Oct 192016

“Ryan From Ohio” called The Paul Finebaum Show seeking an explanation about why “Michigan fans are from another planet”.

Finebaum proceeded to elaborate and seems to have offended the entire Wolverine fan base – again.

Should they be offended?

Listen and decide for yourself.

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Feb 052014

By Finebaum Fan.

Auburn High School’s Rashaan Evans shocked the college football world by choosing The University of Alabama over hometown Auburn University – and it only took “a second”.

Evans is a fast five-star linebacker who is expected to assist the Tide in slowing the quicker “spread-type offenses” which have become more dominate in the SEC.

Here’s what “Twitterverse” has to say about it:

Sep 172013

From AlexCityOutlook.com By David Goodwin.

As I was driving to work last week, I encountered a person named Phyllis, in decibels sufficient to rival the Gulfstreams that carry our football coaches from place to place.

I’m sure you “know” her, in the same way it seems we all know Shane, Charles from Reeltown, and their ascendant ringleader, Paul Finebaum.

After hearing Phyllis scream into her phone about my alma mater, the weekend’s opponent Texas A&M and the necessity of gravely injuring quarterback Johnny Manziel, I worry about the mental health of some supporters of our two storied institutions of football and education.

Things turned out all right, I’m happy to say, in Saturday’s contests. Bama contained Manziel just enough to hang on for the victory. Despite a scare, Auburn also survived against Mississippi State.

But I’m sure if I turned on my radio right now, the speakers would again be dripping with some fan’s spittle-flecked rantings.

I know this is an area all-too-familiar with over excited super fans. The ultimate specimen, being Harvey “The Oak Assassin” Updyke, who gave his full confession as “Al from Dadeville” on the aforementioned radio show.

I’ve been increasingly alarmed at the show’s recent change of distributor. At least under the old WJOX label, it was more of a regional curiosity, a mostly hidden corner where our crazies could interact. Now that he’s joined The Worldwide Leader in Sports, though, folks nationwide get a window into the people we’d just as soon keep hidden in the basement.

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