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Sherri Sherri from Huntsville wrote on 2017/12/07 at 3:54 PM:
Has anyone thought about the TN hire timing? Fulmer who HATES Alabama. Iโ€™m donโ€™t want to take anything from JP heโ€™s great but Was the real reason Fulmer went with him because he IS from Bama? Inside info maybe? Fulmer would like nothing more than to crush the tide. Will Fulmer really agree to let him coach through the playoffs?
Mike M Mike M from Warner Robins, Ga wrote on 2017/12/06 at 3:52 PM:
What is this about the show being cancelled? Is this true?
Gary Gary from Marietta wrote on 2017/12/06 at 1:56 PM:
Paul Finebaum Show
Hello Paul
First of all, congrats on your new addition -Laura!
Things are looking up on your show, if you know what I mean. I might have to start watching more often. She ads a lot of color commentary to the set.
Paul & Laura, I have insight on the Selection Committeeโ€™s actions.
Everyone is asking why conference championships donโ€™t matter. They actually do matter. Here is how.
They help the committee determine the best 4 teams, which is their charge.
The conference games are like quarter-final games. They eliminate some teams from the final 4.
If we didnโ€™t have conference championships, then Wisconsin & Auburn would be in the final 4.
So, in that regard, they do help determine the final 4 teams, and thus, they are important.
The question that should be asked the Committee is, โ€œIs there any additional credit or special consideration given for winning a conference championship?โ€ The answer is no. The Committee looks at it as though it is a 13th game of the season, nothing more.
The recognition to the teams comes from the title itself of winning their conference championship.
The Chairman of the Committee on Sunday stated that Ohio State wasnโ€™t even considered for 4th place basically because their large loss took them out of contention. The hype of Ohio State & Alabama for 4th place was manufactured by ESPN to โ€œsell newspapers,โ€ if you know what I mean. It created interest & viewership.
If you look at the standard deviations of performance of both teams, Alabama had a lower standard deviation which means they are more predictable in performance. Ohio State beat some goods teams then lost by a large margin to a not so good team. So, from that standpoint, Alabama was a better choice. Win or lose, you know you will get a good game from Bama. They wonโ€™t get blown out or end up as a shut-out, like some other teams have been in the past.
Now, if the Committee were charged to go to 6 teams, then the last 4 teams would play 1 additional game to determine the final 4. If the committee went to 8 teams, then the Power 5 conference champs could be automatically included and the Committee could choose the best 3 teams remaining. In this case, the season could be reduced to 11 games instead of 12. All teams have a softie game or 2 on their schedule anyway. Just take one of those out.
What do you guys think?
Gary Saliba Gary Saliba from Huntsville wrote on 2017/12/06 at 12:19 AM:
Love your show buddy. On the off-case that you do read emails, I have an idea regarding CFP playoffs and wanted your thoughts.

1. Recognize that Conference Championships don't mean what they used to and end the traditional championship game
2. Maintain Conference Divisions
3. Replace Conference Championship Games with intersectional games
4. For instance last Saturday say SEC East Plays Pac12 South--ACC Coastal plays Big Ten East and so forth.
5. 10 Teams would be involved as Top 2 Teams from Big 12 would be included. Thus the five Power 5 conferences are included
6. Final four Selection is Made AFTER those games.

Imagine potentially last week's games: Auburn v. USC--Ohio State V Miami--Stanford V Wisconsin--Clemson v TCU---Oklahoma v Georgia---or whatever the match-up framework

Seemingly the TV Ratings and Interest in the Games would be off the charts. Then the CFP committee would select four (4) of the five (5) winners. No additional games, but you enhance the weekend's games, provide better visibility in attempting to gauge/compare conferences, reduce the human input as you would have 10 teams potentially playing for selection of one of four spots. Finally, it would really enhance the regular season and emphasis on winning a division and would avoid the dilemma of the past two seasons where a team not playing conference championship gets in.

The only change would be that conferences would have to award championships to the teams differently--but a minor detail. To me the TV ratings, interest in the games, and enhancement to the regular season would be profound.

I hope you are able to consider this as I would love to hear your thoughts. And again, keep up the great work on ESPNU Radio--

gary saliba
Jeffery Jeffery from Rainbow City wrote on 2017/12/05 at 11:54 PM:
Paul itโ€™s been a minute. I-man still afraid of Vickโ€™s sheep. Jim had the same opinion I had with regard to Alabama vs Auburn.
I go back to early preseason when Saban stated we donโ€™t have the alphas. Guess what??? They still donโ€™t. Guess what? Bama ainโ€™t going to win a Natty. And Iโ€™m not talking about Shelby Larryโ€™s drunk beer.
Ah la PFD:
I hope we are not embarrassed.
My A club granddad would roll over in his grave ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿผโ€โ™‚๏ธ
Al Haygood Al Haygood from Temecula, CA wrote on 2017/12/05 at 8:24 PM:
I grew up in Georgia and became a life long fan of Alabama football when Tommy Lewis became the real 12th man at Cotton Bowl in 1954. I cried listening to a radio in Thailand when Tom Clements made his pass in Sugar Bowl, I had to pull off the road when they announced that Bear died and jumped for joy when Alabama finally defeated Notre Dame. I spent 20 years in the military so only had the radio for many games.
Now I am about to distance myself from Alabama football. When Roy Moore is elected Senator I will no longer be able to root for Alabama. Would not be able to look at my wife, daughters, and Grand daughters if I continued to cheer for the Crimson Tide. It will be very hard on Saturdays but it is the right thing to do.
Jaci Jaci from Phil Campbell Alabama wrote on 2017/12/05 at 3:26 PM:
Hey Paul this is Jaci from Phil Campbell Alabama I have been calling you to be on your show I hope yโ€™all can get this I am a die heart Alabama fan and I would love to get to talk to you!!!!
Rambo Rambo from Denver north carolina wrote on 2017/12/05 at 1:03 PM:

Luv the show.

OSU played 6 teams that had losing records. One of those was UNLV that lost to Howard University. Out of their other 6 games they lost one at home to OU and one to Iowa by 31 points. Remaining 4 games were against Army( what else can be said), Mich State,Mich and Penn State. The only one worth anything was PSU.ย 

As for Whisky their Big10 opponent they played 7 teams with a losing record.

Where was this body of work Jesse Palmer and Galloway were speaking of.
Tom Tom from Trussville Alabama wrote on 2017/12/04 at 5:43 PM:
Gus has won 44 games and lost 21 since being named head coach at auburn. Do you feel this qualifies a seven million dollar salary at auburn?
Rose Blackwell Rose Blackwell from Inman SC wrote on 2017/12/04 at 5:25 PM:
Give us a shout out! We love Clemson!!
Bud Bud from Dadeville wrote on 2017/12/04 at 5:09 PM:
Is this the Paul Finebaum show or the Laura Rutledge show? I watch to hear your comments, not hers. She talks way too much,
Bruce Taylor Bruce Taylor from Wetumpka wrote on 2017/12/04 at 4:11 PM:
8 Team College Football Championship Alternative

1. Seed Conference Champions 1-5 (Seeded by College Playoff Committee)
A. This gives all conferences a representative.
2. Seed 3 At Large Bids 6-8 (Teams Chosen and seeded By College Playoff Committee)
A. This gives a Non Conference Champ a chance, since all conferences are not equal each year.
3. If a Non-Big 5 Team is Ranked In CFP Top 10 They Are In
A. This gives a Non-Big 5 team a chance.
4. Giving Conference Champions an automatic bid makes every conference championship game more important than ever for all conferences.
5. Giving a Home Playoff Game to Top 4 Conference Champions makes winning conference Championship more important than ever.

Example Bracket
Quarter Final in Mid December

Game A - #1 Conference Champ (Home Game) vs #8 Seed
Game B - #2 Conference Champ (Home Game) vs #7 Seed
Game C - #3 Conference Champ (Home Game) vs #6 Seed
Game D - #4 Conference Champ (Home Game) vs #5 Conference Champ

Semi Final (Same as Now - Bowl Game Rotation)

Game E - Winner of Game A vs Winner of Game D
Game F - Winner of Game B vs Winner of Game C

Final (Same as Now - Bowl Game Rotation)

Game G - Winner of Game E vs Winner of Game F
Matt Matt from Atlanta wrote on 2017/12/04 at 3:24 PM:
what do you think about the fsu situation? who do you think theyโ€™ll hire? do you like willie taggert?
Tom Tom from Athens wrote on 2017/12/04 at 2:06 PM:
No need to increase number of teams in playoff. The main purpose for four teams was to make sure the top two get in for a chance to win. Before BCS the championship was decided after bowl games with rarely having top two teams meet. BCS tried to get top two and the question of who are the top two was sometimes hard to decide. Going to a four team playoff makes sure we get the top two. I don't think anyone could argue with the fact, the top two is in the four.
Buck Brinson Buck Brinson from Hollywood, Fl wrote on 2017/12/04 at 1:23 PM:
Who was the last football head coach that was hired at the University of Georgia that head previous Div 1 head coaching experience?

William A Reynolds 1901-1902
Previously coaced at North Carolina
Lynn Lynn from Livingston wrote on 2017/12/04 at 1:22 PM:
I no I'm going to make a lot Bana fans mad but I'm going say it like it looks to all if us that think Bama pay under the table to get in here.Because to me it looks like Bana get what they wanted.Ohio State win there game what did Bama win nothing.This is the second time they get in like this.Doesn't anyone else think about all this.
Charley Charley from Lake view al wrote on 2017/12/04 at 11:13 AM:
Please have John or Mark research wins from all 5 power conferences see who has most really sick of hearing how weak the SEC id
Ryan Ryan from Tuscaloosa, alabama wrote on 2017/12/04 at 2:56 AM:
Paul, I๏ธ already know your bald head blinded the CFP committee but outside of that I๏ธ was wondering how the committee decided that Alabama was โ€œclearlyโ€ better than an OSU or USC team with conference championships and better wins? I didnโ€™t say a better team I๏ธ said a โ€œclearlyโ€ better team. OSU alone had 3 wins better than Bama and the only team in the entire nation with top 10 total defense and offense. Not to mention absolutely shut down 2 of the best running backs in the nation. On top of putting up 300+ yards Rushing on the 3rd best rushing defense at the time. I๏ธ would love to see your precious SEC backs and offenses play a Michigan or Ohio State or Wisconsin front 7 week in and week out. But instead I๏ธ guess I๏ธ get to see them play a better front defensive 7 in Clemson in the playoff. I๏ธ forgot about Mercer though. Those dudes can really play.. If Alabama is as good as you say they are why didnโ€™t they beat a 7-3 auburn team who lost to LSU and got manhandled in their games away from home? Just curious. Also curious if you could do some digging and find out how many FCS teams power 5 conferences have played in November by conference along with how many conference games they play a year? One more thing is how good was that Florida State team this year after playing their second string quarterback? Iโ€™ll be honest they were I๏ธ credible. Almost more incredible than when OSU won the natty with their third string. Sorry one more thing. Is it even fair that the SEC hasnโ€™t won anymore CFPlayoffs than everyone else? Glad they finally got 2 teams in to double their odds. This comment will get blocked Iโ€™m sure because you donโ€™t have the balls to answer my questions
DJ from Iowa DJ from Iowa from Cedar Rapids wrote on 2017/12/03 at 10:02 PM:
Paul, always enjoyed your show. However, was very disappointed to hear your negative and unprofessional comments Saturday night 12/3/17 regarding the CFP Selection committee. You sounded convinced Alabama would be left out so you lashed out at Kirby Holcutt, advising everyone how unqualified he was since he was recently fired from his job and there was no way to get him removed from the committee at this point. Seriously ? Pretty bush league for someone with your resume. Of course you quickly changed your tune 12 hours later when you got your wish, and suddenly the CFP got it right, had integrity, blah, blah, blah. Hard to listen to someone who talks from both sides of their mouth with such venom one minute and love the next about the same thing. Reminds me of my children when they don't get what they want. Of course they're not 62 year old experienced journalists with millions of followers. I don't have a dog in this fight, but did think OSU was more deserving AND a better team for the following reasons: 1. More Top 25 wins over better competition. 2. Conference Champion 3. Were the best Team in their league 4. Had the guts to schedule tough competition and play more conference games - not like Mercer. 5. Alabama's best win was over #17 LSU who outgained them in yardage 6. Their 2nd best win was over Ms. State who controlled the game until the last drive. 7. Alabama finished on a down trend losing to Auburn. 8. They were #5 before eight deserving teams played for Conference Championships on Saturday while Bama did NOTHING to improve their resume. 9. And most compelling, your new best friend Kirby Holcutt, revealed 11/28 that the margin between #5-8 was very thin. OSU then improves its standing by winning a conference championship and beating another Top 4 Team while Alabama does nothing. Somehow that improvement for OSU worsened the "thin margin" previously announced and Bama was subjectively handed the 4th playoff spot as the 3rd best team in the SEC. Yes 3rd. Georgia who won the SEC and Auburn who beat Alabama head to head are obviously both better. The only thing holding OSU back was the horrible loss to Iowa. Somehow its the only thing the CFP could fixate on despite having a much stronger resume and clearly being a better team than Alabama. Yes, as a college football fan I'm extremely disappointed in the CFP but much more disappointed in YOU and your lack of integrity and belief in the CFP system until you get what you want - right or wrong. BY all accounts the CFP got the top 4 teams right in 2014, 2015, 2016. You couldn't let the system work for you and your beloved Tide without trying to damage the reputation of the CFP and its chair in the off chance Alabama didn't get it. You needed a to create a scapegoat just in case. Absolutely despicable. You owe Kirby, the CFP, and your listeners an apology.

P.S. Before you try making the case that Vegas picks Alabama for win it all.... remember who the picked in 2014 ? How'd that work out ?
Hoyle Kiger Hoyle Kiger from Kilgore wrote on 2017/12/03 at 9:21 PM:
I believe that you and the committee were correct when you concluded that overall Alabama has been a better team than Ohio State based upon the entire season.

The problem with this conclusion is that it only analyzes one-half of the equation. While Alabama is best overall, they did not play their best the last two games of their regular season.

What factors did you and the committee consider that led you to believe Alabama will be at or near the top of its game come playoff time?
Thank you for any forthcoming answer.