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    You make me ill referring to Jameis Winston as a rapist.If he were my son ,I would sue your sorry a- for defamation .True he has done some dumb things but he has not been found guilty of rape.Shame on you.!


    Calm down. He didn’t ever say that


    Hey Paul enjoy your show! I have a question could the LSU and Florida play their game after the SEC Championship?


    Hey Paul I’m an alabama fan and I wanted to see what your thoughts were on expanding the playoffs


    CFP is a joke…Committee got it wrong last year letting OSU in and they got it wrong this year keeping them out. At least they are consistent! Obviously Bama’s best win was LSU at #17 who also lost to TROY, but what really stands out are their stats compared to OSU. Buckeyes have 12 more TD’s this season, 50 more yards rushing and 1,100 yards more passing than Bama and yet Bama had the JV schedule this year and still failed to win their division or their conference…and they lost to their rival. So explain to me why Bama is more deserving? I think Saban said it best…Conference Champions deserve to go to the CFP. You don’t hear him singing that tune this year…. Bye the way love you show…. I live in SEC country but I am a Buckeye… You are normally unbiased and have no problems poking the SEC in the eye when necessary or any other conference… But I sincerely believe you got this one all wrong…

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