Sep 082014
Jim Disgusts Finebaum

Paul Finebaum’s reaction to “Jim From Tuscaloosa”.

Jim from Tuscaloosa” continues to embarrass his home state of Alabama on The Paul Finebaum Show.  Listen to his latest rant on the quarterback “controversy” at the University of Alabama.

It an agenda, Paul… it’s the protection agenda.  He’s one of THEM. He’s one of THEIRS – they figure.  It’s a color deal, Paul. It’s about COLOR.” – The REAL Jim From Tuscaloosa.

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Jan 262014
David Cornwell

David Cornwell at Jones High School

By Finebaum Fan.

The University of Alabama may have lost 2015 quarterback prospect, Ricky Town, to USC – but David Cornwell is already on campus.

Cornwell, an Under Armour All-American and Elite 11 Alumni ,  is a 6′ 5” 241-pound early enrollee from Norman, Oklahoma who will be competing for the starting quarterback position this spring.

While at Norman High School North, he passed for 12 touchdowns and 1445 yards in the first five games of 2013 before suffering a season-ending knee injury.

His recovery has been progressing nicely and it appears he will be ready to compete by the time the Crimson Tide begins spring practice.

On Dec  3, just six weeks after ACL surgery, he posted an update to his progress on YouTube.

Sure, it’s a basketball and there isn’t an SEC defense in his face, but you have to admit this full-court pass is quite impressive!

I’m pretty sure he was just checking the wind on his first attempt, but he certainly nailed the second one.

But, what can he do with a football?

Here are some of the highlights from Cornwell’s high school career.

There has been much speculation that  Jacob Coker, a likely transfer from Florida State, is the heir apparent to Heisman runner-up, A.J. McCarron.

Coker and Cornwell are about the same size.  And like Cornwell, Coker is also coming off a season-ending knee injury.

After comparing Cornwell’s passing accuracy to that of Coker, I wouldn’t be surprised to see David Cornwell emerge as the Tide’s quarterback this fall.


For some interesting insight to Cornwell’s long road from Oklahoma to Alabama, read this article by Matt Scalici.

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