and John) keep up the great work.

Comment: I struggle to listen sometimes…Being from Mississippi, every time I hear some of your callers… Those with bad grammar and syntax, those with thick drawls screaming hate and vile…I sometimes wonder your true motivations. I’m a lover of Mississippi. I could list the contributors of literature and music and entertainment but you would get bored if I listed them all…my true wish for Mississippi would be that Mississippi State and OleMiss were undefeated going into the egg bowl….Back to my point, wishing even more than OleMiss wins the National Championship I wish that the nation as a whole would view us down here as more than the ignorant, inbred racist running joke they see us as…I turn the channel back to NPR to listen to the latest be-headings from ISIS…and then, clicking back to channel five, hoping Darrell or Phyllis are through embarrassing themselves…I hear this guy who seems to be drunk and I think, what are you doing to us here…Is your one true goal, your one ambition in life to perpetuate the stereotypes of what it is to be from the South….and then I realize the man speaking is, well, special, that he is from the mid-west and that you are in fact letting him speak out of respect….probably giving him a thrill in his life, not making fun of him but using his simple questions to postulate in general terms about College Football and then I was embarrassed for cursing you. One of my Uncles was special, loved him as much as my dad for his simpleness, honesty and love that he exuded every day of his life..long time listener first time writer…while I have your assistants ear…my pet peeve is people asking you how you are doing when you say hello, apparently your fine, the last five callers have established that fact…you have a radio show, cover college football for a living, I don’t see how you could be having a bad day if your able to breathe. And I now respect you a little more for giving a special dude a little respect.

Comment: The kindness of doing a fist pump or shaking hands at the end of games doesn’t interfere with determining who had the best whole season among teams. But giving automatic bids to March Madness to inferior teams does such a thing. That’s the difference between the two.

Comment: Mr. Finebaum, this cause needs a champion and I don’t want to see Dillon Day hurt another player, even if he plays for Alabama!

Along with many LSU and Mississippi State fans, I witnessed 2 assaults on LSU players last weekend. Yes, my team lost, I acknowledge that I am disappointed with this loss but regardless of a win or loss, 2 of our players were viciously assaulted during the game.

The first incident occurred when Davon Godchaux was intentionally stomped in the groin of while down by 299 pound Dillon Day after the play ended and then a second battery occurred when Mr. Day targeted on Rashard Robinson, again after the play ended. Football is a hard hitting sport but there is no room for this type of targeting, violence or intention to cause injury upon an opposing team member that was witnessed during the LSU vs. Mississippi State Game.

After doing a little research on Mr. Day it is easy to find that he has a record of this type of behavior, being suspended for the same type of intentional injury to an Auburn player in 2013 and that this stand-out player from West Monroe, LA was not recruited by LSU head Coach Less Miles because of character issues.

The last few weeks of controversy with the NFL should send a clear message to college football, the Southeastern Conference (SEC) and Mississippi State that there is no room for this type of conduct on or off the field and MR. DAY SHOULD BE PERMANENTLY BANNED FROM COLLEGE SPORTS.

I’ll close with a personal message to Mr. Day: as a football fan and mother of an almost-college-aged- son, my words and anger may not stop you from being allowed to exact your violence on someone else’s son but your “Day” is coming. Keep doing what you are doing and eventually you will be stopped, hopefully by one of those proud moms’ of the sons you have injured and way before you ever reach the NFL and pay for the tattoos on your arms.

Want to read more about Mr. Day and see the videos? (note Mr. Day’s comments about his behavior on this article) (this is a MSU site noting his behavior)

Comment: How is it that nobody has reported the origin of the MEME that Jameis bellowed. The origin of this MEME was from a Kentucky reporter that didnt know he was on camera talking about how he didnt care about the age of a missing young girl and expressing what he was going to do to her when they found her. The video is all over youtube and not hard to find.

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    Hey Paul, what about another trial to reinstate Tammy like you did on JOX a few years ago.I would like to see her daughter on TV, I remember that she was quite a hooker, I mean looker the last time when you let her on for a character witness for her mom.


    WoW. the ignorance is abundint. my friend , Alabama has won 3 national tittles since 2007. alabama has 6 straight 10 win seasons. please act like you know something about a subject before you speak and make a fool of yourself


    Friend, please know something about college football before you speak and look foolish. Alabama has 3, not 2, National Championships since 2007 ! and 6 straight 10 win season…. Yes, in todays college football, thats a dynasty


    please explain how T.C.U is ahead of alabama ! Bama’s lose was to a Ole Miss, ranked 3rd in country at time, now ranked 10th. T.C.U lost to Baylor, was not even in top 15 at time, now ranked 7th. so, bama loss to 10th rank team and T.C.U loss to 7th ranked team, both these rankings are the selection comittee !! Now, strength of schedule- the committee has T.C.U as 37th on S.O.S and Alabama, ranked 6th on S.O.S ! not much difference in ranking of the teams that beat them…..Ole Moiss 10th, Baylor 7th. bigger difirental in S.O.S. Bama 6th and T.C.U 37th……..these are facts ! Now, we all know if Alabama wins out thta Bama will go to playoffs. But this week committeee rankings shows thier bias toward S.E.C. Go back and look how far Ole Miss jumped when they beat L.S.U in Death Vally ! alabama wins in death vally and they stay in same spot and get jumped !!! that indicates a bias by the committee toward alabama. Roll Tide !!! The committee was created to stop the S.E.C dominance !! You will never see two S.E.C teams in playoffs, never.! And if yoyu are going to use strength of schedule, they need to wait til season is over. . a schedule may look tough before season starts, but sometimes that schedule ends up WEAK after season, when they play these ‘tought’ teams that turn out to be flukes !


    Comment: Paul, I have been a Bama fan since Pat Trammel days. My comment is a question–‘How can we get different tv commentators? None of my Bama Buds like Gary or Vern. They are too opinionated about how they would coach the team and how they didn’t like certain plays. It would great if they would stick to applauding good plays and/or talking about how our ‘young inexperienced players are progressing. I get so tired of hearing Gary explain what we the viewer have just seen or what should have been done on plays. (It reminds me of the political addresses of the president, when he speaks on tv and then the news analyst come on afterward and explains what the president meant.) Back to Gary and Vern, they should also, along with other commentators, compliment the bands, parents, and fans more in their handling of the games. All fans watch to support, not to listen to what the commentators have done in their past or how they would coach the team. Bo Gant Huntsville, AL


    There is no “icewater challenge” there is an awareness campaign for The Ice Bucket Challenge, sometimes called the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, is an activity involving dumping a bucket of ice water on someone’s head to promote awareness of the disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease) and encourage donations to research. This idiot thinks it’s about showing off and I’ll bet doesn’t even know what ALS is for.. the point of the whole idea was lost in the process.


    How do you put up with Phyllis? You are exactly right. I was telling a friend last Saturday that if Auburn takes care of Auburn’s business, we will be there in the end. But as i see it, the issue with Ohio St is the same issue with Florida St and (until somebody changes this) the representative of any other conference. Maybe you can beat Bama in a single game, but can you do it week after week after week? The only answer to eliminating the”unfairness” that Phyllis talks about is to develop a Super Conference as described by James Michener in “Sports In America”. A good read for everyone interested in sport.


    UF! Great defense and a very good coach who I hope over time becomes great and an average offense. 2 children went there and graduated and one with a masters degree. What degree made you come up with your prediction-Georgia will beat UF and coach Georgia will save his job. Your words. ????
    I enjoy your show when I get to listen but Whaaaat!???!
    Sincerely JAP go The Ohio State U


    paul is tennesse gona do good this year


    Hey Paul glad you could take time out from doing Saban’s laundry and shining his shoes to comment on Michigan…..cant wait till we play your team (so much for being objective). Saban has done a good job, but remember what he said…….it helps to have the best players every year…..UM is not there yet, but will be! Keep being the shill for the SEC. We love it up north….


    Hey Paul, or should I say, Hey DOUCH BAG


    Hey Paul….considered calling but I am not good at that. I am a Georgia DAWG and am real proud of the team this year. Maybe Kirby Smart was the SMART choice for Georgia after all. However, what I want to say or ask is this: How can two teams — Penn State and Washington — be ranked so high yet not have played any teams that are now or have been in the top 25? Doesn’t seem quite fair to some of the other teams — Georgia included — when we have played three teams who were at sometime this season in the top 25. I don’t think I am wrong about that.

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