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In 2008, Columbia University named Finebaum’s Show as one of the winners of its annual ‘Let’s Do it Better! Workshop on Journalism, Race and Ethnicity’ awards for providing a strong and sometimes controversial view on racial issues in sports. In particular, Columbia cited a poignant show on the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday – which highlighted the slain Civil Rights leaders still strong connections with today’s sports stars. Among Finebaum’s written works noted included a column in the Mobile Press-Register on the first two black coaches in the bowl, the admission of NBA star that he was gay, a column on the University of Alabama snubbing of Sylvester Croom to be the first black football head coach in the SEC and a tribute to the late Grambling coach Eddie Robinson.

Paul Finebaum celebrated Martin Luther King Day as he has the past few years by replaying this call from “Jay In Huntsville”:

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