Feb 212014
Paul Finebaum Takes Aim at "Jim from Tuscaloosa"

Paul Finebaum Takes Aim at “Jim from Tuscaloosa”

By Finebaum Fan.

“I-Man”, a popular “hall-of-fame” caller to The Paul Finebaum Show, added yet another call to his repertoire today.

He began his call by discussing Finebaum’s short-lived collegiate football career at the University of Tennessee.  Finebaum, as everyone knows, was a highly touted quarterback prospect from Memphis whose career was tragically cut short by a knee injury before he was ever able to take the field.

“I-Man” continued (through discussing Larry’s call from yesterday) to a prepared slam of “Darriel from Columbus” but was interrupted by Finebaum.

It seemed Finebaum had “Jim from Tuscaloosa” on his mind.

“Jim” is a controversial character on the show whose exploits are well documented on this site.

Other than using the Finebaum show as a mouthpiece for his ill-placed rants, “Jim” likes to spew his venom anonymously on Twitter.

We would have included a photo of “Jim” to the right, but as far as we know – none exist.

As long as you don’t offend “Jim from Tuscaloosa”, you can follow his Twitter account here.

For your listening pleasure, we present the following audio of the call.

[mp3t track=”http://finebaumfan.com/audio/Page/Paul Finebaum And I-Man Roast Jim From Tuscaloosa.mp3″ title=”Paul Finebaum And I-Man Roast Jim From Tuscaloosa” volslider=”y” style=”bigger1″ vol=”50″]
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Feb 072014
Penn State commit Koa Farmer with coach James Franklin during a campus visit. (Instagram photo, Koa Farmer)

Penn State commit Koa Farmer with coach James Franklin during a campus visit. (Instagram photo, Koa Farmer)

By Finebaum Fan.

The day after his interview with James Franklin went viral around the college football world, ESPN radio host, Paul Finebaum, took time on air to reflect on it with his audience.

Franklin, head football coach at Penn State, has been criticized for “poaching” five recruits who had committed to Vanderbilt – a practice popularly known as “flipping recruits”.

Finebaum began the show with an analysis of the interview.

“That was not something I was in the weeds waiting for.  I’ve been friends with James Franklin for a while.”

“I’ve been a fan of his for a long time.  I think my record is pretty public on that. This isn’t a coach that I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into.”

He went on to elaborate on the thoughts he had during the interview.

“I was expecting James Franklin, the person I know and have great respect for, to give an honest answer.”

“I just felt like I needed to try to get an answer because he went into ‘coach speak'”.

“That’s all there was to it… But I just felt like I needed to explain that.”

“I’ve always liked him. Yesterday’s interview didn’t change any of that.  I just felt like he gave a really bad answer…”

Franklin appeared on the Dan Patrick Show in January to discuss recruiting etiquette and his reasoning for flipping Vanderbilt commits to Penn State.

Listen to a compilation of comments made by Finebaum and some of his callers during the show:

Play Paul Finebaum Reflects On James Franklin Interview

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Feb 052014

James FranklinBy Finebaum Fan.

James Franklin was recently hired as head football coach by Penn State University after three successful seasons with Vanderbilt University.

Franklin has been criticized for signing players he recruited to Vanderbilt to scholarships with Penn State.

He appeared today as a guest on The Paul Finebaum Show and the host was not bashful in breaching the subject of “flipping recruits”.

Listen to the complete interview as things got a little uncomfortable as it progressed:

Play Penn State Coach James Franklin Grilled By Paul Finebaum

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Here is some of the reaction on Twitter:

Feb 052014

telephone270x200By Finebaum Fan.

The Auburn Tigers lost five-star recruit Rashaad Evans to cross-state rival, The University of Alabama, from right out of their own backyard.

And according to Tammy, perhaps Auburn’s most well-known fan, “It don’t matter… Paul “Bam” Finebaum!”

Listen to the entire call as Tammy explains, “If he don’t wanna come to Auburn, we don’t want ’em no way!”

Play Tammy On 2014 National Signing Day - It Don't Matter!

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Oct 182013

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Oct 182013
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Oct 142013
Play Tiger Matt From Missouri - First Call

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Oct 132013

From TheState.com By Josh Kendall.

South Carolina AD Ray Tanner

South Carolina AD Ray Tanner

South Carolina (Athletic Director) Ray Tanner is miffed, and the SEC Network has its first headache 10 months before it goes on air.

Tanner believes ESPN analyst Paul Finebaum crossed the line this week by referring to Gamecocks defensive end Jadeveon Clowney as “the biggest joke in college football” after Clowney sat out last week against Kentucky due to a rib injury.

“It was really a hateful comment,” Tanner told The State at halftime of Saturday’s win over Arkansas. “It was inappropriate. It was unprofessional, and it was unnecessary. I don’t know how you make any kind of comment about a student-athlete along those lines.”

Finebaum, a longtime SEC commentator who recently was hired by ESPN, will be a major part of the SEC Network’s programming when the network debuts in August, 2014. At the moment, that thought is not appealing to Tanner.

“My understanding is he will be a part of the network going forward, and there are 13 other ADs in the SEC, and I am not so sure they feel much differently than I feel about the situation,” Tanner said. “Analyze, investigate, speculate. I understand that from the media, but to call out a student-athlete in the fashion he did is inappropriate.”

Tanner will communicate his frustration with SEC commissioner Mike Slive, he said. ESPN owns and operates the SEC Network.

“I will absolutely tell them how I feel, and I think they probably know at this point,” Tanner said, adding, “His comments were not  on the SEC Network. That network doesn’t exist yet.”

Of Finebaum, Tanner said, “I know he doesn’t care what I have to say, and I don’t really care what he has to say.”


Tanner first raised his concerns on the team’s pregame radio broadcast.

“Coach (Steve) Spurrier made his comments. Jadeveon visited with the press this week. Coach Spurrier visited with the press. It was all well documented, and then we have Paul Finebaum who says he is the biggest joke in college football?” Tanner said. “To me, that wasn’t merited. I felt compelled to defend our student-athlete.”

Oct 112013

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Oct 102013

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