Jan 092015

B6T5xNSIEAEP7WmBy FinebaumFan.

“Andy from Perrysburg, Ohio” absolutely annihilated “Jim from Tuscaloosa” on the Paul Finebaum Show today.

It wasn’t the first time!

More later!

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Oct 062014

By FinebaumFan.

“Phyllis From Mulga” took exception to ESPN’s Colin Cowherd’s comments regarding her beloved Alabama Crimson Tide and Head Coach, Nick Saban.

This morning on his show, “In The Herd”, Cowherd made this comment on air immediately after Paul Finebaum had been interviewed:

Phyllis called into the Finebaum show today unaware of Cowherd’s comments.

It didn’t take long before Phyllis began her second scathing of Cowherd on the Finebaum Show.

Her first call was a classic and quickly went viral on social media.

Play Phyllis From Mulga - Colin Cowherd: COW TURD


Today’s response to Cowherd was as intense as her first:

Here’s the COMPLETE call.

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Video from The Paul Finebaum Show YouTube Channel:

Roll Tide!

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Oct 022014
Mississippi Territory

The Mississippi Territory

“Oh yeah, I laid in bed two days after that…”- “Randy In Mobile”

What we learned on Finebaum today:

On March 1, 1817, President James Monroe signed an act admitting Mississippi to The Union.  The western part of the Mississippi Territory became a state, and the eastern half became the Alabama Territory. In December of 1817, Mississippi became a state. Alabama followed in 1819.

Who said The Finebaum Show wasn’t educational?

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Jul 082014
“Now, you wanna hang up on me, PAL? Hang up on me – I don’t care, Paul! Im.. I’m sick of your stinking show. It caused me grief! Total grief! …And to Hell with your show!”“The REAL Jim From Tuscaloosa”
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Apr 242014
Play Darriel From Columbus, Georgia vs. Jim From Tuscaloosa

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Apr 222014
Play Call of the Day - Chris from Ohio vs. Phyllis from Mulga

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Feb 202014
David O'keefe's "Bushwood - A Tribute to Caddyshack"

David O’keefe’s “Bushwood – A Tribute to Caddyshack”

“Larry” explains fighting a guy on the golf course over a “mulligan”…

You can order a copy of David O’Keefe’s “Bushwood – A Tribute to Caddyshack” at DavidOKeefe.com.

Follow David O’Keefe on Twitter.

Audio produced by John Hayes.  You can follow him on Twitter.

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[mp3t track=”http://finebaumfan.com/audio/Page/Larry Continues His Explanation Of His Fight On The Golf Course.mp3″ title=”Larry Continues His Explanation Of His Fight On The Golf Course” volslider=”y” style=”bigger1″ vol=”50″]
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Feb 112014

telephone270x200“I too would be gay if every man in the world looked like Nick Saban…”

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Dec 182013

Colin CowherdLink To Phyllis’ Latest Call Berating Colin Cowherd.

Colin Cowherd, host of ESPN’s “The Herd with Colin Cowherd”, joined Paul Finebaum today looking for publicity for his new book “You Herd Me”.

Well, he found publicity, but not necessarily for his book.

It came in the form of “Phyllis from Mulga”, whose call to Finebaum went viral on the internet.

Phyllis once again took exception to comments made by an ESPN personality regarding her beloved Alabama Crimson Tide.

She proceeded to unload on Cowherd.

Listen to the call:

Play Phyllis From Mulga - Colin Cowherd: COW TURD

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Sep 142013

By  FinebaumFan.

Harvey Updyke - Show Me the Money!

Harvey Updyke – Show Me the Money!

Harvey Updyke, notorious‎ University of Alabama football fan and part-time arborist, is alive and well and still pulling for the Tide.

A visit late Saturday afternoon to his Facebook page revealed this photo of Harvey celebrating the Tide’s 49-42 victory over the Texas A&M Aggies.

The description on the photo said simply, “Talk trash now Johhny punk”.  Even though he misspelled his name, Updyke was referring to Aggie quarterback Johnny Manziel.  Updyke seems to be imitating Manziel’s “Show me the money!” gesture.

Uppdyke, also known as “Al from Dadeville”,  is best known for a phone call to the Paul Finebaum radio program admitting he had poisoned the beloved Toomer’s Oaks in Auburn.

You can hear this call and others here.

Updyke pleaded guilty to unlawful damage of an animal or crop facility.  He was released from jail after 104 days of incarceration and will serve five years of supervised probation as a result of his plea agreement.

“Al from Dadeville” Call to Paul Finebaum Show


Harvey Updyke “Apologizes” to Auburn Family