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Bob Gillen Bob Gillen from Chattanooga wrote on 2017/12/31 at 2:14 PM:
I don't think there is much argument regarding the Big Ten's success in the bowl games. Are there metrics that give the relative strengths of the various football conferences?
I enjoy your show on the SEC TV network.
jerry kochendoerfer jerry kochendoerfer from warren mi wrote on 2017/12/30 at 10:52 AM:
i believe i have the best solution in determining the 4 teams to play in the college football championship. take the five conference champions and through a reliable polling agency rate them 1 thru 5, teams 4 and5 will play in a "wildcard game". the winner will be rated number 4 and play the 1st ranked team. advantages- you are adding a 5th team, eliminates the playoff committee and saves millions of dollars not to mention controversy. the end result is settled on the field not in a boardroom. the only disadvantage that i see is that one team could possibly play 16 games. this possibility is very remote because the 4th or 5th ranked team would have to beat number 1.
CVN CVN from Indianapolis wrote on 2017/12/28 at 9:58 AM:
Three Good Reasons Why Alabama DOES NOT BELONG in the College Football Playoffs:

1. Alabama Never Won their Division

2. Alabama Never Won their Conference

3. Alabama Had A Weak Strength of Schedule
Sam Aloia Sam Aloia from SLC ut wrote on 2017/12/22 at 8:34 PM:
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Sam Aloia Sam Aloia from SLC ut wrote on 2017/12/22 at 3:29 PM:
I called earlier today I was told that Paul will not take you tube addresses on the TV show I have a video on YouTube I think I would like you to see I have twittered your program twice with the link --8my Twitter name is coachsam1950 The YouTube video is titled THE UNIONIZATION of COLLEGE FOOTBALL--it is very important that someone like Paul look at this thank you for your time my home number on my landline is 801-352-7146 thank you for your time go to sale
Rebecca Rebecca from Madison wrote on 2017/12/22 at 2:50 PM:
Today is Dec 22. Paul took a call from a female Alabama fan. Lady is almost 80. She was distressed about the Sugar Bowl and specifically mentioned injuries. Paul said nothing about 7-8 players being game ready to play Clemson. Aside from Hamilton and Moses I think we r well.

It’s been an injury filled season. Starting w two valuable starters out and from there it seemed like Noah’s Ark every game-players out two by two. Paul should have informed her of the current injury report and helped her feel better about the situation.

I certainly enjoy the addition of Laura
Bruce Bruce from Nashville wrote on 2017/12/22 at 9:47 AM:
Paul-I noticed that several early football signees are also entering for the spring semester rather than the occasional enrollee. This will impact the long term success of the programs. You would also assume this will create more early signings in the coming years and supplant the spring signing. Enjoy the show. Thanks.
Ryan Ryan from Mooresville wrote on 2017/12/20 at 3:22 PM:
I'm a life long Gator fan. Paul I want your input on the Gators chances on being in the top 15 in recruiting this year we made some head way so far but with Dan Mullen at head coach do you see Florida winning 9 or 10 games in the coming season or seasons
Tony Stallard Tony Stallard from Lexington, KY wrote on 2017/12/19 at 2:42 PM:
Objects on the wall behind Paul, on set.

Object in motion appears to be the iconic SHURE 55 microphone such as seen in the hand of Elvis Presley; others at Sun Records, Memphis.

The stationary object is an antenna with signal in motion.

Stevo Stevo from Ravenswood, WV wrote on 2017/12/18 at 3:12 PM:
I learned about being a Do-Bee and not being a Don't-Bee from watching Romper Room many years ago. Let's update that to don't be a Jim-B!
Bob Wright Bob Wright wrote on 2017/12/18 at 3:07 PM:
The Finebaum Show with Laura Rutledge has turned into a joke. First of all, it is so silly that it is hard to watch, unless you are a 12 year old. Second, anyone who would suggest that Kirby Smart would not be where he is without Nick Saban, is totally misinformed, and I' not even an Alabama fan, I'm from Texas. Third, you guys keep talking about Jim's suspension and you may be opening yourself up to a lawsuit. Anyone with any sense knows that Jim has some problems.
Andy Golubic Andy Golubic from Cortland wrote on 2017/12/18 at 12:19 PM:
Jim Harbaugh publicly berates and disparages his own players as "not being good enough" and then jumps on a private jet, complete with Michigan logo, to take players from Ole Miss out to breakfast. When did you ever think you would see the head football coach at the University of Michigan be so desperate to to be the first in line to prey on troubled players from another school. Way to go Jim. A true "Michigan Man". Great example you just set for all those players in your locker room. Wonder if that locker room is divided? maybe splintered is a better word. So the U of M president, AD, Board of Directors and Board of Regents must all "on Board" with these tactics. Haven't heard anything from them so far. Would you for a second think that Bo, Gary Moeller or Lloyd Carr would have even thought of something like this, let alone have done it? Maybe this really is " The Michigan Way" under Jim Harbaugh. Players, their parents and families, recruits and their families are seeing the "Snake Oil" that Jim Harbaugh is peddling. It is extremely Toxic and its side effects are long lasting. BEWARE !!!It is also very disturbing to hear college football analysts actual condoning and applauding Jim Harbaugh's antics.
Mark Mark from Trrussville wrote on 2017/12/15 at 5:48 PM:
Called 50 times. I have factual info to support one thing for Jim, clear up a ruse from Ned, and correct the caller about Decatur golf. Jims not the only one stretching the truth. My cell is 205.914.0646
Jamie Jamie from SweetWater wrote on 2017/12/15 at 4:27 PM:
Ban Jim
Thank goodness
Please keep ban going
I am on the Ban Jim train
Chad McBroom Chad McBroom from Alabama wrote on 2017/12/15 at 3:47 PM:
Why has the media gave LSU so much flak for losing to a good Troy team? It is not like they lost to Alabama A & M. Troy was number 26 in total Def. when Auburn was number 25. Troy is also number 11 in rush def. They went 10-2 on the season and won the sun belt. Also they have a runnung back in Jordan Chunn that has produced 3678 total yards for his career around 5 yards per carry with 47 total touchdowns. It looks like people have forgotten how close of a game they gave Clemson last year ( #1 team in the country) Call a spade a spade, don't degrade a team when they got beat by a better team. Troy's total stats for the years as a whole is better than teams such as: Florida, Florida State, Tennessee, and the list can go on. I know there schedule is not the best, but look at what happened when they have played high caliber teams the last two years! Thank you, and I enjoy your show! Keep up the good work!
Mike Jordan Mike Jordan from Gulf Shores, AL wrote on 2017/12/15 at 3:35 PM:
Can Paul give a shout out to the University of West Florida football coach , team, and staff for making it to the championship game for Division II football in only its second season of football. ESPB2 will televise the championship game tomorrow.
Bill Rice, Jr. Bill Rice, Jr. from Pike Road, AL wrote on 2017/12/15 at 2:27 PM:
Alabama getting the chance to play for a national title was a much bigger deal than many may realize

Earlier this month I got worked up because I thought some of our state’s sports talk show hosts were not being nearly forceful enough in making the case Alabama deserved to be in the playoffs. More specifically, it rubbed me the wrong way these guys didn’t seem to appreciate just how big a deal it was for Alabama and its fans to play for a national title, especially when the Tide’s case to be in the playoffs was clearly superior to Ohio State’s.

Since some pundits seemingly didn’t fully appreciate why so many of us were so intensely interested in the committee’s decision, I decided to spell it out for them. By today’s date, my agitation has faded. However, I do think a presentation of the numerous reasons this decision was massively important to the University of Alabama, its athletic department, alumni and fans might be of interest to students of college football.

Some of these reasons seem self-evident; others might not be so obvious. To me, the sum of these points confirms how one decision made by 10 people could be so important to so many people. So, yes, this decision was a very big deal.

(Author’s aside: After I wrote this, I went back and numbered all the reasons I came up with that the committee’s decision was a “big deal.” This number ended up being 16. The symbolism and significance of this number to Alabama fans need not be explained.)

‘Punch in the gut’ to millions of fans did not happen
ONE. Surely we can all stipulate that the interest in and passion for “Alabama football” among millions of fans is almost unrivaled. If “interests” were determined via a poll and then ranked in order, for many people, “Crimson Tide football” would rank only behind family (including job and income considerations) and religious convictions. Now, one might argue that such a passionate interest in a game, or in one team, is warped, but as Nick Saban might say, “it is what it is.”

If Alabama had been left out of the playoffs in favor of Ohio State, millions of people who care so much about their team would have experienced the figurative equivalent of a punch in the gut. The fact this omission would have been viewed as grossly unfair by most Bama fans would have made this blow even more deflating and unpalatable.

TWO. Approximately 100 Alabama players would have been (unfairly in the minds of Alabama fans) denied the chance to play for a national title. For all we know these players might never get another chance to obtain the national title ring that is so important to them.
It was these guys who put in the work and the sweat, who overcame an epidemic of injuries, who won week after week despite getting their opponents’ very best efforts. If these young men’s sacrifices and consistent level of stellar play had not been rewarded with a playoff bid, it would have been a crying shame.

‘Wait until next year’ (ah, maybe not)
THREE. Also, if Alabama is going to win its 17th national title and Nick Saban is going to tie Paul Bryant for most career national titles, it better do so THIS YEAR.

Next season Alabama will compete for this chance with a roster that will be without dozens of its best players. The Tide will lose all six of its top defensive backs, two starting inside linebackers, two starting defensive linemen, its leading receiver, its All-American center and perhaps its two best running backs. If you are an Alabama fan, the battle cry of “wait until next year” might not provide the level of solace it has in the past. “Better NOT wait until next year” might be a more apropos statement this year.

FOUR. The opportunity to play for a national title is the “Rosetta Stone” of the sport. For most, it’s the reason the seasons and games are played. National titles - the rare opportunity to play for them - is clearly a “big deal” - even for a program that has won so many.

Money, money, money, money … money
The direct economic costs of Alabama being denied a chance to play in the playoffs would be significant. However, the “indirect costs” of NOT making the playoffs would likely be far larger, and even more significant to both the athletic department and the university. And, as I attempt to show below, the “long-term costs” might have qualified as “program changing.”

FIVE. Alabama’s direct payout from playing in a semifinal playoff game (followed perhaps by a national title game) would be much larger than the payout the team received from playing in a traditional bowl game. The difference in these scenarios is surely in the millions of dollars. Whether Alabama nets $12 million or, say, $4 million is a “big deal” to the bottom-line of the athletic department, which, in turn, is a big deal to every athlete in every sport in which the Tide competes.

The more money Alabama’s athletic department has in the bank drawing interest, the more money the athletic director can invest in Alabama football, but also gymnastics, tennis and baseball.

Direct payouts can be easily ascertained. More difficult to gauge is the revenue streams which would flow into university coffers from other sources.

SIX. Simply making the Final Four will significantly boost royalties from Alabama merchandise sales. Instead of fans suffering a “downer” from being left out of the playoffs (this on top of the sting of losing to its biggest rival), Bama fans are once again excited and upbeat, simply because their team has a chance to compete for another national title. If Alabama were to win another national title, the royalty cash register will ring even louder this Christmas and Bowl season.

SIX-A. And after they make their purchases of “officially-licensed products”, more fans will be driving around town or going to school or to work, effectively advertising to the world their allegiance to the Crimson Tide. It’s impossible to place a definitive long-term value on hundreds of thousands of people advertising their school and team for years to come, but the figure has to be significant.

SEVEN. Another significant source of revenue for any athletic department is apparel contracts with deep-pocket companies like Nike. Winning another national title, or simply making the Final Four, surely increases the likelihood Alabama’s athletic department will continue to be the beneficiary of the lottery-sized payouts elite programs receive from such companies.

What could have happened that might not have happened
EIGHT. Nor do we really know all the ways this value would/could manifest itself in the future. If Alabama wins, say, two scintillating playoff games, it’s certainly possible a sizeable contingent of new Alabama fans would be born.

EIGHT-A. Among the ranks of these “new fans” might be, say, a 12-year-old boy, formerly neutral or indifferent about his team allegiance, who ends up being a huge Alabama fan solely because of the impression the Tide made on him in these high-profile games. Who knows? six years from now this young man might end up as one the best high school players in the nation ... and eight years from now this same person could help Alabama win its 18th or 19th national titles (in turn leading to even more revenue for the school).

Here, some may be saying, “Bill, you are really stretching your thesis.” But surely big victories achieved in the past - and indelible impressions created in previous games - can and do make future success much more likely.

EIGHT-B. To argue this statement is false is to discount the importance of the intangible known as “tradition.” By being in the playoffs Alabama at least has the opportunity to make an indelible impression on future players. And to further enhance its most important asset, its rich tradition.

It’s all about your ‘brand’
Another point that should be beyond debate is that great success by a school’s football team enriches that school’s “brand.” This brand, in turn, can and does have a tremendous impact on things like student enrollment and fundraising.

NINE. By being given the chance to compete for another national title, Alabama can build on a brand that has already transformed the university. Put simply, Alabama should expect to have more students apply for admission if its team wins another title. Simply “making the Final Four” is a big deal (just as it is in college basketball even if a team does not win its final game).

No one denies that Alabama’s campus enrollment has surged since the arrival of Nick Saban. Notably, The University of Alabama has experienced a dramatic increase in the number of out-of-state students (who now make up more than half of Alabama’s enrollment of 34,000 students). Out-of-state students pay a large premium in tuition, which in turn makes legislative appropriations to a university less important.

In tuition revenue alone, Nick Saban has more than justified his eye-opening coaching salary. Apparently future students want to be associated with big winners. Students who are applying for admission to Alabama today are also stronger academically than students in the university’s past.

NINE-A. The increase in enrollment and in academic standards should result in more graduates who achieve great financial success in their working careers. This, in turn, should result in more alumni making large gifts to the university (and/or its athletic department) in the future.

So the economic impact of Alabama’s “football dynasty” over the past decade will probably generate (major) economic benefits to the Capstone decades from now. (9-B) I’m not even mentioning the possibility that some of these bright graduates may decide to remain in our state and help build businesses that will benefit our state.

TEN. Simply put, when Alabama’s football team is riding high it is much more likely that academic and athletic departments receive major fund-raising gifts. Alabama’s academic endowment programs, and its budgets for athletic facility improvements benefit when the football team is playing for and winning national titles. This is a big deal today, but might be appreciated as a bigger deal in the future.

ELEVEN. For those who care about the future of the University of Alabama, it is vitally important that the “brand” of Alabama football remain golden. Playing for yet another national title not only protects Alabama’s brand, it allows for the possibility that the brand can actually be enhanced. if Alabama had NOT made the playoff, its net worth expressed in the value of its brand might have experienced a dip. Instead, it will grow.

Riding ‘the wave of a lifetime’ a little longer
In surfing parlance, Alabama football has been riding the wave of a lifetime for a decade now. But this wave can crash at anytime. As once-elite programs such as Nebraska and Tennessee know all too well, it might be decades before your program gets back on top. It’s best to ride that wave for as long as you can while you can.

TWELVE. The more cash an athletic program can set aside for those rainy days when their program inevitably ebbs, the better. The more coins you deposit in your program’s piggy bank, and the more impressive your “tradition resume” becomes, the shorter your stay in “Irrelevancy” or Mediocrity should be.

As farmers say, “Bail hay while the sun’s shining.” By making the playoffs - and staying at the top of the football universe - Alabama gets to put away more hay. One example: Servicing debt from previous stadium expansions - or selling all your season tickets - might be a source of anxiety for other programs, but not for Alabama. (Thank you, Nick Saban). Anyway, Alabama gets to surf/milk that awesome wave it’s been riding a little longer. This is a big deal.

Free advertising worth millions
THIRTEEN. While the direct payout Alabama will receive from playing in one or two playoff games is significant, this dollar figure probably pales in comparison to the value of “free advertising” Alabama will receive over the five weeks leading up to the giant games.

For five or six weeks, Alabama football will be a staple of ESPN programming, as well as magazine and newspaper articles and feature stories. The program will be mentioned daily on sports call-in shows with national audiences. If Proctor and Gamble wanted to reach this many eyeballs and ear drums it would have to spend tens of millions of dollars.

If Alabama had NOT been selected to play in the playoffs, 99 percent of this positive exposure would not have occurred. Is it a “big deal” that Alabama WILL receive all of this positive attention? Of course it is. It’s not only a “big deal,” it’s a huge deal.

Alabama fans may want to skip this part ...
And here I transition to a concept economists label “opportunity costs.” What would Alabama have lost if it had not been selected to play in the playoffs? If you are an Alabama fan, some of these scenarios are scary to consider.

FOURTEEN. If Ohio State was selected over Alabama, is the following scenario not conceivable? Alabama, thoroughly deflated by the now-gone chance to play for a national title, instead goes to another bowl game. If past is prelude, there is a very real possibility that Alabama would lose said bowl game. It’s very possible one or more key players wouldn’t even play in the game and risk a career-ending injury before the NFL draft. Other players might not be “all in” in their pre-game preparation.

Alabama has seen this happen two times before. The probability a deflated and disinterested team lays an embarrassing egg in the bowl game not only becomes possible, it might be likely. Any opponent the Tide would meet in a bowl game would probably be much more motivated to play - to slay the giant that is Alabama. Maybe this scenario would not happen, but most will agree it could happen.

FOURTEEN - A. Now instead of Alabama playing for and maybe winning a national title (reaching the Mountaintop of the sport), the Tide gets embarrassed in its bowl game. This after the Tide had just lost by 12 points to Auburn, its biggest and most important rival. Suddenly, the perception of Alabama as the undisputed king of college football would be gone. Even Alabama’s position as the best team in its own state could be questioned. Clemson and Georgia would probably be deemed the new top dogs (or Tigers) in the sport. “The Tide has (finally) turned,” would likely become the new conventional wisdom.

Now, ‘tis true, the Tide could quickly turn back with another championship run or title in 2018. Reports of Alabama’s demise have been greatly exaggerated even in the recent past. But, as noted, Alabama’s prospects for a sterling season next year are far from a sure thing.

Alabama has also just lost its defensive coordinator and recruiting is said to have fallen off a bit - something that might change in a hurry if Bama rallies for another national title - yet another reason (14-B) making the playoffs was important. Question: Would Alabama recruiting have benefited if the Tide was left out of the playoffs and also lost its final two games?

What if the Tide wins, say, nine games next year … and - God forbid - loses again to Auburn? The “stock price” of Alabama football could - in the blink of an eye - plummet. And Nick Saban would be getting ready to turn 68 years old, three years beyond the age most people retire.

Some might cry “heresy” that such a dramatic swing in a program’s fortunes could occur so swiftly. But this “dark” scenario could, in fact, have become reality.

Football historians of the future might have traced the beginning of the decline in Alabama’s powerful brand, the end of the program’s dominance of the sport, to one decision - the decision of the selection committee (with bogus justification) to not let Alabama compete for a national title at the end of the 2017 season. (14-C) And if Alabama football had peaked, and was beginning a period of decline, the rest of the university and the school’s other sports programs would probably experience some degree of decline as well.

Okay, you can start reading again …
But - great news! - all of the above is moot, a “bad dream” that was not real, something that did not come to pass. Alabama IS in the Final Four. It does have a chance to win yet another national title. The Crimson Tide is still considered the elite team in college football. The brand is as golden - or as crimson - as it’s ever been.

Alabama is still riding atop that magical wave, a wave that could continue far into the future. (Coach Bryant’s Alabama teams essentially stayed at or near the very top of the football world for more than two decades).

Championships can beget championships, the rich can become richer
FIFTEEN. More so than any other team, Alabama finds itself in an enviable and unique position, with opportunities other teams simply don’t have. Championships can (and already have) beget more championships. Past successes can and do make future success more likely. When a football program gets a chance to build on previous success, it should be grateful and, if at all possible, take full advantage of the opportunity to move to an even higher level. The fact Alabama has such an opportunity is a big deal.

FIFTEEN-A. Future football historians could have written that Alabama’s football fortunes took a noticeable turn south in December 2017 when the Tide was denied the chance to add to its tradition. Now, however, these same historians might write that Alabama “dodged a bullet” in 2017.

In a year when some people said Alabama shouldn’t even be in the playoffs, the Tide could now win said playoffs. (15-B) Instead of a dynasty perhaps reaching its terminus, Nick Saban’s football program has moved even closer to approaching “all-time great” status (five national titles in nine years would be unprecedented). Achieving such status would be “historic” … which is a big deal.

It’s certainly possible Alabama loses to Clemson January 1. However, absent an embarrassing blowout, the standard the program has maintained over 10 years should suffer no great or terminal blow.

Bottom line: It’s much better to be in The Final Four, make a great deal more money, and enjoy five weeks of positive exposure than to be one of the 130 teams who are not reaping these rewards. And if your team happens to win two more games that would be special, an event millions of people would savor.

SIXTEEN. Winning the ultimate prize never gets old and should always be viewed as an incredible accomplishment.

In conclusion ...
I’m sure I missed some points, but hopefully this essay demonstrates just how much was at stake earlier this month when a group of 13 people concluded that Alabama deserved to be in the playoffs. As the length of this meditation shows, a whole lot was at stake. The contrast between what did not happen to Alabama (but could have) and what still may happen is the difference between sheer elation (Kenyan Drake’s national-title-securing kick return) and abrupt shock and despair (the national-title-destroying “Kick Six.”).

On the Committee’s decision hinged this dramatic elevation-change in emotion. And millions and millions of dollars - and everything such large sums of money can make possible for a school and athletic program.

This decision was a huge deal to the millions of Alabama fans who care so much about their university, and this university’s most important ambassador, its football team. As of December 2017, the Tide still rolls.


About the author: Bill Rice, Jr., a native of Troy, is a freelance writer now living in Pike Road. He has worked for several state newspapers as a journalist, editor and publisher. His late father was a member of Alabama’s 1961 National Championship team. Bill Rice, Jr. can be reached by email at:
Michael webb Michael webb from Iuka wrote on 2017/12/15 at 2:10 PM:
Roll Tide from Mike and Marcy Webb, Bridget an Valerie Welford William Page, and Brooklyn
Ben Michelson Ben Michelson from Phoenix wrote on 2017/12/15 at 11:52 AM:
Two items. #1 Did we date the same woman in El Paso, TX? #2 I went to school with the "Ball Coach" and would like to relate a story on the week he learned to play golf. from my dear fried, John Devlin, from Concord, MA. He use to play with a local supporter that owned a restaurant in Gainesville, "Dub's Steer room. He shot 133 for 18. The next week 85 and within 3 weeks he was a scratch golfer. Remember, he lettered in all 4 sports in Johnson City, TN before coming to UoF. Keep up the good work and l'chaim.
Thomas Thomas from Mullins,sc wrote on 2017/12/13 at 4:43 PM:
Pineapple with the pepperoni don’t knock it till you try it .its great ! But don’t add to it after the pizza is done , put it on when you it in oven !
Rusty Floyd Rusty Floyd from Augusta, Ga wrote on 2017/12/13 at 4:37 PM:
Interesting that Jim from Tuscaloosa played golf today at Tuscaloosa Country Club... it closed in 2013...
Lynn Holifield Lynn Holifield from Guntersville wrote on 2017/12/13 at 3:11 PM:
Just listening to Jim from Tuscaloosa challenging Paul to golf match at Tuscaloosa CC.
You should know that Tusc CC closed 2 years ago. Paul I think you can take Jim on, no problem. If he is from Tusc and doesn't know Tusc CC is closed, then he is not a golfer obviously. Note; info came from my son, Kevin who is superintendent at nearby Indian Hills CC
Roll tide.
Larry Sheffield Larry Sheffield from Hogtown Creek Florida wrote on 2017/12/13 at 3:10 PM:
Is this the Jim show or the Paul Show .. hopefully the latter .. I have a serious question on recruiting ,, What are the rules concerning max signees for a SEC team ... Seems the Gators ended the season with 53 scholarship players ,,, will get 6 of the criminals back but lost some due to injury , transfer ,or early entry ... How many new thugs will they sign ? Former Gator Athlete,,, Thank you
JOSEPH PETRILLI JOSEPH PETRILLI from Monroe wrote on 2017/12/13 at 1:38 PM:
Just moved to NC after being in So Cal for 19 years. Have been going to Oak Ridge for over 30 years for business. I played at the university of Illinois 69-70, so I have a Big Ten bias. BUT, I have to admit there is nothing close to the passion(insanity?) of the SEC fan base. Your show only highlights this, in such a great way. When OSU beat Bama in 2015, I couldn't wait to listen to your show on Monday....and it din't disappoint. Thanks for the entertainment and information, and making sports the fun it should be. Best wishes and Merry Christmas!
Joe Petrilli
Joe Orr Joe Orr from Southaven, MS wrote on 2017/12/13 at 7:09 AM:
Dear Paul & Laura,
In my opinion Bama's pass defense has cost them 2 national championships in the last 3 years, and the same thing will happen this year. The Bear has got to be turning over in his grave. If the rush doesn't get the quarterback, we're dead. Paul & Laura please use your influence to get Saban to pick his 3 best players and teach them to play some basic pass coverage.
Kathy Kicklighter Kathy Kicklighter from Bluffton wrote on 2017/12/12 at 4:41 PM:
Larry from Shelby, AL sounds like "Mountain Man " on Duck Dynasty.
Love your show Paul and crew, keep up the good work! Merry Christmas to all. GO DAWGS!
Ed Hannie Ed Hannie from Lafayette wrote on 2017/12/11 at 5:28 PM:
Have you heard that Kevin Sumlin is to be introduced as the new head coach at Louisiana tomorrow??
Catfish Catfish from Mapleton wrote on 2017/12/11 at 3:31 PM:
I see here comments on character on the Heisman. Mayfield. Remember, The Heisman was an awarded to a guy previously convicted of Armed Robbery.
Catfish Jack Catfish Jack from Mapleton, Iowa wrote on 2017/12/11 at 3:22 PM:
Paul, it is Monday, and I am watching the show, FYI...Saturday they awarded the Heisman Trophy. Just thought you should know.
Doc Brown Doc Brown from Cedar Mountain NC wrote on 2017/12/11 at 3:01 PM:
Hello Paul....I can never reach you on the phone. Is the number you have messed up?

My question is: Do you think Kam Pettway, Jarrett Stidhom, Kerryon Hohnson and Jeff Holland will be back for their Senior season?

Thanks Paul!
Oneal Oneal from Pinson Al. wrote on 2017/12/11 at 2:24 PM:
Why do you have a Auburn helmet on your stage facing a Oklahoma helmet. It should be a Georgia Helmet. Auburn is not in their.
Jenny Franklin Jenny Franklin from Lawrenceville Ga wrote on 2017/12/10 at 2:57 PM:
Laura Rutledge is such a Fla homer sometimes she says such dumb things. I like the show much better when she is not on there. I am older and football was a game for males there were not women on every show that talks about football now. Also all the voters that voted for Mayfield are excusing his crotch grabbing such a sad world today.
Don R Don R from Huntsville wrote on 2017/12/09 at 5:42 PM:
Will the NCAA fine Army for the Cadets storming the field after the Army/Navy game like the NCAA fined Auburn when Auburn beat Alabama earlier this year ?
Steve Adkins Steve Adkins from Clinton Tn. wrote on 2017/12/08 at 6:38 PM:
I watch your show daily. It's great. I heard you today say you were interested in songwriting. I have written 309 songs since age 14 and am now 69. It takes me about 10-15 minutes to complete the entire songboth words and music. It boggles my own mind t be honest. Would you consider helping me someway, somehow? I would greatly appreciate it if you would. Could I send you a cd of just 6 of my songs? The first song is called "We will hold your hand!". It was written for Pat Summitt. Thank you deeply for your kind consideration.
Lou Mahaffey Lou Mahaffey from Fayetteville wrote on 2017/12/08 at 12:33 PM:
How to be fair and help Greg Schiano: Interview him for the proposed 30 for 30 on the Tennessee coaching search fiasco. Let him reiterate he knew nothing about the Sandusky scandal. Then ask him, whether in hindsight after all these years, he feels he should have known something was wrong, that he was perhaps too myopic about football. Does Schiano regret not knowing something was up??? Quentin Tarrantino admitted he should have said something about the Harvey Weinstein scandals. Tarrantino said he knew, and that he should have said something. I do not wish for a witch hunt against Schiano, nor do I wish him to be given a free pass. I am suggesting he be given the opportunity.

Damn the lawyers. Schiano, if he wishes to be a head coach, must address this situation. If he is open and shows himself contrite, then this allows healing. If he is defensive then he only closes the door on his own career. Bottom line, if Schiano wishes any major college football program to take a risk on him as a head coach then he must first take the risk himself and address the Sandusky scandal. What I am saying is fair. ESPN, through a segment on Schiano, thus becomes a portal for truth and, if Greg Schiano is actually a good person, then also a portal for healing. Thank you, Lou Mahaffey
Lou Mahaffey Lou Mahaffey from Fayetteville wrote on 2017/12/08 at 11:42 AM:
Paul, you and other ESPN hosts, all males, Jordan Rogers being the latest example, refuse to back off your opinion on Greg Schiano. Let's grant your argument without reservation that from 1991-1995 Schiano heard nothing about Sandusky that caused him any alarm whatsoever, though six other Penn State assistant coaches did come forward due to the decades over which this sordid tale took place. An Athletic Director may have full assurance from you, Paul, that there is little risk of Schiano being a head coach who might have a proclivity for failing to monitor a program or failing to maintain institutional control? Schiano coached for several years at Penn State and saw nothing, heard nothing, involving the greatest scandal in college football history of which there is evidence of its being known as early as 1978. This is not guilt by association. This is a sign of Schiano's inability of awareness. If Schiano is completely innocent and knew nothing of the greatest scandal in college football history he indicates he lacks the awareness needed in a head coach in today's college football world. At Ohio State, where Coach Meyer is responsible for monitoring and institutional control, there is no problem. Schiano as head coach? Seriously?

My dear Mr. Finebaum, you are on the wrong side of this war, sir, and it is a war. You and the other ESPN male hosts think it is a battle. No sir. It is a war. You are helping with an ESPN 30 for 30 on the Tennessee coaching fiasco, so this story is not going away anytime soon? With respect, concerning Schiano, I think your armor is a bit thin. You still have time to rethink your position. If the Chancellor of Tennessee can do so, whom you applauded, then you may do the same.

PS: A note to Laura: Laura, please knock some sense into Paul. Please. The context on the Schiano situation is so deep, and so complex, that it behooves all rational persons to think clearly and carefully. Males are not rational; therefore, Laura, I am hoping you can help. Sincerely, Lou Mahaffey
ken ken from Columbus wrote on 2017/12/07 at 11:18 PM:
ken ken from Columbus wrote on 2017/12/07 at 11:14 PM:
ken ken from Columbus wrote on 2017/12/07 at 11:11 PM:
alabama will not get past the first round no matter who is healthy. the in fighting and their dc along with sabans current mindset will lead bama to a loss verses Clemson. if bama makes it they will not beat ga. print it. that is my prediction. also saban will be fired even if it looks as though he retires. sabin is finished at Alabama. plz put that i said it first. 5 yrs give or take a yr or so , malzan will push sabin out mark my words. plz have the integrity to read on the show as i am better than those other analyst as i use science to prove my points. THANKS. THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME I CONTACTED THE SHOW VIA EMAIL.
Jake Jake from Radford VA wrote on 2017/12/07 at 5:48 PM:
And I just watched coach Pruitt's first news conference as Tennessee football head coach wow I'm excited had me fired up let's go Vols tired of waiting thanks coach Fulmer best of luck coach Pruitt and staff like your vision and no looking in rearview mirror approach
Sherri Sherri from Huntsville wrote on 2017/12/07 at 3:54 PM:
Has anyone thought about the TN hire timing? Fulmer who HATES Alabama. I’m don’t want to take anything from JP he’s great but Was the real reason Fulmer went with him because he IS from Bama? Inside info maybe? Fulmer would like nothing more than to crush the tide. Will Fulmer really agree to let him coach through the playoffs?
Mike M Mike M from Warner Robins, Ga wrote on 2017/12/06 at 3:52 PM:
What is this about the show being cancelled? Is this true?
Gary Gary from Marietta wrote on 2017/12/06 at 1:56 PM:
Paul Finebaum Show
Hello Paul
First of all, congrats on your new addition -Laura!
Things are looking up on your show, if you know what I mean. I might have to start watching more often. She ads a lot of color commentary to the set.
Paul & Laura, I have insight on the Selection Committee’s actions.
Everyone is asking why conference championships don’t matter. They actually do matter. Here is how.
They help the committee determine the best 4 teams, which is their charge.
The conference games are like quarter-final games. They eliminate some teams from the final 4.
If we didn’t have conference championships, then Wisconsin & Auburn would be in the final 4.
So, in that regard, they do help determine the final 4 teams, and thus, they are important.
The question that should be asked the Committee is, “Is there any additional credit or special consideration given for winning a conference championship?” The answer is no. The Committee looks at it as though it is a 13th game of the season, nothing more.
The recognition to the teams comes from the title itself of winning their conference championship.
The Chairman of the Committee on Sunday stated that Ohio State wasn’t even considered for 4th place basically because their large loss took them out of contention. The hype of Ohio State & Alabama for 4th place was manufactured by ESPN to “sell newspapers,” if you know what I mean. It created interest & viewership.
If you look at the standard deviations of performance of both teams, Alabama had a lower standard deviation which means they are more predictable in performance. Ohio State beat some goods teams then lost by a large margin to a not so good team. So, from that standpoint, Alabama was a better choice. Win or lose, you know you will get a good game from Bama. They won’t get blown out or end up as a shut-out, like some other teams have been in the past.
Now, if the Committee were charged to go to 6 teams, then the last 4 teams would play 1 additional game to determine the final 4. If the committee went to 8 teams, then the Power 5 conference champs could be automatically included and the Committee could choose the best 3 teams remaining. In this case, the season could be reduced to 11 games instead of 12. All teams have a softie game or 2 on their schedule anyway. Just take one of those out.
What do you guys think?
Gary Saliba Gary Saliba from Huntsville wrote on 2017/12/06 at 12:19 AM:
Love your show buddy. On the off-case that you do read emails, I have an idea regarding CFP playoffs and wanted your thoughts.

1. Recognize that Conference Championships don't mean what they used to and end the traditional championship game
2. Maintain Conference Divisions
3. Replace Conference Championship Games with intersectional games
4. For instance last Saturday say SEC East Plays Pac12 South--ACC Coastal plays Big Ten East and so forth.
5. 10 Teams would be involved as Top 2 Teams from Big 12 would be included. Thus the five Power 5 conferences are included
6. Final four Selection is Made AFTER those games.

Imagine potentially last week's games: Auburn v. USC--Ohio State V Miami--Stanford V Wisconsin--Clemson v TCU---Oklahoma v Georgia---or whatever the match-up framework

Seemingly the TV Ratings and Interest in the Games would be off the charts. Then the CFP committee would select four (4) of the five (5) winners. No additional games, but you enhance the weekend's games, provide better visibility in attempting to gauge/compare conferences, reduce the human input as you would have 10 teams potentially playing for selection of one of four spots. Finally, it would really enhance the regular season and emphasis on winning a division and would avoid the dilemma of the past two seasons where a team not playing conference championship gets in.

The only change would be that conferences would have to award championships to the teams differently--but a minor detail. To me the TV ratings, interest in the games, and enhancement to the regular season would be profound.

I hope you are able to consider this as I would love to hear your thoughts. And again, keep up the great work on ESPNU Radio--

gary saliba
Jeffery Jeffery from Rainbow City wrote on 2017/12/05 at 11:54 PM:
Paul it’s been a minute. I-man still afraid of Vick’s sheep. Jim had the same opinion I had with regard to Alabama vs Auburn.
I go back to early preseason when Saban stated we don’t have the alphas. Guess what??? They still don’t. Guess what? Bama ain’t going to win a Natty. And I’m not talking about Shelby Larry’s drunk beer.
Ah la PFD:
I hope we are not embarrassed.
My A club granddad would roll over in his grave 🤦🏼‍♂️
Al Haygood Al Haygood from Temecula, CA wrote on 2017/12/05 at 8:24 PM:
I grew up in Georgia and became a life long fan of Alabama football when Tommy Lewis became the real 12th man at Cotton Bowl in 1954. I cried listening to a radio in Thailand when Tom Clements made his pass in Sugar Bowl, I had to pull off the road when they announced that Bear died and jumped for joy when Alabama finally defeated Notre Dame. I spent 20 years in the military so only had the radio for many games.
Now I am about to distance myself from Alabama football. When Roy Moore is elected Senator I will no longer be able to root for Alabama. Would not be able to look at my wife, daughters, and Grand daughters if I continued to cheer for the Crimson Tide. It will be very hard on Saturdays but it is the right thing to do.
Jaci Jaci from Phil Campbell Alabama wrote on 2017/12/05 at 3:26 PM:
Hey Paul this is Jaci from Phil Campbell Alabama I have been calling you to be on your show I hope y’all can get this I am a die heart Alabama fan and I would love to get to talk to you!!!!
Rambo Rambo from Denver north carolina wrote on 2017/12/05 at 1:03 PM:

Luv the show.

OSU played 6 teams that had losing records. One of those was UNLV that lost to Howard University. Out of their other 6 games they lost one at home to OU and one to Iowa by 31 points. Remaining 4 games were against Army( what else can be said), Mich State,Mich and Penn State. The only one worth anything was PSU. 

As for Whisky their Big10 opponent they played 7 teams with a losing record.

Where was this body of work Jesse Palmer and Galloway were speaking of.
Tom Tom from Trussville Alabama wrote on 2017/12/04 at 5:43 PM:
Gus has won 44 games and lost 21 since being named head coach at auburn. Do you feel this qualifies a seven million dollar salary at auburn?
Rose Blackwell Rose Blackwell from Inman SC wrote on 2017/12/04 at 5:25 PM:
Give us a shout out! We love Clemson!!
Bud Bud from Dadeville wrote on 2017/12/04 at 5:09 PM:
Is this the Paul Finebaum show or the Laura Rutledge show? I watch to hear your comments, not hers. She talks way too much,
Bruce Taylor Bruce Taylor from Wetumpka wrote on 2017/12/04 at 4:11 PM:
8 Team College Football Championship Alternative

1. Seed Conference Champions 1-5 (Seeded by College Playoff Committee)
A. This gives all conferences a representative.
2. Seed 3 At Large Bids 6-8 (Teams Chosen and seeded By College Playoff Committee)
A. This gives a Non Conference Champ a chance, since all conferences are not equal each year.
3. If a Non-Big 5 Team is Ranked In CFP Top 10 They Are In
A. This gives a Non-Big 5 team a chance.
4. Giving Conference Champions an automatic bid makes every conference championship game more important than ever for all conferences.
5. Giving a Home Playoff Game to Top 4 Conference Champions makes winning conference Championship more important than ever.

Example Bracket
Quarter Final in Mid December

Game A - #1 Conference Champ (Home Game) vs #8 Seed
Game B - #2 Conference Champ (Home Game) vs #7 Seed
Game C - #3 Conference Champ (Home Game) vs #6 Seed
Game D - #4 Conference Champ (Home Game) vs #5 Conference Champ

Semi Final (Same as Now - Bowl Game Rotation)

Game E - Winner of Game A vs Winner of Game D
Game F - Winner of Game B vs Winner of Game C

Final (Same as Now - Bowl Game Rotation)

Game G - Winner of Game E vs Winner of Game F
Matt Matt from Atlanta wrote on 2017/12/04 at 3:24 PM:
what do you think about the fsu situation? who do you think they’ll hire? do you like willie taggert?
Tom Tom from Athens wrote on 2017/12/04 at 2:06 PM:
No need to increase number of teams in playoff. The main purpose for four teams was to make sure the top two get in for a chance to win. Before BCS the championship was decided after bowl games with rarely having top two teams meet. BCS tried to get top two and the question of who are the top two was sometimes hard to decide. Going to a four team playoff makes sure we get the top two. I don't think anyone could argue with the fact, the top two is in the four.
Buck Brinson Buck Brinson from Hollywood, Fl wrote on 2017/12/04 at 1:23 PM:
Who was the last football head coach that was hired at the University of Georgia that head previous Div 1 head coaching experience?

William A Reynolds 1901-1902
Previously coaced at North Carolina
Lynn Lynn from Livingston wrote on 2017/12/04 at 1:22 PM:
I no I'm going to make a lot Bana fans mad but I'm going say it like it looks to all if us that think Bama pay under the table to get in here.Because to me it looks like Bana get what they wanted.Ohio State win there game what did Bama win nothing.This is the second time they get in like this.Doesn't anyone else think about all this.
Charley Charley from Lake view al wrote on 2017/12/04 at 11:13 AM:
Please have John or Mark research wins from all 5 power conferences see who has most really sick of hearing how weak the SEC id
Ryan Ryan from Tuscaloosa, alabama wrote on 2017/12/04 at 2:56 AM:
Paul, I️ already know your bald head blinded the CFP committee but outside of that I️ was wondering how the committee decided that Alabama was “clearly” better than an OSU or USC team with conference championships and better wins? I didn’t say a better team I️ said a “clearly” better team. OSU alone had 3 wins better than Bama and the only team in the entire nation with top 10 total defense and offense. Not to mention absolutely shut down 2 of the best running backs in the nation. On top of putting up 300+ yards Rushing on the 3rd best rushing defense at the time. I️ would love to see your precious SEC backs and offenses play a Michigan or Ohio State or Wisconsin front 7 week in and week out. But instead I️ guess I️ get to see them play a better front defensive 7 in Clemson in the playoff. I️ forgot about Mercer though. Those dudes can really play.. If Alabama is as good as you say they are why didn’t they beat a 7-3 auburn team who lost to LSU and got manhandled in their games away from home? Just curious. Also curious if you could do some digging and find out how many FCS teams power 5 conferences have played in November by conference along with how many conference games they play a year? One more thing is how good was that Florida State team this year after playing their second string quarterback? I’ll be honest they were I️ credible. Almost more incredible than when OSU won the natty with their third string. Sorry one more thing. Is it even fair that the SEC hasn’t won anymore CFPlayoffs than everyone else? Glad they finally got 2 teams in to double their odds. This comment will get blocked I’m sure because you don’t have the balls to answer my questions
DJ from Iowa DJ from Iowa from Cedar Rapids wrote on 2017/12/03 at 10:02 PM:
Paul, always enjoyed your show. However, was very disappointed to hear your negative and unprofessional comments Saturday night 12/3/17 regarding the CFP Selection committee. You sounded convinced Alabama would be left out so you lashed out at Kirby Holcutt, advising everyone how unqualified he was since he was recently fired from his job and there was no way to get him removed from the committee at this point. Seriously ? Pretty bush league for someone with your resume. Of course you quickly changed your tune 12 hours later when you got your wish, and suddenly the CFP got it right, had integrity, blah, blah, blah. Hard to listen to someone who talks from both sides of their mouth with such venom one minute and love the next about the same thing. Reminds me of my children when they don't get what they want. Of course they're not 62 year old experienced journalists with millions of followers. I don't have a dog in this fight, but did think OSU was more deserving AND a better team for the following reasons: 1. More Top 25 wins over better competition. 2. Conference Champion 3. Were the best Team in their league 4. Had the guts to schedule tough competition and play more conference games - not like Mercer. 5. Alabama's best win was over #17 LSU who outgained them in yardage 6. Their 2nd best win was over Ms. State who controlled the game until the last drive. 7. Alabama finished on a down trend losing to Auburn. 8. They were #5 before eight deserving teams played for Conference Championships on Saturday while Bama did NOTHING to improve their resume. 9. And most compelling, your new best friend Kirby Holcutt, revealed 11/28 that the margin between #5-8 was very thin. OSU then improves its standing by winning a conference championship and beating another Top 4 Team while Alabama does nothing. Somehow that improvement for OSU worsened the "thin margin" previously announced and Bama was subjectively handed the 4th playoff spot as the 3rd best team in the SEC. Yes 3rd. Georgia who won the SEC and Auburn who beat Alabama head to head are obviously both better. The only thing holding OSU back was the horrible loss to Iowa. Somehow its the only thing the CFP could fixate on despite having a much stronger resume and clearly being a better team than Alabama. Yes, as a college football fan I'm extremely disappointed in the CFP but much more disappointed in YOU and your lack of integrity and belief in the CFP system until you get what you want - right or wrong. BY all accounts the CFP got the top 4 teams right in 2014, 2015, 2016. You couldn't let the system work for you and your beloved Tide without trying to damage the reputation of the CFP and its chair in the off chance Alabama didn't get it. You needed a to create a scapegoat just in case. Absolutely despicable. You owe Kirby, the CFP, and your listeners an apology.

P.S. Before you try making the case that Vegas picks Alabama for win it all.... remember who the picked in 2014 ? How'd that work out ?
Hoyle Kiger Hoyle Kiger from Kilgore wrote on 2017/12/03 at 9:21 PM:
I believe that you and the committee were correct when you concluded that overall Alabama has been a better team than Ohio State based upon the entire season.

The problem with this conclusion is that it only analyzes one-half of the equation. While Alabama is best overall, they did not play their best the last two games of their regular season.

What factors did you and the committee consider that led you to believe Alabama will be at or near the top of its game come playoff time?
Thank you for any forthcoming answer.
Mac Mac from Wayne wrote on 2017/12/03 at 4:22 PM:
Today,as last year, college football conferences and their respective championships were completely devalued. By taking a team who sat on their couch on championship weekend over TWO power five conference champions has sent a message to ALL teams that you would be a fool to play for a conference championship if you are ranked number one and undefeated in the regular season. I looked up the criteria for the selection committee and it clearly does NOT state that it would punish a team in any way for NOT playing in their conference title game. Therefore, any undefeated team ranked number one after their regular season ends would be guaranteed andmission into the playoffs by simply skipping their championship game. This allows the team to a.not risk players getting hurt ,b.avoid a loss, and c.and by not getting punished for doing so automatic inclusion into the playoffs. I looked at the ACC, Pac 12 and SEC for some sort of mandate that requires teams to play in their championship game and found none (maybe your research staff can find something) they used words like privilege and honor but nowhere did it say mandatory. This is a very BAD, disconcerting situation. Every teams goal should be to win their respective conferences and now it is proven it means very little to do so in the committees eyes and can cost you the playoffs!! horrible precedence!!!!!
Tydalwave Tydalwave from Columbus wrote on 2017/12/03 at 11:05 AM:
First of all I want to start by saying I'm an Buckeye fan through and through. Second if all I want to say I don't think the Buckeyes should be in the football playoffs this season. Third I would like the SEC Koolaid drinkers to think outside their SEC world and ask yourself does Alabama really deserve to be in as well. I know that there is a way stronger case that Alabama may be the 3rd best team in the SEC behind Auburn and Georgia and maybe 4th right now at thymus state in the season. I don't think the committee should reward a team if that caliper a spot in the playoffs when they play teams like they do. If Ohio State play the schedule that Wisconsin play nobody would think they deserve to be in the playoffs. If the committee wants to look at how well a team is playing at the end of the season, teams should have to play against some of the best talent at that time. I feel that teams will start scheduling powder puffs at the end of the season like Alabama so they can look good in there last 3 or so games. Just some food for thought. Yours truly, a Bucknut fan 4 Life
phillip johnson phillip johnson from calera wrote on 2017/12/03 at 10:27 AM:
ala doesn't deserve to be in the playoffs,they couldn't even beat auburn to win a trip to play in the SEC game,Ohio State beat a 10-0 top rate team and should be in the playoff spot.
Lee Lee from New York wrote on 2017/12/03 at 8:58 AM:
1. Why isn't Alabama's win over FSU listed as its 'best' win considering FSU was ranked #3 at the time? ESPN continues to list the win over LSU, ranked #12, as Alabama's best win, which implies no top 10 wins when Meyer says OSU has 2 top 10 wins.

2. The Big 10 has yet to score a point in the last 2 years of the playoffs. While OSU is a very good team, does the committee really want to risk another Clemson blowout over OSU again?
Evan Evan from Cleveland wrote on 2017/12/03 at 8:30 AM:
Paul Finebaum really thinks Alabama should be in when their best win was against that 3 win Miss st team??? Oh and don’t forget Mercer, that’s a another fantastic November win. OSU did lose to Iowa, but they also actually beat their rival, and beat MSU, PSU, Wisconsin, those wins are SO much better than any of Bamas.
Ken Ken from Columbus wrote on 2017/12/03 at 12:34 AM:
Paul. before chaos theory begins let me tell you before the committee announces their results. Bama will get in but only by luck. though their fans will believe they were suppose to be there allow me to share an auburn secret. we are ranked in the top 150 in academics in the country while bama is barely hanging on to 400's. they will lose the game ultimately as their five stars will not be able to overcome the game of life as an auburn degree will always be better than any degree from alabama. ty paul for viewing. i hope you will transmit this auburn secret to bama nation. plz look up these facts and see for urself. this should spark a debate even if the show gets a bit dull as it tends to do from time to time. what you gotta say bammers? I'm thinking duh is ur only logical response. I'm sorry i do not wish to wait on the phone just to interject truth. ty paul. you can contact me at my email address if you wish to continue using logic in the show. ken- a true auburn fan since the mid 80's and i was about 10. good luck to georgia as they deserve their spot. bama however will not be so fortunate not in the game but in the game of life. p.s. who won the iron bowl. that is enough to keep bammers from moving up in the academic field. im laughing now. i`ll laugh after the season too. money can't buy what we have. a true family. all yall have is rabid fans ready to suddenly change their opinion as soon as any loss is suffered. i laugh at yall bammers ignorant enough to think ur number of championships really mean anything. lol. we beat you when it counts and that is all you know or need to know. hashtag who else you gonna buy. how many more tattoos? u will still be losers. my apologies if i seem brash but i do wish to spark a great show. thanks. and let bammers know it was written and submitted before the committee released its top four. that's how auburn men do it. not like bammers lol...last jab into the proverbial ribs. thanks paul. got a bottle of ur favorite Bourbon if u wish to sit and chat. i don't drink much personally so never mind me drinking water. i'll be waiting if you wish to sit in front of me. btw Results will be available later today. i wonder how lucky i am much logic to fail. i sent this message at what time and the results of the final four was released when? exactly. this is football season so strap em year just means same ol bama. Auburn laughs at you every day regardless of the scoreboard. Next.
David Worthington David Worthington from Winchester, VA wrote on 2017/12/02 at 11:07 PM:
Long time Ole Miss fan since 1967 and not complaining about the sanctions. Be a long time until the rebs are relevant. Just glad they hired Luke. My comment is how impressed I was with the American championship game and how hard the two teams competed. Very intertaining game that was more fun than most of the rest of the games today. The American has come a long way and appears to be a conference on the rise. Even with Frost and possibly Norvell leaving they will still be good as a lot of young talented coaches will fill in. Both UCF and Memphis are in good shape for the future and that is from an Ole Miss fan. My problem is that while an exiciting game is entering a 2nd OT ESPN is concentrating more on that Frost is off to Nebraska. Frost was classy about it ESPN was not. They could have at least waited until the end of the game to report. Not fair to the kids playing the game.
Steve Steve from Clarksdale,MS wrote on 2017/12/02 at 9:56 PM:
Shea Patterson transfer reminds me of another transfer i.e. Mitch Mustain. Both a case of over controlling parents! We all know what happened to Mitch Mustain.
Rusty Swanson Rusty Swanson from Thomasville, Al wrote on 2017/12/02 at 6:12 PM:
Just wanted to know why any of the sports commentator's have not been saying that if Miami beats Clemson, then Clemson gets knocked out of the playoff. Wouldn't you think that since Georgia was dropped from #1 out of the top 4 and then Alabama was dropped from #1 out of the top 4, that it is only right that Clemson (if loses to Miami) gets dropped from #1 out of the top 4 ? It only seems right, just my thoughts ........ Roll Tide !!
Bob Shea Bob Shea from Palm Coast, Fl wrote on 2017/12/01 at 7:53 PM:
Critics say Jake Fromm can't pass. Compare the following:
Passing attempts:
Stidham 295 Fromm 208
Passes completed:
Stidham 202 Fromm 129
Passing yards:
Stidham 2682 Fromm 1990
Completion percentage:
Stidham 68.5 Fromm 62
Yards per attempt:
Stidham 9.1 Fromm 9.6
Touchdown passes:
Stidham 16 Fromm 19
Times sacked:
Stidham 26 Fromm 12
QB Rating:
Stidham 160 Fromm 167.6

Stats are from SEC website.
Ginny Ginny from Loganville wrote on 2017/12/01 at 4:44 PM:
I never disliked Alabama until I started watching your show. You are the most obnoxious Alabama fan I've encountered in 77 years. Everything starts, ends and is made up of Alabama on your show. How boring! Four hours of Alabama. Ugh!
paul paul from huntsville, al wrote on 2017/12/01 at 4:16 PM:
SEC Conference Commissioner just said Alabama beat 7 top 25 teams this year in an effort to promote Alabama. I only see two wins over top 25, LSU and Miss State. Can you help me in the count?
Cannon Cannon from Hamilton, Alabama wrote on 2017/12/01 at 3:18 PM:
Wonder who wrote the short speech given by Fulmer. I think it was over his head.
Joe Joe from Tallahassee wrote on 2017/12/01 at 2:20 PM:
Paul - With all the potential playoff scenarios going into the championship games, I was wondering what was the worst point total loss for a team that made the playoffs. Turns out it was Ohio State who lost by 14 to Virginia Tech in 2014. That means if Ohio State makes the playoffs, it will have the three biggest point total losses of any school to make it in. The only other double digit loss was Washington last year. Your thoughts?
butch butch from birmingham wrote on 2017/12/01 at 1:22 PM:
bring Peyton in as head for 3 years
t-martin o.c.
chavez d.c.
#1 q.b. will sign WITH Peyton
and the rest of the s.e.c says WOW.
Paul Schofield Paul Schofield from Pine Mountain Ga. wrote on 2017/12/01 at 11:50 AM:
Bet since John Curry was dismissed that Phil Fuller had a hand in it and more likely that he will be the next Tennessee AD ? Pretty sure he did the same thing to Johnny Majors in the past to become the head coach did he not . Thats the reason I stopped being a Tennessee fan . Karma !!!
RICH IVORY RICH IVORY from JAMES ISLAND, SC wrote on 2017/12/01 at 7:46 AM:
Robert Robert from Knoxville wrote on 2017/11/30 at 9:30 PM:
The coaching search is not going well, so it is time to widen the search. JMU coach Mike Houston has been a head coach 7 years. Yes, he coaches an FCS team, but he has only had one losing season, and the other 6 years his teams have won conference championships and most recently the FCS National Championship, and they are in the playoffs again with an excellent chance to win another Championship. His record is as follows:
Yr College Record Conf C-Rank Rank Remarks/Playoffs
11 Lenoir–Rhyne 7–3 6–1 T–1st None None
12 Lenoir–Rhyne 9–3 6–1 1st 20 L NCAA Division II Second Round
13 Lenoir–Rhyne 13–2 7–0 1st 2 L NCAA Division II Championship
14 The Citadel 5–7 3–4 5th None
15 The Citadel 9–4 6–1 1st 15 L FCS Playoffs Second Round (also beat S Carolina)
16 James Madison 14–1 8–0 1st 1 W FCS National Championship
17 James Madison 11–0 8–0 1st TBD FCS Playoffs
Their defense is rated top 10 in every category, and the offense is in the top 25. This person can clearly coach at a high level.

It is difficult to see how he would perform worse than the mediocre coaches currently/recently under consideration (Doeren, Morris, Sumiln, etc.). It's time to at least consider him. Thanks.
Ben Ben from St Augustine, fl wrote on 2017/11/30 at 5:07 PM:
A good fit:
FSU and Lane Kiffin
Parnick Jennings, Sr. Parnick Jennings, Sr. from Rome,GA. wrote on 2017/11/30 at 4:06 PM:
can't tell you how I know, but CUTCLIFFE coach; TEE, offensive coordinator and COACH IN WAITING. UTK 1951, sports editor, ORANGE and WHITE.
Tony Tony from Sebring, FL wrote on 2017/11/30 at 2:54 PM:
You and you're callers attacking Tennessee over their insistence of a better coach and wanting the AD fired is offbase. I realize you are an Alabama homer but just keep you're idiotic statements to yourself along with those imbeciles at OSU
Lou Mahaffey Lou Mahaffey from Fayetteville wrote on 2017/11/30 at 1:59 PM:
Schiano v. McQeary: Please do not "Paterno" Schiano

Paul and Laura, please see my notes regarding the below section on the Sandusky case and what this means concerning McQueary's hearsay evidence against Schiano:


Paul,and Laura, please know that without the testimony of Mike McQueary, without his stepping forward, there is NO Sandusky case. See the following from the Attorney General Report:

"D. Phase Four: McQueary Tip (November 2010) through the Filing of Charges (November 2011)
On November 3, 2010, Centre County District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller received the following email: Ms Miller, I am contacting you regarding the Jerry Sandusky investigation. If you have not yet done so, you need to contact and interview Penn State football assistant coach Mike McQueary. He may have witnessed something involving Jerry Sandusky and a child that would be pertinent to the investigation. Signed, A Concerned Citizen
The document continues,

"After Miller forwarded the email to Tpr. Rossman the next day, Rossman and Agent Sassano reached out to McQueary, meeting with him on November 10 and interviewing him on November 22 at the office of his attorney.

Paul and Laura, these same documents also state, explicitly, that the Sandusky investigation was completely stalled at this point before the "McQeary Tip". Here is what is important about Schiano vs McQueary- The Sandusky prosecutors filed subpoenas for Penn State officials based on McQueary's testimony. This is critical. The prosecutors went after the Penn State officials based on their belief in McQueary's testimony, and McQueary's testimony was proven to be extremely reliable. Further, concerning hearsay as evidence, the Sandusky hearings allowed hearsay evidence as seen in the janitor who witnessed Sandusky raping a child. This janitor, "Jim" could not testify. Another person whom Jim spoke to was allowed to testify since "excitable hearsay evidence" was allowed under Pennsylvania law. Thus, under Pennsylvania law, McCreary's hearsay testimony against Schiano would seem to be accepted since Bradley's testimony to McCreary about Schiano would certainly seem to fall into "excitable third party hearsay evidence"
For anyone to completely discount McQueary's hearsay evidence about Bradley's testimony concerning Schiano demonstrates, in my opinion, a lack of knowledge in the context of this case. Again, the Sandusky prosecutors filed subpoenas on the Penn State officials based ONLY on the credibility of McQueary.

How do the media gatekeepers who seem hell bent on defending Schiano do so without condemning McQueary? It cannot be done, thus McQueary is actually the one who is being defamed, not Schiano.

Concerning Schiano, McQueary is only testifying to what he heard Bradley say. Therefore, based on McQueary being proven as having extremely credible testimony, a rational person should not question what McQueary said he was told by Bradley about Schiano. The question is whether Bradley told the truth about what he said about Schiano. Neither Bradley nor Schiano will say anything. And here's the deal- they can't say anything, obviously, because litigation is ongoing.
Paul, you have a background in legal matters. Do Schiano's comments about the Sandusky case not smell like "lawyer speak" to you? Schiano cannot say anything in his defense, and who put him in this position? No one but Greg Schiano. So we should give Schiano the benefit of the doubt? Fine.

I have been diagnosed through deep brain neurological imaging with Developmental Trauma. If you do not know what that is you may look it up or ask your wife, whom I understand specializes in internal medicine. My guess is she can explain it after a quick read. Let me say that I can relate easily to the victims of Sandusky. I have tried hard to give Schiano the benefit of the doubt. Was he so focused on football while at Penn State he noticed nothing about Sandusky, heard nothing, not even a rumour? Nothing? Nothing at all?

It would seem after Schiano's failed attempt to coach at Tampa Bay that he underwent some kind of "come to Jesus" meeting with himself and tried to become less of an authority-driven coach. Good for him. Seriously, good for him. I do not wish to condemn, but to persuade. Schiano himself said he knew he had to change. So the guy can feel regret. He is not a sociopath. Then I would expect Schiano to say that if he did not know anything at Penn State, that at a bare minimum he should say that he should have known at least something, and to have regret for some kind of obsessive compulsive focus that caused him to put his coaching duties at Penn State, in my opinion, above God, Country and reality. And yet, to repeat, Schiano can say nothing about the case. He put himself in this situation.

Urban Meyer gave Schiano a chance. Kudos to Coach Meyer. However, Schiano has had years to get ahead of this story, even before the lawsuit between Penn State and their liability insurance company. My belief is Schiano chose to hope the story would go away.

If our society has learned nothing else, based on the explosion of recent allegations of sexual misconduct and the massive number of firings, it is that the past can haunt. This blowup concerning Tennessee fans rests on Schiano for failing to get ahead of his own story.

What is disturbing to me is how so many media gatekeepers have taken up the cause to condemn social media and defend Schiano and to do so with what appears to be gross ignorance on their part concerning the context of Schiano and the Sandusky case. One person on your show said the actions of Tennessee fans were "immoral". Immoral! Booger McFarland, whom I respect and admire, showed venom against the Tennessee fans and their response about Schiano. You yourself Paul, seem to be disgusted at the evils of "social media".

Let me be clear, if we had "social media" back when Sandusky was hunting children who were easy prey, Sandusky would have been stopped much sooner because the path to spreading information would have been much more transparent.

Paul, what allowed Sandusky to prey on children so many years? The gatekeepers who refused to seriously consider that a Penn State icon could be guilty of such a heinous crime. The official gatekeepers at Penn State, and the media gatekeepers covering Penn State, are the ones who protected Sandusky. And what are media gatekeepers doing today? Who is it that is, in effect, refusing to consider whether Schiano should have at least known something, heard something, guessed anything, in a case that in the end has had to monetize the rape and molestation of children with Penn State making payments to victims?

Paul, do you know the timeline of the first time Paterno received testimony from a mother that Sandusky was molesting her child? 1978! In the ensuing years, we all now know, the testimony only grew. Penn State Football had a culture, an embedded culture, we also now know, of "see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil" against Penn State Football. How do we know this? Because McQueary did the right thing and stepped up. And Schiano had "no reason" to suspect? He had "no idea" anything was going on? No idea, right? No freaking idea at all? So I suppose he heard the stories and dismissed the stories as rumors. And we know this is what he did because of the massive evidence we have today of Schiano being a bright beacon of humility and truth? We have abundant evidence of the credibility of McCreary, none concerning Schiano, and yet Schiano is defended carte blanche, defended freely with zeal when there is no evidence to support those who so defend him. This is not a question of "defaming" a person who deserves to be treated as innocent until proven guilty. This is a question of why a person has put themselves into a position where they are creating an atmosphere where no evidence can be discovered that might harm that person. The question of Schiano is that he refuses to allow evidence to come out. Schiano has to right to not incriminate himself? Now we are talking! And this is a rational basis of media gatekeepers defending Schiano. But this is not what is happening.

I am amazed at how freely media gatekeepers are willing to defend Schiano's innocence and condemn McQueary, when there is abundant evidence on the credibility of McQueary. Indeed, the pattern is such that to even question Schiano to some media gatekeepers seems to be verbotten. How to "Paterno" as a media gatekeeper: Course Number 101.

Is there no evidence that Schiano perhaps suffered from hero worship, for example, of the Patriot's head coach? And if this testimony is true that it is reasonable to believe Schiano also had hero worship for Joe Paterno? Or are today's media gatekeepers willing to argue that Greg Schiano never, ever, heard a single creepy rumour about Sandusky? But that is not the real problem.

The real problem is that many media gatekeepers have created a self-protecting narrative to protect themselves as the holy police of sport's narratives, thus ensuring that they "Paterno" Schiano. No negative evidence against Schiano is allowed, because to do so will apparently open the floodgates of social media hell.

Riddle me this, Finebaum, are we allowed to question Schiano? I assume you will answer yes. Praytell, have I missed your questioning of Schiano? Or has your narrative been that only the hellish demons of social media should be placed in the dock? No self-interest going on there, right? I am being harsh, but I know, sir, you can handle it, and indeed, I believe you welcome it.

Notice, please, Schiano has placed himself into a position where he has to argue he heard nothing that caused him to have "reason", logical reason, to suspect Sandusky (lawyer speak) and yet Schiano also heard nothing that gave him any "idea" of any misconduct. Paul, why do you allow Schiano to have his cake and eat it too, all the while you condemn McQueary in your refusal to seriously question Schiano? You should not "Paterno" Schiano.

Can "social media" be wrong, badly wrong? Absolutely! But, Paul, what about the media gatekeepers? No onus on the media gatekeepers to open up a few legal documents that are readily available in order to at least not be grossly ignorant of the context of this case? I only wish Schiano would say, at the very least, he should have known something. Is that fair enough?

For him to have placed himself in a position where he refused to get ahead of his own story is no one's fault but Schiano's. For media gatekeepers to a priori assume that "social media" is wrong is proving that this is not their finest hour.

Paul, I have long been a fan of persons such as yourself, Booger McFarland, and others whom I believe you have personally mentored, and tomorrow I will still be a fan, but today, I am sorry, but I am not a fan. In any case involving child molestation and child rape, it behooves the rational individual to tread softly. Instead, I hear venom from the media gatekeepers on your show. Venom! Paul, let them speak, but stand up and stop the venom, please. Stop them from only embarrassing themselves because as the case between Penn State and their insurance liability company demonstrates this case is ongoing. Meaning, the past can haunt, and this includes the venom being expressed by gatekeepers on your show and you allowing them to get away with their venom. Not good, sir. Speaking from experience, these waters run deep.

I am writing to you because I believe you have integrity and I am proud of the way ESPN has advocated the rights of minorities. You, Paul, are a media gatekeeper and your gate is wide. Do not shut it against McQueary whose courage makes him truly heroic to me and others like me.

In my firm opinion, YOU CANNOT DEFEND SCHIANO WITHOUT CONDEMNING McCREARY. Do not "Paterno" Schiano. Get this please, McCreary stopped Sandusky! What has Schiano stopped? He has only stopped his being questioned in any way.

You should be fair to Schiano? Yes. But be fair to McQueary as well and be clear that McQueary's testimony has been proven. Please say, Paul, if I am wrong and have missed something. What testimony have I missed about Schiano? And that's the issue! We have incredibly strong evidence about McQueary, but no evidence concerning Schiano.

Schiano has said he regrets the way he was in the past as an authoritarian coach. No regrets concerning his time at Penn State? No regret he should have at least known something? Instead, media gatekeepers are defending a man and his desire to only lawyer up. This issue belongs squarely with Greg Schiano. And yet we have media gatekeepers who exhibit venom. Venom! Are you freaking kidding me! In a case associated with massive child rape and molestation you are allowing media gatekeepers to howl unabated with venom! Does the past haunt, sir? As a mentor, Paul, those who are willing to listen to you perhaps need reminding that the past haunts. Expressing venom in a case involving child rape and molestation? Paul Finebaum, do you have a moral obligation to at least try and stop the venom?

Have you seen the documents showing the monetization by Penn State for the various rape and molestation actions of Sandusky in determining the payments to victims? Such and such fee to be paid for gential touching, such and such fee for oral sex, such and such for anal sex, and on it goes. Is Schiano guilty based on the banality of the monetization of child rape and molestation? No. Because he had no idea, none whatsoever, that anything was going on. He had no reason to make such a conclusion with his "reason", though the official timeline demonstrates it happened while he was there, yet he heard nothing that would give him any "idea" that anything was going on. This is Schiano's complete testimony on his behalf. Fine.

No regret from Schiano, Paul? No regret in any form? And you are good with this? I do not think you are good with this, nor do I think Laura is good with this. I respect Laura and she encourages me because she takes out her troll club and bashes the male chauvinists in the head like a Chucky Cheese mole basher. I think the chauvinists hurt her emotionally at times, and I find this hurtful to me, and yet she fights! She is willing to take a stand. Paul, you and ESPN, have taken a stand to give Laura a platform to defend the right of females to bash the chauvinist mole trolls.

Please rethink Schiano, and please do not let your gatekeeper zeal against the hellish horrors of social media cause you to defend Schiano, yet condemn the greatest mole troll basher in my life- Mike McQueary. Someone in Bristol, Paul, please let me suggest, needs to revisit the Sandusky files that are publicly available. Please.

Sincerly, Lou Mahaffey

P.S. To the Finebaum Guest Register Gatekeeper: I am learning to speak openly in the hopes of encouraging others who might be like me. I believe there is merit in what I am saying about Schiano vs McCreary. That said, if you agree there is merit to what I am saying then it is enough for me that either Paul or Laura see my note, or someone who cares. Publish, or forward only, either way I am fine. I trust you will not "Paterno" me.

If Paul disagrees with what I am saying I am hopeful Laura can mole whack him into a proper cognizant state of mind concerning Sandusky, social media, and gatekeeping. I hope my thinking in this regard is not presumptuous. Bottom line, Paul knows how to be circumspect. My belief is he needs to circumspectly correct the venom of some. I suppose if others wish to hang themselves that is their business. The past haunts. It always haunts. Thank you. Lou
24and7 24and7 from Alexander city wrote on 2017/11/30 at 1:06 PM:
A lot of these coaches that are up-and-comers are former High School coaches..Tennessee should look at Bill Clark at UAB... Or Craig Bohl who built a Powerhouse at North Dakota State or the current North Dakota State head coach Chris Kleinman and staff in place now.. they need excellent quality coaching not a figure head
rt rt from hell wrote on 2017/11/30 at 9:37 AM:
Paul, if you love the University of Tennessee at all, you need to look into this. This is what the uproar in Knoxville is about...possible subversion of the will of the lifelong fans supporting the program and many HUGE donors in the coaching search..not the name of the coach himself. Many are talking of this but she writes it best. Thank you.
Pat Gordon Pat Gordon from Birmingham wrote on 2017/11/29 at 7:31 PM:
I would appreciate it if you could pass on to Gary Danielson to reframe from disclosing practice information to teams during the boardcast of football games. He did so during the Auburn Alabama game. Right before Auburn was about to run a jump pass for a TD he said that he saw Auburn practicing that play while he was a guess at an Auburn practice. What if Auburn had chose to run it later in the game? I hope Auburn does not let him come to anymore practices, He can not be trussed. I would gladly tell him myself but I do not know how to contact him. He owns Auburn and Coach Malzohn an apology. Thanks so much Paul. Pat
David F David F from Columbus, Ohio wrote on 2017/11/29 at 7:14 PM:
Paul, I truly respect and value your commentary. I have an idea for upgraded approach to college football's national championship. What is the best channel to float such an idea? Thank you. And thanks for your passion for football!
Jeff T Jeff T from Denver wrote on 2017/11/29 at 6:21 PM:
Has anyone considered this scenario? Auburn beats Georgia in a close game. Miami beats Clemson in a close game. Oklahoma and Wisconsin win their conference championship games. Numerous analysts have commented that Clemson could get into the playoffs even with a loss in a close game Saturday. Would that mean that Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Miami and Clemson would be in 'The Four'. Clemson with two losses would have the head to head tie breaker against Auburn with Auburn having a coference title. Could the SEC be left out entirely?
JC JC from austin wrote on 2017/11/29 at 4:57 PM:
The correct term is AthleticS Director - with an "S". An Athletic Director (without a "s") would be a Director that is actually athletic.

Leaned this on the Athletics Committee at West Point during the NCAA recertification process.

Pauly can avoid the faux pas by using "AD" or "Director of AthleticS".

Colonel, US Army (ret)
Go Army, Beat Navy
Paul Schofield Paul Schofield from Pine Mountain Ga. wrote on 2017/11/29 at 4:52 PM:
I totally agree with the Sports reporter from Kentucky about how terrible it was for the fans of Tennessee to go on media to destroy the coach from Ohio St.
Tennessee first show their lack of class when they allowed Phil Fuller to stab Johnny Majors in the back all those years ago . They lost me as a fan then and deserve what you are getting . Call Butch Jones he might take the job back . Heck ! He's at least a brick layer !
Brannon Plemons Brannon Plemons from Decatur wrote on 2017/11/29 at 4:43 PM:
A Wisconsin LOSS or an Oklahoma LOSS and Bama is in PERIOD!!
Bill Minnich Bill Minnich from Scottsdale wrote on 2017/11/29 at 4:40 PM:
I am a 1979 Tennessee Graduate. Does it make sense for Tennessee to install Philip Fulmer as Head Coach in order to right the ship?
David David from Tuscaloosa wrote on 2017/11/29 at 3:01 PM:
Yes,I am wondering on the coaching carousel why now since Tennessee and Arkansas are reaching in the bottom of the bucket....why has nobody mentioned possibly contacting Mac Brown for the Tennessee job. He would be a big splash with a proven record and Les Miles for Arkansas since he knows the area and has done a good job of coaching.
Dabo Dabo from Newnan wrote on 2017/11/29 at 2:51 PM:
Has Mike Bobo been mentioned for any of the sec job openings? He is a good offensive coach and he is an excellent recruiter who I think would do very well in the south east.
Michael J Flood Michael J Flood from Rockingham wrote on 2017/11/29 at 2:23 PM:
From an OSU fan - if the Bucks beat WIS, and the chalk holds with the rest, BAMA will slide into the 4th spot. Heads will explode in Columbus!!!!!
James D. Reese James D. Reese from Fort Smith, AR wrote on 2017/11/28 at 10:49 PM:
Just a note about Auburn's record & season thus far. Yes, they've knocked off two CFP #1 ranked teams. Just wanted to note that these 2 wins were in the friendly confines of Jordan-Hare Stadium. Auburn's 2 losses were on the road. So the jury will be out for their remaining games as to how well they play away from home for all the marbles.
Brian S Brian S from Athens, GA wrote on 2017/11/28 at 5:57 PM:
Georgia lost their starting QB in the first qtr of game 1 but no one mentions that. Only Clemson gets a pass on QB down for a game.
darryl farmer darryl farmer from columbia, SC wrote on 2017/11/28 at 5:08 PM:
AD/ MBA's hiring football coaches?

Paul, I'm convinced that AD's with MBA's that never coached or played sports in college are unqualified to hire a big time coach. They don't recognize the skill set necessary. That's the whole problem Tennessee has had in the last few hires. I'm convinced a good hire would come from former coaches searching. Isn't it ironic that Phil wasn't consulted in the first attempt by Tennessee. Poor management!!!!!!!
Steve Steve from Birmingham wrote on 2017/11/28 at 5:08 PM:
Hi Paul
I think Bama should be given a lot of credit for hanging onto #1 for 11 consecutive weeks! Amazing to do so because of the bullseye on their back EVERY week. No other team has had that burden. It also makes them the most consistent by far to have achieved that.
I think it was Booger that said, and most I think would agree, that Bama would probably be favored over ANY of the other teams in contention if all were playing each other on a neutral field. I would be curious to see how Las Vegas would have them ranked. After all, we are looking for the BEST 4 teams in the playoffs.
Brian Brian from Fairhope wrote on 2017/11/28 at 4:57 PM:
N111UT tail number.

Tennessee plane B350 is landing in Stillwater now.
John Barnes John Barnes from Alabaster, Al wrote on 2017/11/28 at 4:49 PM:
Long time Vol fan living in Alabama. Graduated Kingsbury HS in Memphis (1964) and then lived in Knoxville 13 years.

I think Fitzgerald at Northwestern is heck of a coach ( daughter graduated there 98). Why is no one talking about him. NWU is tough place to win , much like Vandy, but Fitzgerald has done a great job there.
Marc Griffin Marc Griffin from Lucedale, Mississippi wrote on 2017/11/28 at 4:45 PM:
Hey Paul I know this might be a bit of a foolish question and I’m probably wrong but how is Auburn on top of the SEC West ahead of Alabama after a strange loss to LSU when Alabama beat LSU? Please explain how Alabama is not in the SEC Championship game. Thanks.
Edward Edward from Hoover Al wrote on 2017/11/28 at 4:43 PM:
If Auburn loses to Georgia in the SEC championship game, are they out of the top four?

1. Clemson: Win and you're in
2. Oklahoma: Win and you're in
3. Auburn: Win and you're in
4. Wisconsin: Win and you're in
5. Alabama: Needs a little help while it watches from home this week
6. Georgia: Win and you're in
7. Miami: Win and you're in
8. Ohio State: Needs a lot of help on top of beating Wisconsin this week
Jeremy Touchet Jeremy Touchet from Jennings La wrote on 2017/11/28 at 2:32 PM:
Why aren't more people talking about Les Miles for a coaching job. The man has an incredible winning record.
Jack Jack from Fayetteville wrote on 2017/11/28 at 12:33 PM:
You are so out of touch and uninformed about the reason for Tennessee fans revolting against Greg Schiano. It has NOTHING to do with Jon Gruden and very little to do with the Penn State disaster. If you would get off your lazy elitist butt and do your due diligence before spouting off from somewhere other than Tennessee, you would know the true facts.

Give the Tennessee fans more credit for why they are out there protesting. Greg Schiano has demonstrated that he does not have the character, values, and leadership qualities that is necessary to run a program at UT

Go back and read the transcripts from Penn State and Jerry Sandusky and you will see that Schiano saw abuse taking place and failed to do anything about it. Although he denies it, how do you know he isn’t lying, especially considering that the Man, Mike McQuery, was testifying under oath.
If a rational person is to consider who is telling the truth, I’ll take the guy under oath every time. Taking Schiano at his word over Mike McQuery under oath is a non-starter for most sane folks.

At Rutgers, he built a program that was competing against second tier Big East competition and doesn't necessarily speak to his creating a very competitive program that could compete in a Power 5. He lost to the best teams in the Big East and, in fact, his record at Rutgers his last 2 years was 4-8 each year. How is he an improvement over Butch Jones?

Furthermore, he had a reputation as having very bulling, abusive behavior with his Rutgers and Tampa Bay players. His personal demeanor of being caustic, thin skinned, dictatorial, rude, and generally ill-tempered was well documented
at Tampa Bay. His dirty play and abusive attitude toward players got him fired (along with the fact that he couldn’t win).

I also reference Peyton and Eli Manning and the dirty plays on the kneel-down plays against the two of them. There's a lot of history that the fans and alumni at UT are looking at other than just his win-loss record which is average at best.

He couldn’t get a job from 2011 to 2016. He was interviewed by countless teams over those years and they all passed on him. Why? Meyer finally gave his buddy a chance and that is fine,however, it doesn’t mean he would be a good fit for UT.

You can sit at your computer and call UT fans names but it only proves that you are ignorant and too lazy to do your your job. If you did your job, you would know that the problem was that the UT fans had to do what Jon Currie didn’t do, properly vet the guy and properly ascertain his fit for UT, its culture, and its need for a really well-established winner that is not named Gruden.

(You “media types” way overplayed the Grumor mill. Most people here knew that Gruden wasn’t viable choice. You “media types” took a small vocal minority of Gruden followers and made their desires into a major “FAKE NEWS” story). Just as you are doing with the Penn State angle on Schiano.

Give us some credit for seeing more than what you media types spew out at us. The problem was that Jon Currie had a sham coaching search. He had Schiano in his pocket even before he fired Butch. That is the legitimate story you should have been investigating instead of sitting on your lazy butt and following the group think pattern of your peers. You opinion is based on ignorance and sensationalized garbage that we know as….. hold on…..yep, you got it, Fake News.

Jack Gentry
Lowry Griffin Lowry Griffin from DefuniakSprings,Florida wrote on 2017/11/28 at 12:23 PM:
PAUL, what happens when GA. Beats Auburn Sat..They will Be A (3)Loss Team Yea How Would a 10-3 Auburn get In PLAYOFF INSTEAD of 11-1 Alabama, My BABA ROLL TIDE
Chris Russell Chris Russell from Atlanta wrote on 2017/11/28 at 11:20 AM:
I want to address a few things for a few folks when it comes to Clemson and Auburn. Yes you didn't have Keryon, but that will not change the fact that Stidham was sacked 11 times also. Auburn is the most improved team in the country from week 1 to now. We do have one of the top defenses in the country.
Clemson's loss to Syracuse, our QB was knocked out of the game and we missed 2 field goals and lost by 3. You do the math. Syracuse was competitive in every game this year except for Louisville and BC.I will take Syracuse over Oklahoma if they lined up today. Oh and Clemson embarrassed Louisville in dominant fashion shutting down the Heisman trophy winning Lamar Jackson. To all you Oklahoma fans what was the score the last time Oklahoma crossed Clemson's path 37-17. We are about to play our 6th top 25 team this week. Oklahoma and Clemson's schedules aren't even comparable due to the weak nature of the Big 12. I play against OU when they were the real OU. I played Jason White, Rocky Calmus, Adrian Peterson and some of the greats from OU when they were legitimate. It is the Big 12's fault that the conference is weak by letting Colorado and Nebraska leave.
Joe Joe from College Station, TX wrote on 2017/11/28 at 11:13 AM:
I must disagree with your saying Schiano was a good coach. He was at Rutgers for 11 years. Took 5 years to get to 500, and conference record for last 5 years was 16-19. I promise you that A&M fans would go berserk if we tried to hire him. I think Penn State thing was red herring used to stop it, but real reason was he didn't have coaching credentials anything like a "home run". As you know, we have VERY active regents, a VERY active chancellor, and many huge donors (they supplied much of the 1/5 billion dollars). As an aside, this is my 40th year as a professor at A&M.
Christopher Russell Christopher Russell from Atlanta wrote on 2017/11/28 at 10:48 AM:
How would Oklahoma be placed at #1 above Clemson in the CFP poll. Oklahoma's defense has given up almost 300 points to offenses this year, 285 to be exact and Clemson has only given up 154. Oklahoma plays in a conference that plays no defense but the committee and everyone else is impressed with Baker Mayfield and his success. How do you reward a team for playing horrible defense in a terrible conference. You can put anybody in as the QB for Oklahoma and they will have success because the defenses are not good. Then when they get into the playoff, they get bounced out early. Clemson has defeated 5 top 25 teams and we are getting ready to play our 6th ranked opponent this year, which has to make our schedule if not the toughest in the nation. I would rather see 2 SEC, ACC or Big 10 teams get in before Oklahoma. Oklahoma beat a struggling Ohio State team, I just haven't seen enough to rank Oklahoma in the top 4 let alone make them #1.
Phillip Tenenbaum Phillip Tenenbaum from Monteagle wrote on 2017/11/28 at 8:51 AM:
Mr. Finebaum, I am a true Alabama fan and could care less about who gets the coaching job at UT but I believe that would go with John Chavis he would be the best way to go I believe he would make a great head coach and could turn the program around.
Charles Charles from Houston wrote on 2017/11/28 at 6:32 AM:
I write on behalf of the great majority of Aggies in rejecting Alison from Houston and her take on the program. Her comments on your show yesterday were ridiculous and speaks for a minority so small, I've never heard anything close to that before. She might be a troll from a rival school to make us look bad.
We're all in for taking our program to a higher level.
Chelsea Chelsea from Houma wrote on 2017/11/28 at 6:30 AM:
It is a crying shame that linebacker Devin White for LSU is not a Butkus Award nominee or finalist. He leads the SEC in tackles and is the only player to be chosen SEC defensive player of the week four times in a single season.. What else does he have to do Paul??
j j from canton wrote on 2017/11/27 at 8:31 PM:
The only problem with Paul's argument that Alabama lost to a former #3 team earlier in the season(FSU), is u could say, Ohio Sate beat 4 of the top 12 teams, PSU, MSU, Wisconsin, and Michigan, that's if OSU wins the BIG 10 championship game. I also believe, OSU with two bad losses, should not be ahead of Alabama when considered for the final 4. I remember Paul saying recently something to the affect about Iowa, "wow, so what", like they aren't that good, but now he wants it both ways? By the way, y is a graduate of Tennessee rooting for Alabama? A frontrunner?
Chris gettelfinger Chris gettelfinger from knoxville wrote on 2017/11/27 at 8:01 PM:
Tennessee forgot football is a game to be played for fun.No one team can win every game unless your wear Crimson are Clemson . What Tennessee lacks is gamesmanship & Swagger, bring back Lane kiffin.let the media run wild. we need someone not afraid of offensive touchdowns in 3 games. wouldnt it be fun losing 50 to 48
Tim From Northport Tim From Northport from Northport, AL wrote on 2017/11/27 at 5:39 PM:
Why is it that the Bama fans will not blame the Bama coaches for the loss. Auburn picked up the first downs with a crossing pattern several times. That should have been a coaching adjustment. Jalen Hurts’ performance is based on the play calling and not his skills because we have seen what he can do. Bama got out coached and out worked!
Greg Greg from Winter Haven wrote on 2017/11/27 at 5:19 PM:
Just wanted to let you know it wasn’t just Tennesse fans that did this. The cfb 4chan board organized a raid on the Tennessee AD. They even posted his cell phone info. It was a large raid. Started yesterday afternoon.
Gar Gar from Robertsdale wrote on 2017/11/27 at 4:44 PM:
Paul.. I heard a tenn fan say they wanted someone with connections to the school.. be careful what you wish for.. you might get a Dubise or Shula... both great guys.. bad head coaches... roll tide and .. roll Dogs this weekend!!
Don blahnik Don blahnik from Port Charlotte wrote on 2017/11/27 at 4:39 PM:
Paul or Laura, I am huge Georgia Bulldog fan and very concerned about re-match with Auburn because their guys in the trenches on both sides of the ball have the upper hand talent-wise. To me, barring too many mistakes by Auburn, we lose another one with a closer score.
Will berger Will berger from Franklin, tn wrote on 2017/11/27 at 4:38 PM:
I’m a life long Mississippi State fan with only good things to say about Dan Mullen. He changed us from a culture satisfied with making a bowl or winning an egg bowl to being one with high expectations. He’s a high class guy and brought a new buzz to campus. My son and I made a State game most years he was here. I listened to his Florida introduction, and I was sad. Lost our qb, the egg bowl, and our coach in one holiday weekend. I’ll miss him. I’d say I’d pull for him but I can’t pull for Florida. But I wish him and his family well with gratitude.
Donnie Donnie from Chattanooga wrote on 2017/11/27 at 3:59 PM:
After the disastrous weekend in Knoxville, first losing to Vanderbilt to seal the first ever 8 loss season, and then the following day with the attempted hire of Greg Schiano, John Currie should be on a hot seat. The head football coaching has been a nightmare. only a few big name coaching talents were readily available, and none were pursued. Then, other hot coaching names could be pursued, but haven't been considered. The attempted hire was a coach which was not a popular coaching pick by any means and had not been offered any head coaching vacancy jobs in several years and also had not been a hot commodity coaching name in this years coaching carousel. This attempted hire is had to reason with so many other candidates being unsolicited. John Currie met with Schiano, offered him the job and then retreated from offer due to public outcry. Then, on the very next day, he releases a statement justifying the steps taken in selecting Schiano for the head coaching decision. This is the same John Currie who did not fold to public outcry for the dismissal of previous head coach Butch Jones. For the love of Tennessee Football, John Currie must go. The Tennessee football fan base is as passionate as any fan base in the country and high expectations are placed on the program. John Currie does not seem qualified to make the decisions which are best for Tennessee football now or for the future of this program.
Craig Craig from Austin wrote on 2017/11/27 at 3:34 PM:
The PROPER term is "AthleticS Director" (with an 'S'). Having sat on the NCAA recert committee at West Point - I learned the proper term. An "AthletiC" Director would an AD that is 'athletic' (most AD's btw are NOT 'athletic'). Use "Dir of AthleticS" or "AD" to avoid the misuse of the term. Carry on Paul.

Colonel, US Army (retired)
Austin, The Great State
Go Frogs
Jeff scarborough Jeff scarborough from Antioch wrote on 2017/11/27 at 3:32 PM:
I am a football coach . Laura knows more about football than any woman I have ever seen discuss the game. Does she have a football coach in her famaly?
David David from South Carolina wrote on 2017/11/27 at 3:15 PM:
As a proud Gator fan I am happy to see Dan Mullen come home. A suggestion for Tennessee would be Les Miles. I think he is a good coach who could do well for Tennessee.
Robert Ferguson Robert Ferguson from Franklin wrote on 2017/11/27 at 3:03 PM:
Am I the only one who has thought of Les Miles? He wants to coach again, national title winner and no baggage.
Tim Tim from Plant city fl wrote on 2017/11/27 at 2:59 PM:
Im no Tennessee fan but i think their biggest mistake ever was getting rid of phil fulmar. Id try to get him back!
SassySportsQueen SassySportsQueen from Powder Springs wrote on 2017/11/27 at 11:02 AM:
So glad to see Bama go somewhere and play somebody! See what happens when they do....they lose! Those neutral site beginning of the season games with subpar competition caught up to them on the plains! If you claim to be the best, look to play the best from time to time! I applaud Auburn for taking on Clemson regular season. It prepared them for Bama! Take that #1 recruiting class for the last 14 years on the road, Bama and play real competition! Yea I said it! SassySportsQueen coming atcha!
mikchael e ingles mikchael e ingles from columbus wrote on 2017/11/27 at 10:18 AM:
I suppose their best win is a 14 point victory over 7-3 LSU at home.
Otherwise the only ranked team they faced was an 8-2 Auburn team who drubbed them 26-14. Auburn, you know, lost to both LSU and Clemson.
Still the playoff committee has Bama ranked 5th.
Sorry…Alabama it makes no sense. You’ve been to the final four three years in a row getting beaten twice. Enough already.
But worse than Alabama is Auburn who has only one win over a ranked opponent; a thumping of Georgia and Georgia’s claim on the number 7 slot in the rankings is a one-point-win over hapless 7-3 Norte Dame who lost by 18 to number 14 Stanford and who lost to Georgia by one and to Miami by 33!
Listen: It’s hard to get excited about a game between Auburn and Georgia for the SEC Championship; a league that has or is about to fire five coaches for their team’s poor performances. And somehow the Football Committee has Auburn #2—Alabama #5 and Georgia #7 ?????
This is Bizarro World.
Look…it’s hard to make a case for the Buckeyes after big loses to Oklahoma and Iowa. But they do have two quality wins over Penn State and Michigan State. Something none of the SEC pretenders can claim having—other than, of course, hollow victories over themselves.
Wisconsin looms large on the Buckeye schedule. If they beat the Badgers—the Buckeyes' three wins over ranked opponents should earn them a rematch with Oklahoma and a chance for redemption.
Bama had their chance—with it all on the line they came up short—as did Georgia. If the committee must have at least one SEC team in the playoff then Auburn (should they win Saturday) is the only obvious choice. If they lose--then Bama--but only if they lose.
So the real contenders should be the winners of Clemson/Miami and the winner of Oklahoma/TCU and the winner of Wisconsin/OSU with the SEC rep to be ranked 4th.
…. When three B-Level teams beat up on each other the committee should discount them.
Roque04 Roque04 from Atlanta wrote on 2017/11/27 at 8:54 AM:
Paul, what was the name of your Guest who was recently on your show that has been instrumental in helping Nick Saban in his personal and team planning, goals, life, etc???
Alan Alan from Burlington wrote on 2017/11/27 at 8:45 AM:
Tennessee's calim & pic of rock about hiring a rapist is hypercritical-several years back they were the only school to scholarship a convicted rapist (Daniel Hood) and started him on the defensive line for several years. He was convicted in the rape of a 12-year-old girl with a broomstick. Tennessee turned a blind eye to that! So it's no surprise a coach with this problem was considered, the fans were willingly able to support a child-rapist before.
John Doe John Doe from Knoxville, TN wrote on 2017/11/27 at 8:24 AM:
The condensed version of why things unfolded as they did at Tennessee yesterday.

I cannot reveal my identity for personal reasons, but here is what happened:

A group of boosters wanted Joh Gruden as coach. The Haslems, Currie and Davenport feigned support of the initiative. The boosters, led by Peyton Manning, proceed to gauge Gruden's interest and what it would take to get him to UT. They came to general agreement over three weeks ago and even celebrated the agreement on Wednesday in Dunwoody, GA two weeks ago. While legal matters were being worked out, the Haslems, Currie and Davenport were pursuing their own agenda to maintain complete control of UT athletics. The Haslems, thinking they alone know what is best for UT, were enamored with Schiano when he previously interviewed for the Browns coaching job, and thought he was a better fit than Gruden (this was before the previously sealed testimony of the Sandusky case implicating Schiano, thus the lack of due diligence on Schiano,, because they had already vetted him). They knew they couldn't sell Schiano to the other boosters, so they kept Currie and Davenport on a short leash and thought they could have the deal done before the other boosters could do anything about it. Once announced, the other boosters would be obliged to support their new coach. It would have worked except a member of the AD staff leaked the deal to other boosters and they mobilized the support of the UT BOT and legislators. The rest you know.
Mark Mark from Orlando wrote on 2017/11/26 at 10:17 AM:
Paul, what’s your thoughts on University of Florida adding Greg Schiano to the Coaching Short List?
Tom Tom from Wichita wrote on 2017/11/25 at 8:38 PM:
Did Alabama lose on purpose? Should they get into the CFP they have an advantage over the other CFP teams. They get a week off for losing.

Alabama did not win their conference, and they did not win their half of the conference. A team should not be rewarded for losing.

Alabama has had this advantage in the past.

If Alabama is picked by the committee it is evident that not all the games matter. Alabama gets a Mulligan that other teams don't (with the obvious exception of Ohio State).
Joe Orr Joe Orr from Southaven, MS wrote on 2017/11/25 at 7:43 PM:
This is the fourth year in a row that Alabama has had the worst secondary in the history of Alabama football, costing Alabama at least two national championships. The Bear must be turning over in his grave. Surely there is a coach at Bama who can select the best athletes on the team and teach them how to play basic defense.
David David from Winchester, VA wrote on 2017/11/25 at 11:40 AM:
If Scott Frost leaves UCF, one thing will be certain is that a lot of coaches will be interested in the vacancy. UCF is loaded for next year, is located in a recruiting hotbed, has the support of the school, and the right coach can continue this program’s rise. Doubt it will be a current head coach, as the AAC had good history hiring up and coming assistants from major programs. Some major program is going to lose a good coach.
Ward Ward from Tupelo wrote on 2017/11/24 at 5:58 PM:
Paul needs to clarify a statement he made. Hugh Freeze was not fired, he resigned.
Donnie Donnie from Chattanooga wrote on 2017/11/24 at 12:48 PM:
Lane Kiffin should be the #1 choice to return to Knoxville as head coach. He is the right guy for the job at the right time.
Jon Gruden isn't coming. Chip Kelly isn't coming. Dan Mullen likely isn't coming. The program cannot afford to take a chance on a coach hoping they can adjust to the SEC. John Currie needs to make this call and bring him back. His track record is proven and wins on the football field will erase I'll feelings some fans had when he left before. All he does is win!!! This is our guy, no question.
John John from Knoxville wrote on 2017/11/21 at 9:02 PM:
I am wondering if Paul feels that Alabama could still make the playoffs if they were to lose the iron bowl.
Craig Craig from Waterloo wrote on 2017/11/21 at 7:59 PM:
What if Oklahoma wins out, Wisconsin wins out, Clemson beats Miami in a close game, and Georgia beats Alabama in a close game. You have 1 loss big 12 champ Oklahoma, undefeated big 10 champ Wisconsin, 1 loss acc champ Clemson, 1 loss Miami, 1 loss sec champ Georgia, and 1 loss Alabama. Which 4 in?
Wesley P Wesley P from MARIETTA wrote on 2017/11/20 at 4:56 PM:
Bama 58. Auburn 3. RTR
Rebecca Coleman Rebecca Coleman from Lexington wrote on 2017/11/20 at 4:53 PM:
We like your show but are disappointed there is no closed captioning.
Jeff Jeff from Lexington wrote on 2017/11/20 at 4:40 PM:
Enough Alabama. Dang that's all you talk about. Not good for ratings
Wesley Perdue Wesley Perdue from Smyrna wrote on 2017/11/20 at 4:30 PM:
Alabama roll tide all day Auburn come Sunday we'll see how y'all be acting crying thet Bama roll all over y'all yes yes.
william register william register from graceville fl. wrote on 2017/11/20 at 3:50 PM:
The (Iron Bowl) no longer exist. When the game was move from the Iron City Birmingham. It ended when the game was move to home and home! It is simply the Alabama vs Auburn.
joe p lane joe p lane from carthage tn wrote on 2017/11/20 at 2:44 PM:
Tennessee should hire the Austin Peay coach

Tony Pendergraph Tony Pendergraph from Moore oklahoma wrote on 2017/11/20 at 1:51 PM:
I agree that Baker Mayfield made a huge error with his actions at the Kansas game. However I find it that Greg McElroy is so vocal in his remarks when there are images if him giving the Auburn fans the middle finger in the 2009 game when he was qb for Alabama. I just find the hypocrisy on ESPN amazing. And David Pasch is a journalist from Syracuse University and never played a high level sport in his life.
Bill Bill from Pensacola wrote on 2017/11/19 at 9:57 AM:
Hell'O from Pensacola. Just wondering why no one is talking about "character" in the Heisman Race. Baker Mayfield"s history is poor at best. I think his Drunken actions contributed to Coach Stoop's Retirement, his treatment of opposing teams and fan is very low class. I thought the Heiseman was given to someone that could be a roll model and respected as a good person. Did we not learn a lesson from $$$$$$$$Johnny$$$$$$. Is there something in the Kool-Aid?
GA GA from Phenix City wrote on 2017/11/18 at 1:30 PM:
I don't understand how Auburn would go to SEC championship if they beat Alabama. Please explain!
Sam Sam from Destin wrote on 2017/11/17 at 5:47 PM:
I have heard a lot about BAMA’s resume not being too well respected this year. How many teams beat FSU this year when they had Francois healthy? Only BAMA. If he had not gotten injured (near the end of the game) they would have been a quality win as they would have had a better record I think.
John John from Selma wrote on 2017/11/17 at 5:22 PM:
The ncaa did away with 2 a days this year. They said it was to reduce injuries. It seems that it may have had the reverse effect. Are there any stats that show if this new rule increased or decreased injuries?
letisha king letisha king from Huntsville wrote on 2017/11/15 at 4:28 PM:
Bobby petrino people.

Remember him. The guy can flat out coach you could do a lot worse
letisha king letisha king from Huntsville wrote on 2017/11/15 at 3:51 PM:
Why is no one mentioning bobby petrino
Steve Hagen Steve Hagen from Red Springs wrote on 2017/11/15 at 2:18 PM:
Jeff, the Ohio St fan, commented on Thursday, November 9 and Monday November 13, about OSU and Urban Meyer. There is no comparison to Nick Saban even though both won National Championships at multiple universities. Saban has never lost by 31 points in a game he was favored. Saban has more Championships. Saban has never had heart problems from being outrecruited and outcoached. When Spurrier and Saban are outcoaching you it is time to switch universities. Meyer did win against Bama in the first playoff but that was a fluke.

Saban will never reach the pinnacle established by the Bear regardless of the number of championships he wins. Bear changed the entire culture of the SEC as attested by Shug Jordan. When asked about the type of football you must play in the SEC Shug replied, "Helmet busting, gang tackling, hell-bent-for-leather football because that's the only type of football that will win since Bear came back to Alabama!

Tried calling everyday since November 9 and could not get through.
Guy Guy from Reading, PA wrote on 2017/11/15 at 1:57 PM:
If Wisconsin goes 12-0 and loses to 10-2 Ohio State in the B1G CG, shouldn't UW still go to the CFP using the same logic that put OSU in over Penn State last year?

1. Better record (OSU had 1 less loss than PSU in 2016)
2. OSU has 2 lopsided losses (PSU lopsided loss to Michigan held against them in 2016)
3. Head to head a non factor (OSU lost to PSU in 2016)
4. Didn't win the B1G (PSU won the B1G in 2016)
Connor bell Connor bell from Auburn al wrote on 2017/11/15 at 1:16 PM:
Why does everyone keep forgetting when we went on the road at Clemson, it was stidhams second game with the team. Pettway was 80% and kerryon didn’t even play because he was hurt? We still only lost by 8 points. Why is this never brought up
Ron Ron from Lawrenceville, GA wrote on 2017/11/15 at 10:43 AM:
Everyone is talking about the Iron Bowl game, but Auburn and Malzahn are involved. Last time they were ranked 6, they beat Jax State in OT and fell to 18. LA-Monroe, uh oh!
Chad Chad from Fayetteville TN wrote on 2017/11/15 at 8:23 AM:
No one has commented on this. Kerryon Johnson didn't play against Clemson because of injury. Pettway wasn't healthy neither.
Kalie McCurry Kalie McCurry from Jacksonville wrote on 2017/11/14 at 5:39 PM:
Alabama is gonna win against Auburn.
Kalie McCurry Kalie McCurry from Jacksonville wrote on 2017/11/14 at 5:34 PM:
Roll Tide Alabama is the best!
Mark Mark from McDonough wrote on 2017/11/14 at 4:03 PM:
Stop trying to help Bama by telling Kerryon that he is amazing & a Heisman contender, I know what you are up to? How old are you? Pitiful
Andrew Bone Andrew Bone from Cumming wrote on 2017/11/14 at 6:40 AM:
I have an audio file I made of my cousin, a huge Auburn fan, following the Auburn Georgia game. In the file, he argues that Auburn and Georgia are bigger rivals day in Auburn and Alabama. We reference your show.

Is there some way I can submit this audio for you to hear? I will edit it down. I have to believe you might want to use this content.


Andrew in Cumming
Connie Parrish Connie Parrish wrote on 2017/11/13 at 7:23 PM:
Why isn't,t Nick Chubb up for the Heiseman?
Ward Ward from Niceville wrote on 2017/11/13 at 2:34 PM:
Hey!..big SEC fan ( Auburn baseball teammate of BO! show.." The Paul FineALA Baum Show!"..
James James from Auburn wrote on 2017/11/13 at 12:56 PM:
I'd like to hear some discussion on game times. CBS seems to ruin every big gameday atmosphere by airing the games at 230CT. I understand their business side of it, but what about the fans?! 98% of the students here at Auburn and a large majority of fans elsewhere would prefer huge games like AU vs. GA and the iron bowl to be played at night when the atmosphere has more energy and creates a much more fun environment whether you are at the game, tailgating, or watching from home. Night games always seem bigger, and CBS ruins that for SEC fans year in and year out. What are your thoughts and possible solutions?
Joel Cochran Joel Cochran from Birmingham wrote on 2017/11/12 at 7:16 PM:
Please discuss this. I sent this to the WAPO reporter

I have been troubled for years about the decline of print press investigative journalism in Alabama. We have no paper here in Birmingham. The Birmingham News is just a shell of what it once was. John Archibald is working. Shoestring budgets and starving reporters never looked into the Roy Moore leads that have lurked for years.

Please do a follow up story on what it took to get the story. What did it take to get the thirty sources and achieve all the work necessary to support the story including building enough momentum to give the victim the courage to come forward. Did it take an army of Washington support staff descending on Gadsden to put it together in time?

I am angry. Why did the press fail get this story for so long? Archibald is a hero of mine, and he acted cluelessly when asked over the weekend about his knowledge of the rumors over the years.

Congratulations. Inspiring. Pulitzer nomination coming?

Joel E Cochran, DMD
Mountain Brook
Craig Cassady Craig Cassady from Columbus Ohio wrote on 2017/11/12 at 12:33 AM:
Paul,my dad ( Hopalong )and I are great fans of yours...and thanks for being fair to Ohio State...our question to you is Alabama's schedule...they have not played a top 10 ranked're okay with their current ranking? Paul, " come on man "
Paul Kohutek Paul Kohutek from Spring Hill wrote on 2017/11/10 at 6:30 PM:
Why do you keep giving Alabama top rating when their strength of schedule is 41? They are going to play another very weak team in two weeks.
Josh Daniels Josh Daniels from Leesburg, FL wrote on 2017/11/10 at 1:39 PM:
I’m looking for opinions from the listeners and even from Mr. Paul Finebaum. I have an idea that will wipe out the committee and will make everything so much easier than the college football playoff.
It’s as simple as you win and your in. There are 5 power conferences in college football. This idea would make a 5 team playoff. 4 teams play and one gets a bye. Each coach from the 5 teams picks there destiny. You play or get a bye. That’s round one. And the same rule for round two except no bye. The final 2 teams play for a National Championship.
And for Notre Dame to fall into this picture they have no choice but to join a power 5 conference.
It’s as simple as this. You win your Conference Championship and you will have your chance to play for the National Championship.
This theory will end everyone saying we got cheated out of being in the Playoffs. It will the discussion of 2 teams from the same conference getting into the Playoff.
John John from Coffeyville KS wrote on 2017/11/09 at 4:26 PM:
Paul as we all know you are a massive Alabama and SEC fan! I can respect that, lots of bragging rights however my question is this. How is it that a Clemson team with a loss to an unranked Syracuse team and a weak schedule is stronger than a 1 loss Oklahoma team to a ranked opponent and multiple ranked wins?
Tommy mcfarland Tommy mcfarland from Austell ga wrote on 2017/11/09 at 3:59 PM:
During the nick Sabin love fest the Miami run was forgotten
Steven Bradley Steven Bradley from Capital District, NY wrote on 2017/11/09 at 11:18 AM:
In your opinion, has the rise of: UCF, USF, FAU, and FIU watered-down the talent pool for the big three? Or, is it a depth thing?
Toney Toney from . Moultrie, Georgia wrote on 2017/11/09 at 10:31 AM:
I'm a Georgia fan, but if Tennessee fires Butch Jones, I have a name no one has mentioned. Granted he is not a head coach, but he is a highly regarded coordinator with strong ties to Tennessee. He is offensive coordinator of Southern California Tee Martin. . thoughts??
Heath Terris Heath Terris from Miami wrote on 2017/11/09 at 8:34 AM:

You love dogging everyone but SEC teams. Makes me sick they allow you on the radio. You dog the Canes which seems to have a new attitude w Richt at the helm and you find a way to trash us. Who gives a dam we want to be respected for being undefeated. Why do you care? You dogged Wisconsin, why man? Let the fans enjoy their dam season man. Who the hell has Bama played? SEC is down so they are undefeated rag them and their BS out of conference schedule. Go ahead! I would love to get you on the phone and go at it with you and your BS

Steven Bradley Steven Bradley from West Sand Lake (Capital District), NY wrote on 2017/11/08 at 6:17 PM:
We can debate the best NCAAF teams; Oregon has the best cheerleaders.
Jim Brooks Jim Brooks from Dallas wrote on 2017/11/08 at 4:28 PM:
With 6 or 7 coaching positions available, do you think Art Briles would be in the mix?
Steven Bradley Steven Bradley from West Sand Lake, NY wrote on 2017/11/08 at 12:33 PM:
Unlike pro football where rankings are moot, NCAAF rankings are paramount heading into the playoffs. This years SNAFU, Wisconsin, shouldn't be penalized because their division sucks. Oddly, the SEC West punishes itself (attritionally) on the field year after year (see Alabama vs LSU)(Auburn and MSU too). Hence, I'd support a non-conference schedule that is seeding-based. For example, I'd pit the SEC West vs the Big 10 West, the Big 12 South vs the PAC 12 South, etc, next year. Although I think ND played a decent schedule this year, they don't deserve a bye-week during the conference championships.
I realize that no system is perfect but scheduling is the fine-tuning that the college football playoffs are over-looking.
Daniel Swinford Daniel Swinford from The Woodlands TX wrote on 2017/11/08 at 11:01 AM:
I'm an LSU Fan, just want to get that out of the way. This is not a rant about Bama or the Tigers. I just saw your segment on First Take which left me perplexed. You said you wouldn't vote for Wisconson to be in the play off if they went undefeated because the schedule hasnt been that tough. Alabama's schedule hasn't been that tough either. They beat LSU last weekend but lost most statistical categories and were a few LSU drops and an interception away from a possible loss. Yet, they didn't drop in the polls while LSU dropped 5 spots. I don't think Alabama played like the #2 team in the country last weekend or LSU is a whole lot better than their current rank. Doesn't jive! Please tell me how you justify dismissing an unbeaten Wisconson because of a weak scheduale while praising Alabama with a weak schedule and almost losing to LSU. it's really hard to look at that games stat sheet
and say Bama is the #2 team in the country if only because they're undefeated. What matter most, performance or wins. NO team deserves to be in the playoff they need to earn it. No conference deserves to be in and with the current system 1 power 5 will always be left out.
C L Parrish C L Parrish from tifton wrote on 2017/11/07 at 1:29 PM:
As a long time listener I can only assume the addition of Laura is a ESPN administration decision. She may be knowledgeable but what a distraction and departure from what makes your show the single stand out sports talk show. Your show is being diluted with Laura's she simply a distraction from what made your show the best. I'm having a hard time watching and loosing interest. Your show was not broke but somehow it changed now its not
as genuine and not as much fun to watch.
What a shame.
James James from Tampa wrote on 2017/11/06 at 6:22 PM:
Paul, you asked your young female co-host why it's good for college football that Miami is relevant. Unfortunately she didn't have a good comeback after you intimidated her and she went along with you for the most part. Miami is a national program, their games are always highly rated, especially when they're playing at a high level. Proof also is how many 30 for 30s have any other teams had? Miami has had 2 of their own and shared another for 3 total. So yes, college football is more entertaining when the Canes are at the top or near it. You just don't like them and that's the way Miami likes it. Anytime anywhere is almost here again.
Michael Michael from LaVergne, TN wrote on 2017/11/06 at 5:11 PM:
I think Tennessee should give serious consideration to Chris Peterson of Washington. I think he would be a great fit to coach Tennessee.
Alan Alan from Tupelo wrote on 2017/11/06 at 1:27 PM:
As a college football fan ...I’m personally sick of hearing about Alabama’s QB mentioned in heisman conversation ...that’s a big joke because the guy is not that good.
Deputy Waddell Deputy Waddell from Tuscaloosa wrote on 2017/11/06 at 9:46 AM:

I am a cop at a High School in Tuscaloosa. ( I was your security at a UA home game last year.) We just had an awesome patriotic pre-game ceremony. I am including the links, hope you enjoy and can promote on your social media feeds.

Thanks much-
"Youre the most interesting man in the world."

Deputy Waddell
Gary Peters Gary Peters from LaGrange, GA wrote on 2017/11/05 at 7:04 PM:
NEWS FLASH! 3 Russian tourists spotted at Gatorland, Orlando. Florida fans outraged and suspect Russian meddling into their football season by colluding with gators to become vegans. Steve Spurrier has been hired as special prosecutor. In his first statement he whined, "this is going to be a very slow tedious process because there are no golf courses in Russia!"
keith nimmo keith nimmo from winnsboro, tx. wrote on 2017/11/05 at 1:56 PM:
How can anyone justify that Notre Dame should be in the college play-offs when the #1 criteria is a conference championship! Notre Dame does not belong to ANY CONFERENCE! The Big 12 was kept out for years because they did not play a championship game. Now everyone is talking about the Irish getting in and they do not even belong to a conference. Please comment.
Georgia. Ohio State and Clemson. Write it down. Georgia. Ohio State and Clemson. Write it down. from Dallas wrote on 2017/11/03 at 5:51 PM:
Four weeks from now it will be Alabama, Georgia, Ohio State and Clemson. Write it down.
Janice Thonney Janice Thonney from College Place wrote on 2017/11/03 at 11:08 AM:
Dear Mr. Finebaum, I just wanted your thoughts as to whether the Antone Davis e-mail to John Currie could negate Tennessee's remaining contract with Butch Jones.
kirby fan kirby fan from Seneca SC wrote on 2017/11/02 at 2:42 PM:
Hey Paul, you got my sugar up! Yesterday you cut off a caller because he could not tell you what UGA has done to be #1 besides beating ND. UGA got rid of a coach who could not develop talent and hired one who can. How's that Paul?
Rhett Rhett from Huntsville wrote on 2017/11/02 at 2:29 PM:
The mighty Bear Bryant went 1-9 his first season at Texas A&M. The Aggies were coming off a 4-5-1 season. He should have been fired.
Gene stallings at A&M record was 13-42 , should have fired him, oh, Alabama hired him.
T2Dawg T2Dawg from Fort Bragg, NC wrote on 2017/11/01 at 8:51 PM:

Saw you trying to educate Laura the other day on the Allman Bros and thought you might want to steer her to this. The memory of Gregg Allman will be honored at UGA at halftime of the UGA/USC game. The Redcoats will play three of his songs, and hopefully that includes Whipping Post. Here is the link:

Go Dawgs!
Randy Adams Randy Adams from Senioa Georgia wrote on 2017/11/01 at 6:55 PM:
Mike from Columbia... Get your facts right... Georgia 'smokes' UT when you go head to head in academics. That is just a fact of life...

Look it up yourself... You'll find you didn't crack the Top 100 Universities in the country. UGA? Number 54..
Randy Adams Randy Adams from Senioa Georgia wrote on 2017/11/01 at 6:48 PM:
OMG! The whining from the Tide Fans and the TRASH Talking. Maybe it should Whine Tide Whine! Relax! Based on schedule, Bama plays a tougher schedule than UGA this month. By the time they meet (if they meet - Auburn will have something to say about that) - Bama will be number one. I'm not sure who the better team is... But I am sure of this. Get used to Georgia... The state has a rich talent base, facilities that will rank with anybody's (and that includes the one's in Tuscaloosa. And they finally got the coach and staff that understands how to take all that instate talent (and a few from other places) and apply it. Oh and happy belated birthday to Nick! He turned 66 yesterday... Y'all don't forget to wish Kirby a happy birthday on December 23rd. (He turns 42)...
Tim MacPhee Tim MacPhee from Moulton, AL wrote on 2017/11/01 at 6:25 PM:
I am a hard core Bama fan, but congratulations to Kirby Smart for earning the #1 spot. The committee did great. I think being #2 for Bama is a blessing in disguise. My bet would be Coach Saban is glad all over.
I feel bad for AJ, Cleveland GM should be out of work about right now. Round 1 and 2 of next years draft, Really? Stupid is as stupid does. Roll Tide PS I turn the radio off as soon as I hear that load mouth idiot Tami. Im not the least bit entertained by her nonsense.
John Calvert John Calvert from florence wrote on 2017/11/01 at 5:16 PM:
Notre Dame will not be playing on championship Saturday. Will drop out of top 4 because of less wins.
Monica Monica from Columbus GA wrote on 2017/11/01 at 9:09 AM:
I am a woman who can watch football knowing the rules. I can talk about plays but not play calling. I watch sports talk shows when my husband has them on. I say all this because I am no Laura Rutledge, skilled at really talking football.

I just heard Michael Spears on SEC Now say that Clemson is undefeated because the committee doesn't care that Clemson has a loss since their QB wasn't in the game.

What??? Isn't football a team sport? A team wins and loses as a team. I understand strength of schedule playing a part in a decision. However, under this logic FSU is also undeated because their QB was knocked out for the season in the first game by Alabama and all of their losses from that point shouldn't count.

Come on committee. The presemce or absence of any player should not influence a vote. Jim McElwain got fired because his team couldn't win with a big chunk of his roster suspended. Team rankings need to be based on team preformance and save the individual considerations for the Heisman.

Just saying.
David Guravich David Guravich from Plano wrote on 2017/11/01 at 8:39 AM:
I like your show and often find your perspective insightful. Your comment yesterday about Dan Mullen possibly leaving due to fallout from the Ole Miss sanctions is an exception. I find it to be a grassy knoll theory. All three of his children were born in Starkville.In his value system that me4ans a lot. He is a human being first and a football coach second.He is going nowhere. If you want to discuss this with me, let me know and I will call in. Thanks for listening.

James Noah Sanders James Noah Sanders from Hartwell, Ga wrote on 2017/10/31 at 6:51 PM:
Hey Paul my name is Noah Sanders and I’m a huge sports fan, and I know my stats and history extremely well. I am a enormous Georgia Bulldog fan. I’m only 18, and I know things from the 1800s about my team and others. I’ve known scores to games, and other statistics since I was old enough to comprehend them. What I’m trying to say Paul is I’m in college now and I plan on getting a degree in broadcasting and journalism my dream job is to show up to work talk about sports, hear opinions, and give my own. That’s my dream. I’m also aware of the fact I can’t show favoritism to my team, and I would be completely fair to all teams. My 4th grade teacher told me he wanted to see me on ESPN someday bc of how well I knew things about sports that happened years and years before I was born, and that dream stuck with me. It would be the greatest thing if you could give me some advice or an opportunity to help me achieve this dream job. I hope you don’t laugh at this or think, “This is just a kid who doesn’t know what he wants”. I can assure you I know this is what I want. Sports has always been my life and I simply couldn’t imagine doing anything else. You could quiz me if you wanted just to see how much I’m aware of, and how much I know. Please write me back. You have my email address please please consider this. It’s my dream. Thanks Paul

Sincerely ,
Noah Sanders
ken clough ken clough from irondale al wrote on 2017/10/31 at 1:23 PM:
mite want ta check into fellers going out to mike singletary as auburns next coach, if malzahn fails
greg williams greg williams from dalton wrote on 2017/10/30 at 5:06 PM:
I AM TIRED OF LISTENING TO LAURA RUTLEDGE! she dominates the show when she is on and there is too much stupid banter between her and paul. go back to talking about football and leave the girl talk to Oprah.
Pat Philen Pat Philen from Tuscaloosa, AL wrote on 2017/10/30 at 2:35 PM:
Nothing like Downtown Tuscaloosa on Game Weekend. Gentlemen's Grooming, a Barber Shop in Downtown has live music on Friday of home games. Below is a song written for Bama Fans and played at the Barber Shop.
Bubba Goober Bubba Goober from Trailer Park City wrote on 2017/10/30 at 2:18 PM:
Hey FineBum, congrats on drastically improving the optics on your show. I don't anything about this Laura chick, but your show is much easier on the eyes now that we can look at something other than your bald noggin. Quite frankly, kudos to you for even being able to concentrate and get sentences out coherently sitting across from that loveliness, and not drooling all over your little desk there.
Today she was wearing a slinky black top that showed off a lot of skin on those sexy shoulders, so kudos to you Laura, but I have to admit, I thought I was tuning into a dating or modeling site! Wow. But then when the show moved to the SEC Network, she had a jacket on and was all covered up?! What up wid dat FineBum? Did someone complain, or do you think Laura showing off that nubile figure will scare away all the toothless old hags that make up most of your callers???
Anyway, keep up the good work Laura, love the eye candy!
Cecil Jones Cecil Jones from Tuscaloosa wrote on 2017/10/30 at 7:11 AM:
Hi Paul...suggestion for the NFL protest. Instead of kneeling I think when raising the flag "at all sporting events" they should pause it about half way for 10 to 20 seconds. This time could be used to remember the fallen and also to reflect on the troubles we've had and still do. Maybe as Americans we'll use this time to think of how far we have come and how far we still have to go. Unite for a greater America.
Lou Mahaffey Lou Mahaffey from Fayetteville wrote on 2017/10/29 at 4:52 AM:
1/3 of all SEC teams have records of 3 and 5, as of Saturday, October 29th: Arkansas, Ole Miss, Missouri, Tennessee and Vanderbilt. Florida is 3 and 4, so we could probably say over 40% of all SEC teams are living in the world of 3 and 5. The SEC is still the best conference in the nation. Yes, I am biased and delusional. What can I say? I'm an Arkansas fan.
Kay Kay from Shanks wrote on 2017/10/28 at 10:46 AM:
It has been so obvious from your comments over the years that you have nothing good to say about Mississippi State University. However, STOP trying to dictate a coaching change at MSU....just mind your own business and give out athletic information not personnel decisions. You are placing Coach Mullen at ANY university other than MSU.
Jacob Manley Jacob Manley from Starkville wrote on 2017/10/28 at 1:57 AM:
Hey Mr. Finebaum, I just wanted to know if you had any advice for me. I just need to get my foot in the door. I'm wanting to get into sports media, so anyone with advice or internships would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
B. O'Shea B. O'Shea wrote on 2017/10/27 at 2:35 AM:
Paul, Mcelwain obviously regrets bringing up the death threats. They could have come from a plethora of places besides social media, a neighbor, or a friend. Knowing Mac, he didn't want to get anyone in trouble, if he believed it was only an emotional threat and figures he can handle it. Mac's point was that threatening to kill someone over football is stupid, and not that anyone was in immediate danger. UF's response/announcement regarding Mac was completely inappropriate. It hurt the University as a whole. My family has been going to home games in the Swamp since 1968. I can tell you that so far, we are not impressed with our new AD. Mac has had the cards stacked against him all year with suspensions and so on. Moreover the last two losses were close heartbreaking ones. While some of the offensive play calling is suspect, overall Mac is going a great job. We need continuity, team, or family. UF's public response was obviously a way to cover their asses regarding a liability issue without considering the bigger picture. It hurt recruiting, and it hurt the team, and the university. Maybe UF and Mac ought to give a little more thought to public announcements. Now is not the time for the Gators to play musical coaches. Mac is good for Florida and those young men on his team.
Stan Wheeler Stan Wheeler from Columbus, MS wrote on 2017/10/26 at 3:36 PM:
Mullen probably wouldn't leave Miss. State for Florida because he's comfortable at State. It's ok to lose a few games at State, but not at Florida. Don't think Mullen would want that huge pressure as Head Coach at Gator Land. Auburn stands for Alabama Usually Beats Us Round November!!! Roll Tide Forever!!!
Pietro Pietro from Tampa wrote on 2017/10/26 at 2:03 PM:
Paul which state produces the most quality football players. I believe it is Louisiana, it only has about 4.5 Million people, but the vast majority of LSU players are from Louisiana about 90% , While only 37 players on Alabama team are from Bama, who would win with only their native players playing? And Alabama has 12 Louisianans on that team. Lets really match up Louisiana versus Alabama and see who would win
Pietro Pietro from Tampa wrote on 2017/10/26 at 2:03 PM:
Paul which state produces the most quality football players. I believe it is Louisiana, it only has about 4.5 Million people, but the vast majority of LSU players are from Louisiana about 90% , While only 37 players on Alabama team are from Bama, who would win with only their native players playing? And Alabama has 12 Louisianans on that team. Lets really match up Louisiana versus Alabama and see who would win
T. Ritchey T. Ritchey from Paso Robles wrote on 2017/10/26 at 11:43 AM:
Do you think the election of Roy Moore will hurt recruiting for Alabama & Auburn in the future? What ethnic recruit would want to go to a state which seems to be headed backward in regards to rights & bigotry. NOTE: I am an Alabama graduate & bleed crimson, but fear the political direction will make Alabama & Auburn (possibly the whole SEC), the Ol' Miss with Colonel Reb & Confederate Flags, of the 90s, early 2000s, when African American athletes did not want to attend.
Phillip Jones Phillip Jones from Camden, TN wrote on 2017/10/26 at 4:47 AM:
Paul is like an old, tenured professor. Although he has been exemplary in his career, he now thinks he can say anything he wants about anybody at anytime. The "hot seat" syndrome that we are experiencing in the SEC is fanned by the talk shows, with Paul's leading the way. At what point did we start talking about firing coaches in the middle of the season for losing to two of the top five teams in the country? (Tennessee) When did we begin naming replacements for coaches who have not yet been replaced? Most of it can be traced back to talking heads like Finebaum - a great sports talk show that is evolving into the Springer of the sports world right before our eyes and ears.
Patrick Miller Patrick Miller from Palm Coast wrote on 2017/10/26 at 12:23 AM:
If Mcelwain is separated from Florida. By the way could be done with cause under basic HR RULES. BUT would promote a negotiated buyout. What about Coach Fleck or Brian Schottenheimer?
Big Syd Big Syd from Columbia wrote on 2017/10/25 at 5:38 PM:

I love the program, but it's time to quit with all of the Alabama Crimson Kool-aid that you've been drinking. Just put it down. It's time to start drinking some Toomer's Corner Lemonade. Auburn will run their schedule the rest of the year! So what happens when Auburn beats Georgia twice this year enroute to the SEC Championship! Will ESPN and the playoff committee screw Auburn again or will they put them in the Playoffs?

-Big Syd
C L Parrish C L Parrish from Tifton, GA wrote on 2017/10/25 at 5:26 PM:
Laura is simply a distraction; 40% of all calls open with how good looking she is ( and that’s correct she’s a 10) but that’s a distraction from what we watch the show for. Laura is knowledgeable on sports but too many callers focus on her good looks not sports.
Dale Dale from Sarasota wrote on 2017/10/25 at 3:11 PM:
Andy is out of his mind. Florida can have a bad year. It’s not the end of the world. He’s just upset that Coach won’t answer all of his questions. No way Florida fires coach for one bad season given the totality of the circumstances. You do that, and no decent coach will ever go there. This show is turning into a “who gets fired next” forum.
JC JC from Lafayette, La. wrote on 2017/10/25 at 1:41 PM:
Paul, I like your show. Is it too early for you and your guest and staff to talk about what teams that you would like to see match ups in bowls outside the top 4 to 6 teams rankings ?
JC JC from Lafayette, La. wrote on 2017/10/25 at 1:41 PM:
Paul, I like your show. Is it too early for you and your guest and staff to talk about what teams that you would like to see match ups in bowls outside the top 4 to 6 teams rankings ?
Jim jones Jim jones from Warner robins wrote on 2017/10/25 at 9:29 AM:
How about Derrick Mason, Vanderbilt HC, as new HC at Tennessee
David Smith David Smith from Summerville SC wrote on 2017/10/24 at 3:37 PM:
Stop,Stop,Stop. As an old Dawg fan quit looking past the great outdoor cocktail party this weekend. This game is one of the best Dawg weekends all year. Let’s talk other games Sunday.
John Calvert ft John Calvert ft from florence wrote on 2017/10/24 at 3:16 PM:
Mike Leach would be an excellent choice to be Tennessee coach - if they can put up with quirkiness. Has done excellent job in not greatest of locations.
Charlotte Charlotte from Montgomery, AL wrote on 2017/10/24 at 3:13 PM:
I think Tennessee or Arkansas should hire Les Miles. I think he is a good coach who deserves another head coaching job. I think either team could do worse.
mike king mike king from melbourne beach florida wrote on 2017/10/24 at 2:04 PM:
Just saw the Dabo interview on espn 2 on Tuesday. I thought it was one of the most informative interviews and very personal. It should be seen on a larger audience program. Great interview and new respect for Dabo and Paul.
Mikeo Mikeo from Mississippi wrote on 2017/10/23 at 8:48 PM:
2 comments: Not feeling the new format w 100% you and laura...get some other folks on w the two of you as contributors during each days show. As you attempt to analyze why fans want coaches heads on a plate look inward....statements like they shouldn't have let him back on the plane(Butch Jones after the Florida game) don't exactly serve to calm the masses.
George George from Huntsville, Al wrote on 2017/10/23 at 5:20 PM:
I have listened for several years and have found the show entertaining and somewhat informative regarding SEC football. However, Laura Rutledge has dumbed down the show to the point that I cannot listen to it when she is on with Paul. She looks and sounds like a high school student who fawns over Paul like a school girl with a crush on the starting quarterback. She adds no more to the show than the uneducated callers that like to hear themsellves talk on a daily basis.

PLEASE find another venue for Laura to bore your viewers.

Thank you.
Ray Ray from CULLMAN wrote on 2017/10/23 at 4:18 PM:
Re. Laura R. getting a physical,do not forget her father-in-law is a very good physician.
Dan Newell Dan Newell from Birmingham wrote on 2017/10/23 at 3:30 PM:

You have a great show and I used to call in regularly when you were here in Birmingham. Is there a way for listeners like myself to give feedback about callers like Jim from Tuscaloosa? Any way to do listener opinion polls, because I believe it would be good for Jim's over-inflated ego to know that his call does not yield nearly the entertainment or content value that he thinks that it does. Case in point, IMO, his ill-advised comments about Laura's grandmother are immature and should be rebuffed and rebuked with more fervor and I am an Alabama Alum! I Would love to hear you and Laura comment on the possibility of real-time feedback from your audience about callers such as Jim.


Dan Newell
Don Neumann Don Neumann from Hempstead, NY wrote on 2017/10/23 at 2:59 PM:
Your show is a breath of fresh air. You and your cohorts are the only journalists on TV who tell it like it is and know what they are talking about.
Pete Graham Pete Graham from Lakewood CO 80232 wrote on 2017/10/23 at 2:23 PM:
Alright. That's it! I've tuned in for years and never once have I been compelled to reach out in disgust but this is my second post in the last few days. Are you a Hollywood yakker/giggle fest; merely a talking head or are you a pundit that delivers the college football info that brung ya'.
Arm wrestling - good gawd! I'm switching to CBS. Those guys know college football and stick to it.
Mike Haire Mike Haire from Jonesborough tn wrote on 2017/10/23 at 1:00 PM: Thought you might enjoy this it is free on craigslist . Have a good day.
Ralph Grunz Ralph Grunz from Kennesaw GA wrote on 2017/10/23 at 10:41 AM:
In Saturday's game, two Tenn players give the finger to fans in the stands at the end of a play. #7 Gaulden and #35 Bituli. Were they provoked or just being jerks?
Bryon Bryon from Columbia wrote on 2017/10/21 at 1:35 PM:
Hey Paul, with all the negativity going in in the world how about a feel good story between two schools that dislike each other. Maybe when you're in Columbia you can talk about this. See link
Andrewlag Andrewlag from Andrewlag wrote on 2017/10/19 at 6:18 PM:
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Patricia Patricia from Atlanta wrote on 2017/10/19 at 4:42 PM:
Women's Basketball Media Day

It is very unprofessional to not show all of the team players. These young ladies were looking forward to Media Day & you cut them short. Why didn't you cut down some of the interview so every team was represented. Poor planning on your part......
Pete Graham Pete Graham from Lakewood CO 80232 wrote on 2017/10/18 at 3:50 PM:
Paul - You're losing me! I watch 15/18 college games ea wk and rely on you to fill in the early week gaps. I've done this for years - ever since ESPN made it possible. But come on. I want to hear x's and o's; analysis, forecasts, opinions by those that know the game.
John Calipari - good grief! a nice man, probably a great coach; but who gives a damn. We're in the middle of football season. Talk to me about football. I'll get interested in basketball in March, not now. As for now, you're off and I'm defaulting to yard work. Thanks a lot!
P.S. - as an aside, I don't want to hear about Florida States QB woes and their failure to live up to pre-season expectations. Anybody that follows the game knows that injuries are part of it. Look at Georgia, for example.
Anyway, I feel better for ranting and I'll probably tune in tomorrow to see what you have to offer but please stick to the nuts and bolts of Americas last great hope for athletics at it's best.
Craig Craig from Athens, GA wrote on 2017/10/18 at 10:41 AM:
Paul, I have to take exception with the gentlemen caller "Ty" you had on during the fourth hour of your show Tuesday Oct 17th. He called and began a rant about Alabama not getting its "just due", and saying Georgia had not "played anybody". First off, Who the heck has Alabama played this year? No one knows what Florida state would be with Francios still playing, but if you entire season is predicated on one player, how good are you? And Second, Alabama not getting its just due, REALLY? That is one of the most Asinine comments ever made, Everyone had them at number one and most pundits have already penciled them into the playoff half-way through the season... What dies Ty want? a bronze statue of Nick Saban to be built in front of the College Football hall of fame, rename the College football Playoff to The Alabama region invitational? Geez what an Arrogant, Ignorant Fan. And asking fans from another school not to be excited about their school, ridiculous.. TY Go home and yell Roll Tide in your double wide trailer, and tell your sister/wife to go get you some more Pabst blue ribbon.
R. J. Rhyne R. J. Rhyne from Goose Creek, SC wrote on 2017/10/17 at 6:59 PM:
Paul, concerniong your Paul vs. Laura "episode" on today's show.
we all must remember that Laura hurled the first spear...with the comment "hair envy" and you merely hurled it back to her with the "hair color" comment. Laura is good eye candy...for Monday...but she seems to be on her own "high horse". She is knowledgeable in sports, b-u-t she does bonkers in anything that could be perceived as an anti-female the caller on Monday. I guess the two words, prima-donna...describe Laura to the tenth degree. Anyone is replaceable & I hope ESPN does exercise for their option, her firing...for her disrespect to Paul Finebaum.
Larry Klimas Larry Klimas from Youngstown, Ohio wrote on 2017/10/17 at 3:08 PM:
Just wondering if you guys really think the SEC is better/deeper than the B1G or if you say they are because you are on ESPN???

Thanks - Show is very interesting anyway.... WE ARE!
Joe from Georgia Joe from Georgia from Washington georgia wrote on 2017/10/17 at 9:48 AM:
to Miss Laura
Miss Laura I think in a way Frank from Queens paid you a compliment see he has never seen anything above a 4 that knew something about their quartrback other than boxers or breifs.
Eugene Dunn Eugene Dunn from Medford, NY wrote on 2017/10/17 at 8:38 AM:
Mr. Finebaum, I have a lot to show you on Howard Schnellenberger's quest to get into the College Football Hall of Fame. Please email me so I can send you info.
Doug Edwards Doug Edwards from Enumclaw wrote on 2017/10/16 at 9:20 PM:
Dear Paul,
I live in the Seattle area and am a fan of the Washington Huskies. I recently heard you say something to the effect that you were "through with Washinton." I have enjoyed your reasoned perspectives for quite some time and will probably continue to do so. But I was very discouraged with your "tone". It sounded as if you were denouncing Washington as if it were a disease to be avoided. I understand the legitimate criticisms with respect to their weak strength of schedule, but its discouraging for those of us who are fans when they lose, and for you to speak so angrily against them was hard to listen to. It would be encouraging if you could be a bit more complimentary of the program. (I can only imagine how disheartening it would be for any of the Washington players, who are doing the best they can to have heard your rant) They are not yet Alabama, but Chris Peterson has done a great job in the time he has been there. I am writng as one who appreciates you reasoanble observations, but I did find your comments and the way you presented them to be unwarranted and unusually harsh. Just something to think about if you get a chance to read this. Thanks, Doug Edwards
Bill scott Bill scott from MILLEDGEVILLE wrote on 2017/10/16 at 5:51 PM:
Enjoy your there a e mail for your TV show thanks
Ryan Ryan from Columbus wrote on 2017/10/16 at 5:37 PM:
Ryan AUBURN FAN of 47 years PROTEST by wearing LSU colors untill Gus is FIRED!
C. L. Parrish C. L. Parrish from Tifton, GA wrote on 2017/10/16 at 4:42 PM:
Paul did the ESPN network executives force or suggest the addition of Laura Rutledge on your show? I may be the only one but I prefer the one seat format. Laura’s comments with too much uncessary meaningless fluff wasting a lot of time. Keep the discussion on point with one commentator and go back to the original Paul Finebaum Show.
Darrell Darrell from Minden wrote on 2017/10/16 at 11:19 AM:
Love how u hate on LSU. Keep it up. Proves you know nothing. No way we beat auburn. You said. Guess what you wrong again you're the worst on tv and radio. You and teaboe are awful. But you already know that. Now go take saban back in your mouth
Hal Hal from Mission Viejo, Ca wrote on 2017/10/15 at 4:04 PM:
Soft schedules. I see you commenting about Washingtons soft schedule , one that was made years ago that includes Rutgers, Fresno St and Montana. Am i mistaken but doesnt Alabama play Fresno St and Mercer this year? Washington wasnt good when theses teams were scheduled. Whats Bamas excuse?
In the future Washington opens with Auburn and has a home and home with Michigan scheduled. These are games Petersen influenced. So wheres the scorn for Alabama?
Bobby Bobby from Springville wrote on 2017/10/15 at 12:57 PM:
After playing for the Vols for 3 years in the early 70's, I went to work as a bouncer at Uncle Sams on the Alcoa Highway. Paul, I am sure you know where I am talking about.
I really hope at some time during your years at Knoxville, that I had the opportunity to grab you by those big ears and throw your scrawny butt out the front door.
Jimmy Jimmy from Pickens, SC wrote on 2017/10/15 at 7:56 AM:
Hi Paul, I don't listen to your show and I probably never will. My reason for not listening is because you fuel your show on negative and unfair comments about various programs throughout the college football. I understand that is your method for higher ratings.

Clemson didn't play as well as it should've against Syracuse, but I don't think it's Clemsoning when your starting QB goes down with an injury. Also, Syracuse isn't a bad team. They played well to against LSU and NCSU this year. It's slightly disrespectful to Syracuse to use the Clemsoning term. They played well and earned that win.

Stay classy instead of playing the role of the jackass. A kid was hurt, come on man. Instead of taking the low road about Clemsoning, you could question the coaches for playing Kelly.
Shannon Shannon from McDonough wrote on 2017/10/13 at 10:58 PM:
Syracuse coach apparently has no respect for Saban. He told his team after the game that Clemson would have been ranked #1 if he (Swinney) had a different sir name. Haters gonna hate.
Larry Larry from Gadsden wrote on 2017/10/13 at 6:34 PM:
I finally got around to watching Cam Newton's press conference where he said the words that set off a social media storm.
I had heard all the reactions and the reverberations from it while the storm was in progress. I heard the apologies: from him and then her.
So, I watched the video of Cam's answer to the reporter's question-- the seven seconds at the beginning, and the 35 seconds after that where he answers the reporter's question in a completely serious manner, without smirk or snark.
And, what I see in the beginning is his genuine reaction to hearing a woman asking about routes. He clearly uses the word funny to mean odd or unusual. And, I'm sure it does sound that way to him. What did you expect from him? To be enlightened on these things. A football player? To me it just looked like his reaction, and there was no intention to ridicule or insult. No big whoop, I say.
I'm no fan of Cam Newton. I think he has more smirk and snark than a person should (and he beat my football team). But, I think he got a raw deal on this. And it was pitiful to watch him make that apology. Sponsor dropping him? Pitiful.
Then I went looking for the tweets that the reporter had to apologize for. That wasn't nearly as easy as finding Cam's video. Sure, there are plenty of links to be found that reference her tweets. It's just that when you go to the source that writes about them, you find that lots of letters have been left out of the words. They do this so that no one, God forbid, should thing that they word ever print those words. Trouble is, I'm not up on all the latest slurs, so I had a little trouble figuring out what it was she had to apologize for. Best I can tell she said that somebody was bitch nigga, somebody else told some racist jokes, and somebody else said the word racist, or something like that. Pitiful.
Charles Hill Charles Hill from Cullowhee, NC wrote on 2017/10/13 at 4:56 PM:
During this month we saw the FBI and Federal prosecutors do an amazing job of investigating an issue that almost all knew was happening. The answer from NCAA is that they don’t have the power to do this type of investigation.
The fact that the FBI did not tell the NCAA that there was an investigation I believe is a sign of the lack of trust in the NCAA.
I believe that we all know that North Carolina knew what they have been doing with and to college athletes was clearly wrong and that they should have suffered significant penalty.
As I see no hope for the NCAA I suggest that it be disbanded. The issues at Old Miss involved money and “pay to recruit and play” which is horrible. I think the athletic/academic fraud at NC is 1,000 worse.
The scene of Roy Williams joining the players in celebration is a sign of how they knew they got away from being “caught”. Are Williams and Pitino what we want our kids to emulate.
Gary Tierney Gary Tierney from Ocean Isle Beach wrote on 2017/10/13 at 2:10 PM:
I am a UNC alum and I agree there were violations, but not athlete related except for being in a class the general student body supposedly had an advantage. You made comment on how much UNC spent for this, 18 mil, but how much did the NCAA spend/waste on this? They tried to go beyond their scope, outside of their jurisdiction. You have a right to believe one way or the other, but the NCAA has parameters they tried to go beyond and they paid for it as well.
Ramon Boseman Ramon Boseman from Jacksonville Florida wrote on 2017/10/13 at 7:14 AM:
Hi Paul,
Love your show. First I would like to say that I am A DIE HARD Clemson fan. I undertsand your frustration witht the Clemson fan base and it makes me laugh like crazy when you say you are so sick of us. In our defense Paul, Dabo Swinney has taken the Clemson program to heights it has never before been able to reach and sustain. The fan base is overly excited and therefore you are seeing a lot of fans not knowing how to handle Clemsons success. For me, I am ranking teams based on what has been accomplished on the feild thus far this season and that puts Clemson at number one for me. This is not a disrespect to any other program. Alabama may be the best team in college football, maybe its Clemson, maybe its Penn State, maybe Washington, who really knows? I just know that as of right now, Clemson has the best resume. I understand your comment about Alabama beating FSU when it mattered, but I am unsure how good FSU really was. Yes, FSU is extremely talented and could beat any team in college football on any given week, but it does not matter who is playing quaterback when your running for life every snap. I am not trying to take away from the Alabama win, but when those two teams played, it was an assumption that FSU was the number three team in the nation. For this reason, and the Oklahoma bad loss, I have Clemson number one right now. Yes, that could be subject to change here in the future because I see alot of possible big games in the Big 10, and Pa 12, along with Bama getting Auburn and possibly Georgia later down the line. Not trying to stir the pot here Paul, but please give me your opinion exactly why Alabama deserves to be number one right now?
Tony Tony from Collierville wrote on 2017/10/12 at 5:33 PM:
Paul, lets all rally for Tammy!
Brian Brian from Bessemer City wrote on 2017/10/12 at 4:56 PM:
You are a moron of epic proportions. I would imagine that you have to pay for personal relations! GO TIGERS!!!! 🐯
Mike Fagan Mike Fagan from Columbia, TN wrote on 2017/10/12 at 1:33 PM:
Accountability at TENNESSEE goes all the way to the top.
I have my reasons for saying the following but I do not wish to provide the political BS details at this time. Some decision makers need to get off their pedestal, take off their white collar shirt, put on their blue collar, roll up their sleeves and get to work on a short and long term plan of Tennessee football program. You can't be the best until you get the best and that takes more than just money... it takes work. There has been....has been....a certain amount of high level arrogance and "protect the program image at all cost" type of thinking at Tennessee for years that is counter productive to the program. Hope this new AD grabs that by the throat and realizes it's the fan base that drives ship and those who spend the hard earned dollars to come watch and support this program week in and week out. We, or at least I do, believe we can get back to the top and be the proud program history has demonstrated we have been. Until some people realize the VOL FAMILY is all of us instead of a select few then we will keep just spinning our wheels and it will keep showing mediocre results. It's takes more that one Head Coach to make this work. If you have an issue with some of the game decisions Butch and staff have made (along with others) I'm with you. But Tennessee is not a "DUMPSTER FIRE" and Jones is in part responsible for extinguishing the flames because it dang sure was when he took over. The Dooley/Kiffin eras were absolutely disasters. Those were your dumpster fires. Who's fault was that???? Whos accountable for those fiascos???? Many believe it's time for a coaching change (yep)...maybe those changes should start with the administration (and the outside decision makers) if they don't get to work this time and do their job. Track record is not so good. Ticket buyers are watching
George Ramey George Ramey from Kingsport wrote on 2017/10/12 at 1:02 PM:
TN is the big loser and the AD is just standing by and watching this program burn in front of him and he has no answers. Neither does Butch and his staff. Well, well, Mr. Currie, here's an answer for you, but you probably won't like it. You have a position at the University and you get paid to make the best decisions for the University and not for Butch. You have thousands of students, fans, businesses looking at YOU for the answer of this complete dilemma. This decision isn't a friendship dilemma, but rather a business decision. We all have friends. But you can not make decision of keeping someone in a leadership role simply because he's your friend. Friendship should not have anything to do with your decision for your friend Butch. Butch and his staff are just employees like so many other employees at the University. You're there to make the hard decisions when situations raise there ugly head. Does Mr Currier want to be remembered at UT as a man with vision. A vision for TN winning the SEC and or the National Championship. So, the ball is in your hands. From a business point of view, you know the right thing to do for the University. Butch Jones and his complete staff should be replaced with a coach who has the vision, passion, and determination to elevate our school to the SEC and the National Championship stage. Remember, vision Mr. Currie, vision!
Mike Fagan Mike Fagan from Columbia wrote on 2017/10/12 at 11:45 AM:
Tennessee Football
HC Butch Jones
I gave him a shot .... I like to see people be successful in life. To a point he has accomplished many good things at UT. I wish him and his family the best going forward. As a grad and former long term season ticket holder I am convinced that he should be held accountable for results just like most everyone else who works for a living and at over 4 million a year were not getting results. At a critical time relative to this issue and if a move isn't made we could easily back slide into the pit we were in before he came onboard. Butch has brought us to a higher level and that could be his legacy. If it falls apart then a new legacy will begin at TENNESSEE and that will be on the new AD and a few others. Being fair to the program or a job as a whole is sometimes not an easy task as we all know. Accountability and success going forward is in the hands of a few key decision makers now. Going to be interesting to see what their expectation level is for this football program from here on. They asked to be there and it won't be the first or last time they are going to have to make tough decisions. Good luck to coaches players and their families. To the decision makers.... many thousands of TN fans are watching to see what your expectation level of this program is. Good luck to you also because quite frankly you have not collectively knocked it out of the park for a long long time. Maybe you (and there are a very few big $$$$ decision makers) are the ones that need to be under the microscope.
I for one do not agree we (TN) have become or are becoming the Cleveland Browns of the NFL (as I have been told recently). Cheap shot from a non-TN supporter.
Lets move Vol football forward.
Go Vols
Tom Tom from Peachtree City wrote on 2017/10/12 at 10:43 AM:
Dear Mr Finebaum, My son is getting married Sunday 10/15. He is a UGA grad. His fiance is a Tide grad. Both avid fans for their respective collegiate ties. SEC Championship could create friction. I am also the best and struggling for a toast for the wedding. Any guidance?
Thanks. Tom
harry harry from annapolis md wrote on 2017/10/12 at 6:45 AM:
Alabama at 23 in recruiting with no 5 stars. CONCERNED?
Pam Pam from Russell springs ky wrote on 2017/10/11 at 4:44 PM:
So excited to have a knowledgeble woman on the show
I listen everyday with my husband !
I love Laura !
pamela hicks pamela hicks from fayetteville wrote on 2017/10/10 at 6:34 PM:
As I sit here thinking of the Champions of Life, the 5 star hearts of Tennessee come to mind. Brick by brick these 5 star competitors left it all on the field in their 41-0 loss to Georgia. The amount of our leadership reps really won that game for us. After all, praise and blame, it's all the same. Lane Kiffin will you please forgive us and come home.
Charles Guarino Charles Guarino from Gainesville wrote on 2017/10/10 at 5:40 PM:
Sorry, but Laura just 'drags' down the show's interest with hers/your 'casual, non sports' related conversations...
Robin Robin from Alabama wrote on 2017/10/10 at 5:38 PM:
We have enjoyed the Paul Finebaum Show for a long time. We change the channel when Laura Rutledge is on. You've lost audience with this change of format.
Russell Birdsong Russell Birdsong from Tulsa wrote on 2017/10/10 at 4:39 PM:
Paul I just have a couple of questions. I'm concerned about the health of Florida State Football and our future. What is going on in Tallahassee? Tally is my home town and this saddens me deeply.
BigNasty34 BigNasty34 from Bentonville wrote on 2017/10/10 at 3:32 PM:
While Arkansas is no "dream" job, I can think of worse places. Ask Crist when was the last time he visited Univ of Ark. If he had, he would see the new indoor baseball practice facility, one of the top 5 baseball stadiums in the country (Baum) that consistently sets nationwide attendance records. He also might notice the new football stadium additions. I think there's plenty of coaches that would jump at the chance to make $4.5 mil a year that could manage an above .500 winning percentage. It's not like it "can't" be done here. Petrino proved it was possible!
ole olson ole olson from hemet ca wrote on 2017/10/10 at 1:38 PM:
wed, wiver, wivalry - thanks elmer, If I've repeated it once, I've done it numerous times since hearing it on your show. you wascally, wabbit, you hahahaha - ha, ole
Robbie Robbie from Jacksonville wrote on 2017/10/10 at 12:58 PM:
Please show this on the show today!
Unfortunately for McElwain, at this point his career path more closely resembles Muschamp than it does Meyer.
Overall record
SEC Record
Home Record
Record against ranked teams
Record against rivals
Game weeks ranked in AP top 10
25 of 32
10 of 32
4 of 32
Number of times scored over 35 pts
Number of times held under 21 pts
Average points per game

Rivals: Florida State, Georgia, LSU, Tennessee and Miami (in the years playing them)
Everett Livingston Everett Livingston from Pinckney wrote on 2017/10/10 at 7:05 AM:
Please forward to Mr.Finebaum,
Mr. Finebaum,
Please stop referring to Jim Harbaugh as one of the top 4 coaches in the country. He at best might be the 4th best coach in the Big 10 East. He has been paid $9MM to finish 3 in the Big 10 East twice and will be lucky to repeat that this year. The most inexperienced MSU team in the past 30 years went into um and beat them yet again. How will this get better when the MSU freshmen and sophomores have more experience next year?
Stop believing the hype.
Everett Livingston
Pat Speakes Pat Speakes from Norcross wrote on 2017/10/09 at 5:22 PM:
I use to watch Paul almost every day. Since he has had Laura has a co-host, I try to watch it because I am a woman, I like him and I want to support another woman in this industry. Well, I have to quit. I hate it when some of the men callers get on her and demean her, but I don't think she is any good. She seems to be patronizing to Paul and others. She doesn't seem sincere for me. Her voice and maybe even her age (I know) just doesn't suit her for this role. Please take her off so I can watch Paul again;
Anthony Cavender Anthony Cavender from Johnson City, TN wrote on 2017/10/09 at 4:58 PM:
I difficult to take Paul and Laura seriously when they giggle and laugh like two adolescents sitting in the back of the classroom. I'm referring to the disparaging comments made about Butch Jones recently. I'm not here to defend Butch Jones. He's not worth defending. But I am here to support professionalism which is not what I'm witnessing when Paul and Laura are together. She's sycophantic and flirtatious; he acts like a smitten schoolboy. My advice to both of them is "Grow Up". Go Vols.
Anthony Cavender, UT '78, '81
Lee Fowler Lee Fowler from Chesapeake, VA wrote on 2017/10/09 at 4:32 PM:
Is Paul Fine baum the Ellsworth Toohey of the SEC?
Terry Terry from Daphne wrote on 2017/10/08 at 2:42 PM:
When I was a kid, I remember hearing a funny story about the ficticious football team from Plainfield Teachers College and their Heisman candidate Johnny the "celestrial comet" Chung. I've ever heard you comment on this story, but it was one of the greatest journalistic hoaxes ever. I'd love to hear your comments on this. Thanks
Matt Matt from Edgefield, SC wrote on 2017/10/07 at 11:51 AM:
Paul, you’re a funny little man. Die hard college fan here. Played D1. Its amazing to me how you will call out fans who don’t think Alabama should be 1 and you bash someone else’s schedule. You have got to be the most biased person on ESPN and an embarrassment to your profession of reporting. Good luck. Keep up the solid blind reporting
Tony Tony from Amarillo, TX wrote on 2017/10/05 at 4:23 PM:
Hi Paul! I'd like my SEC cousins to consider the name Don Brown (Michigan DC) for future HC openings. He had #1 defense in 2015 at BC, #1 defense in 2016 at Michigan, and currently the #1 defense again this year. High character guy and he can recruit in the South. Hate to see him leave my Wolverines but Dr Blitz is deserving. Thanks!
Norman Padalino Norman Padalino from montgomery texas wrote on 2017/10/05 at 1:51 PM:
do you think someone like Neal Brown the Troy Head Football coach could make a good SEC coach?
Norman Padalino Norman Padalino from Montgomery wrote on 2017/10/05 at 1:47 PM:
why are people not talking about bright young coaches like the Troy football coach for future SEC openings?
Chris Douet Chris Douet from Mandeville, Louisiana wrote on 2017/10/05 at 10:22 AM:
Hello Paul,

Just thought you might find this interesting. LSU employs an admitted fraud. According to Ed Orgeron, per his show last night, he is Ed Orgeron's "right hand man".

More information

Would like your thoughts on this.

Hope that LSU can salvage something from this train wreck.

Go Tigers
Terry Terry from Atwood, TN wrote on 2017/10/04 at 4:47 PM:
In your opinion what keeps TN from getting that home run hire? With their facilities, money, recruiting abilities, and tradition, what exactly keeps them hiring these up and comers as opposed to a big name big splash hire? Is it the competition of the SEC? The fan base and our expectations? Just what is it? I've tried calling but after about 100 tries I think maybe this is the best way to get your opinion
Jesse Ferguson Jesse Ferguson from Cookeville wrote on 2017/10/03 at 4:49 PM:
My poor VOLS...we need a new coach and staff ASAP. Les Miles and bring back Chavis as DC. We fans won't settle for an unproven coach. GO VOLS!!!
JAdamHare JAdamHare from Atlanta wrote on 2017/10/03 at 4:33 PM:
For your ill advised caller who insists he knows the top stadiums:
Stadium Capacity City
Michigan Stadium 111,407 Ann Arbor
Beaver Stadium 106,572 University Park
Ohio Stadium 104,944 Columbus
Kyle Field 102,733 College Station
Michigan claims the 'Big House' until they play Penn State in Happy Valley. Then the good folks at Beaver Stadium throw another 5K seats in and take the claim away and let Penn State have the 'Big House' for the weekend!
Terry Solana Terry Solana from Thomasville, GA wrote on 2017/10/03 at 3:03 PM:
The question continues to be asked, "What's wrong with the SEC?" I think I know but don't see a solution. In the past kids grew up in a state and were fans of that state's major college. That is, kids from Florida went to U F. Kids from Ga went to UGA. Louisiana to LSU, etc. Let's take a look at recent recruiting.In 2017 in Florida three of the top five hs players went to Alabama, 3 of top 10 to Ohio State, 3 to FSU, and 1 to Michigan. Zero to UF. Look at Louisiana, Alabama got the top 2 and 1 more of top 10. LSU did get 3 but Miss. ST. FL< Clem and Baylor each got one.Looking at Texas (not in SEC) but to show trend. FSU got top player Ohio State got 3 LSU 2. Three other got one but Texas got none.In Miss. Ole Miss got one of top 10.UGA is the exception this year. They got 5 out of the top 10 in GA and it is obvious in their team. However, in 2016 they only got 2.These young men have no in state loyalty for the most part and are going where they think they have the best in to the NFL. Now that is Alabama, Ohio State, and FSU.
Mark Mark from Billings wrote on 2017/10/03 at 11:47 AM:
Hello Paul. I'm a TENNESSEE Alum and love our football program. I've been through a lot of the coach's changes over the years and here we go again. Here is something that I haven't heard anyone mention. What if a decision is made to keep Butch through this season and we beat South Carolina and of course lose to Alabamba but win out the rest of the season ? We finish 9-3 in the conference, win a bowl game finishing at 10-3. This would be Butch Jone's best year and continuing improvement year over year since arriving. I would love to hear your thoughts as well as your colleagues.
Thank you.
Charles Guarino Charles Guarino from Gainesville wrote on 2017/10/02 at 6:23 PM:
Need to end Laura's guest appearances...deflates the shows normal excitement/ to see a 'poll' taken to get other viewers opinions
Beth Beth from Sullivan wrote on 2017/10/02 at 4:15 PM:
Kay Stevens Kay Stevens from Cumming, Ga wrote on 2017/10/02 at 3:49 PM:
The interaction between Laura Rutledge and Paul Finebaum is beyond sickening to me. On a day such as this with so much football to cover and such somber things going on in our world, the flirty banter is more than I can bear. I think Laura has a lot of sports knowledge and if the two hosts were more professional there might be a lot to be gleaned from them, but instead they spend so much time in personal conversation (each about the other) that real football talk gets lost. Surely I'm not the only person that has expressed this. It is so bad that each time I tune into the show and Laura is on I change the channel.
And for the record, I'm an older woman who follows sports TV and radio all day. I start with Mike and Mike to get my NFL fix and try to end my day with Finebaum
to try to keep up with SEC football, but on days like this I just can't tolerate the broadcast. If you could get them to tone it down and stop talking over the callers (to each other) it might be barely tolerable at best.
Howard Boy Howard Boy from Nashville wrote on 2017/09/30 at 9:55 PM:
Petrino to LSU. They need each other and he can make LSU relevant again.
Nick Nick from Gallatin wrote on 2017/09/29 at 5:18 PM:
Hey Paul. "Fire Butch" isn't the only narrative among Tennessee fans. It is just the only narrative that gets coverage in this negative atmosphere this world now surrounded by. I wish i could tell Butch i appreciate the character and overall fight he has brought to our university. I have been a fan through thick and thin. Have mistakes been made by this regime, sure. But there is definitely progress from where we were 10 years ago. And progress is really all we can ask for. Go vols!
Lynn Lynn from Huntsville, AL wrote on 2017/09/28 at 9:10 PM:
One thing that gets me when the talking heads get into their "Alabama has not played anyone" mantra --- When you are #1 - EVERYONE plays up, because EVERYONE wants to be the team that knocks #1 off the top of the pile. That is just something that doesn't show through. Yes, Bama maybe favored, but the reason we WATCH the games and the players actually take the field, is because on any given day, anything can happen.
Rick Rick from Arkansas wrote on 2017/09/28 at 4:04 PM:
Paul when are you going to get closed captioning. I can't understand have of you call in people
Joshua Du Pré Joshua Du Pré from Jacksonville, FL wrote on 2017/09/28 at 2:14 PM:
I know it's not SEC related, but it's in SEC country and I think it should be brought up.

With all the protesting going on in the NFL... and it coming to Colleges with some announcing their kneeling or abstaining from being on the field... my Alma Mater, as always, thinks outside the box... you boys want something to be proud of in the State of Alabama? I welcome you to the UAB Blazers! #thereturn
Mike Fagan Mike Fagan from Columbia wrote on 2017/09/28 at 10:22 AM:
I predict 100% there will be an UPSET in Knoxville, TN this weekend. If Tenn wins it will be an upset relative to the odds makers as GA is favored. If Georgia wins then TENN fans gonna be UPSET with the coaches so either way....BIG UPSET in Knoxville.
David C. David C. from Lafayette, La wrote on 2017/09/27 at 5:12 PM:

In all the comments about 100’s of thousands of dollars being handed to Basketball players or players family’s through proxy’s of agents and coaches there has been 0 ! Zero ! comments on tax evasion of benefits. It seems all people want to talk about is the hurt to college sports. There’s a slap in the face to every one who has busted their tails for years pays taxes on ALL earned income. Every time this comes up in college sports it seems like the players and coaches become “victims” as they are getting huge under the table income. They sent Al Capone to jail on that charge!

Great show Paul

David C.
Brad Brad from Chantilly wrote on 2017/09/27 at 2:26 PM:
An off topic idea for the college football. The NCAA should move a few high profile football games to Sunday. Just watch how many of us who have quit following the NFL tune into a good college game at 1pm on a Sunday afternoon? A brilliant way for the NCAA to crank up their ratings.A lot of people have decided to turn off any NFL games, myself included, so it looks like it could be a great opportunity for the NCAA and some networks to add some Sunday games. I bet the ratings would be through the roof.
Justin Anchor Justin Anchor from Newport, AR wrote on 2017/09/27 at 8:51 AM:
103.7 The Buzz, ESPN affiliate, is playing a song by morning DJ Roger Scott on The Show with No Name, a parody of Take This Job And Shove It. The song calls Bielema fat and calls for him to go. 103.7 The Buzz is the premier radio station in Little Rock and airs the Razorback games.
H C H C from Fairhope wrote on 2017/09/26 at 11:47 PM:
Had a dream last night. College Football was being allowed on TV on Sundays. Lots of choices, exciting games. Great young people. Tremendously enjoyable.
NFL still on but not much of any interest. ESPN flourishing. Aah! Good football times back.
Joey Joey from Berea Ky wrote on 2017/09/26 at 5:33 PM:
Kentucky is going to win the SEC East!!!
carol cook carol cook from knoxville. tn wrote on 2017/09/26 at 4:05 PM:
I don't think these young people understand the sacrifice that has been made for those that have fought for the freedom that our flag represents. There are many other ways to protest whatever they are feeling. Disrespecting those that are watching them is putting disgrace and disrespect on themselves.
Mitch Mitch from Gainesville Fl wrote on 2017/09/25 at 6:38 PM:
This is funny. I think your guests would enjoy it. Typical Florida fan.
FRANK LUNCEFORD FRANK LUNCEFORD from BRUNSWICK wrote on 2017/09/25 at 4:09 PM:
Mr. Paul I am retired military (USAF), I am also a retired Police Officer, and a die hard Alabama fan. I have a major problem with the guys who are taking a knee when the National Anthem is being played: First of all they don't have that right--until they have defended that Flag they have no right to abuse it. I believe that Dr. Martin Luther King would rebuke each and everyone of them--He said it is alright to protest but it must be peaceable, it must honor the Flag, and it must honor this country. I am sure that he is rolling over in his grave at this pitiful sight--A person can protest by using the power of the vote, not the power of disrespect. Further the owners of the football leagues have no balls if they are going to put up with this type of behavior from their employees. I own a business and if my employees did that sort of thing I would fire them on the spot. Roll Tide Roll!!
Boyd Rasmussen Boyd Rasmussen from Gainesville wrote on 2017/09/25 at 2:49 PM:
Paul, Kentucky needs to understand that football is not a three quarter game. As to all the talk about Kentucky being the best team, I don't think the stats showed it, and the final score didn't show it.
Anne Gaston Anne Gaston from Jacksonville wrote on 2017/09/25 at 2:10 PM:
Why has Paul begun dropping the final "t" in his words? Very annoying and not representative of his past speech pattern! As in "las year". You were taught better. Be an example and not "cool".
I still watch, but as a former English teacher, it sends chills up my spine!
Michael brasher Michael brasher from Jemison wrote on 2017/09/25 at 10:58 AM:
Can you please get your 20$ from the caller that bet you that vandy would beat the tide .....hope you call him out today thanks Paul
Rick Rick from Kennesaw wrote on 2017/09/24 at 6:57 PM:
So Laura, Todd Grantham is the best DC in the country? 31-3...someone forgot to tell the GA DAWGS!!!
KIM KIM from Colorado wrote on 2017/09/24 at 12:24 PM:
I am writing in response to Florida’s fans on Fridays show. A few of them I heard complain about the current situation at Florida. Mainly complaining about Coach Jim McElwain and almost calling for his departure from Florida.
I wanted to make a few points, which I believe Florida’s fans should consider before calling for Coach Jim MeElwain’s head.

First, there are 9 players suspended. Let me type that out again NINE.
Two - WR, one RB, two offensive linemen, 2 linebackers, and 2 defensive linemen.
Yet, Florida continues to find a way to win the past two games. Their only loss is to Michigan, which is ranked in the top 10.

Coach McElwain has been at Florida for 2 seasons, this is his 3rd season.
He is just getting started. Let’s take a look at other successful coaches first 3 seasons. (I picked 4 coaches – all have been in recent CFB Championship playoffs). First Coaches I will highlight are the two Coaches that have been to the National Championship Game the two previous seasons. Dabo Swinney, and Nick Saban. Both winning a title.

Nick Saban - Alabama – 2007
2007 record. 7-6
2008 record 12-2
2009 record 14-0

Dabo Swinney - Clemson = 2008. Yet starting with 2009 season as he took over after losses in 2008.
2009 Record = 9-5
2010 Record = 6-7 (WOW)!
2011 Record = 10-4

Urban Myer - First Year @ OSU = 2012
2012 Record = 12-0
2013 Record = 12-2
2014 Record = 14-1

Chris Peterson – Washington – 2014
2014 Record =8-6
2015 Record =7-6
2016 Record =12-2

Now Jim McElwain:

Colorado State –
2012 Record = 4-8
2013 Record = 8-6
2014 Record = 10-2
@ Florida –
2015 Record = 10- 4
2016 Record = 9-4

Jim’s Record for the past two years at Florida is better than some of the coaches mentioned above and that have gone on to win the National Championship.
Give the man a chance, consistency is key in Football. If all of the fans want consistent change within their program they will never have anything but change.
Richard Yashewski Richard Yashewski from Austin wrote on 2017/09/24 at 12:34 AM:
Nice call Shirley!! Thered ared world mysteries like the pyramids and then there is the wuestion about why you are still employed!! Baffling in general.
Christian Ballard Christian Ballard from Tampa wrote on 2017/09/21 at 3:26 PM:
Hey Paul, Im a big Alabama football fan. The past couple years Florida has played Alabama in the SEC Championship. What other teams do you think could make it this year and do you think there are any SEC teams that could keep Alabama from making the SEC Championship?
Laurie Laurie from Nashville wrote on 2017/09/21 at 1:43 PM:
Tomorrow in Nashville you should talk about what a bad idea it would be for Vanderbilt football to move its stadium off campus and share with an MLS team- join the #SaveDudley movement! (Our football field is called Dudley Field).
Patrick Kane Patrick Kane from Wichita wrote on 2017/09/21 at 11:54 AM:
Paul, I have great respect for you and your guests such as Mr.Sheridan. on 9/20/17 in the afternoon and on first take the next day I think you kind of Snubbed Iowa. You both discussed that they were not competitive and could not compete on the SEC level. I have to take issue with that because I think they have taken great strides in the last 4 years to be competitive. I know they will play Penn State who I have great respect for but if they win or keep it close maybe you guys could cut them some slack. Thanks, I think you are the finest Mind in College football and will respect your answer. Pat Kane
Kristi Mann Kristi Mann from Inman, South Carolina wrote on 2017/09/21 at 7:23 AM:
Thoughts from a tortured Gamecock-
Our revamped 2001 entrance was well publicized and hyped all over social media, and fans were excited to see it and rightly so. The program truly seemed to have new life and vitality, we’d won two games that most journalists, commentators and Vegas (who usually gets it right) said we’d lose, and the entrance would mirror and punctuate the sentiment “We Are Back” with four giant, flaming exclamation points. I was all in, and by the time I entered Willie B on Saturday, I was practically drunk with excitement. After 30 years, 2001 still raises the hair on my arms, and there is no better feeling than basking in that lustful, wanton hope we all feel at the beginning of a game. The familiar notes began to echo, and there was a palpable collective, synchronized heartbeat as we awaited the entrance of our Cocks. But things would not go as planned, and as only 1 of the 4 flames leapt up, our let down began. The botched pyrotechnics at the home opener were painfully poetic as they were both a perfect metaphor for our program and foreshadowing of the game rolled into one very visible symbol of Gamecock Football. Watching our hope literally go down in flames during the entrance and during the game was heart wrenching for many reasons, not the least of which was Deebo’s injury, and as I have thought about those ill-fated pyrotechnics, it occurred to me that they are truly representative of our program: we often can’t get the simplest elements working, and those elements rarely work at the same time. I’ll spare you my amateur analysis of exactly what went wrong on both sides of the ball, and keep it simple: Our program, like the new entrance is like bad sex: Lots of buildup with no climax, or like the Kentucky game, it felt really good for 4 minutes and then it was over!
I keep asking myself why I keep doing this. Every year around May I start sipping that Garnet Kool-Aid portioned out in salacious mouthfuls at press conferences, in Tweets, and in hype videos, and I float through the summer on the euphoria it provides. Though we’ve had some amazing years, more times than not, partaking of that drink often leaves you at best feeling very ill and often opens a festering, gaping wound that worsens as the season progresses. Yet I can never resist its sweet taste. Heck, by 4:00 on Saturday I fully believed we’d go into game 5 against a struggling A&M(who I know doesn’t appear to be struggling now) at 4-0, and in the back of my mind I truly thought we might even be undefeated going into the Clemson game. I know it’s crazy, but that’s what the Kool-aid will do. But I left there Saturday nightspewing an expletive ridden rant beside fellow Cocks spewing the same rant. I declared that I would not set foot in that stadium again this season and maybe not ever. I was done. No more self-inflicted torture. I could be miserable on my sofa for a lot less money. On Sunday I felt like I had a hang over, and I didn’t drink a drop. I was literally sick.
But today I feel a little better for no good reason other than I am a Gamecock, and this is what we do. I’ll likely be in the stands on Saturday with 50,000, not 80,000 like the opener, fools just like me praying that we beat a very capable LA Tech team. And when we win, and we will win, I’ll take another shot of Kool aid and leave there fully believing that we’ll beat A&M, and there will be no better feeling….while it lasts.
Michael Anderson Michael Anderson from MANCHESTER wrote on 2017/09/20 at 4:34 PM:
Trying to recall name of the radio program that was a parody on Coaches, President Regan, etc. They would mimic Coach Johnny Minors, Gene Drawlings, the Gipper, etc. I think it originated from Knoxville.
Joe Joe from Phoenix, Arizona wrote on 2017/09/19 at 1:04 PM:
Tennessee's watch-ability has gone from positive and exciting to painful and embarrassing.

Why do our defensive players fly right past the ball carrier? Why are missed tackles so abundant? Our opponent's extra yardage seems to be a right of passage.

Offensively, I cannot understand why we do what we do. First and goal from 6 inches away and we pass. Read option and the QB keeps it during a critical drive? (Would be acceptable if he could run faster than Peyton Manning). Oh how I wish I can stop yelling at my tv when I watch my Vols play!

Last year Jalen Hurd received a 'lower extremity injury' because he did not sprint to the endzone and pound it in. Well, you had it on the 6 inch line coach, who gets that 'lower extremity injury' this time? Coach Larry? Quinten? Hummm, yourself?

No matter how bad the Tennessee watch-ability is right now, I'll keep pressing on. GO VOLS!!!!
Thomas Jamison Thomas Jamison from Ridgeland, MS wrote on 2017/09/18 at 4:23 PM:
Do you guys have a picture of Bobby from Birmingham. He is a wonderful caller.
Kevin Crouch Kevin Crouch from Birmingham wrote on 2017/09/18 at 3:25 PM:
Paul really? Between Millie a daily bore flirting with you, and you flirting with Laura Rutledge I had to change channels- stop pandering and get back to what you do best and talk SEC football...
Boiler Dave Boiler Dave from Delta,Ohio wrote on 2017/09/18 at 3:16 PM:
I just spent a hour waiting for Paul to discuss the Purdue Missouri game just to hear him say he is not going to discuss it ,Bummer!!

Switched channels !!
Go Boilers!!
Ben Ben from Gatlinburg wrote on 2017/09/18 at 2:29 PM:
Question--Why did ESPN let all the great sports analyst's go and now the SEC Channel hire Laura Rutledge to discuss football. With all the former college and NFL players that would be great to go over the games with Paul on Monday's SEC Ch chooses her. I know Paul gets all torn up when he talks to her but really. I don't watch sports channels to see former cheerleaders or whatever she was at Fla. Not a feminist thing, I just don't care about hearing all the different places she flew over the weekend. I just want to hear someone talking football that has experience in the game and not what they have read before the telecast. Bring back Booger.
Heidi Heidi from Hueytown wrote on 2017/09/18 at 11:49 AM:
To all of the wonderful sportscasters in the world, please stop pitting Jalen against Tua. That makes for a locker room filled with confusion and strife. It is also sad when we fans at home HEAR this nonsense and it is OBVIOUS that Jalen is being picked apart while he is playing and Tua is being praised. Have a sit down with their coach and their family and tell them to their face. It is one thing to fuss about a jacked up pass, but to continually be the booster's slave driver about it all. Both young men are highly talented ETHNIC quarterbacks. THEY ARE NOT WHITE; they are someone's children and people are real sensitive about their children. ALL people. What your type of sports casting (not you Paul, but the sports casters that were on the air) does is creates a 'color-strike' within ethnicities that identify with deeper and richer shades of brown and that plantation type of mental training should stop here. There is some sort of ungodly superiority complex (at this point it is not a race thing, it is a sports caster needs to get paid thing) employing this tactic because it is intended to guide the unwitting audience and the weak-minded to a lemming state of following, thereby leading them to the quarterback of the almighty dollar's choice instead of letting God lead the way. It is with deep suspicion that the almighty dollar has bought and paid for the sport casting mouths which used to be coveted as positions of integrity. So now it is a shame that your job must be in jeopardy because you want to tell the truth, but cannot, all because of a dollar. Truth about the Alabama Quarterbacks: Everything in its due season. Leave those young men alone and let them play ball. Stop speaking ill of people's children, stay away from the throne of judgment, and do your job. Go Blazers and Roll Tide!
Mike Fagan Mike Fagan from Columbia , TN wrote on 2017/09/18 at 10:24 AM:
GAME PARTY CANCELED: Thousands left wondering why. Tennessee vs Georgia First Annual "HAIL MARY" party scheduled for September 30, 2017 has been canceled. No reason was given for the unexpected off campus cancellation. One can only speculate it may have had something to do with Fla.
Party Organizer spokesperson released the following statement:
The first annual TN vs GA "HAIL MARY" party has been canceled. With potentially thousands of fans expected to attend the "WOODSTOCK of FOOTBALL" party Sept 30th we have decided to cancel. All tickets purchased will be refunded 100% @
Not all is lost however as organizers in FLA will be scheduling their FLA vs TN "HAIL MARY" party in 2018. Details to follow.
Paul Marzolla Paul Marzolla from Fort Lee NJ wrote on 2017/09/17 at 1:19 PM:
Last nights performance (or lack of) was the worse since following the team when the coached by Sabin.I think coach O is a great human being; but not the right fit for head coach. Losing control of your team with those penalties is one thing; but they seemed to forget that it's still a game of blocking and tackling which wasn't happening.And how much are the paying that OC ? LSU doesn't need a razzle dazzle smoke and mirror shifting of an offense. And the only reason I'm not screaming " bring back Less Miles " is that I want to see him coaching Notre Dame next year where I believe he would be a great fit with his temperament and knowledge of the game. I would appreciate any feedback. Regards, Paul Marzolla
Charles Jackson Charles Jackson from Atlanta, GA wrote on 2017/09/17 at 2:02 AM:
YES, Paul Cal DOES HAVE A FOOTBALL TEAM! Just ask Ole Miss: 16-22. Your SEC bias makes you look the fool at times.
Don Don from Los Angeles wrote on 2017/09/16 at 12:14 AM:
the next time Paul calls Kelly a jerk he should also provide the grad rate for his players. the next time he should also include clips of his love child Saban and his rants/abuse of reporters. and the next time he calls someone a jerk he should look in the mirror.
TOM LOMENICK TOM LOMENICK from MONROEVILLE wrote on 2017/09/14 at 2:25 PM:
Leonard Corbett Leonard Corbett from Vernon AL wrote on 2017/09/12 at 8:58 PM:
When can the SEC leave ESPN since they and Disney seem to be against people of faith over the United States.
Mike McBride Mike McBride from Gainesville wrote on 2017/09/12 at 3:24 PM:
According to GasBuddy, there are 3 stations in Gainesville with gas. The line for people coming back to Florida backs into GA. Only 3 grocery stores were open this morning. So, before you head out, you better check for updates or you could be stranded on the road.
Lee Locklair Lee Locklair from Summerville, SC wrote on 2017/09/11 at 4:17 PM:
Dear Paul,
I know we're just the low end of the totem pole, but how bout' dim' Gamecocks ? LOL. I know Alabama, Georgia, LSU, Florida, Auburn, Tenn., etc. are seemingly more important but it would be nice to give one of the youngest teams in the country a little credit and respect. Thanks Paul. Love your show.
kelly kelly from Elizabethton TN wrote on 2017/09/11 at 3:58 PM:
hay Paul how do you thank the vols vs gators game go this Saturday and ill keep on watching the show and have a good one and Go big orange vols#1
Lou from Fayetteville Lou from Fayetteville from Fayetteville wrote on 2017/09/10 at 4:58 PM:
Hurricane "Horned Owl" hit Fayetteville Saturday. Apparently, mandatory evacuations of Arkansas fans started in the third quarter as I witnessed a fair amount of Razorback Fans leaving the stadium with the Hogs only down 14-7 midway through the third period. I am a big Coach Bielema fan, but it is not a good sign to see fans leave so early with a $160 million stadium renovation in progress. My son is calling the Arkansas and Texas A&M game coming up in two weeks, "The Hot Seat Bowl". Go Hogs.
Gail Fox Gail Fox from Bristol wrote on 2017/09/09 at 3:46 PM:
I am a big Tennessee Volunteer fan but have always enjoyed listening to Phyllis on your show. I have not heard her at all this season. I hope everything is alright with her.
T T from Charlotte wrote on 2017/09/08 at 9:42 PM:
Can someone please educate Paul about the history of the MU/KU FOOTBALL (not basketball) rivalry? Maybe John Anderson would be a good choice. Mizzou is relatively new to the SEC but Paul needs to be aware of Mizzou's long, long history with Kansas. He seemed to miss the whole point of the caller asking for his support in working to making that game a reality again.
Justin Justin from Winston Salem wrote on 2017/09/08 at 5:32 PM:
Wow, so I read you decided to take a shot at NC State the other day. For someone who looks like they should be installing my cable you really should take the high road and report stats and facts. Why the hell anyone listens to anything you have to say is beyond me. NC State practically beat Clemson, the National Champions, NC State practically beat FSU and in theme of missed field goals should've beat ECU also making them a 10 win team last year. Now, I will say NC State is NC State and we will always take a crap and lose to teams we shouldn't. If the theme of your show is to be hard nosed and snarky can we at least put someone on screen who looks like he has played the sport as opposed to someone who looks like he washes the cheerleaders uniforms.
David T. David T. from Pensacola wrote on 2017/09/08 at 4:25 PM:
Is the show no longer available on AM/FM in Pensacola? Please respond.
Lou from Fayetteville Lou from Fayetteville from Fayetteville, Arkansas wrote on 2017/09/08 at 1:26 PM:
Paul, for the what it's worth, I tried to argue that having an off week for Florida would be a positive. At this poiint it lools like I was wrong. My bad. Unfortunately, should Florida lose to Tennessee the buzzards will be circling over the Gainsville football staff regardless of the weather. Weather clear skies, or Hurricane gusts, the buzzards will be cirlcing if they lose to the Vols. Thanks, Paul
MizBob MizBob from St. Louis wrote on 2017/09/08 at 1:23 PM:
Paul while you are In COMO you are only 45 minutes away from the best recreational lake in the country (Lake of the Ozarks). Have someone with a boat take you to party cove before you go.
Lou from Fayetteville Lou from Fayetteville from Fayetteville, Arkansas wrote on 2017/09/07 at 5:30 PM:
Paul, only my opinion, but how does an off week for Florida not help? Lay you odds suspended players will be back, and now with an extra week of practice. Indoor facility at Florida will be more intense than any winds from Hurricane Irma blowing past. Thanks, Paul.
Lou from Fayetteville Lou from Fayetteville from Fayetteville, Arkansas wrote on 2017/09/07 at 4:57 PM:
Paul, I'm not saying this is the reason Florida cancelled the game with Northern Colorado, and no great epihany here, but cancelling does give Florida excellent prep time for Tennessee, and a win over the Volunteers would help salve the deep Michigan wounds for Gator Nation. Thanks, Paul, longtime fan. Take care, Lou
Camron Camron from Clarkrange, TN wrote on 2017/09/07 at 9:50 AM:

Is Jim Mcelwain losing control in Gainesville? Very strange things happening weekly in Gainesville..Go Gators!
Lee Lee from Hoover wrote on 2017/09/06 at 3:02 PM:
The woman who called in ranting about Hamilton and how it shows Trump being assasinated.....please allow Paul to tell her it was not Hamilton, but a New York production of Shakespeare's Julius Ceaser.

If the caller and her party guests watched more than Fox News or read something other than Breitbart, they might actually learn something.
Peter Klatt Peter Klatt from Richmond, VA wrote on 2017/09/06 at 2:59 PM:
the show she was thinking about is Julius Caesar
Darren Darren from DeBary FL wrote on 2017/09/05 at 9:22 PM:
Excellent job on the Homecoming with Tim Cook. One of your best interviews by far.
sean scapes sean scapes from Charlotte NC wrote on 2017/09/05 at 3:29 PM:
Paul should I be worried about Bamas linebacker situation? do you think this will hurt the national championchip chances.
Alan Alan from Woodbridge VA wrote on 2017/09/05 at 1:14 PM:
Hey Paul,

I have been a listener of you show for many years and use to be an occasional caller about 10 years ago.

I have tried to call in recently and its very difficult to get on your show now, but I would like to pose a question or two for you...

1. I am an Auburn fan and I am curious how Gus is labled an offensive guru and quarterback genius?

Lets look at the QBs that Auburn has recruited while he has been there as a OC and HC..

1. Clint Mosely
2. Tyric Rollison
3. Kiehl Frazier
4. Zeke Pike
5. Jonathan Wallace
6. Jeremy Johnson

We dont know about Tyler Queen or Woddy Barret because they transfered. Sean White has played well at times..

My question is looking at all those QBs did we miss on all those guys or where they not developed? It seems the only success he has had at Auburn have been with JUCO QBs like Cam Newton and Nick Marshall.

Now he is poised to do it agian With Jarrett Stidham.

Just curions what your thoughts are?
Willie McInnis Willie McInnis from Austin wrote on 2017/09/05 at 1:08 PM:
When you had that pretty girl on yesterday you held your glasses in your hand today you are Waring them on your face....????
James West James West from Chicago wrote on 2017/09/05 at 3:32 AM:
Hey Paul, I'm not sure if sportswriters were at a loss for words after the first week of the season, but just the same, I didn't want to leave anything left unsaid. So...

CAN WE SAY... to Nick Saban: Well, yeah, Coach, come to think of it--I don't know why they bother to play the games!

CAN WE SAY.... to Dabo Sweeney: Don't believe Coach Saban--you know why Alabama played the game against Florida State--to clear your path for a third straight National Championship re-match.

CAN WE SAY... to Florida: Isn't there a famous saying that goes, if you've got three starting quarterbacks, you've got none?

CAN WE SAY... to Florida State and Florida: Relax, guys. Finish the season strong and you just might wind up as the third and fourth best teams in the Sunshine State! Of course, this assumes you don't face Lane Kiffin in a bowl game. Still, worst case scenario? You're maybe the fifth or sixth best teams in Florida.

CAN WE SAY.... to Texas A&M, sorry, but your scoreboard is now officially half empty.

CAN WE SAY.... to UCLA, sorry, but your scoreboard is now officially half full.

CAN WE SAY.... to Brian Kelly: If you need a few tips for getting off to a good start against Georgia, I hear Kevin Sumlin will be available shortly.

CAN WE SAY.... to Kevin Sumlin: If you need tips for getting the school administration off your back, like, no matter what happens on or off the field... Brian Kelly isn't going anywhere.

CAN WE SAY.... to Tom Herman, if you can't fill Charlie Strong's shoes and you need some advice for handling a historic fall from HYPE, remember--you're still in Austin, Texas... I hear Lance Armstrong has plenty of time on his hands. Heck, he might even give your lineman some free medicinal advice. I hear he knows a guy...

CAN WE SAY... to Jim Harbaugh: Urbi... et... Orbi?

Oh, sorry--for those of us who don't take annual trips to the Vatican, Urbi et Orbi is a Latin phrase that announces a Papal blessing. It means: "To the City and to the World," and basically, it tells you that something truly momentous is about to happen.

Oddly enough, in Columbus, Ohio, Urbi et Orbi translates to a curse announcing that you're damned to lose your third straight year to Urban Meyer.

James West
Jeff Gray Jeff Gray from Chico, CA wrote on 2017/09/04 at 7:10 PM:
The Florida State quarterback was injured on a play that I believe was an intentional maneuver by the defensive player to cause injury. He deliberately dove into the knees of the QB and rolled him up. The is a well known dirty play in football. Have you looked at the replay to see it for yourself. I wonder how many others may have recognized it.
mark mark wrote on 2017/09/04 at 3:59 PM:
Paul could you talk about how good the Florida gator OL was in 2015 when they were 6/0...?
Blair Gordon Blair Gordon from Fort Lauderdale wrote on 2017/09/02 at 9:39 AM:
Check out what I sent Urban Meyer and like 50 other OSU COACHES TODAY !





Karen Thompson Karen Thompson from Port Charlotte fl wrote on 2017/09/01 at 10:03 PM:
I'm a frequent caller and will be in Dallas on Saturday Paul said he would like to meet me in person would just like to know we're the crew will be thanks Karen Thompson Port Charlotte fl
Bill Bill from Owensboro wrote on 2017/09/01 at 5:55 PM:
From a big orange Fan, Go Florida, Go Alabama, Go Tennessee, and Go the entire SEC, lets show these people who plays the best football in this country.
Tim Stewart Tim Stewart from Punta Gorda, Florida wrote on 2017/09/01 at 4:27 PM:
Mr. Finebaum ...
I am a pastor and for my sermon this Sunday I want to use an illustration from the first Super Bowl. I was 13 and watched the game from my grandmother's house. I declare I remember 2 hand-painted signs in one of the end zone corners. One read: Alabama still #3 ... Green Bay #1 ... Kansas City #2. I remember the second sign to read: Vengeance is mine, saith the Bear. Am I remembering correctly? Do you know where I might get a photo of these signs? It was such a long time ago, I guess, and search engines do not display them. Anyway ... thank you for listening.
Hutch Hutch from Tullahoma wrote on 2017/08/31 at 2:34 PM:
Finebaum, please stop patting yourself on the back long enough to get yourself a haircut.
Benjamin Dent Benjamin Dent from St. Louis wrote on 2017/08/31 at 9:51 AM:
Dear Paul - food for thought.

Which SEC school is the only one to have a team in the final top four in all the major sports in this decade:

Surprisingly - South Carolina

Men's Basketball
Men's Football
Women's Basketball (N. Champs)
Men's baseball - (2 Nat. Champs)
Peter Peter from Scottsdale wrote on 2017/08/30 at 6:44 PM:
Hey Paul,

Do you think Virginia Tech has a good chance to run the coastal division and even win the ACC Championship?

Ken Ken from Shreveport, La wrote on 2017/08/30 at 2:39 PM:
Lou Holtz suspended 3 players for the 1978 Orange Bowl VS Oklahoma. Starting RB Ben Cowins, starting FB Michael Forrest and starting Fl Donnie Bobo.

In addition, All-American Guard Leotis Harris suffered a knee injury in practice for the game.

Arkansas won 31-6.
Anne Stavnitski Allen: Football Mom From Boone Anne Stavnitski Allen: Football Mom From Boone from Boone wrote on 2017/08/30 at 4:16 AM:
Please, refer to me as Anne in previous post...
Not Anne Stavnitski Allen...
But, you probably already do that...
Please, don't post this entry...
But, again, you already know that...
Anne Stavnitski Allen: Football Mom From Boone Anne Stavnitski Allen: Football Mom From Boone from Boone wrote on 2017/08/30 at 4:10 AM:

1st time caller yesterday, 08.29.17. You were very respectful of my call re: thoughts on APP ST. Appreciate it! Will practice editing out "OKs" and "UMs" next time. Paul, one of your many great attributes on Show is you check your Ego at the door. Instead, you allow the callers that privilege. That's actually dangerous at times. Don't you think?

For Fun: Football Moms can be "Idiots". Not to stereotype, but more so than not. Flew from Ft Myers to Charlotte, NC 2010. Sat by 2 men they said big football fans. We're watching an early Pro Game of Marcus Lattimore during flight. Told men watch Lattimore. Very close! They didn't know him well. They got silent real fast.

Son played HS football at Dorman. His TEAM played against Lattimore's TEAM from Brynes HS many times. Dorman upset Brynes State Championship 2009. Adam Humphries major credit. Talk about Ego. Paul, you're the "Bestest"!
TA TA from Warren, arkansas wrote on 2017/08/24 at 11:00 PM:
Hello Paul,
My names TA Cornish I'm from a small town here in arkansas, I'm also a dialysis patient thats been near death a few times in my short life, in 2010 I under went open heart surgery. I've been in an out of the hospital for several years. I became a gator fan around the 1996 season when they beat FSU for the national title and I was hooked! I love Florida gators and all their sports! I'm a huge steve spurrier fan! A Tim Tebow fan and oddly enough coach maCelwain and I have the same birthday. I was born March 1 1972 and coach Mac was born March 1 1962. So that's pretty cool.I became a huge fan of your show when it first aired on the sec network back in 2013, I've watched every show since. Anyway Paul I'm still taking dialysis hope to maybe get a kidney one day. I'll continue to watch your show and pull for the gators!!! I love college sports. Go!! Gators!!!
Thanks Paul
Ed Ed wrote on 2017/08/23 at 4:03 PM:
Did one of your callers just say Auburn was only a 2 point favorite against Georgia Southern? If so, he was way off
Joseph daugette Joseph daugette from Altoona wrote on 2017/08/23 at 3:41 PM:
So embarassed for the auburn family after Tammy from wilsonville,Al. called in and reminded us all that BRICES MENTAL HOSPITAL is still closed down. WAR EAGLE!!!
Mike Fagan Mike Fagan from Columbia , TN wrote on 2017/08/23 at 1:10 PM:
UPI: Finally The truth is revealed in this 2016 SEC Matchup - VOLS vs DOGS
Here's the real story behind this play. In the huddle the conversation went like this with 4 seconds to play: "They think we're gonna sneak it (remember now its GA we're playing) so you (Jennings) run down to the end zone and I'll (Dobbs) throw catch it. Snaps on 3".
And that ladies and gentlemen is how it all went down Saturday October 1, 2016 between the hedges in Athens, Ga. Now you know the rest of the story.
Dobbs (Aerospace Engineering Major- that's Rocket Scientist for GA fans) had calculated the distance, wind, speed of receivers, launch angle, (applied physics)evaluated the defenders and factored in crowd noise (hot air) in 1.3 seconds so there was a bit more to it than some may have thought. It was rumored that Dobbs and Jennings were laughing so hard during the play they were a bit off on their timing but that was never confirmed so we will stick to the facts for now.
All you Vols fans feel free to share this all you want. MLF
Further your education: Even though GA acquisitioned a new head football coach a while back it has not changed the fact that you can pull up at most any stop light/sign on GA campus and purchase a BS Degree for 25.00. Master's is 50.00 They don't offer a Doctoral Degree.
Doug Kittrell Doug Kittrell from Ocoee wrote on 2017/08/22 at 6:05 PM:
How in the world will oklahoma state or Oklahoma make the playoff without a defense. The big 12 is a defensive joke

Roll tide
John Daniels John Daniels from Los Angeles wrote on 2017/08/17 at 7:25 PM:
Hey Paul,
How about a 50th anniversary rematch in 2020 of the Bama/USC 1970 game that many think led to the integration of SEC football and changed the attitudes of the Bama fans towards black players?

Right now we all could use such a "Deja vu all over again"
Angela Angela from Clinton wrote on 2017/08/17 at 2:11 PM:
In response to the gentleman about being glad he could watch you on espn was because in some area it's a $40 added fee to get the SEC channel and I like football but not at that price just for one channel.
Harry Harry from Annapolis wrote on 2017/08/17 at 7:10 AM:
Paul, The big knock on Saban is that since he always gets the best players he does not have to do a lot of coaching.Why at this point is Alabama only number 26 in the 2018 recruiting polls (24/7) and apparently no one is concerned.
Charles Roberts Charles Roberts from Chatsworth wrote on 2017/08/15 at 6:40 PM:
MR. Finebaum, while I love to watch your show and have tried to get you on the phone many times, I would like to say that a few days ago you went to the radio guys and the dark headed one had something to say about OUR president attacking the news media. Here is my thoughts on that: I have not tuned your show in since then. If the high paid sports analyst wants to talk about football, I am game. If he wants to discuss OUR president, I will not watch, and while I didn't like Mr. Obama, I felt the same way about him. I watch your show to hear about SEC football, and the so funny people that call in. If I want to hear lies about our president I will tune in CNN, or one of the other alphabet networks
Roger Roger from Gadsden wrote on 2017/08/11 at 4:36 PM:
Your fans do not want to hear you talk to a Stupid golf analyst for 30 minutes. You get worse every year.
Jim Early Jim Early wrote on 2017/08/11 at 12:08 PM:
Alabama had the advantage when playing in Birmingham (34-19) and the teams were tied when playing in Montgomery (2-2). The Iron Bowl is no longer played in those cities, having seen its last match-up in Montgomery back in 1903 and in Birmingham back in 1998.

The teams now alternate between Tuscaloosa's Bryant-Denny Stadium on even years and Auburn's Jordan-Hare Stadium on odd years. Auburn retains a statistical advantage at both stadiums (8-5 in Auburn and 7-4 in Tuscaloosa).
Dr Freeze Dr Freeze from Powder Springs wrote on 2017/08/09 at 2:49 PM:
#seriously Paul ,,, Golf ? ....I had to switch to Fix Business , but I'm back , bring on the callers #24daystillbamafootball
Dana Dana from Athens, Ga wrote on 2017/08/08 at 4:08 PM:
I'm so tired of hearing athletes like Rosen complain about how tough they have it. I knew too many young men who had to survive Vietnam, Adghanistan and Iraq before even going to college. RTR
Brian manthey Brian manthey from Michigan city, in wrote on 2017/08/02 at 6:08 PM:
Paul just want to say great job you did on coach a avid Irish fan I usually get tired of you Irish showed class today.almost making my beloved notre dame the daddy of bama.which bear bryant never beat tell bama people to quit claiming the 66 and 73 championships. Again Paul thanks for being a class act when it is a sad but proud for notre dame loyalist all over the thee notre dame
Slayton Slayton from Columbus wrote on 2017/08/01 at 2:17 PM:
Hi do you think that Texas A&M is always the underdog in the beginning stages due to having a disastrous October to bowl game finish? Or do you think it is due to having lost some talent in the roster? If it is due to the bad season finishes, is it unfair to name them underdog?
Mike the Bama Hammer Mike the Bama Hammer from Jacksonville, Florida wrote on 2017/08/01 at 1:49 PM:
Paul I have been watching your show for several years and I have reached a point of discouragement with you. It appears every time you open your mouth you are bashing Coach Saban. Your most recent quote is that you have accused him of losing 2017 championship game against Clemson due to arrogance. You are completely delusional. You then went on the attack regarding how he will handle the DUI Hand case. The coach have not even had an opportunity to even address the case yet. It appears every sense you tried to play the bad ass media interviewer during the 2016 SEC media day and Coach Saban tore you a new butt hole you have bashed the man every chance you have gotten. I am a diehard Alabama fan but I am bluntly honest in my assessment of you as a neutral party. Give credit where it is due and treat the Coach with some respect as you do all of the other coaches in college football. In closing I am not asking you to put Coach Saban on a pedestal but provide constructive criticism rather than hate. Roll Tide 2017.
Ruth Ruth from Clarksville wrote on 2017/07/31 at 5:34 PM:
First off not ALabama fan at all. But I am giving Deshawn Hand the benefit of the doubt. He was smart enough not to drive. It is hot in Alabama he probably turned the air on in the car so he could sleep it off.
fear the turtle fear the turtle from hickory nc wrote on 2017/07/31 at 3:51 PM:
did I just hear, pooh blue unc has even more ncaa violations?
Steve Steve from Winnfield,la wrote on 2017/07/30 at 2:53 PM:
just herd you say that you have football practice for the benefit of the media. know I know you iq matches the number of hairs on your head. no one in their right mind would risk injury just to please the media. if ed wants to close practice to the media, that is not your concern. go bitch about something else.
Dan Dan from DC wrote on 2017/07/28 at 7:33 AM:
Just think we need to remember
Last year Sheridan picks for football playoffs
He wento. To say
Alabama O-line not as good
RB no experience
QB no experience
Lose twice to LSU TN or Ark
Gman Gman from Birmingham wrote on 2017/07/27 at 3:09 PM:
I would like to suggest a topic and guest for your show. I just read a great story on Bleacher Report entitled "The Hungiest Man on Earth" the story of one of the largest lineman to play in the NFL. This was a great story of a man wreaked by football, addicted to pain killers and driven to suicide.
The story does have A HAPPY ENDING thanks to a lady friend, now his wife. I would like to see the story's author, Joon Lee and Aaron on the show. 7-27-2017.
Billy Billy from Mobile wrote on 2017/07/21 at 2:35 PM:
I wonder how many recruits got "escorted" through the grove.
Steve Haltom Steve Haltom from Columbia, SC wrote on 2017/07/12 at 8:40 PM:
Just read a copy of the Federal Lawsuit filed by Houston Nutt against Ole, et al. Sure looks like Freeze and company are a rat pack of liars. I recall your conversation on the Finebaum Show and Freeze flat lied to you on the air. As to Ole Miss, you got to dance with the one who brought you. Good luck.
Lee Ables Lee Ables from Palm Desert CA wrote on 2017/07/10 at 3:29 PM:
What is current status of Fresno St @ Alabama & San Jose @ Texas on Sept 9, related to California leglislature banning travel of state employees to Alabama, Texas, Mississippi.
Any pushback from Ole Miss playing at CAL or Texas A&M at UCLA.

Tired of libera far left politics in this country
Marshall Marshall from Nocatee wrote on 2017/06/28 at 3:13 PM:
Congrats Gator Baseball on joining football, basketball, and track as national champions.....can those old other schools match that other than UCLA?
Jim Jim from fayetteville. ga wrote on 2017/06/07 at 5:19 PM:
is Mike Stoops looking at Baton Rouge?
Curt Goodwin Curt Goodwin from Manhattan Beach wrote on 2017/06/07 at 3:55 PM:
Paul, do think Spurrier would have done well to have stayed the course at SC given the talent at QB South Carolina has recruited in (formerly) Maclean, now Bentley, and possibly this kid Joyner from SC? Not too mention the all the weapons they are developing at wide receive and running back? I think k he would have had a to of fun coaching a kid like Bentley.
troothy troothy from mobile wrote on 2017/06/05 at 4:33 PM:
Dan Werner is getting some ink lately, having him linked of course to Ole Miss. It's not mentioned much though his link to Ed Orgeron and the same school back in 1996, after coach O fired Noel Mazzone and brought Werner in at OC. *Ole' Miss finished the 1996 season ranked #108 in scoring offense, #111 in total offense, and #112 in passing offense. I would want to hide that too
Josh Josh from Horton,alabama wrote on 2017/05/25 at 8:10 PM:
I don't know where this guy came from that was filling in Tuesday and Wednesday but he is a joke . He introduced the call paul theme song being sang in by Ruben studdered.anybody who listens to finebaum show knows taylor hicks wrote the new theme song .Ruben won America idol a completely different year I mean what the hell? This guy hosting was a slap in the face
Roy Reed Roy Reed from Tampa wrote on 2017/05/18 at 4:06 PM:
In a tie NFL game resulting in a coint flip, too much advantage given to winner. I propose that, for example, if coin toss winner gets a field goal in 17 minutes, they kick off to other team, and if other team gets a field goal, or more points, in less than 17 minutes, they win.
Glenn Wactor Glenn Wactor from Alpharetta wrote on 2017/05/16 at 2:25 PM:
Need to change the name of the show. Should be called what's going on with Alabama and Nick Saban. Evertime I turn on it's about what's uncle Nick up to. There's a big sec out there. I'm done take care.
Bill B Bill B from Baton Rouge wrote on 2017/05/15 at 3:38 PM:
Mr. Paul,

We are having a surprise 50th birthday party for my wife. She listens to your show everyday. She actually records it to make sure she doesn't miss anything. She actually was listening to your show before you started ESPN. It truly is a part of her life. Would you be so kind to send me a 10 second "Happy Birthday Sherry!" video clip? It would make her day!!!


Bill Byrd
Alabama.Brian Alabama.Brian from Central Alabama wrote on 2017/05/04 at 3:28 PM:
For Ms. America Laura Rutledge,

Bass Fishing o Symphony Orchestra?

Ever trip to Tuscaloosa? Ur choice, roll down Hwy82, take left at Maplesville Hwy22. Travel toward the hut.

Your choice:
Tix to the AL Symphony Orchestra else BASS FISH in the Big Boat!

12', v-hull, Yamaha 9.9. Got a trollin' motor and everything!

Oh yeah, leave the Big Fish JOSHOLA to the Hut. We don't need him along. I could use a hug or two. Specially if'n we land the Big One.

Ifn' the Symphony, welp, where ur good duds, cause the Lyric is better than any EPIC THEATRE and the symphonic orchestration is worthy of (2) more hugs.

Can ya tell, I could really use a hug.

Oh, yeah, jest in case u wanna know anything about Alabama.Brian, ask J_B#7QB_UA, else, ask Paul who might a tolt him that Ohio St just might avg 10 yds per carry a couple yrs ago vs the Tide. I don't know about GO GATORS, but if'n you know the Fat Women (disc), then I've splatted the mud with the Aunties (elders.)

Alabama. Brian xxoo and 4 hugs
mike mike from pensacola wrote on 2017/04/28 at 1:13 PM:
Perhaps some long time Bama fans may know the answer to this. If Penn St. beat the Tide 7-0 in the 1959 Liberty Bowl, why does Bama have the trophy which is on display along with all the other sports memorabilia on campus?
Brenda Brenda from Nashville, TN wrote on 2017/04/26 at 2:20 PM:
Enjoy the show EXCEPT when Paul starts talking "over" his guests and the caller is not allowed to finish his/her sentence! Also, when a caller like yesterday(4/25) was commenting about rude know-it-all Jim from Tuscaloosa, Paul throws Jim into the call blind-siding caller Linda(?). Of course, Jim starts trashing the caller. Not cool!!
Steve Steve from Ocean Springs wrote on 2017/04/25 at 5:31 PM:
I enjoy college football and like to listen to certain aspects of the radio show. When I hear some of the Alabama callers, I think that I'm listening to the Jerry Springer Show,funny but sad. I know that it's entertainment but it really does give the South and UA football
the sterotype it deserves.
joseph still joseph still from MICANOPY wrote on 2017/04/24 at 5:33 PM:
I believe you are in error as to the representation on the screen on your show that Caleb Brantley has been charged. He has not.A police report has been referred to the state attorney who will decide as provided by Florida law if charges will be filed or not.
jerry jerry from hickory north carolina wrote on 2017/04/24 at 5:02 PM:
curious your thoughts on the University of NC asking for the SEC representative on the NCAA infraction committee to be removed for a conflict of interest ,,
Phil Jarvis Phil Jarvis from Columbus, Ohio wrote on 2017/04/21 at 4:07 PM:
I like your show and am a Michigan fan. I'm not arguing that Bo was a great coach, he was very good, but lost too many big games, especially bowl games to compare with the great ones.

That said, sometimes you lose credibility when you turn into SEC homer and bash the Big Ten (and toss little barbs about sharing in 1997, etc.). Let the facts speak for themselves and you appeal to us as well with great conversation.

I agree Michigan doesn't compare to Alabamas run or Bo to Saban at this point. However, your facts werent straight saying they were never close. In 1971 they were 11-0 and lost in the Toae Bowl by 1 to Stanford. They went 30-2-1 over the next 3 years for a 4 year record of 40-3-1, and didn't play in another bowl game. Remember the Big Ten had a rule, until Michigan played in the 1976 Orange Bowl in 1976, that the same team couldn't go to the Rose Bowl in consecutive seasons NOR could they go to any other bowl game! So, some solid teams, and teams that were close (albeit didn't win it).

Also,you may be right this year that Florida finally beats Michigan, but consider the last 3 times they played and Michigan smacked them around in their home state even with the Ball Coach, Urban Meyer and Tim Tebow.

Your points in Michigan not winning the big ones or being too competitive with Ohio State since 2000 are accurate, but don't lose your credibility getting to crazy.

Good show, thanks for the ear...
David David from Fayetteville wrote on 2017/04/21 at 3:18 PM:
Third Generation NFL

Jake is the seventh Matthews to play in the NFL, following his grandfather (Clay Sr.), father and uncle (Bruce and Clay Jr.), brother (Kevin, a center with the Carolina Panthers currently on injured reserve) and two cousins (Clay III and his brother Casey, a linebacker with the Philadelphia Eagles).
Daric Hepworth Daric Hepworth from Rexburg wrote on 2017/04/20 at 5:54 PM:
Hi Paul
I heard you on the radio today with a caller talking about Bill O'Reilly and then he pointed out about CNN and MSNBC hosts and you went off on him calling him a Bigot and Homophobe. I listened to the whole conversation that you allowed to be played on the air and he implied but never said anything and you went off like a stick of Dynamite condemning him and it made you sound terrible. I don't share either of your or your guests views but I was totally turned off by your approach and assumptions about someone else. You need to raise the bar in your life and set an example.
That is all
Billy Billy from New Orleans wrote on 2017/04/20 at 3:08 PM:

He didn't win a National Championship what about Charlie Mc Clendon at LSU?

He coached some great athletes who went on to stella NFL Seasons and All Pro's.

He wasn't able to recruit his last few years because of Ole Louisiana Politics wanting to fire him because he couldn't beat the Bear. Who could back then?

Thank you and I learned a lot about SEC Football from your show and look forward to meeting you one day when you visit Baton Rouge for a game
Rob Rob wrote on 2017/04/13 at 10:01 AM:
Ann's right, paul. You are a steaming pile of shit. Try and report sports news and not dumb, balding, sec homering, unfounded criticism, especially when you cant get the damn terminology right. Words are your job. Domestic violence and assault are two very distinguishable charges.
Larry Dunbar Larry Dunbar from Spring wrote on 2017/04/12 at 6:35 PM:
Heard your comment about the discipline
Used by Bob Stoops. You have no clue
With regards to internal discipline. So
You don't have the total picture. Bob
Stoops is fair with his players. No concerns
From the OU fan base so you don't
Joe Joe from Raleigh wrote on 2017/04/11 at 5:06 PM:
Comment: Paul,

Rhetorical question really, but why do you perpetuate the myth that you're familiar enough with the NCAA's probe into the AFAM Department at UNC to speak with authority on the matter?

While the NCAA--or specifically the Committee On Infractions led by Mr. Sankey--(no conflict of interest there) seems to be dead set on ignoring, breaking, or re-writing on the fly their own precedents and bylaws in order to hand down a predetermined set of sanctions, there are no NCAA bylaws to be applied that support the vacating of wins in any sport at Carolina.

Another rhetorical--how can you possibly think that the AFAM classes at UNC--athletes comprised less than half of total enrollments, and required a 15-20 page paper--should bring down banners and "death penalty" like sanctions, but have no issues whatsoever with "classes" all over the country with 100% athlete enrollment being "taught" by athletics personnel? How do you not take issue with athletes getting academic credit for participating in a varsity sport? I'm sure that you're aware of this common practice. Where is the outrage?

Since inflammatory comments are the fuel that keeps your show going, I do have one final suggestion. Before you ever comment on the goings-on at any non SEC school, you should be required to acknowledge your real, very obvious SEC bias.

Clemson downs your beloved Crimson Tide, and Carolina discards the crown jewel of SEC basketball on their way to another National Championship. You're an SEC fan, and I know you're a little salty. I've lived in SEC country. I get it. Believe me, I do. But when someone sticks a camera and/or microphone in your face, it should be time to put your unbiased professional pants on.

You're up in arms about 20 page papers at Carolina, but have no issue with what's been uncovered all up, down, and around SEC athletics? No? Then stop talking.
James Reese James Reese from Fort Smith wrote on 2017/04/01 at 7:49 PM:
If the first 58 minutes of a basketball game are just as important as the last two, why do referees only review calls made in the last 2 minutes?
Old Robert In Greensboro Old Robert In Greensboro from Greensboro, NC wrote on 2017/03/31 at 9:54 AM:
WHY does the sports media say nothing about the horrendous cheating scandal at UNC, which has never been resolved by the NCAA? WHY is everyone acting as though it never happened? WHY have they been allowed to get away with the biggest academic cheating scandal in the history of the NCAA and of college s;ports in general?
Old Man Robert (who lives in NC but is embarrassed and outraged by UNC!)
Philip Boyce Philip Boyce from San Antonio wrote on 2017/03/30 at 5:51 PM:
I can send you a handy Constitution handbook I got in Utah from the Holiday Inn. 😉
Glen Glen from Fayetteville, AR wrote on 2017/03/30 at 3:06 PM:
Hey Paul!

Help me out here. I have searched all over the Internet, and can't find the 1791 or 1792 scores between the New England Patriots and the Washington Redskins. I am wondering is those founding fathers ignored that?
Ed Love Ed Love from Fayetteville, AR wrote on 2017/03/30 at 2:31 PM:
The administration of the university was and is opposed to the legislation that passed. The problem is the legislature is beholden to the NRA. Hopefully the proposed amendment to prohibit guns in the stadium will pass.
Kevin Nolan Kevin Nolan from Auburn wrote on 2017/03/28 at 11:30 AM:
UF Softball coach Tim Walton demonstrated that he is a bully by pushing Auburn softball player Haley Fagan last night. Fagan is to be complimented for not letting him get away with it.

Walton showed the world last night how men are supposed to treat women when a man is upset with a woman’s behavior.
Walton thinks men are supposed to push women around when men don’t like what a woman does

Shame on Coach Walton and shame on the University of Florida.

I’ve heard some media commentators “spin” the story saying Walton’s pushed Fagan by accident. Ha! If it was an accident, has Walton apologized to Fagan or Meyers or AU Softball yet? I sincerely doubt it. The media hasn't come forth with any apology that I've seen
Sid Peck Sid Peck from Baton Rouge wrote on 2017/03/27 at 4:56 PM:
Sid from Baton Rouge. I thought we had basketball problems here in Louisiana, LSU, but they are nothing compared to how the fans in Kentucky are getting fooled by their two flagship basketball schools, University of Louisville and University of Kentucky.
If you add the salaries of all the head coaches in our 2017 Final Four it is just under $10,000,000. If you add the salaries of the two head coaches for Louisville and Kentucky it is just under $15,000,000. Who's getting their monies worth???
john john from boulder wrote on 2017/03/23 at 4:17 PM:
I am sure this young lady from UCLA, Carrie Champion, is very nice; however, her Richard Williams characterization is wildly off base, ill informed and non-factual. Did she ever meet this guy?

I met him a number of times when I worked with Reebok, and have never encountered a more self-important, self-entitled, racist, selfish and misguided human being in the world of sports or business.

I encourage you to invite him and this Ball guy on your show at the same time and let the good times roll.
JOHN JOHN from WINTER HAVEN FL wrote on 2017/03/22 at 4:46 PM:
Wonder if Mr Tipton would comment on coaching search when Gillespie was fired. Was Billy Donovan ever a viable candidate for the job. Us Gator fans were always hearing that if he was offered the job he would leave Gainesville.
Barry Duncan Barry Duncan from Phoenix wrote on 2017/03/22 at 4:45 PM:
Hi Paul. I'm one of your former call screeners from your WERC days. I wanted to see if you are going to the NAB conference in Vegas next month.
Lill Lill from Tuscaloosa wrote on 2017/03/20 at 3:48 PM:
Regarding Lynn Marshall's behavior. This is not new for her. We observed her cursing officials and opposing players, as well as making off color remarks, during the Wichita State game vs. Alabama a few years ago in a preseason game outside the states. Alabama won the game, but we were appalled by Mrs. Marshalls language. Thank goodness her husband turned down the U of A!
Diamond Hog Diamond Hog from Favoriteville wrote on 2017/03/19 at 10:10 AM:
Arkansas pulls off an amazing victory. SEC storyline after today and can be seen on the P. Finebaum show.
DiamondHog DiamondHog from San Antonio wrote on 2017/03/18 at 6:48 PM:
unc gets taken down by the Hogs on Sunday! You got it here. Can't reach the show because of the show favorites. Let Cactus Hog in after this win!
Billy Stewart Billy Stewart wrote on 2017/03/16 at 8:33 AM:
My name is Billy Stewart. I am an alumnus of the University of Alabama (1989 & 1990) and have held season football tickets since 1993. I live in Chattanooga, TN and my wife, four kids and I drive to Tuscaloosa for most every home game, some away games and some neutral site games. We are incredibly fortunate to be able to do this during one of the most successful eras of our long and storied football tradition. Every fall, we see former classmates and other friends we’ve made over the years. Our kids have grown up playing with their kids on football Saturdays and we look forward to the following fall almost as soon as the last home game is concluded and we have packed up the tailgating gear.

A big part of this experience will end this year due to the greed shared by The University of Alabama and The Tent Guys.

A single tent for the entire season cost $1,000 last year. We‘d split that cost between a few of us and it was doable. We’ve had this spot for years now and we’d bring additional tents (as many as 9 total at times), our own tables and chairs and enjoy the day with friends and family. Some would be there every game. Others would come to just a few. Still others would just come to tailgate, since ticket prices have already been raised to levels that are unaffordable by some.

This year, the cost for a single tent, a single table, five chairs and a TV was raised to $2,415. Additional tents, accompanied by a single table and four chairs are available on a game by game basis and can only be provided by The Tent Guys (i.e., fans are no longer allowed to bring their own). The total cost for this additional tent, chairs and table for the entire season totals $3,225 per tent. So our 4 tent tailgate for the year would now cost us over $12,000. As a group, we simply can’t afford to do this.

Its unconscionable that my alma mater, that is already one of the most profitable college football programs in America, continues to skewer its fans like they do. I understand the need for more, but with record-breaking profits year after year, when does it stop?

Never, I guess. But the fans might. Not now, but one day, when Coach Saban leaves and we enter a period of mediocrity that will inevitably follow, who’s going to buy these $2,000 season tickets and $2,400 tents. I’ve stood with the school through thick and thin, good times and bad. But if they are going to abuse me time and time again when times are good, why would I stick around when the Tide turns? I’m not sure I will.
Jason Purcell Jason Purcell from Murray, KY wrote on 2017/03/10 at 5:56 PM:
Paul - In answer to your question to the ten year-old BBN fan today: When I was five years old, my father called me into the living room, sat me down in front of a Joe B. Hall-coached game, and announced "Son, you've got two choices: Become a UK fan or find somewhere else to live." To this day, I don't think he was kidding. 😉
S S from Punty Town wrote on 2017/03/08 at 6:04 PM:

Brewer say hi😀😀😀

Maybe take a look at "Repeat After Me".
S S from Punty Town wrote on 2017/03/08 at 6:02 PM:
Donovan not on list????? Program a mess when he took over in 96. Back to back?????
david david from daphne wrote on 2017/03/03 at 7:08 PM:
Re caller today on beach volleyball...
women's collegiate season just started...champs will be in Gulf Shores May 5-7, for 5th consecutive year. Common down and stay with me, Paul.
Tom Perkins Tom Perkins from Crystal Lake wrote on 2017/03/03 at 5:27 PM:
Hello Paul, My 80 yr old mother is a die hard Alabama fan, as well as a huge fan of you and your show. I wonder if there is any way to get her an autograph picture from you; she would absolutely love it!
Keith Keith from Perdido Beach Al wrote on 2017/03/03 at 4:18 PM:
How could a Tennessee fan not be respectful of Phillip Fulmer after what he accomplished? Being critical of the past or present is not being disrespectful. As an Auburn fan I am respectful of Gene Chezic accomplishment even though he benefited from Tuberville's recruits and Cam Newton, he was at the helm and I will always be grateful and respectful of his accomplishments. Come on Vol fans...GET OVER IT!
Wyn Fuller Wyn Fuller from Loganville wrote on 2017/03/03 at 4:13 PM:
Why is Tamika Catchings announcing SEC women's basketball?!?!!! SHE HAS A SPEECH IMPEDIMENT!!!! I watch the games on mute. She is so annoying and borderline illiterate.
Al Meyers Al Meyers from DENHAM SPGS wrote on 2017/03/02 at 4:21 PM:
Just noticed you haven't reviewed the guestbook since 2012 good job guys
Al Meyers Al Meyers from DENHAM SPGS wrote on 2017/03/02 at 4:17 PM:
Don't know how much more of these Yankee accents I can
zach zach from cullman wrote on 2017/02/26 at 12:45 PM:
I think they have boom Williams Kentucky running back way under rated he is a monster honestly he is just as good as any rb. in the draft
Charles Hill Charles Hill from Cullowhee, NC wrote on 2017/02/26 at 5:19 AM:
As a Georgia fan I am well aware that we have had a few athletic scandals le the Jan Kemp expose and maybe worse was the Herrick and his son's special class and test. While we didn't like it, we were held accountable.
I do believe Mississippii has "lost institutional control" if coaching staff were involved in extra benefits during recruiting and later.
Now my biggest concern is outside the SEC i.e. UNC. If I have read the reporting correctly, the academic/athletic scandal covered about 18 years. Early on there was discussion related to men's basketball and football. Now I hear nothing about it except there is no way that Roy Williams was involved or even knew anything about it. It is difficult to understand how a head coach could not know SOMETHING for 18 years.
Now I hear the focus being directed towards women's basketball. I guess it is ok to punish them but don't touch royalty.
Is there an update on UNC that I have missed?
Todd Todd from Hattiesburg wrote on 2017/02/24 at 3:38 PM:
Concerning Ole Miss and NCAA. I find it very interesting that Greg Sankey was chairmain of NCAA COI and was the one that offered immunity by the NCAA to the two Mississippi State football players (Leo Lewis & Kobe Jones) to testify against Ole Miss. The next day Sankey resigened his position as chairman of NCAA COI because of 'conflict of interest'? Greg Sankey is a booster of Mississippi State since his oldest daughter graduated in 2015 and has another daughter attending Mississippi State. Was it not a conflict of interest when he agreed with that "tattle tale
" proposal.With his Mississippi State connections, no wonder The Mississippi State players were offered immunity.
Mary Mary from Winter Park Fl wrote on 2017/02/23 at 9:54 AM:
RE: Patino
Which Coach & Sports show has more WINNING CLASS? Wondering how Paul Finebaum and his SEC network producers (PSU basketball?) will portray this news today since a lot of Tuesday show was spent "praising" ESPN REPORTER, Laura Rutledge,and chastising BBN callers. Rutledge asked a questionable JOURNALISTIC question of Coach Cal on Tuesday nite that did not deserve an answer. Winner is Coach Cal who wisely walked away from heckling student body and "Reporter" Laura! Will Paul Finebaum and his producers portray class and be winners ON WEDNESDAY 2/23/17?
Brian Saunders Brian Saunders from Athens, Ga wrote on 2017/02/22 at 4:53 PM:
All Ole Miss has to do is change their charter name to the University of North Carolina at Oxford and nothing will happen to them.
Dustin Barron Dustin Barron from Steele wrote on 2017/02/21 at 3:21 PM:
I have one question Paul. Do you have any respect for anybody other than yourself? I don't listen every day but every time I tune in I hear you mocking a caller that doesn't deserve it. I just heard an 89 year old man call your show and you did nothing but mock and disrespect him while he was talking and after he hung up. I honestly want to know if you have any respect for anybody.
James D. Reese James D. Reese from Fort Smith wrote on 2017/02/20 at 5:44 PM:
Can't believe Bud Wilkinson & Frank Broyles are not being discussed among the best of college football coaches, come on!!!
Jim Jim from Chicago wrote on 2017/02/17 at 8:11 AM:
Paul Finebaum, with a front row seat to the actions within the SEC, calls Jim Harbaugh's hiring of his old USD and former NFL coach, unethical. Phenomenal. Comedy in its purest form. Thank you Paul.
Rick Walker Rick Walker from Bland Va wrote on 2017/02/16 at 3:03 PM:
Not sure you're interested, but the most exciting player I ever saw was Major Harris.
Charlie Charlie from Aurora, Colorado wrote on 2017/02/15 at 5:30 PM:
Please add closed captioning. ESPN has this on other channels, why not yours? Sometimes both you and your callers are hard to understand.
Terry Dailey Terry Dailey from Monroeville wrote on 2017/02/14 at 5:33 PM:
CNN (communist news network ) corespondent on the Paul Finebaum Show!
chets chets from Athens wrote on 2017/02/14 at 3:31 PM:
Paul, Why have you or espn not given any time or coverage to the UK dorm rape investigation and cover up?
David Wolke David Wolke from Montgomery wrote on 2017/02/13 at 3:22 PM:
It seems to me College Basketball's March Madness popularity is growing like a weed. I would appreciate your opinion about using their play-off format for College Football.
Joe Butler Joe Butler from Balsam, NC wrote on 2017/02/09 at 4:31 PM:
Question for Andy Katz-
Top five new coaches in the country over the past two years
Gil Gil from Louisville wrote on 2017/02/09 at 3:03 PM:
Who put loco weed in Jim from T'town's kibble ?
Willie Baker Willie Baker from Hoover, AL wrote on 2017/02/07 at 3:42 PM:
I Man
Isn't this guy an Auburn fan?
I have never heard him lead in with anything other than hating on the University of Alabama and or Nick Saban.
No, he isn't an Auburn fan at all. I bet he couldn't name 4 players on offense or defense for Auburn.
This idiot had his butt beat by a Bama fan or one slept with his wife or something that shattered his life. Not a fan, he's just another hater.
Erich Erich from Bolivar, TN wrote on 2017/02/07 at 3:18 PM:
I find the hiring of Clint trickett interesting, and in the exit of Steve sarkisian, could this be a possibility for OC?
Richard Richard from Cincinnati wrote on 2017/02/02 at 3:02 PM:
Tell Coach, Alabama fans have lots of love and we'll lavish even more on these Louisiana kids that they're too immature to support even the kids make a choice that would make sense to anyone in the SEC. Roll Tide!!
G R G R from POMPANO BEACH wrote on 2017/01/26 at 3:30 PM:
One million ppl at the Bear's funeral motorcade? Ask Jim from tusc...probably more like 3-5 mil!

Joe Joe from Hoover, AL wrote on 2017/01/25 at 4:52 PM:
25 years ago I started listening to you in Birmingham and have followed you since...calls, emails, etc. I'm almost
80 now. and running out of time. I used to
tell you how u could improve your show, i.e. get rid of the Alabama Rednecks (Jim, K dub, Tammy, etc. Now u have made it to the big time and you still feel they are a plus for your audience. I don't really care anymore, but you are not giving fair time to people like me who can't hold on for 1-2 hrs. What happened to the 1 call a day and limit their remarks. Guess that's gone down the tube. Keep on making Jim a semi-host and kiss his ass. I thought you were a man of principle and fair. Obviously, my judgement was clouded or my ability to
come to such a conclusion. Keep making the big bucks and screw some of us old timers, Paul. Oh, I also noticed that the email address you gave me years ago is no longer working! As I used to say in many of my reply to this is expected. Good bye, my former friend!!
aubear aubear from Grove Hill, AL wrote on 2017/01/20 at 1:09 PM:
Mr. Finebaum,
It has always been my opinion that top teams from any power 5 conference are capable of beating any SEC school like Alabama or my personal favorite Auburn. However if you could get Clemson to play Alabama's schedule, they would have lost at least 3 games and more than likely 4 or 5.
don skinner don skinner from clinton wrote on 2017/01/13 at 5:22 PM:
Ole Miss won three football national championships. 1959,1960,1962. You can research it in the school history. They also won SEC championships 6 times. FYI
Roger Roger from San Diego wrote on 2017/01/13 at 3:31 PM:
The conversation toay was about putting mayonaise on hotdogs. My wife and I were in The Netherlands this summer where they put mayonaise on french fries. That's disgusting, except we tried it and it wasn't bad.
Ed Ed from Jacksonville, AL wrote on 2017/01/11 at 5:33 PM:
Great, fun show guys.
What makes you think Lane Kiffin would have done a better job in the championship game than he did in the semi final?
Paul Paul from Mobile wrote on 2017/01/11 at 5:06 PM:
I'm really mad at the Paul Finebaum show. All they can talk about are those VERY FEW Bama fans that are some big babies still crying over our loss. They've even said that Bama fans are actually MAD about it. It's a total misrepresentation of our fan base. Perhaps a fading disappointment lingers on but ANGER???!!! GIMME A BREAK. I've got about 200 friends here in FB, most of them Bama fans. I have heard absolutely no one boo-hooing and certainly no one po'd about it. But Finebaum and the rest of the college football world can't stop this kinda crap talk. I guess it's what the haters want to say and hear about Bama fans. As for me... I'm driving up the road today whistling and having a great day. Life is good! Clemson is the best team in college football this year and that's alrite with me. Per ESPN, or maybe it was Kirk Herbstreets ranking, Bama begins the 2017 season as the #2 team in the country behind Florida State next year. Without Deshawn Watson Clemson falls to #18. Bama fans have a lot to look forward to. Bama will very likely make the playoffs again. Perhaps another Natty. Clemson better milk this Natty for all they can cause Quarterbacks like Deshawn Watson are few and far between. Roll Tide!
Ken gibson Ken gibson from Byron ga. wrote on 2017/01/11 at 2:59 PM:
It's time to go to an 8 team playoff. Scrap the conference championships and replace them with quarter final rounds. They can take place in the same 4 cities that currently host conference championships so they don't lose revenue. Only 2 of this Years championship games meant anything. Clemson and Washington had to win but Alabama and Ohio State were in irregardless. Also, this may discourage some players from sitting out these games. Quarter final losers can still go to bowl games while the winners move on to the current format.
charlie charlie from lena, ms wrote on 2017/01/11 at 2:35 PM:
just curious if anybody has ever seen Jim and Trump at the same time?
I'm not sure they aren't the same guy!
RANDY CAVNAR RANDY CAVNAR from DECATUR, AL. wrote on 2017/01/11 at 11:31 AM:
Being a Tide fan, I am proud of my team, we got beat by Clemson, and by ourselves. Our new offensive coordinator did a great job for a weeks worth of prepration. But Clemson's offense wasn't the only offense that wore down the Tide's defense, so did BAMA's. It wasn't hard to defend an offense that no longer had a true dual threat quarterback. Hurts can't throw accurately. His passing regressed as the season went longer, and he became predictable. Two wide recieving weapons became basically useless or used more in the running game. Hurts can be a true dual threat, but he needs alot of work in his passing game and he is not an automatic shoe in as the Tide's starter for years to come. Compettion is coming from Hawaii from another dual threat recruit, and it appears he can throw. Bmam's offense had gotten predictable due to the lack of the passing game, and that offense helped with too many three and outs wear out their fellow defensive teammates. Last defensive backs have been a weakness for years, and yes coach Saban they don't turn and look for the ball. Time to bring in another coach for those duties so you can concentrate more on overall head coaching. The TIDE will be back, it was one heck uva' great year. Clemson was better, and Dabo and staff are a class act. Roll Tide!
Todd M. Todd M. from Rockmart GA wrote on 2017/01/11 at 7:25 AM:
Why Bama lost the Championship? It is simple, Clemson had too much fire power and offensive weapons for Watson to throw too. The defense had been on the field too long and got worn down. We know Bama has average pass coverage. Ol'Miss brought this out in that game. Kelley picked them apart. At the first of the year Bama was strong enough to pull out the win. 15 games later the defense was warn out. I was pulling for Bama and I have been a Bama fan all my life except for first college years. I went to Auburn because the school had my major and Bama did not. I pull for both teams throughout the year. When it comes to the "Iron Bowl" I pull for the team that has the chance to go to the SEC champion game. Before you make a judgement about this I have a degree from Auburn and a grad degree from Bama, so I have earned the right to make my choice. In addition, my mother went to Auburn and my father went to Bama. he played football for the Tide from fall 1955-1958. He was a QB and was a freshman when Bart Star was a senior. My dad will be 80 in April of this year. He likes to reminisce about his football career.
Jimmy Conner Jimmy Conner from Tavares FL wrote on 2017/01/10 at 11:01 PM:
Paul- Jalen Hurts is an 18 year old true freshman who was playing high school football this time last year. The comments I've heard from Alabama fans blaming this kid for their loss is disgraceful. He gave you a lead with a valiant drive and go ahead TD run with two minutes remaining. Share the blame.
Sanford A. Worthy Sanford A. Worthy from Gadsden wrote on 2017/01/10 at 5:39 PM:
Crimson Tiders

We Lost! Lost! The championship! Lost! Ah jest can’t believe h it. Ah don’t feel lak Ah got any reason to go on.
I stepped out front on the concrete blocks to take a leak, en my wife locked tha trailer door. She got her panties in a wad jest ‘cause Ah thowed a beer bottle thu tha TeeVee scrain, and now she can’t watch wrastlin’.
So Ah lit out fer tha bar. These four big fellers saw the elephant tattoed across ma hey-ed en screamed War Eagle in ma face. Yeah, lak Auburn had anything ta do wit it. We whupped nem over a month ago. To prove that point Ah commenced ta whopping those fellers. I knocked two of ‘em out. Least ways that’s what ah’s told when I woke up en tha hospital. They’d done sowed up tha gash in tha side of ma elephant. It’s a good thang Ah got that O! Bama! cuverge. Tha doc gave me a scrip and sent me home.
Aw! Hit’ll be awrit. This here burbon washes nem pain pills down pertty smooth. Ah’ll finda nuther TeeVee fer tha old lady soon as my next disbillty check gets here, and she’ll come ‘round. Fore ye know et fall’ell be here agen en it’ll be time fer summore futboll.
Roll Tide!
Reed Bueche Reed Bueche from Ventress Louisiana wrote on 2017/01/10 at 2:33 PM:
The Alabama vs Clemson game was a great one !! But I hate to see the College National Championship decided by a illegal pick play that was so obvious !!!
Howard M Howard M wrote on 2017/01/10 at 12:20 PM:
Why hasn't Paul discussed the fact that Coach Sabin has to start a true freshman and didn't have a more experienced QB ready to take over after last year. Seems like poor planning to me - seems like you are treating Coach Sabin with too much deference. I don't think you'd be letting other coaches off with such a free pass. Thoughts?

Michele Michele from Heflin wrote on 2017/01/10 at 11:19 AM:
Just had confirmation from a un-name CNN source, Russia had something to do with Alabama losing the Nation Championship game last night.
Jack Jack from Hollywood South Carolina wrote on 2017/01/10 at 9:08 AM:
maybe the ACC should have their own channel since they are now the power conference
Bill Bill from Cleveland wrote on 2017/01/10 at 8:31 AM:
Enjoy watching you. How you got into sports I'll never know. Look like a CPA. Agree with your take on Harbaugh. Liberal media likes to promote liberals.
U of M is cesspool of liberalism. Also, agree with comments about Kirk Ferentz. It's not his fault. University of Iowa should have fired him many years ago. He and the university are a disgrace.
RT RT from Buckeye AZ wrote on 2017/01/10 at 12:24 AM:
no need for Legend or Jerome to call the show after their tandem jump off the 20-59 bridge Go Tigers! Thank God
Gregory Gregory from Imperial wrote on 2017/01/08 at 6:34 AM:
Letter to ESPN
To Whom It May Concern

What numbnut executive made the decision to switch the Kentucky/Arkansas basketball game from the ESPN SEC channel to another channel? Are not Kentucky and Arkansas SEC teams?
I had to attend a funeral so I set up my TiVo to clearly record the game as scheduled on the ESPN SEC channel and when I finally sat down to watch what did I see? A rerun (rerun!!) of last year’s Alabama/Clemson championship game. So, I scan the channels hoping there’d be a late night rerun but NNNOOO.
I still don’t know the score but assume Kentucky won.
How about sending me a video copy of the game and NEXT time you make the genius decision to switch channels on a KENTUCKY game please text me!

65-Year-Old Kentucky fan.
LES LES wrote on 2017/01/07 at 11:39 AM:
Paul, Having listened to so much criticism (including yours)about Lane Kiffin's play calling in the Washington game and very little towards Nick Saban for the same thing, I have a question.
My questions assumes that from what I've heard, Nick Saban runs his program similar to corporate structure so he's focused more on strategy/organization/process and his assistants are responsible for the tactical aspects (in other words, Nick's more "hands off" the game planning). If so, I have to assume that Nick had at least one meeting with Lane to review and approve his game plan strategy and options depending how the game plays out. So that means either Nick approved of not staying with plays for Scarbrough or didn't over-rule or correct Lane when he didn't, right?
I'm very concerned going into the championship game that 1. If Nick was on-board with Lane's play calling strategy when the entire world could see Washington couldn't stop the running game and didn't over-rule Lane, that's bad. So how will he react if Sark's playcalling plan aren't working? Or 2. If he lets the OC have total control and Lane owned the in-game play calling no matter whether it was successful or not, then that's just as worrisome with a brand new (new for Ala) OC.
Wondering what your thoughts are on this topic since I heard very little (admittedly I was wasn't listening 24x7)criticism directed at Nick for the Wash game play calling
Bill Bill from Clayton , Ohio wrote on 2017/01/06 at 8:57 PM:
Dear Paul. I called in last Friday because you said you had no callers from Ohio. I really enjoyed the short time we spoke. Unfortunately we were cut off after a couple minutes. I will call back Monday so we can finish our talk. I would really love to share the rest of my story. I have a couple funny situations to share with you that happened to me around our bowl season. I found your show a couple years ago while Bedfast from back surgery. I rapidly came to appreciate your insight into college football and your passion for the game. You are a special person and I hope God continues to bless you and yours. Celebrating The Golden Rule in 2017 Bill from Ohio. God bless Paul
brian brian from Cleveland wrote on 2017/01/06 at 5:33 PM:

I couldn’t get through via telephone

Brian from Cleveland here..Couple things.
First, I was never a Buckeye fan. I move to Gainesville for business reasons when Ron Zook was the coach. I got caught up in the Gator thing, and have been a staunch Gator ever since..When Ted Ginn returned that opening kickoff for a TD, I told my friends, hold on, you guys are about to see a beatdown like never before..I got out of that bar mid 4th quarter before I got slammed!!

Now, to the point..
I love your show, am a SEC fan all the way, but when you put Urban Meyer in the same breath as Nick Saban, or any top 20 coaches in CF, I question your knowledge..But you are not alone in your over-assessment of Urb..
Fact: Urban Meyer is the greatest recruiter the planet has ever known..Thats what he does..Rectuits, Motivates, and Cheerleads..Nothing wrong with that.
Fact: Tebow, Spikes, and a slew of NFLers returned as seniors to make one of the greatest college teams in memory
Fact: Dan Mullins leaves
Fact: Alabama punks Florida in the SEC title game as an inferior team
Fact: Urban loses his grip, cites medical troubles and shamelessly reads his daughter a letter vowing his love to her and his “promise” to relax a bit and heal!!!!
Fact: After a year being patted on the back by idiots at ESPN Urb has a miraculous recovery and takes the OSU job
Fact: Urban recruits SEC calibre players (from sec country) and OSU has as much talent as any team in the country-returning the Big Ten to an excellent league
Fact: OSU matures a year early, and pounds Bama in the title game
Fact: Ezekiel Elliot runs all over Bama in the quarter final game, yet Urban tries his best to lose the game by throwing senseless long balls(one of which Bama should have intercepted and gotten them back in the game) OSU wins despite Urbans interference
Fact: Tom Herron leaves and Urb is lost..
Prediction: Urb has a medical problem and takes a leave of absence..

Hes a CEO, why not just say that? He’s a terrible coach..The facts are overwhelming..

And finally, Cleveland and Columbus are two different universes..Columbus is a cow town that happens to be where the capital is located..State policy, and political strength is from Cuyahoga county..

Thanks man

Brian from CLEVELAND, not OHIO
Greg Greg from New Orleans wrote on 2017/01/06 at 4:17 PM:
I bet if Bama loses Monday you will hear from a lot of Ohio State fans so be ready..Roll Tide
Derek Wallace Derek Wallace from Morristown wrote on 2017/01/05 at 6:12 PM:
Hey Paul my name is Derek Wallace I live in Morristown Tennessee I'm a huge huge Florida Gators fan have been since I was 8 years old any way I love your show I watch/listen every day your knowledge of the sec/football is remarkable if you ever come Knoxville with sec nation it would be a honor to shake your hand sir.i hope the good lord blesses you this year Paul cause college football needs more commentators like you.Go Gators
Bart Bart from Griffin, Ga wrote on 2017/01/05 at 1:14 PM:
Hello Paul:
Thank you for your fine work and commentary. Can you start a movement to change the National Championship Game to a Saturday night beginning 2018. Monday night games put such a damper on having friends and family over to watch, or even going to your favorite sports bar. Who wants to participate when it's a workday the following morning. This would be a great service to fans of college football. Could you find a way to let the NCAA know that the Monday night game is somewhat of a downer for the people who support the sport.
Skip Skip from Oklahoma City wrote on 2017/01/05 at 10:56 AM:
Paul, I wanted to let you know that there is a new demographic that you dominate like no one else. Early this week I was taking my three Basset Hounds home from the vet and every time you spoke the dogs were quiet but when a guest or a caller talked they barked or whined. Something to point out when it comes time to negotiate your next contract that you have the nation's Basset Hounds on your side.
Ken Ken from Atlanta wrote on 2017/01/05 at 7:25 AM:
I'm not sure if this has been addressed but what are your thoughts Paul on this Clemson unsportsmanlike conduct on their defense? Why is their HC not doing more about this? This happened more than once on national television to multiple Ohio State players and has happened throughout their season (Lamar Jackson) and NOTHING has been done. You have the kid at Duke suspended for tripping players and this behavior by Clemson isn't handled? Clemson has some serious character issues and the fact Dabo is doing nothing about it is telling. This kind of garbage just wouldn't be tolerated at a respectable program. Think Saban would put up with this nonsense? What's going to happen when these players pull this stuff in the Title Game?
Laura Laura from Anaheim Hills wrote on 2017/01/04 at 11:57 PM:
Roll Tide , Paul

Fan of your tv show. Hope you had a wonderful chanukkah!

Chag Sameach!!
kevin kennedy kevin kennedy from PANAMA CITY BEACH wrote on 2017/01/04 at 7:20 PM:
Can the ncaa force schools not to interview coaches for opening until after the championship game. There needs to be stiff penalties like loss of scholarships as long as that person remains on staff and a minimum ever if not hired. I know this would interfer with recruiting but it needs to be done.
Corey Cato Corey Cato from ColumbusOH/Decatur Alabama wrote on 2017/01/04 at 6:07 PM:
I was raised in North AL and raised an Alabama Crimson Tide fan. I started to split my "fandom" with VT when I watched Mike Vick play and kept it that way until I moved to Ohio... now it's UA #1 and VT #2. But OSU fans have pushed me to my roots. I want to point out to Paul (in case you miseed it) I heard more than 1 local radio host say OSU would beat Clemson by double digits.... and another said "after studying Clemson film, there is no way the Buckeyes lose this game..." I'm very happy they lost the way they did, so I don't have to hear "it was a fluke play".... I watched them vs bowling Green 1st game of the year, but i didbt see a top 4-5-6-7-8-9-10 team that day.... PAUL, I have 1 question for you. Since Jalen Hurts is starting as a true freshman and I can't remember the last time a QB for UA was a true freshman, (I'm probably wrong on that), but does he have a legitimate shot to break the Bama passing records? Growing up I remember how huge it was to watch Bodie do it, and A.J. and so on, but Jalen has an obviously different QB style.
Roger L Sanford Roger L Sanford from SENECA wrote on 2017/01/04 at 3:41 PM:
I have heard you say many times to your callers that you like to keep it real. You should stick to that with your celebrity guests as well. Bobby Bowden explaining why he pushed his religion on his players and then saying he voted for Trump was the such a load of crap you should have called him out!
Scott Olson Scott Olson from Richfield wrote on 2017/01/04 at 12:59 PM:
Used to be a fan, but after hearing your opinion on the MN Gophers, I'll turn off the volume anytime you're involved. How ignorant! MN is ugly. Yeah right, that's why they call it Gods Country. MN is a beautiful state, great place to live and unless you've been here more than a day, shut your mouth. I could easily start in about where you live. I'll take MN over that every time. So long Finebaum.
Stan Wheeler Stan Wheeler from Columbus, MS wrote on 2017/01/03 at 5:14 PM:
Hey Paul. Do you know whether or not Dakota Ball will be able to play next week for Bama? My wife and both noticed that something was wrong with our offense during the game versus Washington.,. Don't recall any passes to #3 Riddley downfield or passes in the flat to #13 Stewart during the game which was odd since they are both very dynamic players for my beloved Crimsin Tide. Good riddance to Kiffin. Roll Tide Always🏈🏈🏈🏈!!!!
Rose Battle Rose Battle from Huntsville, AL. wrote on 2017/01/02 at 4:41 PM:
Taylor Hicks is really great.
I just want to remind him in his new song for your program, we are not " the War Eagles!"
We have one Eagle. It is not our mascot. We are the Auburn Tigers with one Eagle. Thank you, Rose Battle🏈🌹
Torrey Rowe Torrey Rowe from Anniston wrote on 2017/01/02 at 4:12 PM:
I watched you on the film room for the semi final against Washington and whats sad about kiffin is that hugh freeze had him dialed up because he is predictable and hugh freeze called up half his plays without thinking and clemson had him figured out last year but atleast we could throw the ball and sark atleast gives up the unknown because it couldnt be any worse then that.I really think you should tell saban to tape up jalens hands and teach him how to hold on to the ball if he is gonna run the ball and fumble every damn game lol and tell saban to get sark to call some decent screens and wildcat or some good trick plays anything to get his quarterback going forward not backwards.
Waylon Waylon from Lake City wrote on 2017/01/02 at 2:17 PM:
On Kiffin leaving Bama: Could losing 3 backup QB's have anything to do with this former OC?
Bill Bill from Joplin wrote on 2017/01/02 at 1:25 PM:
Did not Gary Barnett take over the offensive coordinator position when Colorado won the national championship? Paul stated he could not remember another time this had happened.
Kirk Hollowell Kirk Hollowell from Athens, TX. wrote on 2017/01/01 at 8:45 PM:
ReallY?! we have kids deciding to hold themselves out of games their teams have worked hard to get to so they may improve (or maintain) their draft position?

If I'm a GM in the NFL I would seriously question those player's (Leonard Fournette of LSU, Christian McCaffrey of Stanford and say what you want...Jabrill Peppers of Michigan) loyalty. If I were a teammate of one of those guys I would have to think they were thumbing their nose at me if I weren't going to the NFL.

My point is these teams worked hard to reach the bowl game and it doesn't exactly do much for their "statement" that LSU won without Fournette, Stanford won without McCaffrey and Michigan almost won without Peppers.

Hey you idiots, you aren't as good as you think you are; your teams won without you. COWARDS
Doug Doug from Birmingham wrote on 2017/01/01 at 3:53 PM:
Paul, is there any reasonable explanation for Lane Kiffins pitiful play calling against UW?

I absolutely hate to be a conspiracy theorist, but it almost was so bad it looked like Lane was trying to sabotage the game.
Steve Steve from Blountville wrote on 2017/01/01 at 3:18 PM:
Listening the other day some fellow named Nick from Louisville, Ky stated OSU would beat Clemson by 30, guaranteed! Have you heard from him? Ha!!!🏈
Ryan Ryan from Nebraksa wrote on 2017/01/01 at 10:03 AM:
Is there going to be a review on the last unsportsmanlike penalty that was called on #98? Looking at Bama roster #98 is a backup punter. Video clearly shows #93 taking a late hit on a Washington Lineman and the flag is thrown. That would of been Jonathan Allens second unsportsmanlike of the game and an automatic ejection. That would also mean suspension for the 1st half of the next game. Saban was stupid for playing him after he got his first because it was getting chippy. This needs to be reviewed and not get a pass because the official had the wrong number. Also not a smart move by Allen to call Washington soft. Enjoy the win and move on. Poor class IMO. Saban won't do anything though because he has shown if the upcoming game is big his players will play. Cam Robinson is a perfect example of that.
tim greaves tim greaves from greenville, s c wrote on 2016/12/31 at 6:13 PM:
tell the U of A players to shake hands with their opponents next time- not shaking hands at the start of the game was reminiscent of something the thugs from the U of Miami would have done back in the nineties
McKay88 McKay88 from Philadelphia wrote on 2016/12/31 at 9:39 AM:
Great comments about the Michigan fans football culture on Mike and Mike the other day and clearly accurate. I certainly agree one can do the crowing when they have shown they can win through and this has not been happening up in Ann Arbor for a very long time.
Best regards and I enjoy your analysis. Best regards, McKay 88
Kevin Kennedy Kevin Kennedy from PANAMA CITY BEACH wrote on 2016/12/30 at 12:56 PM:
The talk about bowl games not meaning anything due to the playoffs is ridiculous. Before the BCS how many bowl games per year would really decide the national champion. Especially since the top 4 teams did not always play each other unless they all lost only 4 games REALLY mattered and the rest were played for school pride.
Alex Alex from Cleveland wrote on 2016/12/29 at 5:46 PM:
Mr F,
As a buckeye grad (1991) I was deeply disappointed in your rant against Michigan fans. Much of my family is in Michigan and though I don't share their allegiance they are not the arrogant jerks you labeled them as. When you attack fans of any team you invite others to do the same. It's low, petty, unprofessional, and childish.
I sincerely hope you change your ways and can restore some of the respect I once had for you.
Respectfully yours,
DW DW from Coloma wrote on 2016/12/29 at 11:35 AM:
You are an SEC suckup... Spent last football season in GA and had to listen to how Fn.. great the SEC was and then listen to all you pussies cry about 30 degrees. Come up North and play some bowls in the elements.. Soldier, Big House, Lambeau or even Hawkeye field. Let them SEC blowhards see what it's like to get hit and hold onto the ball when it's 12 degrees. Tired of listening to how Fn' great the SEC is.. Come play some real football.. You one sided blowhard.
Brian Brian from Cassopolis wrote on 2016/12/29 at 10:46 AM:
Paul, do u wake up in the morning and think of trash to say about Michigan. I am highly disappointed in you as a sports fan and a man. I don't know how someone can hate so much. You are not a role model for any child in this country. I served this country and for your freedom. Grow up and instead of bashing, what about praising. This is what's wrong in this country. The only thing I can say is I'm going to pray for you so all the hateful comments that come out of your mouth. God Bless you.
mike ingles mike ingles from Orient wrote on 2016/12/28 at 6:58 PM:
Dear Paul,

I’m semiretired and live about 35 miles south of Columbus and have been a Buckeye fan for a lifetime, so please excuse my obvious prejudice but I don’t get it. I’m a writer by trade and as such I do a lot of research before writing a magazine article, and I’ve taken the same approach when trying to understand why it is that Alabama fans think this team is special?

The data would suggest that they have beaten inferior teams in an inferior league. Their defense seems to have achieved great statistical notoriety by beating teams with pious offenses and when they played a good offense they gave up huge numbers to Ol’ Miss and Arkansas while giving up 14 to Florida, holding that lackadaisical bunch to just 7 points below their average.

Help me understand before I do something stupid and take 15 points and Washington for a bundle.

Mike Ingles
Tim Tim from Tallassee, AL wrote on 2016/12/27 at 3:58 PM:
I have heard people talk about the young man from Oklahoma who punched the girl until I am sick of it. The video I saw showed the girl hitting on him several times in the head area like she was demon possessed. I can't say it is right to hit a girl but I saw it as him defending himself. If he were to get in trouble then she should also because she instigated the conflict not him. Talk about that Paul please. When is it OK to defend yourself with at least a single punch back? I mean really!!!!
Robert Register Robert Register wrote on 2016/12/27 at 11:26 AM:
I tuned up that first Paul Finebaum interview with Buddy Buie by including some pictures with it.
Dave Guillebeau Dave Guillebeau from Portland,OR wrote on 2016/12/26 at 2:40 PM:
I have a rule change for football and wanted to see what Paul thought about it.When an extra point is attempted the defense can return it for 2 points and would like to add 1 change. On the return I think it would add a little more excitement if the defending team could take their choice of the spot of return or a kickoff. For the start of the next possession. Thank you,Roll Tide and go Packers
Alex Armstrong Alex Armstrong from Pennington wrote on 2016/12/24 at 11:34 AM:
As a black man with common sense I wish you didn't apologize for your remarks about black people not being oppressed because what you said is true. Black people have been oppressing (killing) one another for years but it doesn't make for popular politics. No one talks about this fact that FBI statistics show from January 1, 2009 to December 31, 2012 an average of 4472 black men were killed by other black men annually while 112 black men died from bother justified and unjustified police killings annually during this same period. The police like anyone else have their issues but aren't the problem. Black people are but won't take responsibility because it's easier to blame someone else for your problems.
Ann Ann from Oklahoma City wrote on 2016/12/17 at 6:36 PM:
Spare me the faux outrage over the Mixon video. Yes, Boren, Castiglione, and Stoops saw the video as did Greg Mashburn, the Cleveland Co. District Attorney. Mr. Mashburn is on record saying, widely reported at the time of the incident, “Look, if it was two guys fighting, and one guy pushes and he punches one time back and breaks a guy’s jaw, there’s probably not any charges at all.” Mixon was assaulted by a stranger. He had the right to defend himself, and to those referring to this as Domestic Violence, please Google the difference between assault by a stranger and Domestic Violence.
Steve Horton Steve Horton from Dallas, Tx wrote on 2016/12/17 at 10:21 AM:
One simple question. How is it possible that espn is so desperate for inaccurate reporting on sports? Report the sports dumbass, we don't need your opinions. Remember opionions are like a--holes they all stink.
macky jenkins macky jenkins from southside alabama wrote on 2016/12/16 at 3:40 PM:
Paul ask archbishop to say a prayer for France Mc'Rae of Gadsden Al a dear friend of his that passed July 31.
John boisdore John boisdore from New orleans wrote on 2016/12/16 at 3:30 PM:
Hi Paul

Heard you say Fotnetye would have won the Heisman at Alabama. Not true Firnetye would have to waited his turn behind Derrick Henry

Henry " ran away" with the Heisman; but waited his turn exactly like Mark, Trent, Eddie , TJ then big D

Little Leonard didn't want to wait in the rotation behind TJ and Dereck

Henry ran for over 200 vs LSU. We all know Leonard had 31 for 19 rushed

Please don't discredit Derick's great performance in favir if Leonard. After all, Firnetye is not even the best back at LSU

Alabama Johnny
President of Cajuns for the Tide💪🐘💪🐘💪🔨🙏🏻
Bev Bev from Centerton wrote on 2016/12/14 at 3:34 PM:
I just want to make a comment on your reaction to and subsequent comments about the phone call from Millie in Rolla, Missouri. If I were her, I would be very hurt and humiliated by the disrespect you showed to her. She was being gracious and friendly to invite you to her home for a home cooked meal, and you and your callers laughed and made jokes about her.
Chad Chad from Bayou La Batre wrote on 2016/12/12 at 3:23 PM:
Good afternoon Mr. Paul, hope all is well.
Listen, I'm a big college football fan and enjoy listening to your show. One thing I'm tired of listening too is CFP expansion talk by fans. It simply makes no logical sense to me. There are class schedule issues first off and maybe more importantly to me a simple question of why? The BCS got it right for well over a decade and other than a few times there was really no quibbling about the best 2, now we've gone to 4 and if some deserving #5 gets left out so be it. I'd rather the regular season matter (all 12 games of it) and want championship weekend to be relevant and meaningful as well. I believe that expanding to 6 or 8 teams greatly diminishes that. Look in my opinion its simple if someone wants to watch mediocre and expanded playoffs they can do so by simply following Sunday football. Please leave my beloved college football alone as I prefer to watch elite and excellence and if some team and their fan base gets their feelings hurt I even have a plan for them... don't lose and play better. Leave no doubt. There is a new administration now and not everyone gets a trophy... it actually happens. Thank you Mr. Paul
George W George W from Marianna wrote on 2016/12/10 at 7:33 PM:
Why have the Heisman in NY City? New Yorkers & lots of the Iveyleague folks care less about college football! How bout Atlanta, B Ham, ???
Mary Mary from Huntsville wrote on 2016/12/09 at 4:43 PM:
I Think Lane K did a fantastic job as Crimson Tide OC. I don't think we could have did it with out him.
I think people don't know what is going on with Lane, they are just trying to create issues between him and Coach Saban.
I say pay him what he wants and keep him in T Town.
Wally Wally from Phoenix wrote on 2016/12/09 at 4:41 PM:
The Houston job came with a very large buyout. Houston was tired of changing coaches every 2 years. Many people think a buyout approaching 7-10 million was a deal breaker. No confidence Kiffin would not bolt
Mark Mark from Modesto wrote on 2016/12/09 at 12:22 PM:
Mr Finebaum, I don`t know if you remember the call from Kevin from Muscle Shoals on January 3, 2015. You asked him how many championships Urban Meyer and Nick Saban would win in the next six years. He said that Urban would win one and Nick would win 5. I laughed at that prediction but looking back on that now,Kevin is looking like a genius
Cannon Cannon from Hamilton, Alabama wrote on 2016/12/09 at 8:32 AM:
From a post on

Re: 10 years ago today... Rich Rodriguez turns down Alabama job

I loved the Paul Finescum quote. He didnt comment on Rita. I recall listening to him talk about her hair and where would she buy mexican food in T-Town. The bald headed non christian is a liar. Coach Bryant refused him any private interviews, yet he acts like he and CPB were buddies. What I cant stand about him is that he says he is a journalist, he is nothing more than a paid hack.
Bill Locker Bill Locker from Orlando wrote on 2016/12/07 at 2:22 PM:
Have you seen the ND fans ad?Your text to link...
Mike Mike from Jacksonville wrote on 2016/12/06 at 4:42 PM:
I have an interesting question. I the SECCG, there was the blocked punt for a score and the next play was a blocked extra point for a score. When was the last time, if ever, that there were blocked kicks for scores on TWO CONSECUTIVE PLAYS?
J. Gwinn J. Gwinn from Houston wrote on 2016/12/06 at 12:58 PM:
I am sick and tired of you trashing Baylor time after time. Baylor is a great school with thousands of honorable alumni and students. It does not deserve all the crap you have thrown our way. We get it- you hate us. Please shut up already.
Marian Loftin Marian Loftin from Dothan AL wrote on 2016/12/06 at 9:33 AM:
Just a little more on LARRY ROBERTS. I will try to call in today and having known him since he was at Northview high school with our kids, hope to share what a great kid he was, and how he grew into a fine man, as well as a very fine Athlete. He was a man of character and devoted to his family through many serious trials he endured during his much too short life. This included the loss his teen daughter in an automobile accident. Hope I will be able to get a call in today. Thank you for caring.
(You may have covered this yesterday but our internet services in Dothan were out from noon till 3 am this morning, so I missed you)
Marian Loftin Marian Loftin from Dothan AL wrote on 2016/12/06 at 7:31 AM:
(Paul, just to remind, we serve on the Alabama Children Board and worked on 2 "ROAST" Fundraising events a few years ago) TODAY ON YOUR SHOW WILL YOU PLEASE PAY SIGNIFICANT RECOGITION TO LARRY ROBERTS, who died yesterday after a number of years and tragic circumstances from severe diabetes. Larry was a true Hometown Hero here in Dothan and beyond. He was always a young man with a Big Heart and leaves a BIG HEARTACHE for all who knew him.
Beth Webb Beth Webb from Williston, SC wrote on 2016/12/05 at 4:44 PM:
The College Football Selection Committee met for weeks and weeks, but in the end I realize how they decided their rankings for spots 1 - 4.
The top four teams were put in alphabetical order - coming from a 30 year retired teacher ! LOL
Lu DeLoach, Bama Fan Lu DeLoach, Bama Fan from Calera, Alabama wrote on 2016/12/05 at 4:14 PM:
Ohio state Fans need to stop whining; for a wide variety of reasons, Alabama and Clemson were 1 and 2 last year!!!!! Wait to brag until January 10
Kathy Kathy from Lexington wrote on 2016/12/05 at 7:08 AM:
One of the ESPN reporters said that anyone who mailed in their Heisman vote early should not be allowed to vote in the future. I agree. I think it's ridiculous that the voting happens before the national championship game. Can you explain why that happens and if there is any hope for changing it in the future? Thanks!
Jon Stafford Jon Stafford from Jacksonville FL wrote on 2016/12/04 at 3:17 PM:
Paul; Why are you letting these "sports analysts" get away with it? I remember when Alabama didn't win the SEC, but yet played for the Nat Champ., and OSU & others were all over it! Get on the stick man! Love ya! Roll Tide!
Mikie Mikie from Blacksburg, VA wrote on 2016/12/02 at 10:24 PM:
Hi Paul, tomorrow Alabama,Clemson,Penn St., Wisconsin, Florida, Ok. State,(and tonight) Washington and Colorado are working their butts off while OSU and Michigan are on vacation. If conference championships don't count much in the selection process, shouldn't the committee ignore this weekend's results to be fair to the teams that are playing? Why do these teams get such a pass? Why is OSU locked in while Alabama is still having to prove itself? Thanks, Mikie
Jason Jason from Tuscaloosa wrote on 2016/12/02 at 4:58 AM:
As Waylon mentions below concerning extra game prep time for a team that doesn't have to play in a conference championship. It's more than that. At this time of the year, having an extra week to get you guys recovered from injuries is a huge advantage (and unfair).
Will Cox Will Cox from Millbrook wrote on 2016/12/01 at 10:48 PM:
The CFP Committee has selected for the past 2 years the same teams as the BCS.(1-8) Why not just use it to select the teams?

When this season is over Alabama will have at least a 2 game lead over all other teams and at least a 4 game lead over all SEC teams.
douglas a brantley douglas a brantley from ozark wrote on 2016/12/01 at 6:48 PM:
mr paul, would you know the real story with brother bill o,after coach bowdenleft auburn
Walter pigg Walter pigg from Lubbock wrote on 2016/12/01 at 4:14 PM:
This time next year when Tenn hires kidding I hope u remember me
Walter pigg Walter pigg from Lubbock wrote on 2016/12/01 at 4:13 PM:
Can't wait to see my vols beat big10 tem
Walter pigg Walter pigg from Lubbock wrote on 2016/12/01 at 4:11 PM:
Almighty SEC looks so bad and big10 looks SO good wait till bowls and we'll see who IS STILL BEST
Walter pigg Walter pigg from Lubbock wrote on 2016/12/01 at 4:08 PM:
Kiffin will b back at UT n 18
Martha Roy Martha Roy from Arab, Alamama wrote on 2016/11/30 at 4:51 PM:
This is to address Jim from Tuscaloosa. I am a 64 yr. old woman who has been an avid College Football fan since the age of 14, which means 50 years of watching college football. I obviously never played the game nor am I an expert. But I can recognize comments from analysts that defy common sense. Example: Danny Kennell (who did play football and paid I assume good money by ESPN ) stated last week there is no offense in the SEC. I understand enough football to recognize the goal of Defense is to limit Offense. With the SEC having 5 teams in the top 25 Defense rankings, it only makes sense when there is good Defense, there will be limited Offense. Women can be just as knowledgeable about the game as a man. Not all women, but that also applies to men. Testosterone does not give anyone special football knowledge.
Robert Proctor Robert Proctor from Birmingham wrote on 2016/11/30 at 2:05 PM:
Non-conference W-L%: SEC 78%, B1G 76%

florida 2 1 alabama 4 0
georgia 3 1 auburn 3 1
s carolina 3 1 miss st 2 2
tennesse 4 0 ole miss 3 1
vanderbilt3 1 lsu 2 1
kentucky 3 1 arkansas 4 0
missouri 2 2 tex a&m 4 0

ohio state3 0 iowa 2 1
michigan 3 0 northwest1 2
penn st 2 1 wisconsin3 0
michst 2 1 nebraska 3 0
indiana 2 1 minnesot 3 0
rutgers 2 1 illinois 1 2
maryland 3 0 purdue 2 1

The B1G is NOT a better conference than the SEC. IN-conference wins in the SEC are spread between MANY teams. The B1G is top heavy!
Rickie Payne Rickie Payne from Ringgold wrote on 2016/11/28 at 2:45 PM:
Where is that bell ringing meat head STINGRAY??
Joe Smith Joe Smith from Scottsdale wrote on 2016/11/28 at 1:32 PM:

Ranking the B1G teams - easy as 1,2,3.

Let's say Wisconsin wins Saturday - you got OSU 11-1, Michigan 10-2, Wisconsin 11-2. But Wisconsin was 0-2 vs OSU and Michigan, and beat only one Top 10 team (PSU) while the other two beat three Top 10 teams.

OSU - 1, Michigan - 2, Wisc - 3.

Now let's say Penn St wins Saturday. You got OSU 11-1, Penn St 11-2, Michigan 10-2. They were all 1-1 vs the others. So let's look further - OSU has the three Top 10 wins and only one loss vs PSU - now a Top 10 team. Michigan has three Top 10 wins, one "good loss" to OSU, and one bad loss to Iowa. PSU now has two Top 10 wins, but two bad losses - 49-10 vs Michigan and Pitt.

OSU - 1, Michigan - 2, PSU - 3.

For those that say - but PSU beat OSU. Did any of you watch the game. Sometimes the better team loses. OSU had 150 yds more offense, and shut it down when they went up 21-7 halfway thru the 3rd Q. Penn St had no chance to win, but blocked a punt and a FG returned for a TD, both in the 4th Q. Penn St had only 1 penalty for 5 yds the entire game, and the refs did not call two huge and blatant penalties late in the 4th Q - the illegal leaping to block the FG, and the obvious pass interference on OSU's last drive that would have put them in FG range.

Anyone who watched the entire game can not say Penn St was the better team.
Waylon Waylon from Lake City wrote on 2016/11/28 at 12:44 PM:
Paul, here's my thought/question: A team loses a game and cannot play in its conference championship, yet maintains to stay in the top 4 playoff rankings, which translates into being rewarded an extra week of preparation before the playoff begins???
billy mcbratney billy mcbratney from LYNCHBURG wrote on 2016/11/28 at 11:54 AM:
Why doesn't the CFP Committee use metrics that indicate opponent adjusted game efficiency? The consistency of that metric identifies teams that are strongest and can more objectively determine the playoff teams/seedings. The Committee could even add more weight to the games in Nov to more accurately measure how a team has played recently. Just sayin' instead of all this smoke and mirrors!
Brexy Brexy from Jellico, TN wrote on 2016/11/28 at 10:41 AM:
I'm trying to send you a video of my husband after UK beat Louisville. How can I get this to you all? It would be great for the show. I can be reached at 865-684-6108.
Michael James Michael James from Knoxville wrote on 2016/11/28 at 10:14 AM:
No way around it the Vols are an extremely disappointing team this season. I suspect most fans are like me and don't care about what bowl then end up in. After all even The Ole Ball Coach jab doesn't even hold up, not even the Citrus Bowl for UT.

So what is next. Butch Jones is safe cause Tennessee just got a new chancellor and they are still without an AD. Jones needs to clean house cause he has one year, then the new AD gets to make his mark on the UT program. First thing lose the OC and DC, one suggestion for OC reach out to VFL Tee Martin, and stay away from guys who haven't held that position since the 90s. As for DC, get Charlie Strong. Great DC knows the SEC and can recruit FL and TX. I'd hang on to coach Z the receivers seemed to make strides this year as well as Coach Gillespie, Coach Scott and Coach Thigpen, but the OL, DL,and secondary coaches need to be upgraded. The biggest thing Jones needs is quality strength and conditioning staff as well as nutrionist to keep these athletes healthy. The attrition rate they had this year is unacceptable and that is not just bad luck or hey its football. That is poor coaching and conditioning and that falls on Jones. So if he wants to continue his brick by brick platform he needs to find some better bricks to surround himself with, bricks that will get the most out of these student athletes and get the media and fans talking about Big Orange country for the right reasons and not cardiac comebacks or disastrous performances during the last half of the season.

Paul what are your thoughts?
Jay Flowers Jay Flowers from Atlanta wrote on 2016/11/28 at 8:46 AM:
okay.... its man-up Monday, We'll still be in Hot-lanta on the 3rd to play an epic game against a great Alabama team we blew the chance for a top 4 spot on Saturday Night... I must say the calls went the noles way but they played a great game! what more could I say, they capitalized and we didn't! they got the breaks and we didn't! either way good game Noles! oh that hurt Paul!!!
Ed Ed from West Palm Beach, Florida wrote on 2016/11/24 at 12:38 AM:

All this debate about the CFB Playiffs and the Selection Committee. CFB is the only ones who do this and it should be like the and you are in. Simple solution:

Eight Conferences have Conference Championship Games and those should be the first round of playoffs. So your going to start with 16 teams and after the Conference Chapionship Games you will have 8 teams (4 games). Then you are down to 4 teams (2 games) and finally to the National Championship Game. No Committee, no debate and no chaos.....just win and your in.
Ken Colao Ken Colao from Port St Lucie wrote on 2016/11/23 at 1:08 PM:
Listening to all the talk about the Playoff Committee mynthiuggts are pretty simple. CFA should just allow Conference Champions into the playoff picture. True transparency. It allows for "Champions" to enter a playoff for the true CFA Champion. This also allows for a better opportunity for teams from all over the nation have better recruiting opportunity because now schools from all over the nation have the same opportunities as a hand full of repetitive teams getting an opportunity. obviously teams and individuals will argue that because historically certain conferences dominante but with this change we might see more parity with other conferences. Time to give other colleges and universities an opportunity to gain higher quality athletes.
Andy Fitch Andy Fitch from Tuscaloosa wrote on 2016/11/22 at 3:46 PM:
Titus is a life size puppet of an African War Elephant. He was created by the UA Department of Theatre. We are planning to show up at SEC Nation for the Iron Bowl and then later be on the quad.

It will not let me upload photos, but here is a link to some photos and videos.

Your text to link...
Jay Flowers Jay Flowers from Atlanta wrote on 2016/11/20 at 2:01 AM:
okay Paul, when am I going to get through on your show? no one in the country gave us a chance to go to death valley and WIN! play Austin Appleby and its a different TEAM... all you need to beat a Alabama team (read my earlier post) I told you Paul, FLORIDA has a TEAM not just one, two or three STARS, we have a TEAM... Offense, Defense and Special Teams! who would have thought, besides Gator Fans that we could have went there and WON with the TEAM that we put on the field? two star LB out Marcus Maye out CJ didnt play (that's four great players on one side of the ball) tell Marcus Spears next time he's that confident about his team, take a closer look at the other team! not to keep bring up the past, we hung around with Alabama in the 2015 SEC Championship Game last year (without a quarterback) this year I'll be there again and watch my TEAM win! (Austin must play though) a little note, when our offense plays just a little bit, our defense is DOMINATE! point blank, don't agree watch the UF vs lsu Game! Spears, Booker #SMH did y'all hear Mick Hubert's call? Booker, Spears what do you think about our team now? REMEMBER one drive at the beginning of the game is all your team had... which Guice was stopped but helped in by his offensive lineman... four more times in the red zone and a whopping 3 points #whatAdefensiveStand #RankyourSECdefenseNow #whereWouldYouRankFLORIDA #SECEastChampionsAgain Alabama held them to 0 points and the MIGHTY GATORS held them to 10 what a game it's going to be in ATLANTA...
Mel Dupuis Mel Dupuis from Birmingham AL wrote on 2016/11/18 at 1:38 PM:
LSU should be looking for a new AD. Please name a successful hire this man has made! But he surely has created a circus with the football program. He has proven to be unprofessional. Les could not find a quarterback and I do not trust Alleva to find a replacement.
I do not believe Jimbo is a "great" coach. So he got a Sabin reject , Winston, and won a title. He also was severely criticized for the way he delt with Winston's off the field behavior. I do not want Fisher at LSU!
Robert Blake Smith Robert Blake Smith from Fayetteville wrote on 2016/11/18 at 9:22 AM:
If Houstons D sacked Jackson 11 times... Would if even be a game against Alabamas front 7? Roll tide
Richard Cobbs Richard Cobbs from Silver Spring wrote on 2016/11/16 at 12:31 PM:
In Paul's intro music it sounds like Paul is saying to someone "I have hated you all my life". Do you know who is talking to or, even better, have an audio clip of the interview?
Jay Flowers Jay Flowers from Atlanta wrote on 2016/11/16 at 8:52 AM:
I read a post from John, from Hudson, FL.... do you know why the Gators looked like they did? I believe that the defense is tired and sent a message! why play our ass off, week in and week out just to have a guy go out and not live up to the hype (I NEVER saw Luke as our quarterback {and we have a stable} he throws off his back foot and uses the arms strength as a holster) the team doesn't rally around him! they do when Austin is in the game but the coaches seem to give him the GREEN LIGHT) in the first half of games and take it away in the second! DID YOU SEE THE SOUTH CAROLINA GAME (just like Tennessee) anyone, what was Austin's numbers like in the first compared to the second? Let's have a good game this Saturday in Death Valley (play Austin and watch Florida WIN) it'll look the same way in which we'll beat Bama)
Jay Flowers Jay Flowers from Atlanta wrote on 2016/11/16 at 8:31 AM:
Okay, Paul.... maybe I'm missing something here or maybe College Football has moved that fast before mine eyes? I saw three teams lose that were in the top 5, two of those teams losing at home, two to unranked teams... you know I'm a SEC Guy (for life) lets stop the bull a few weeks ago Ohio State lost to an unranked Penn State team, fell like two or so spots WHY? okay earlier in the year they beat Oklahoma after that WHO? They stay in the top 10 maybe I don't fully understand what their doing here? Its okay to lose late in the season to an unranked team... I truly look at my team, lets make a CASE... Florida lost to Tennessee like week 4 oh did that hurt but if the committee watched that game maybe they would have saw that Florida lost that game because of coaching in the second half, (my team needs to stick with Austin at quarterback) they'll be a much better team, then the gauntlet they lose against Arkansas... so lets review Florida has lost against two teams that when they played were ranked, they even man handled Georgia, which Georgia just beat up Auburn... is it that the SEC EAST is looked upon as if their a division in lets say Conference USA? lets say Florida goes to Baton Rouge and beats LSU, then beats FSU, they sit WHERE? with two loses? LSU is ranked like 16 and FSU 17 what will that do for Florida? this team could play with anybody in the country (if they play Austin Appleby) at quarterback, notice how all the teams that play Alabama gets blown (BESIDES LSU) two very similar programs! but the Texas A & M's and Miss State's, the USC's the Tennessee's why do Alabama seem to just handle these teams? and remember that SEC Championship Game last year, Florida hung around with the "GREAT" Alabama (ALL THIS WITHOUT A QUARTERBACK RUNNING THE SHOW) Florida's built to play against any team (style) because they just don't run the ball or just pass the ball they do it all... and its a PLUS to have a special teams that can score too, fast wide receivers' a great defense, a stable offensive line, a QUARTERBACK that can manage the offense and SOME durable running backs is the ticket to beating Alabama (THE FLORIDA GATORS OF OLD) that's what we have with Appleby at the helm! been saying that all season (LET THE GUY JUST PLAY) these last two weeks might just turn this committee thing all around (how they view things) ps Everyone seems to just over look the fact that Georgia man handled Auburn? but Florida man handled Georgia and totally shut the running game down. Again this team probably beats Penn St 35-13? probably beats Colorado 38-10? FILL ME IN PAUL...
Jerry F. Reeder Jerry F. Reeder from Huntsville wrote on 2016/11/15 at 7:24 AM:
Back in 2010 I watched a young man named Cam Newton overcome a three touchdown deficit to lead his team to victory in the Iron Bowl.
Now, I'm an Alabama alumnus (Class of Kenny Stabler), so I've seen them all from Pat Trammell and Lee Roy Jordan down to Jalen Hurts and Jonathan Allen. I bleed Crimson.
But when I saw what Cam Newton and the soon-to-be National Champion Auburn Tigers did that day, my emotion was a profound gratitude for an ability to appreciate greatness when it stares me in the face.
I saw a post the other day that said, "Some people hate Trump and some people hate Clinton. But everybody hates Alabama!" I found that to be mildly humorous. And a little bit sad.
Because to say you hate Alabama doesn't say anything about the Crimson Tide.
But it says a lot about you.
Taylor Taylor from Knoxville wrote on 2016/11/14 at 4:40 PM:
Paul, do you think that maybe the east doesn't get enough credit? I mean it started out with three teams inside the top 25, and Tennesse played a four week stretch where they played a top 25 team and went 2-2, but after losing to Alabama, Tennessee dropped from 9th to 18th while teams like a&m, Ohio State, and Clemson lose to unranked teams and only drop 4 spots. I think that the east might be trying to overcome media bias sometimes.
Jeff Daniel Jeff Daniel from Blountville, TN wrote on 2016/11/14 at 3:02 PM:

Although not an SEC coach - one of the greatest coaches to ever step on the field is retiring - Coach Ken Sparks of Carson-Newman College in Jefferson City, Tennessee.
I played for Coach Sparks in his very first season.
37 Seasons - coached 104 All-Americans - 338 Wins - 25 Playoff Appearances - 21 SAC Titles - 5 National Titles.
But more than anything - the absolute gentleman.
Dee Dee from Pensacola wrote on 2016/11/10 at 6:52 PM:
I am NOT an AL fan, but have ALWAYS been a Saban fan, until now!I CANNOT believe that Saban admitted to not even knowing it was Election Day Tuesday, which implies that he did not even take the time to vote. I am most displeased with the results of the election, but...stand with my country and the decision-whether I agree or not! Saban said" we are focusing on what we are doing here". If he did not know it was Election Day/did not vote, OMG-really...? Is ANY team/progress/ENTERTAINMENT more important than the entire NATION, armed forces, national security? His comment ("we are focused on what we are doing here") is beyond arrogant; it is anti-American. If this is the way he sets an example, he should NEVER vote/lead young people. Americans don't need his input. Players that he, UNFORTUNATELY, impacts I fear will follow in his Un-American beliefs. Frank Martin of SC is a better role model!!!! Perhaps, Saban should take American Citizenship classes to be reminded of how great this country is and how he is ALLOWED to make MILLIONS of AMERICAN dollars every year. As an Alabamian, I am so ashamed of this! I am so embarrassed! Shame on you, Coach Saban! Football is a GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is a wonderful game, but a game!
Ken Jones Ken Jones from Alameda wrote on 2016/11/10 at 11:02 AM:
What is more important? Covering celebrities and sports heroes comments on the candidates and the election results, or coverage on whether Coach Saban really know about election day, or not? NEITHER, Who cares??!!
John John from Hudson, FL wrote on 2016/11/10 at 10:19 AM:
OK, so Luke Del Rio had a sore shoulder for most of the game last week? Why didn't he take himself out? That's what a responsible QB would've done. It's all about Luke I guess and the Gators lost. Terrific!
John John from Sulphur wrote on 2016/11/09 at 5:39 PM:
The cable news channels figured out why political pollsters for presidential race miss the call so bad on Tuesday. The pollsters also have part time jobs on the weekend as SEC refs.
Brian Crandall Brian Crandall from Evergreen, AL wrote on 2016/11/09 at 11:11 AM:
Paul, Please speculate and discuss SEC West Champ vs. SEC East All-star Team.
Johnny Parrott Johnny Parrott from Essexville wrote on 2016/11/09 at 10:29 AM:

I know you will be able to answer this question. Can you tell us casula fans how the college football strength of schedule is calculated? I have went on line and have many answers and I am just not knowledgeable enough to chose the correct methodology.

Doc Doc from Bryan wrote on 2016/11/08 at 7:59 PM:
Which SEC school sends the most "beat up" football players to the NFL?
Heard this question during NFL draft time last Spring, but never heard an answer.
Bill Bill from Beaverton wrote on 2016/11/08 at 5:50 PM:
Hey Paul
Great show as usual. Congrats to Greg on his win. I agree Booger may have a case regarding results. BAMA-LSU Epic old school football game. I grew up in Alabama watching The Tide from early 60's till now. Definitely not "fair weather" fan. Now living in Niketown I could not get SEC channel fast enough. Keep up great work. Love your show and entire SEC Network coverage of all sports. I often feel like I'm in "Sweet Home Alabame whenever I watch. Thank you all.
Rick Nolan Rick Nolan from Bloomington, IL wrote on 2016/11/08 at 1:22 PM:

I agree with your comments on ESPN today about Baylor football. However, it's dishonest to single out Baylor alone. There are not many programs left, especially football, that does not have a thief, sexual predator, girlfriend beater, or academic fraudster on their team. I used to be a grad assistant in the publicity department at a mid-major and this stuff was a constant problem. I dare say it still exists everywhere. The women's programs are also guilty.Lesbian incidents (in some cases, sexual blackmail) goes on more than you know. This consisted of women coaches and players hooking up or making overtures to straight players who if they didn't play ball, would make their lives miserable. Some of these girls, quit the sport entirely or chose to transfer. We had a women's gymnastics coach resign over the crap because it was so common in the department. Two of the female athletic administrators were known lesbians and did nothing to address her complaints. In the future, tell the whole story, not just part of it.
Otie Otie from Ft Worth wrote on 2016/11/08 at 9:38 AM:

Would like to hear you comment about this subject....CBS picked Missouri and
Tennessee game over Lsu vs Florida. All we heard after the cancellation was Nov 19 was cupcake city. All the media including you were stating how good would it be for these two teams to play on Nov 19. Now that they are, CBS didn't pick up the game. Understand the game lost some luster with the losses to Arkansas and Bama, but what gives? To me, SEC front office is getting back at LSU for not giving in to them. This stinks to high heaven but wait, nothing matters now like it did in October.
john john wrote on 2016/11/07 at 5:59 PM:
Paul the SEC needs to add Clemson and Florida State to the East and Oklahoma and Texas to the West. Both East and West would play all 8 conference games within the division and the SEC title game would be a true title game without it being determined by which 2 teams you had to play from the other division as it is now.
matt fuller matt fuller from Winder, GA wrote on 2016/11/07 at 3:04 PM:
Than You to the SECN for showing the marching bands on the SECN+. It is great to see the hard work of these band students and compare each school's production. As good as being there. Keep it up. Wildcat Band Alumni '86
Anthony Anthony from Chattanooga wrote on 2016/11/07 at 2:57 PM:
Danny Cannel tweeting about sub par QB play is hilarious....he should know, he was a subpar QB and is a da*n bad college football analyst
Martio Martio from Louisville wrote on 2016/11/06 at 11:35 AM:
I saw the response Paul gave to comments made by Bobby Petrino about margin of victory. The term "talking out of both sides of his mouth" was thrown out without much thought. After this being said, Paul went on to demonstrate this very term. Trying to make everyone believe that margin of victory wasn't a factor in playoff consideration he said that Louisville needed to have had more decisive victories over Duke & Virginia, lol. "More decisive"? What that means is margin. The way they want us to believe is it's about wins or loses & then goes on to state just the opposite. The lack of maturity Paul shows in the beginning of his rant when he attacks Petrino personally only reflect poorly upon himself. I guess they didn't teach Paul at Tennessee that when in a discussion, if you make it personal, you've admitted defeat.
Paul, don't take it so personal. You are never too young to learn.
Steve Flowers Steve Flowers from harrisburg wrote on 2016/11/06 at 10:48 AM:
You are so pro alabama and tenn - your show should not be called sec football but bama/tenn football.
your call-in crowd is always the same blowharts who live on other peoples accomplishments and not their own the sec office is in bama that explains why bama gets all the calls going their way.
John John from Hudson, FL wrote on 2016/11/05 at 9:29 PM:
Sadly I watched the Florida/Arkansas game this afternoon. I was impressed by how fired up the Hogs were, and how utterly without soul the Gators were. They seemed slow and unfocused, and forgive me but Luke Del Rio should be sent up a river and taught how to be an SEC quarterback, otherwise he has no hopes of ever being an NFL QB. I see so much potential in the team, but leadership-wise they are lacking. I saw nothing from the head coach that would stimulate a team, he strolled up and down the sideline like he was shopping at Winn-Dixie.....Is it too late to grab Les Miles?
We need an overhaul and someone to point the Gators in the right direction. A direction that doesn't leave us feeling nauseated all the time.
ronald bosarge ronald bosarge from coden al wrote on 2016/11/02 at 2:12 PM:
Hey Paul, the week of the Bama LSU game and the SEC channel is showing women's kickball ? I guess it's now official, the SEC channel is p***y whipped !
Cannon Jones Cannon Jones from Hamilton, Alabama wrote on 2016/11/02 at 9:12 AM:
Turned on the top 25 play-off show yesterday at 6PM Central. It was like a hen party. Four guys all talking at once or butting in, talking over each other and one could hardly understand what was being said. I turned it off.
Tyler Dahmer Tyler Dahmer from Jeffersonville wrote on 2016/11/01 at 9:12 PM:
You are the biggest asshole jew ive ever seen. If you werent to busy sucking Nick sabans dick all the time maybe you would know what your talking about. Idk what Louisville ever did to you but you never give them any credit for anything. How the fuck did you even get your own show? I know for a fact your penny-grabbing faggot ass didn't play any sports. Please do everyone a favor and put a bullet through your ugly bald head in front of your family.
Jesse Jesse from Mobile wrote on 2016/11/01 at 5:39 PM:
Someone please tell greg what the old miss bama score was at half time before he dogs on lsu about being tied at half with old miss bama looked like garbage first half
rusty rusty from hamilton,ms. wrote on 2016/11/01 at 4:17 PM:
Hard to believe nobody's brought up or discussed the loss of Eddie Jackson and it's impact on the Bama vs LSU game.(maybe I missed it) As the quarterback of the defense and his impact on special teams this year, I feel his loss and subsequent replacement will decide the outcome of this game.
jake jake from @lanta wrote on 2016/11/01 at 1:12 PM:
Is the 2016 UT football season almost the mirror image of 1992? I just came up with these eerily similar points:
1992 - UT begins the season 5-0 (with one of those being over a team from Ohio)...
2016 - UT begins the season 5-0 (with one of those being over a team from Ohio)...
1992 - 2 of those 5 wins are over our main division rivals UGA and UF in back to back weeks...
2016 - 2 of those 5 wins are over our main division rivals UF and UGA in back to back weeks...
1992 - in the Georgia game, we beat them 34-31 in Athens...
2016 - in the Georgia game, we beat them 34-31 in Athens...
1992 - in UT's 6th game, we lose a very close game to a SEC West team (Arkansas)...
2016 - in UT's 6th game, we lose a very close game to a SEC West team (Texas A&M)...
1992 - in UT's 7th game, we score 10 points & lose to Alabama, who goes on to win the National Championship...
2016 - in UT's 7th game, we score 10 points & lose to Alabama, who might go on to win the National Championship...
1992 - in UT's 8th game, we lose a very close game @South Carolina, virtually blowing the SEC East title - USC scores 24 points in the game...
2016 - in UT's 8th game, we lose a very close game @South Carolina, virtually blowing the SEC East title - USC scores 24 points in the game...
1992 - in UT's 9th game, we play an inferior in-state opponent (Memphis) in Knoxville...
2016 - in UT's 9th game, we play an inferior in-state opponent (Tennessee Tech) in Knoxville...
1992 - in UT's 10th game, we play Kentucky in Knoxville...
2016 - in UT's 10th game, we play Kentucky in Knoxville...
1992 - UT's last regular season game is @Vanderbilt in Nashville...
2016 - UT's last regular season game is @Vanderbilt in Nashville...
1992 - UT finishes with 3 losses...
2016 - UT has 3 losses and will probably be favored in all remaining games...
Eric Eric from Pensacola wrote on 2016/10/31 at 8:43 PM:
Being a Vol fan, I can write this: The one remark that is not consistent about Tennessee football during the Jones era is "great call by Tennessee." And Hurd?
Ed Herndon Ed Herndon from Nashville wrote on 2016/10/31 at 5:01 PM:
UT so overrated from the beginning!
Jay Flowers Jay Flowers from Atlanta wrote on 2016/10/31 at 6:39 AM:
Okay, listen some of this goes to far we all know that Paul knows this sport that we all love... I am a Gator but living in the South, there's nothing like College Football period. If you're from down here you'll understand how passionate we are about College Football! Didn't hear the comment Paul made in reference to Jim Harbaugh but we all know he's not in the same league as Nick Sabin and its not because of how he coaches but really where! Yeah that Michigan team beat my Gators last year (a team that didn't want to be there) but when you look at a Nick Sabin and his schedule and compare it to a weak Jim Harbaugh's Michigan one, its like comparing elephants to mice it doesn't come close... the grind that's the SEC (Strongest Ever Conference) is far more difficult than that of the big 10, correct me if I'm wrong here I do believe that, Florida, Tennessee, Auburn, Texas A & M, Ole Miss, LSU and Alabama would be dominate in the big 10 conference with Kentucky, Arkansas and even Georgia all contenders... how many teams would you say could play an SEC conference schedule and be dominate? So to get you back up to speed... its a different game down here in the South so if Michigan wants to pay Jim 10 million a year, let them and watch Nick continue to battle for BCS Championships, oh Coaches Trophies! I wonder why Jim didn't take one of these SEC jobs when he had the chance, ask Ohio State's Urban Meyer its a tough out down here, week in, week out! We're a little closer Paul (took care of Georgia, convincingly) that defense Paul gave up 21 yards rushing. on the radar: Arkansas next week then the battle down under in Death Valley a difficult place to win and a running back that's healthy. In the top 10 as of this week (defense has us like ("The Jefferson's) MOVING ON UP ps Atlanta here we come! I'm early Paul Alabama 13 Florida 24 can I say special teams!
Dan McIntyre Dan McIntyre from Vero Beach Florida wrote on 2016/10/27 at 5:54 PM:

Love legend! Funny, could listen to him all day long! And I am a Georgia bulldog fan.
Joe neuenswander Joe neuenswander wrote on 2016/10/27 at 4:44 PM:
Paul, I listen to you from time to time. Most of the time it is enjoyable. You're comments about Jim HarBaugh being paid to much and a clown is BS. Saban lost more games than he won in the NFL because he wasn't a good enough coach and left cause he couldn't hack it. He coached Michigan state 5 years and never won a big 10 title and had a loosing record against Michigan.
HarBaugh took a pitiful SF team and in 4 years they went to 3 NFL championships and a Super Bowl. College football is not the NFL. HarBaugh can beat Sabins 5 stars with 3 stars just like he did Carroll when he was at Stanford, another historic turn around team.
In harbaughs first year the net income for mich athletics increased 7.8 million, this less than his salary. Your take on HarBaugh is ill informed, biased and just not true. So Get off your lazy*** and do your homework.
Dean Warner Dean Warner from Ann Arbor Mi wrote on 2016/10/27 at 4:39 PM:
Where did you come from? You don't know crap about football. Go Blue.
Darrell Grosz Darrell Grosz from Altamonte Springs, Florida wrote on 2016/10/25 at 11:05 PM:
I was a U of M marching band member as well as my son. When I went with the U of M band, we were warned about Ohio State fans because they previously in 1947 attacked the band, and destroyed some of our instruments. In 1997 my son marched in the U of Michigan marching band, and as they marched out of the stadium and down the street, Ohio State fans were throwing bottles at my son and other band members as they marched out of the stadium. Pual Finebaum and you have the audacity to say Ohio State has much better fans. Get real and find out what really goes on at their rivalry game. From a former U of Michigan Marching Band member with personal bad experiences with Ohio State fans for no reason at all, because they attack a rival band as it marches out of their stadium. What do you say about OSU fans now Paul? Your U of M vs Ohio State fan positions sucks. Darrell Grosz
Jay Flowers Jay Flowers from Atlanta wrote on 2016/10/25 at 5:54 AM:
Big fan Paul, and a huge SEC fan... that reps the GATOR NATION, really don't like talking about the past but my team has been under the radar all season (a tough second half to your Vols) much respect but when they run the gauntlet this season and meet Alabama in Atlanta do you give us a shot? After last years 14 point lost to a great team - we had NO quarterback no kicking game and a awful offense, this year is different Florida has always played great because of a great Defense, this year it gets helped out by our Offense... what's your thoughts? I'm always calling but could never get through, would love to be on though 404-999-9999 Jay, thanks Paul
Marcy Baker Marcy Baker from Bradenton wrote on 2016/10/22 at 6:21 PM:
Paul - please play the Virginia Tech coaches video educating us on why we salute the American flag. I think we need another reminder. Thank you
Bill Prather Bill Prather from Landrum, SC wrote on 2016/10/20 at 10:04 AM:
Sure enjoyed hearing Charlie Daniels on the show!

John S. John S. from Philadelphia wrote on 2016/10/19 at 9:36 PM:
Dear Paul,
I am a lifelong Michigan fan. I don't troll sports sites to respond to everything I hear. However, your thoughts on Michigan fans compelled me to your website. (To put this in context, I'm almost 40 with a pretty demanding day job). However, I found your position on Michigan fans 100% agreeable. I have loved BLUE since I was 11, and as I got older, particularly in the 2000s, I always wondered why Michigan fans were so arrogant in the BCS era. And it's the longevity of history behind the program (winningest blah blah blah). Two BCS bowl game wins since inception is not current relevance. OSU: 12 BCS bowls in the same timeframe, 4 title games and two titles. OUR DIVISION RIVALS.
--sadly in agreement
Stephanie Sumler Stephanie Sumler from Detroit wrote on 2016/10/19 at 5:39 PM:
I read the last entry by a Michigan graduate and I want to thank you. I am a 1999 graduate of the University of Michigan. My mom, dad, sister, brother, and husband all went to Michigan. We are an African American family rooted in the Michigan tradition since 1958. That is an accomplishment that very few can attest. There were 60 African Americans at the entire university when my dad first began his Michigan tenure. As a student, my father was in the Michigan Marching Band and traveled with the team. As an alum, he has attended every Michigan home game since 1969. He remembers specific plays from each game and is an anomaly to family, friends, and other Michigan fans. I have gone to every game even as a child and continue the tradition with my dad for every Saturday home game. Mr. Finebaum's comments hurt me to the core. I follow the players, the games, the recruiting, and the plays. As a female, this is rare. I have been spit on, called a bitch, the N word, and hurt by hurled ice in my years of attending games as a child, a student and as an alumni. A pathetic fan who lacks knowledge would and could not put up with that hate. Mr. Finebaum called us "pathetic," "unrealistic", and "not as knowledgeable as an Ohio State fan." I find that interesting since it was an Ohio state fan in 1999 that spit on me after we beat them decisively to win a championship. I reminded him of our winning record over the Buckeyes. I don't know you Mr. Finebaum, but I only criticize what I know. Apparently, you do not follow that axiom. Mr. Finebaum, you do not know me and I highly doubt you have many friends who are Michigan fans. (Maybe Desmond Howard as you momentarily share a platform on Saturday mornings). To criticize people you do not know is pathetic, unrealistic, and lacks knowledge about the substance in which you profess to know. Funny, isn't that what you said about us?
scott scott from Alpharetta wrote on 2016/10/19 at 2:28 PM:
I feel compelled to address Paul's comments regarding the UofM. I am a 1990 graduate of the university and have been following the Wolverines since the 70's. As with most national programs, there are lean years. The Wolverine fans endured a decade of futility during the RR/BH years, yet they continued to fill their stadium and support their team. In his most recent comments, Paul resorts to Trump-like banter by generalizing the UofM fan base despite a lack of fact or research to back up his comments. In fact, he admits to never even having gone to Ann Arbor, so I am not sure how he feels qualified to make general statements about the University, its alumni and fans. Championships may be his sole measure of a successful program, but there are other factors that should be included: overall wins, overall winning percentage, graduation rates and the character of the men that are developed by their respective programs. Michigan fans are excited about their new coach not solely because he is generating wins, but also by the way in which he approaches the entire program. This includes the care and development of his players. Just read the quotes from Jim Harbaugh when he speaks about his players, then compare that to how Paul’s beloved Alabama coach recently treated a young man who chose to transfer out of Alabama. I now live in SEC country(Georgia) and have nothing but respect for the passion that the fans have for their respective universities. My daughters my in fact go to one of the fine SEC schools in this area and I am sure that I will enjoy a beautiful Saturday in an SEC stadium filled with adoring fans. I just hope that my seat is not next to narrow minded and judgmental individual like Paul. Go Blue. Hail to the Victors.
Gary L Smith Gary L Smith from Ashland, AL wrote on 2016/10/18 at 10:09 PM:
Hope this reaches Paul. I listen as I travel to attend my wife who suffered a major stroke. I am now convinced some of the same schools who denied Big 12 expansion also buried their heads as the old Southwest Conference crashed and burned.
Rex Rex from Fort Lauderdale wrote on 2016/10/18 at 8:25 PM:
Paul just want to say thanks for the great work, been a long time listener and trying for weeks to get through on the phone line.. do you have any tips. Thanks and Roll Tide!
Brice Brice from Gonzales wrote on 2016/10/18 at 6:51 PM:
2011: @Bama
LSU Bama
Pass Yards 94 205
Rush Yards 148 96
Total yards 239 295
turnovers 2 2
First Downs 15 17
Time of Possession 18:34 18:06
3rd down conversions 3-11 5-13

2012: @LSU
LSU Bama
Pass Yards 296 165
Rush Yards 139 166
Total Yards 435 331
Turnovers 0 2
First downs 22 18
Time of Possession 38:57 28:51
3rd down conversions 10-20 1-9

2013: @Bama
LSU Bama
Pass Yards 241 179
Rush Yards 43 193
Total Yards 284 372
Turnovers 2 0
First Downs 16 25
Time of Possession 26:09 33:51
3rd down conversions 7-12 5-10

2014: @LSU
LSU Bama
Pass Yards 76 209
Rush Yards 183 106
Total Yards 259 315
Turnovers 1 1
First Downs 17 15
Time of Possession 38:16 21:44
3rd down conversions 9-22 8-20

2015: @Bama
LSU Bama
Pass Yards 128 184
Rush yards 54 250
Total Yards 182 434
Turnovers 1 1
First Downs 12 28
Time of Possession 20:33 39:27
3rd down conversions 3-11 7-15

2011-Present Average Per Game
LSU Bama
Pass Yards 167 188.4
Rush Yards 113.4 162.2
Total Yards 279.8 349.4
Turnovers 1.2 1.2
First down 16.4 20.6
Time of Possessions (total in all games) 104:48 142:58
3rd down conversions (total in game and percentage)32-76 42.1% 26-67


All sources are from ESPN
Bobby Brown From T-Town Bobby Brown From T-Town from Tuscaloosa wrote on 2016/10/18 at 5:57 PM:
The only reason A&M beat the Vols is those glaring, eight turnovers. The Aggies won't be so lucky with Bama. Hurts will have his usual 2 rushing TDs and 2 passing TDs and Bama's D will hold A&M to under 50 yards rushing and under 220 yards total offense with 1 defensive TD and one Special teams TD. Bama will start to blow the doors off midway through the 2nd quarter and Bateman will play a large portion of the 4th quarter. Bama will have higher than usual numbers in their passing game because A&M will try to make Hurts throw the ball. TAMU 13 - Bama 44. - KnowstroBamus
Bobby Brown From T-Town Bobby Brown From T-Town from Tuscaloosa wrote on 2016/10/18 at 5:48 PM:
The guy from San Antonio who says that A&M should make Jalen Hurts pass, must not have seen the USC game. That's what they did to him all game. The result was Bama 52 - USC 6. The kid is just too darn cool for that to rattle him.
Tommy Hanes Tommy Hanes from Bryant wrote on 2016/10/17 at 4:02 PM:
Since the Alabama Tennessee game Saturday. All UT fans are saying is it will be different in the Championship Game when "we" are healthy. My question is: Was Tennessee not "healthy"' against Appy State? What about Ohio? And is Florida not in control of the East as of now?
Jerry creasy Jerry creasy from Hendersonville wrote on 2016/10/17 at 3:20 PM:
Finebaum thnks the Vandy win over Georgia was nothig but a fluke. Was it a fluke that Georgia's duo of running backs couldn't run on Vandy's defense? Oh,wait...every school in the SEC can improve
EXCEPT Vandy. RIGHT PAUL.? For once, give your wife's alma mater a little,tiny bit of credit.
Rudy Psaroudis Rudy Psaroudis from Fort Mill, SC wrote on 2016/10/17 at 12:49 PM:
Paul, I've been listening to you for a long time now and your constant disrespect of teams outside the SEC is deplorable. Today it was the Big 12. WV for example played Mizzou and BYU in their non- conference games, they were scheduled years ago when both were very good teams. Why are you disrespecting WV because Missouri has fallen and BYU who was a good team a year ago but lost their coach. They even played a Baja team opening week a few years ago. Not everyone gets to schedule WKU, Chattanooga and Kent State. Cmon man !
Mike B Mike B from Charleston, SC wrote on 2016/10/16 at 1:41 PM:

As an older gentleman who's seen it all, am I supposed to believe that Alabama abides by the NCAA rules? Seems to me that the rules are created for parity, not domination. An I supposed to believe that Saban is so much better of a coach than all other human beings? If he is such a great motivator, wouldn't he have done well with the Dolphins? We've seen plenty of teams dominate through the years only to be revealed as violators. Have you ever heard of Paul Bryant Jr.?
What do you think? It's ok, I won't tell anyone.
Ron Holland Ron Holland from Georgetown Texas wrote on 2016/10/16 at 9:03 AM:
John. Please make sure Paul keeps right on dissing the Ages! Gives us a much better chance of kicking their red asses. They haven't faced anybody as unified as us. BTHO BAMA! Expect a lot of crow eating on College Football Sunday. We destroyed Tenn. Physically last Sat. You'll see next Sat. Love and gigs, Ron H.
Gina Gina from Birmingham wrote on 2016/10/15 at 9:07 AM:
I never thought I would see the day when politics would come into your comments. The Paul finebaum we know would go around apologizing for what he says maybe you need to just come back to Birmingham.
Don Don from Wauchula wrote on 2016/10/14 at 5:17 PM:
In a time when the media loves steering the pot...some thought on Gainesville last weekend. Moving to Sunday made sense to me...till I read that all those who would work security had been called away and would be working elsewhere and would not be available. Florida would not host without proper security in of several issues...this viewed as a primary issue. Foley may be ticked because they first suggested the 19th...LSU's response...we're home that day
Wayne Long Wayne Long from Chester, MD wrote on 2016/10/13 at 4:37 PM:
Fightin Texas Aggie 12th MAN member here.
We Ags just left a Conference where one team got whatever it wanted, and everybody else had to comply - that team was Texas. That was one major reason we left.
Have we now entered a Conference where LSU and AD Aleva get whatever it wants, and the rest of us have to comply, including our Comissioner?
Bill Bill from Plano wrote on 2016/10/13 at 12:32 AM:
Paul loves to vilify Baylor and particularly Art Briles, yet he and other pious media types are basing it on what facts? None have been reported. The entire Pepper Hamilton report is filled with hearsay. Not one fact in the so called "Finding of Fact", is mentioned.
Try this one in Paul. If Chris Peterson knew Sam Ukwuachu had mistreated or assaulted women, then by mot reporting it he violated Title IX. That is what is called a fact. Paul when you actually have one fact about Briles then by all means let the world know. Until then you are simply showing your ignorance by regurgitating hearsay and innuendos that you have only heard others say. Why dont you actually do a little research. You will find out Briles did not intentionally cover up anything. The truth is starting to leak out and when it dies to vindicate Briles, I hope you are man enought to apologize. In the meantime, go find one thing that you know he did. Just one
Tim Trollinger Tim Trollinger from Mary Esther wrote on 2016/10/12 at 4:16 PM:
Perhaps Florida should allow LSU to host them on the 19th of Nov. Considering the amount of destruction caused by the recent flooding LSU simply can not afford to give up the revenue generated by a home game. Florida could make the revenue back next year by hosting Florida and gaining an extra home game.
Bill Warren Bill Warren from Baton Rouge wrote on 2016/10/12 at 3:26 PM:
I feel we are being presented as the 'bad guy' on your show and the one that needs to 'bend over backwards' to make up the FL-LSU game.
Now I know you do not want to beat this 'horse to death', but all the local sports pundits here in Baton Rouge wonder why FL refused to have a Plan A & B that LSU presented.
Namely, to play on Sunday or Monday and cancel those dates if the weather persists--cancel, but FL refuse to entertain Plan A or B.
I just do not know why LSU is the bad guy in all this.
Thanks, Bill Warren, Baton Rouge, LA. LSU Class of '68
ps. I will send you a check for $100, if you open your shirt to expose the RED Letter A tattooed on your chest 🙂
Hank Hank from Delray Beach, Fl wrote on 2016/10/12 at 10:46 AM:
As usual, the universe revolves around the gators! If you don't play your scheduled SEC games, given an opportunity, you forfeit your opportunity to compete in the SEC Championship. Florida was given every opportunity be LSU and chose to act like
a small child. Play the damn game or don't compete in the championship. Personally, I think the gators are scared LSU will KICK THEIR ASSES.
Tik Tik from Huntsville wrote on 2016/10/12 at 9:08 AM:
LSU-Fla game is a no brainer.

Look at Nov 19 - LSU has South Alabama at home and Fla has Presbyterian. Use that date for the LSU-Fla game. Presbyterian can then play at South Alabama (south gets relief for playing an FCS school). Give South and Pres dates in the future, also might want to throw in a $$$ sweetner.
Phillip Jones Phillip Jones from Parsons, TN wrote on 2016/10/12 at 7:33 AM:
Concerning the FL-LSU game, why not let Presbyterian play at South Alabama on Nov. 19, FL play LSU, and have FL and LSU revenue share their game portions with the two smaller schools? Every school involved could win this way, and the SEC race will still be balanced.
Mike Harris Mike Harris from Tuscaloosa wrote on 2016/10/11 at 9:29 PM:
This may have already been mentioned and/or discussed, but in trying to determine a division winner when not all scheduled games are played, why not count only games played within the division?
T-boy T-boy from Dallas wrote on 2016/10/11 at 4:07 PM:
Why is finebaum so hard in LSU's A.D. When what I was hearing is that LSU bent over backwards to accommodate Florida at LSU on sat., Sun., Or Monday , fly in and out of Florida anyday as to not use any needed hotel rooms, play in a neutral site as to not use needed Florida infrastructure,
Florida denied all of these options, but now because LSU states it does not want to lose a needed home game, LSU's Is being called stubborn or not accommodating.
Joe Joe from Peljam wrote on 2016/10/11 at 3:37 PM:
Alabama's secondary is poor. Tennessee cam exploit them for win
dougb dougb from ozark ala wrote on 2016/10/11 at 3:33 PM:
just how long dose a collage educated man,kick a dead horse before he understands the horse is dead
Otis Otis from Ft Worth wrote on 2016/10/11 at 3:25 PM:
Funny watching Paul go out of his way to cover for Foley but loves to hammer Alleva. Where is the anger for Foley not having contingencies, or Sankey dropping the ball. Lsu bent over backwards to come up with a contingency plan but are expected to take the fall for rescheduling. Why Nov 19? Why not Oct 29? Oh no, not in the interest of Florida and Georgia... but Lsu is suppose to give up a home game and suffer the consequences. Florida created this problem and it is Florida's obligation to fix it, not Lsu. Lsu didn't create this problem, had solutions and was told to pound sand. There are three parties involved in this and Florida & Sankey screwed up, not Lsu.
Billy B. Billy B. from Shreveport, LA wrote on 2016/10/11 at 3:25 PM:
Finebaum Fans - Read Ken's post below. This is exactly what happened. Finebaum loves to pick at LSU anytime he can. While Alleva has made some questionable moves as an AD, he is absolutely right in this situation. Sankey and the Florida AD are the culprits for this entire situation. In my opinion, they tried to use the Hurricane as an excuse not to play a 'hot' LSU Team, ending Florida's SEC Title hopes. Billy B.
TallDog TallDog from Brandon wrote on 2016/10/11 at 3:11 PM:
If the two schools cannot work out a date to play this year, the commish should issue both teams a Loss.
Ken Ken from Denton, TX wrote on 2016/10/11 at 9:56 AM:
It seems like all I hear from Paul now is how LSU doesn't want to play away from home on Nov 19th. Paul needs to be fair and impartial and state the Florida REFUSED to consider playing the game any other time or location than Gainesville on Oct 8th.

The "bad" guy in this is Florida and the SEC Commissioner who let Florida manipulate the situation.

What should have happened is that Sankey should have given an ultimatum to both teams play the game either Sunday or Monday and if Florida refused (AS THEY DID to all of LSU;s offers including flying in on Sunday, playing the game, and leaving after the game) they should have been made to forfeit the game. In fact if Sankey had any balls he would declare the game a Florida forfeit now.

You probably will say that that is not fair to Florida but is it more fair to dump everything on LSU so Florida gets its way like a petulant child.

What will probably happen now that this has suddenly become the "GAME THAT HAS TO BE PLAYED" is that LSU will be forced to either play the game at Gainesville or forfeit.
Leslie Leslie from Slaem wrote on 2016/10/10 at 6:54 PM:
If lsu and Florida don't play they have no business going to any bowl game it is not fair to sec schools or any school they might play. If not played NCAA should disqualify them from bowl play. Come on commissioner earn your pay make them play
K Smith K Smith from Ocala,Fl wrote on 2016/10/10 at 5:56 PM:
Regarding Florida vs LSU reschedule - Seems like Florida vs Tenn. was postponed in 2001. I believe the game was rescheduled and played on 12/1/2001 , which pushed the SEC Championship back one week . Tenn won and I believe was in the championship the next week . It worked then ,why not now ? I believe this was coach Spurrier's last SEC Game as coach at Florida.
DANIEL TAYLOR DANIEL TAYLOR from Corinth MS wrote on 2016/10/10 at 5:56 PM:
Go ahead and play the LSU/FLA game in Baton Rouge this year. Move next year's game to Gainesville. After that go back to the regular schedule, which will be in Gainesville in 2018.
Leslie Leslie from Salem, al wrote on 2016/10/10 at 5:53 PM:
I don't think the commissioner of the NFL, NBA or MLB would let the schools tell them when or where they will play if a game was postponed. The commissioner needs to make the call and if they will not they can forfeit losers
John John from Winter Haven wrote on 2016/10/10 at 5:23 PM:
Looks like LSU and FL are miles apart on reaching any agreement to reschedule the game unless GA agrees to move the Jax game up a week. Only out I see is moving the SEC championship back a week. FL plays @ FSU the Saturday before and LSU plays @ A&M on Thurs 11/24. Gives LSU an extra day or two to prepare and travel. SEC should always schedule the game for the second Sat in December anyway as most SEC schools have a rivalry game the last week of November and could use the extra week to rest and recuperate. Would give more time for a championship buildup too.
Kayce Kayce from Niceville, FL wrote on 2016/10/10 at 5:19 PM:
You're right Paul, the FL-LSU situation is all about the MONEY! The money that LSU will lose in ticket sales and contract requirements with the Ugly Sisters of the Poor!!
Blake Brasher Blake Brasher from Paragould wrote on 2016/10/10 at 4:55 PM:
Hats off to bama on Saturday
My thing is bama is good enough beat us and most other teams without getting the bad wrap... this is the sec!!! Stan is getting plenty of hand slapping after his performance but frankly bama didn't need that. The rules state that after an offensive penalty the game clock doesn't start until the snap while the play clock is still in play(plz review the end of 1st qtr ar/ala or ask Penn majors)LOL. Ntm the head shots. Bama is 1team
Not one league... again hats off they handed it to us but some are trying do this right way, bama would be held in much regards if not for this which probably isn't even their doing.
leigh cutrer leigh cutrer from louisiana wrote on 2016/10/10 at 4:44 PM:
you can't deny that florida's coach didn't want to play us due to all the team's injuries. The offer was out there to play anywhere. Even means of travel and places to stay was offered. how else could you explain them not wanting to play us. The truth hurts. Other teams played through the storm. People from Florida aren't necessarily but the coach was!!!!
leigh cutrer leigh cutrer from bogalusa La wrote on 2016/10/10 at 4:29 PM:
florida's head coach didn't want to play the game against LSU because all his players were hurt and gonna miss the game. Qb was questionable but the entire defensive 9line was gonna be out. that why he insisted on game being cancelled. LSU did all they could do in their power in hopes of the game being played.
Kevin Kevin from Seymour wrote on 2016/10/10 at 4:18 PM:
Ryan, are you serious. Of all people, you should know how devastating a hurricane can be. Calling them cowardly. Please. Looks like the LSU AD as shot down the Nov. 19th date. Is he being cowardly?
Melinda Blaise Melinda Blaise from Pensacola wrote on 2016/10/10 at 3:43 PM:
It is my understanding that LSU offered to play the game on Sunday or a Monday night. Who was that option turned down ?
Neal Golden Neal Golden from New Orleans wrote on 2016/10/10 at 3:05 PM:
Joe Alleva offered to play the game in Gainesville Sunday or even Monday but Foley showed no interest in doing that. What happened with GA-SC puts to shame Foley's intransigence.
I don't know the mind of Joe Alleva but I'm betting he's disgusted by Foley's attitude which now forces LSU to give up a home date and lose over $1M.
So I think you're being too kind to Foley. The UGa AD said he and the SC AD moved their game to Sunday THURSDAY NIGHT whereas Foley cut off a possibility earlier that day.
Paul Paul from Loudon wrote on 2016/10/10 at 3:04 PM:
If they don't play LSU and FL, then make all SEC vs SEC games for that period a push. In regards to SEC, no wins or losses, and as far as National ranking, it remains the same.
Kristie Bowman Kristie Bowman from Rockwood, Tennessee wrote on 2016/10/10 at 1:28 PM: my dad thinks you are the greatest thing to ever live! This is for you Paul!
Mary Bass Mary Bass from Mobile wrote on 2016/10/10 at 8:45 AM:
It's so simple, move the Georgia/Florida game up one week, then LSU can play Florida on Oct 29, it's so simple, why isn't it already a done deal???
Roger the Liger Roger the Liger from Reno, NV wrote on 2016/10/09 at 4:04 PM:
Hey Paul:

As I watch the Georgia v. S.C. game, seeing the fans basking in the sun; I couldn't help but wonder... how's the weather in Gainesville? 85 and sunny!
Glenn Glenn from Sugar Land wrote on 2016/10/09 at 2:46 PM:
Easy Solution to reschedule LSU Florida Game

Commissioner Shankey 

May I suggest moving the Florida vs. Georgia game from 10/29 to 10/22 (they both are scheduled to have an off week) and have Florida play LSU on 10/29 when LSU was to have an off week. No change in venues are required. No buy outs of other teams are necessary. 

Best regards, 

Thom Hall Thom Hall from Savannah, GA wrote on 2016/10/09 at 1:24 PM:
I am very upset that this game is being played today. Does either team care about the people who paid money for tickets who are in the Savannah area who cannot get to the game? This shows a total lack of respect for the fan base of both teams. I really hope you will address this tomorrow on your show. Thom from Savannah.
Patrick Patrick from Dayton wrote on 2016/10/09 at 10:00 AM:
Question. During the Tennessee and Texas A&M game there was a fumble at the end zone. It looked to me the ball was picked up on the field then tried to run. He ran back into the end zone and tackled but the ball was placed on the 2. Can you explain the rule or should it be a safety?
david david from Johnson City wrote on 2016/10/08 at 12:44 PM:
Rename the swamp "The Chicken Coop". Sorry Foley's last big decision was to use a hurricane as an excuse to duck playing LSU
Mike Mike from Chattanooga wrote on 2016/10/08 at 10:40 AM:
If Florida and LSU refuse to play each other, a forfeit loss should be posted to both team's record.
Ben M. Enis, BS, MBA, Ph.D, LSU Ben M. Enis, BS, MBA, Ph.D, LSU from Henderson NV wrote on 2016/10/08 at 12:07 AM:
The LSU-FLA game could be played in the Swamp Fri 12/02 evening (or Sat 12/03) provided neither plays in the SEC Championship (if either qualifies, no game). Playing would likely have bowl implications, and Florida would benefit economically and psychologically. Coach O would get his Christmas present.
Joey Joey from Atlanta wrote on 2016/10/07 at 10:39 PM:
Please explain how the women's volleyball team can travel in the direction of the hurricane to play the exact same day/time the football game was scheduled, but the football team couldn't travel away from the hurricane to play in Baton Rouge or a neutral site:
Sara Sara from Macon wrote on 2016/10/07 at 4:46 PM:
I forgot to mention on my previous comments where would those who think we and by we I mean Florida and LSU fans should stay in Gainesville to watch the football game. Oh I guess we should tell the hurricane evacuees to give up their rooms st the hotels even though they may not be able to go home I mean football is so much more important than the weather and people's safety right?
Sara Sara from Macon wrote on 2016/10/07 at 4:36 PM:
Paul as a lifelong Gator and Gainesville native I am upset by the comments of some of the callers today. I love college football but honestly people's lives and homes are more important. TheFl vs LSU game had to be canceled while the sun may be shining by tomorrow will there be power? Fans will have a hard time Getting to the game and even the coaches and players may have bigger concerns like are our loved ones safe, is my home destroyed, not even all the roads will be safe so how about we put a football game in the proper perspective.
Marco Espinar Marco Espinar from Naples wrote on 2016/10/07 at 2:43 PM:
It was very nice of LSU to offer their stadium for the game. So that would give LSU three home games in a row. Is that fair? They did not offer to give next years home game in exchange did they? No, they didn't. They also walked away from the November date because they claimed it would cost them revenue.
Heath Heath wrote on 2016/10/07 at 1:14 PM:
Paul, Try speaking with UT's Chancellor Jimmy Cheek (a 2016 SEC Exec Committee member) to get his take on the latest regarding this cluster bombing of SEC football by Jeremy Foley. Ask Cheek if the SEC Exec Comm can (or have the commish) force UF to forfeit? Foley delayed and declined the LSU contest in an obvious attempt to game the system.
Daleedose Daleedose from Orange Beach, Alabama wrote on 2016/10/07 at 4:47 AM:
Re Florida-LSU
Did anybody explore the option of playing this game Saturday at a neutral SEC site having a BYE week? This week it is Ole Miss. Just seems like a bye week school could host games in emergency situations
Demmye Demmye from San Diego wrote on 2016/10/06 at 8:38 PM:
LSU vs UF Postponed
Paul - I call BS on UF! This storm has been projected to hit FL since early this week. UF knew waaay before Wed that it was not safe to play the game in Gainesville.They had plenty of time to move the game to LSU BR. Didn't LSU send their plane to South Carolina to help that team travel to LSU last year? Yes, Florida is in a seriously dangerous situation, but these coaches and players could have flown to BR to play this game. Plus, LSU would have given the $$ to UF just like they gave the $$ to South Car last year. INHO, UF rolled the dice for their own selfish purposes, and they didn't want to play LSU at this time.

The SEC should have played a stronger role in encouraging UF to get this game done this weekend. By allowing UF to drag their feet until this morning, they allowed UF to determine the results on their own.
David A David A from Clarksville TN wrote on 2016/10/06 at 7:21 PM:
FLA and GA should move their game from 10/29 to 10/22, since both are off then. LSU is off 10/29, so LSU-FL could play then. No games cancelled, no payoffs, only SEC teams affected. A simple double switch! Too complex for SEC to think of?
Bill Bill from Friendswood, Texas wrote on 2016/10/06 at 5:28 PM:
If you want to get LSU and Florida to agree to play Nov 19th just have the conference determine that no team that doesn't complete it's conference schedule will be eligible for the conference playoff
David David from Crystal River wrote on 2016/10/06 at 3:32 PM:
The Gators have a roster full of players from Florida whose families and friends are going through a terrible storm as we speak. They should not be asked to leave their home state to play a game when their homes may be destroyed.
Frank Frank wrote on 2016/10/06 at 3:13 PM:
The Florida coach said yesterday that playing in Baton Rouge was not an option. The game was to important to play on the road.
John B John B from Marietta, ga wrote on 2016/10/06 at 11:10 AM:
Even more impressed... bama week..... sign of a great Man. no one covered this. This past Saturday, Bielema got a call from Ragnow’s mother informing him that Frank’s father, Jon, had suffered a heart attack and died at the age of 50. Bielema was in the middle of dinner with his wife after a lopsided win over Alcorn State — and with Alabama looming next week — but he dropped everything to be with Ragnow when his mom delivered the news and then flew back to Minnesota with his player.
aubrey aubrey from villines wrote on 2016/10/06 at 9:59 AM:
Sung to tune of"EYES OF TEXAS"
The eyes of Texas r upon us,
and thats where they should b.
cause we're the best in the nation,
yes we're from Tennessee,
they call us the volunteer state,
and the reason is plain to c.
So texas dont u ever forget us,
Cyril Statum Cyril Statum from Austin wrote on 2016/10/06 at 7:22 AM:
Pronunciation for Paul & friends:
McJohn is an Irish surname and is pronounced "MickJohn".
MacJohn is a Scottish surname and is pronounced"MacJohn".
BTW, "route" is pronounced "root" not rout. It's been that way for over a thousand years.
Mark Mark from Fairhope Al wrote on 2016/10/05 at 3:08 PM:
Paul You've got to ban JIM from Tusc, Im a life long BAMA fan but I cant stand him he's offensive and his attack on stingray was uncalled for he is everything he claims to hate in a caller. Ive never met a bigger HATER in my life , he has serious mental problems, PLEASE make him publicly appologize to Stingray or ban him till he does, LOVE The show Paul I'll listen and watch till you retire man you are a big part of what makes college football great.
Godfrey Drake Godfrey Drake from Jackson wrote on 2016/10/04 at 4:31 PM:
Remebering what Jimmy the Greek had to say about Southern Athletes why can't money market funds be set asside for D1 athletes that would be awarded upon graduation(Look athe moneys football and basketball generate). The NCAA should be broken up for anti-trust violations!!
Steven Caldwell Steven Caldwell from Savannah TN wrote on 2016/10/04 at 1:41 PM:
This is a song I wrote about that game Saturday set to the devil went down to Georgia tune. I'm not much of a singer so I thought you might know somebody who could do it.

The vols went down to Georgia

The vols went down to Georgia
They were looking for a game to steal

UGA was in a bind they were a game behind, and eager to prove they were real.

When he came across Tennessee runnin and throwin the rock.

Georgia took the line, made up their mind and said Boys let me tell you what.

I guess you didn't know it, but we can run and throw too, then the coin was tossed, Tennessee lost, and Georgia said let us show you what Eason can do.

Kirby looked across that field and said your pretty good ol boys, but give UGA his due. Cause I bet the east your gonna be beat cause were better than you.

Coach jones stared at him with fire in his eyes and said. "It may be sin, but I'll take your bet your gonna regret cause all we do is win."

Oh smokey rise up in your heart and play that football hard cause Eason broke loose in Athens and UGA deals the cards.
And if you win, the trip to Atlanta is in your control, but if you lose Georgia May get to go.

Eason looked to smart and said "we will start the show"
And the football flew from his hand, as he had them on a role.
Georgia pulled ahead scoring 17, before Tennessee cut the lead to ten.
Back and forth they went as Tennessee looked to take the win.

with nineteen seconds left Eason made that faithful throw, now with four seconds left Dobbs said let me show you how this is gonna go.

Dobbs in the pocket, Run boys Run
There's four seconds left and we're not done
Jennings goes up with Georgia all around
He snagged that ball and took it to the ground.

The Georgia faithful were in shock, because they knew that the had been beat. As a sea of red departed UGA had the look of defeat.

Coach jones said "now UGA you come on back if you ever want to try again.
I done told you once you son of a gun, all we do is win"

Dobbs in the pocket, run boys run.
There's four seconds left and were not done.
Jennings goes up with Georgia all around.
He snagged that ball and took it to the ground.
FInebaumFan FInebaumFan wrote on 2016/10/03 at 11:41 PM:
Well, there seemed to be a big demand for an outlet for listeners of The Paul Finebaum show.

I have received almost two thousand emails from my contact page.

Most of the emails were only seen by me and I thought they deserved to be shared.

So, I worked REALLY HARD for about five minutes and created this guestbook.

Share your thoughts with other fans - comments, links, pictures can all be added.

Who knows, "The Big Guy" may see them too!