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TA TA from Warren, arkansas wrote on 2017/08/24 at 11:00 PM:
Hello Paul,
My names TA Cornish I'm from a small town here in arkansas, I'm also a dialysis patient thats been near death a few times in my short life, in 2010 I under went open heart surgery. I've been in an out of the hospital for several years. I became a gator fan around the 1996 season when they beat FSU for the national title and I was hooked! I love Florida gators and all their sports! I'm a huge steve spurrier fan! A Tim Tebow fan and oddly enough coach maCelwain and I have the same birthday. I was born March 1 1972 and coach Mac was born March 1 1962. So that's pretty cool.I became a huge fan of your show when it first aired on the sec network back in 2013, I've watched every show since. Anyway Paul I'm still taking dialysis hope to maybe get a kidney one day. I'll continue to watch your show and pull for the gators!!! I love college sports. Go!! Gators!!!
Thanks Paul
Ed Ed wrote on 2017/08/23 at 4:03 PM:
Did one of your callers just say Auburn was only a 2 point favorite against Georgia Southern? If so, he was way off
Joseph daugette Joseph daugette from Altoona wrote on 2017/08/23 at 3:41 PM:
So embarassed for the auburn family after Tammy from wilsonville,Al. called in and reminded us all that BRICES MENTAL HOSPITAL is still closed down. WAR EAGLE!!!
Mike Fagan Mike Fagan from Columbia , TN wrote on 2017/08/23 at 1:10 PM:
UPI: Finally The truth is revealed in this 2016 SEC Matchup - VOLS vs DOGS
Here's the real story behind this play. In the huddle the conversation went like this with 4 seconds to play: "They think we're gonna sneak it (remember now its GA we're playing) so you (Jennings) run down to the end zone and I'll (Dobbs) throw catch it. Snaps on 3".
And that ladies and gentlemen is how it all went down Saturday October 1, 2016 between the hedges in Athens, Ga. Now you know the rest of the story.
Dobbs (Aerospace Engineering Major- that's Rocket Scientist for GA fans) had calculated the distance, wind, speed of receivers, launch angle, (applied physics)evaluated the defenders and factored in crowd noise (hot air) in 1.3 seconds so there was a bit more to it than some may have thought. It was rumored that Dobbs and Jennings were laughing so hard during the play they were a bit off on their timing but that was never confirmed so we will stick to the facts for now.
All you Vols fans feel free to share this all you want. MLF
Further your education: Even though GA acquisitioned a new head football coach a while back it has not changed the fact that you can pull up at most any stop light/sign on GA campus and purchase a BS Degree for 25.00. Master's is 50.00 They don't offer a Doctoral Degree.
Doug Kittrell Doug Kittrell from Ocoee wrote on 2017/08/22 at 6:05 PM:
How in the world will oklahoma state or Oklahoma make the playoff without a defense. The big 12 is a defensive joke

Roll tide
John Daniels John Daniels from Los Angeles wrote on 2017/08/17 at 7:25 PM:
Hey Paul,
How about a 50th anniversary rematch in 2020 of the Bama/USC 1970 game that many think led to the integration of SEC football and changed the attitudes of the Bama fans towards black players?

Right now we all could use such a "Deja vu all over again"
Angela Angela from Clinton wrote on 2017/08/17 at 2:11 PM:
In response to the gentleman about being glad he could watch you on espn was because in some area it's a $40 added fee to get the SEC channel and I like football but not at that price just for one channel.
Harry Harry from Annapolis wrote on 2017/08/17 at 7:10 AM:
Paul, The big knock on Saban is that since he always gets the best players he does not have to do a lot of coaching.Why at this point is Alabama only number 26 in the 2018 recruiting polls (24/7) and apparently no one is concerned.
Charles Roberts Charles Roberts from Chatsworth wrote on 2017/08/15 at 6:40 PM:
MR. Finebaum, while I love to watch your show and have tried to get you on the phone many times, I would like to say that a few days ago you went to the radio guys and the dark headed one had something to say about OUR president attacking the news media. Here is my thoughts on that: I have not tuned your show in since then. If the high paid sports analyst wants to talk about football, I am game. If he wants to discuss OUR president, I will not watch, and while I didn't like Mr. Obama, I felt the same way about him. I watch your show to hear about SEC football, and the so funny people that call in. If I want to hear lies about our president I will tune in CNN, or one of the other alphabet networks
Roger Roger from Gadsden wrote on 2017/08/11 at 4:36 PM:
Your fans do not want to hear you talk to a Stupid golf analyst for 30 minutes. You get worse every year.
Jim Early Jim Early wrote on 2017/08/11 at 12:08 PM:
Alabama had the advantage when playing in Birmingham (34-19) and the teams were tied when playing in Montgomery (2-2). The Iron Bowl is no longer played in those cities, having seen its last match-up in Montgomery back in 1903 and in Birmingham back in 1998.

The teams now alternate between Tuscaloosa's Bryant-Denny Stadium on even years and Auburn's Jordan-Hare Stadium on odd years. Auburn retains a statistical advantage at both stadiums (8-5 in Auburn and 7-4 in Tuscaloosa).
Dr Freeze Dr Freeze from Powder Springs wrote on 2017/08/09 at 2:49 PM:
#seriously Paul ,,, Golf ? ....I had to switch to Fix Business , but I'm back , bring on the callers #24daystillbamafootball
Dana Dana from Athens, Ga wrote on 2017/08/08 at 4:08 PM:
I'm so tired of hearing athletes like Rosen complain about how tough they have it. I knew too many young men who had to survive Vietnam, Adghanistan and Iraq before even going to college. RTR
Brian manthey Brian manthey from Michigan city, in wrote on 2017/08/02 at 6:08 PM:
Paul just want to say great job you did on coach a avid Irish fan I usually get tired of you Irish showed class today.almost making my beloved notre dame the daddy of bama.which bear bryant never beat tell bama people to quit claiming the 66 and 73 championships. Again Paul thanks for being a class act when it is a sad but proud for notre dame loyalist all over the thee notre dame
Slayton Slayton from Columbus wrote on 2017/08/01 at 2:17 PM:
Hi do you think that Texas A&M is always the underdog in the beginning stages due to having a disastrous October to bowl game finish? Or do you think it is due to having lost some talent in the roster? If it is due to the bad season finishes, is it unfair to name them underdog?
Mike the Bama Hammer Mike the Bama Hammer from Jacksonville, Florida wrote on 2017/08/01 at 1:49 PM:
Paul I have been watching your show for several years and I have reached a point of discouragement with you. It appears every time you open your mouth you are bashing Coach Saban. Your most recent quote is that you have accused him of losing 2017 championship game against Clemson due to arrogance. You are completely delusional. You then went on the attack regarding how he will handle the DUI Hand case. The coach have not even had an opportunity to even address the case yet. It appears every sense you tried to play the bad ass media interviewer during the 2016 SEC media day and Coach Saban tore you a new butt hole you have bashed the man every chance you have gotten. I am a diehard Alabama fan but I am bluntly honest in my assessment of you as a neutral party. Give credit where it is due and treat the Coach with some respect as you do all of the other coaches in college football. In closing I am not asking you to put Coach Saban on a pedestal but provide constructive criticism rather than hate. Roll Tide 2017.
Ruth Ruth from Clarksville wrote on 2017/07/31 at 5:34 PM:
First off not ALabama fan at all. But I am giving Deshawn Hand the benefit of the doubt. He was smart enough not to drive. It is hot in Alabama he probably turned the air on in the car so he could sleep it off.
fear the turtle fear the turtle from hickory nc wrote on 2017/07/31 at 3:51 PM:
did I just hear, pooh blue unc has even more ncaa violations?
Steve Steve from Winnfield,la wrote on 2017/07/30 at 2:53 PM:
just herd you say that you have football practice for the benefit of the media. know I know you iq matches the number of hairs on your head. no one in their right mind would risk injury just to please the media. if ed wants to close practice to the media, that is not your concern. go bitch about something else.
Dan Dan from DC wrote on 2017/07/28 at 7:33 AM:
Just think we need to remember
Last year Sheridan picks for football playoffs
He wento. To say
Alabama O-line not as good
RB no experience
QB no experience
Lose twice to LSU TN or Ark