Mar 292016
Bumper Music From The Paul Finebaum Show - "Can't Keep No Good Boy Down"

By FinebaumFan. Many of you have been asking about this catchy tune used as bumper music on The Paul Finebaum Show. It’s called “Can’t Keep No Good Boy Down” and it’s performed by The Parlor Mob on Roadrunner Records. The Parlor Mob, originally named What About Frank?, is a rock band founded in New Jersey Read All or Comment…

Mar 292016
Call of the Day - "Ed From Connecticut" Puts "Jim From Tuscaloosa" In His Place

By FinebaumFan. “Ed From Connecticut” is ambushed by “Jim from Tuscaloosa” on the Paul Finebaum Show. “Jim” poses as the customer service  manager to field Ed’s complaint about Jim’s excessive calls to the show. Listen To More Finebaum Audio Clips

Aug 062015
Call Of The Day - After A Few, "Charlie Fom Memphis" Calls Paul Finebaum

“Charlie From Memphis” called The Paul Finebaum Show today to discuss The University of Alabama football program and his his “Bama friends”. Fortunately for listeners, “Charlie” had a few drinks before mustering the nerve to call the show. The conversation quickly deteriorated into a discussion of his feelings for Finebaum, Memphis, Mexican restaurants, and Charlie’s Read All or Comment…

Jan 092015
Call of the Day - "Andy from Ohio" Annihilates "Jim From Tuscaloosa" On The Paul Finebaum Show

By FinebaumFan. “Andy from Perrysburg, Ohio” absolutely annihilated “Jim from Tuscaloosa” on the Paul Finebaum Show today. It wasn’t the first time! More later! Listen To More Finebaum Audio Clips