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Mac Mac from Wayne wrote on 2017/12/03 at 4:22 PM:
Today,as last year, college football conferences and their respective championships were completely devalued. By taking a team who sat on their couch on championship weekend over TWO power five conference champions has sent a message to ALL teams that you would be a fool to play for a conference championship if you are ranked number one and undefeated in the regular season. I looked up the criteria for the selection committee and it clearly does NOT state that it would punish a team in any way for NOT playing in their conference title game. Therefore, any undefeated team ranked number one after their regular season ends would be guaranteed andmission into the playoffs by simply skipping their championship game. This allows the team to a.not risk players getting hurt ,b.avoid a loss, and c.and by not getting punished for doing so automatic inclusion into the playoffs. I looked at the ACC, Pac 12 and SEC for some sort of mandate that requires teams to play in their championship game and found none (maybe your research staff can find something) they used words like privilege and honor but nowhere did it say mandatory. This is a very BAD, disconcerting situation. Every teams goal should be to win their respective conferences and now it is proven it means very little to do so in the committees eyes and can cost you the playoffs!! horrible precedence!!!!!
Tydalwave Tydalwave from Columbus wrote on 2017/12/03 at 11:05 AM:
First of all I want to start by saying I'm an Buckeye fan through and through. Second if all I want to say I don't think the Buckeyes should be in the football playoffs this season. Third I would like the SEC Koolaid drinkers to think outside their SEC world and ask yourself does Alabama really deserve to be in as well. I know that there is a way stronger case that Alabama may be the 3rd best team in the SEC behind Auburn and Georgia and maybe 4th right now at thymus state in the season. I don't think the committee should reward a team if that caliper a spot in the playoffs when they play teams like they do. If Ohio State play the schedule that Wisconsin play nobody would think they deserve to be in the playoffs. If the committee wants to look at how well a team is playing at the end of the season, teams should have to play against some of the best talent at that time. I feel that teams will start scheduling powder puffs at the end of the season like Alabama so they can look good in there last 3 or so games. Just some food for thought. Yours truly, a Bucknut fan 4 Life
phillip johnson phillip johnson from calera wrote on 2017/12/03 at 10:27 AM:
ala doesn't deserve to be in the playoffs,they couldn't even beat auburn to win a trip to play in the SEC game,Ohio State beat a 10-0 top rate team and should be in the playoff spot.
Lee Lee from New York wrote on 2017/12/03 at 8:58 AM:
1. Why isn't Alabama's win over FSU listed as its 'best' win considering FSU was ranked #3 at the time? ESPN continues to list the win over LSU, ranked #12, as Alabama's best win, which implies no top 10 wins when Meyer says OSU has 2 top 10 wins.

2. The Big 10 has yet to score a point in the last 2 years of the playoffs. While OSU is a very good team, does the committee really want to risk another Clemson blowout over OSU again?
Evan Evan from Cleveland wrote on 2017/12/03 at 8:30 AM:
Paul Finebaum really thinks Alabama should be in when their best win was against that 3 win Miss st team??? Oh and donโ€™t forget Mercer, thatโ€™s a another fantastic November win. OSU did lose to Iowa, but they also actually beat their rival, and beat MSU, PSU, Wisconsin, those wins are SO much better than any of Bamas.
Ken Ken from Columbus wrote on 2017/12/03 at 12:34 AM:
Paul. before chaos theory begins let me tell you before the committee announces their results. Bama will get in but only by luck. though their fans will believe they were suppose to be there allow me to share an auburn secret. we are ranked in the top 150 in academics in the country while bama is barely hanging on to 400's. they will lose the game ultimately as their five stars will not be able to overcome the game of life as an auburn degree will always be better than any degree from alabama. ty paul for viewing. i hope you will transmit this auburn secret to bama nation. plz look up these facts and see for urself. this should spark a debate even if the show gets a bit dull as it tends to do from time to time. what you gotta say bammers? I'm thinking duh is ur only logical response. I'm sorry i do not wish to wait on the phone just to interject truth. ty paul. you can contact me at my email address if you wish to continue using logic in the show. ken- a true auburn fan since the mid 80's and i was about 10. good luck to georgia as they deserve their spot. bama however will not be so fortunate not in the game but in the game of life. p.s. who won the iron bowl. that is enough to keep bammers from moving up in the academic field. im laughing now. i`ll laugh after the season too. money can't buy what we have. a true family. all yall have is rabid fans ready to suddenly change their opinion as soon as any loss is suffered. i laugh at yall bammers ignorant enough to think ur number of championships really mean anything. lol. we beat you when it counts and that is all you know or need to know. hashtag who else you gonna buy. how many more tattoos? u will still be losers. my apologies if i seem brash but i do wish to spark a great show. thanks. and let bammers know it was written and submitted before the committee released its top four. that's how auburn men do it. not like bammers lol...last jab into the proverbial ribs. thanks paul. got a bottle of ur favorite Bourbon if u wish to sit and chat. i don't drink much personally so never mind me drinking water. i'll be waiting if you wish to sit in front of me. btw Results will be available later today. i wonder how lucky i am much logic to fail. i sent this message at what time and the results of the final four was released when? exactly. this is football season so strap em year just means same ol bama. Auburn laughs at you every day regardless of the scoreboard. Next.
David Worthington David Worthington from Winchester, VA wrote on 2017/12/02 at 11:07 PM:
Long time Ole Miss fan since 1967 and not complaining about the sanctions. Be a long time until the rebs are relevant. Just glad they hired Luke. My comment is how impressed I was with the American championship game and how hard the two teams competed. Very intertaining game that was more fun than most of the rest of the games today. The American has come a long way and appears to be a conference on the rise. Even with Frost and possibly Norvell leaving they will still be good as a lot of young talented coaches will fill in. Both UCF and Memphis are in good shape for the future and that is from an Ole Miss fan. My problem is that while an exiciting game is entering a 2nd OT ESPN is concentrating more on that Frost is off to Nebraska. Frost was classy about it ESPN was not. They could have at least waited until the end of the game to report. Not fair to the kids playing the game.
Steve Steve from Clarksdale,MS wrote on 2017/12/02 at 9:56 PM:
Shea Patterson transfer reminds me of another transfer i.e. Mitch Mustain. Both a case of over controlling parents! We all know what happened to Mitch Mustain.
Rusty Swanson Rusty Swanson from Thomasville, Al wrote on 2017/12/02 at 6:12 PM:
Just wanted to know why any of the sports commentator's have not been saying that if Miami beats Clemson, then Clemson gets knocked out of the playoff. Wouldn't you think that since Georgia was dropped from #1 out of the top 4 and then Alabama was dropped from #1 out of the top 4, that it is only right that Clemson (if loses to Miami) gets dropped from #1 out of the top 4 ? It only seems right, just my thoughts ........ Roll Tide !!
Bob Shea Bob Shea from Palm Coast, Fl wrote on 2017/12/01 at 7:53 PM:
Critics say Jake Fromm can't pass. Compare the following:
Passing attempts:
Stidham 295 Fromm 208
Passes completed:
Stidham 202 Fromm 129
Passing yards:
Stidham 2682 Fromm 1990
Completion percentage:
Stidham 68.5 Fromm 62
Yards per attempt:
Stidham 9.1 Fromm 9.6
Touchdown passes:
Stidham 16 Fromm 19
Times sacked:
Stidham 26 Fromm 12
QB Rating:
Stidham 160 Fromm 167.6

Stats are from SEC website.
Ginny Ginny from Loganville wrote on 2017/12/01 at 4:44 PM:
I never disliked Alabama until I started watching your show. You are the most obnoxious Alabama fan I've encountered in 77 years. Everything starts, ends and is made up of Alabama on your show. How boring! Four hours of Alabama. Ugh!
paul paul from huntsville, al wrote on 2017/12/01 at 4:16 PM:
SEC Conference Commissioner just said Alabama beat 7 top 25 teams this year in an effort to promote Alabama. I only see two wins over top 25, LSU and Miss State. Can you help me in the count?
Cannon Cannon from Hamilton, Alabama wrote on 2017/12/01 at 3:18 PM:
Wonder who wrote the short speech given by Fulmer. I think it was over his head.
Joe Joe from Tallahassee wrote on 2017/12/01 at 2:20 PM:
Paul - With all the potential playoff scenarios going into the championship games, I was wondering what was the worst point total loss for a team that made the playoffs. Turns out it was Ohio State who lost by 14 to Virginia Tech in 2014. That means if Ohio State makes the playoffs, it will have the three biggest point total losses of any school to make it in. The only other double digit loss was Washington last year. Your thoughts?
butch butch from birmingham wrote on 2017/12/01 at 1:22 PM:
bring Peyton in as head for 3 years
t-martin o.c.
chavez d.c.
#1 q.b. will sign WITH Peyton
and the rest of the s.e.c says WOW.
Paul Schofield Paul Schofield from Pine Mountain Ga. wrote on 2017/12/01 at 11:50 AM:
Bet since John Curry was dismissed that Phil Fuller had a hand in it and more likely that he will be the next Tennessee AD ? Pretty sure he did the same thing to Johnny Majors in the past to become the head coach did he not . Thats the reason I stopped being a Tennessee fan . Karma !!!
RICH IVORY RICH IVORY from JAMES ISLAND, SC wrote on 2017/12/01 at 7:46 AM:
Robert Robert from Knoxville wrote on 2017/11/30 at 9:30 PM:
The coaching search is not going well, so it is time to widen the search. JMU coach Mike Houston has been a head coach 7 years. Yes, he coaches an FCS team, but he has only had one losing season, and the other 6 years his teams have won conference championships and most recently the FCS National Championship, and they are in the playoffs again with an excellent chance to win another Championship. His record is as follows:
Yr College Record Conf C-Rank Rank Remarks/Playoffs
11 Lenoirโ€“Rhyne 7โ€“3 6โ€“1 Tโ€“1st None None
12 Lenoirโ€“Rhyne 9โ€“3 6โ€“1 1st 20 L NCAA Division II Second Round
13 Lenoirโ€“Rhyne 13โ€“2 7โ€“0 1st 2 L NCAA Division II Championship
14 The Citadel 5โ€“7 3โ€“4 5th None
15 The Citadel 9โ€“4 6โ€“1 1st 15 L FCS Playoffs Second Round (also beat S Carolina)
16 James Madison 14โ€“1 8โ€“0 1st 1 W FCS National Championship
17 James Madison 11โ€“0 8โ€“0 1st TBD FCS Playoffs
Their defense is rated top 10 in every category, and the offense is in the top 25. This person can clearly coach at a high level.

It is difficult to see how he would perform worse than the mediocre coaches currently/recently under consideration (Doeren, Morris, Sumiln, etc.). It's time to at least consider him. Thanks.
Ben Ben from St Augustine, fl wrote on 2017/11/30 at 5:07 PM:
A good fit:
FSU and Lane Kiffin
Parnick Jennings, Sr. Parnick Jennings, Sr. from Rome,GA. wrote on 2017/11/30 at 4:06 PM:
can't tell you how I know, but CUTCLIFFE coach; TEE, offensive coordinator and COACH IN WAITING. UTK 1951, sports editor, ORANGE and WHITE.