Feb 112014

telephone270x200“I too would be gay if every man in the world looked like Nick Saban…”

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Sep 132013

From BizJournals.com by Erik Spanberg.

Paul Finebaum In Studio

Paul Finebaum In Studio

The talk-show host, bespectacled and in his late-50s, checks his smartphone for text messages and shifts his gaze to a nearby computer screen. He clicks the mouse, scrolls through a story or two, then turns his attention back to Jim from Tuscaloosa, who is still talking.

 For the third time in 90 minutes, Jim is on the air, complaining about the show. This, of course, breaks all of the unwritten rules of talk radio. Callers rarely are allowed to insult the host or his employers for long, if at all, and they certainly aren’t allowed to claim the airwaves three times in a single broadcast.

 Except, of course, on any show hosted by Paul Finebaum. Trim and wearing a maroon tie and a white button-down shirt, Finebaum, who looks and speaks like the lawyer he once aspired to be, sits in a makeshift studio at a Ballantyne office park on a recent afternoon, sipping coffee and punching buttons to take calls. Meet the one-man band who happens to be the most powerful and notorious voice in college football.

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