Oct 142014
Lane Kiffin (l) and Daniel Tosh (r)

Lane Kiffin (l) and Daniel Tosh (r)

By FinebaumFan.

It is said that everyone has a doppelganger – someone who looks exactly the same as another person.

In the case of University of Alabama offensive coordinator, Lane Kiffin,  Daniel Tosh fits the bill.

Tosh is a comedian, actor, and writer who hosts the Comedy Central television show – “Tosh.0.

This week, Tosh took advantage of his striking resemblance to Kiffin to reveal his impression of a Lane Kiffin “call in” television show.

Along with his stunning “wife”, played by UFC ring girl Chrissy Blair, “Kiffin” fielded calls from fans of the Alabama Crimson Tide, the Auburn Tigers, the USC Trojans, and the Tennessee Volunteers.

Watch as “Lane” takes calls from these unhappy fans on “Kiffin’s Krimson Korner”.

Video By: tosh.cc.com.

Warning: Language

Don’t forget your “College Gameday” Signs!

Oct 062013
Paul Finebaum from TheState.com

Paul Finebaum from TheState.com

From TheState.com by Bob Gillespie.

CHARLOTTE — For perhaps the first (and only) time in his adult life, Paul Finebaum says, he found himself struck speechless.

It was the evening of the 2009 BCS National Championship game, immediately after Alabama had defeated Texas in the Rose Bowl for the first of what would be three national titles in four seasons for the Crimson Tide. It was also about to become “one of the great experiences I’ve had covering sports,” Finebaum said.

For most of his three decades as a sports columnist and talk show host in Birmingham, Ala., Finebaum had been the outsider, the antagonist, the bomb-thrower when it came to the Crimson Tide – and for Auburn and most of the other teams and coaches in the Southeastern Conference, too. Now, suddenly, it seemed almost as if he were part of Alabama coach Nick Saban’s staff.

“Fans in the parking lot were hugging me, thanking me,” he said, sitting in an empty radio studio at the Charlotte headquarters of ESPNU, which will be the future home base for the SEC Network, and where Finebaum will be a central figure when the network launches in August 2014. “At the hotel, bell captains were screaming ‘Roll Tide!’ at me. And when I got home … suddenly I was being embraced, and I’d never had that before.”

His favorite story comes from the day after the game. At a Wal-Mart, Finebaum was approached by a man pushing a cart piled high with Alabama National Championship gear. “He said, ‘Mr. Finebaum, I am from Bangladesh, but today I am an Alabama fan.’ ”

As if telling Paul Finebaum somehow affirmed that – which, in a way, it did.

After years consisting mostly of post-Bear Bryant mediocrity, the Crimson Tide was back atop the college football world – and, almost ironically, Finebaum was along for the ride. That spring, Saban invited him to be an honorary captain for Alabama’s spring game; Finebaum, in the spirit of things, wore a Crimson Tide cap on the sidelines, a moment that immediately went viral on YouTube.

“For the first time in 20 years, I was on speaking terms with an Alabama coach,” he said. “I went from villain to, in some eyes, now part of the program.” He chuckled. “It wasn’t accurate, but I was pretty happy about it.”

Could his life get any better? Three years later, it has done just that – in spades.

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Oct 042013

From MiamiHerald.com by Joseph Goodman.


Lane Kiffin

Lane Kiffin

And here’s another disturbing anecdote of ESPN perhaps having too much power. On ESPN’s  College GameDay last Saturday, the network called for Southern California coach Lane Kiffin to be fired in the form of a poorly written and ill conceived prepared statement by radio buffoon Paul Finebaum. Kiffin was fired less than 24 hours later.

Never mind that Kiffin was trying to coach a team limited by extremely harsh scholarship reductions with inexperienced quarterbacks who were having a tough time absorbing USC’s complicated offensive system. Finebaum, with a flimsy monologue short on substance that read like it was scribbled on a cocktail napkin between sips of fruity drinks, called Kiffin the Miley Cyrus of college football. A few hours later, Kiffin’s boss, an actual Rhodes scholar no less, was pressured into firing his coach.

Southern Cal, by the way, plays most of its games on Fox.

Oct 042013

By Finebaum Fan.

Danny Sheridan

Danny Sheridan

The national-known odds maker, Danny Sheridan, appeared today on The Paul Finebaum Radio Show and gave “kudos” to Finebaum on his prediction that Lane Kiffin would be fired as head football coach of the Southern California Trojans by the end of the year.

Finebaum was on ESPN’s College GameDay this past Saturday morning and blasted Kiffin with his now infamous Miley Cyrus comparison.

 “In some respects, Lane Kiffin is the Miley Cyrus of College Football. He has very little talent, but we simply can’t keep our eyes off of him.”

He went on to predict that Kiffin would be fired soon and enforced a common public perception that the USC coach often appears childish.

“I think Kiffin will be gone at the end of the season.  For the sake of SC fans, I hope this time around the school will hire an adult to be its next head coach.”

Here is Sheridan’s quote from the radio appearance:

“I talked to several people at Southern Cal, donors specifically – in the athletic department – and they have a lot of weight, and for whatever it’s worth, they told me the combination – the power of game day (That statement that he would be fired at the end of the year) coupled with the 62 to whatever – 40 or 41 loss – That did him in.”

Play Danny Sheridan Gives Finebaum Kudos On Kiffin Prediction

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