Oct 082014

"Phyllis From Mulga"By FinebaumFan.

Phyllis From Mulga” is riding a wave of national publicity since her last rant on The Paul Finebaum Show scolding Colin Cowherd.

Today, she  joined Matt Moscona on his radio show, “After Further Review“, on ESPN 104.5 in Baton Rouge, Louisana.

In the interview, she discussed Colin Cowherd, Danny Kanell, Clay Travis, Les Miles, and her feelings about the Alabama Crimson Tide.

She also exposed a more gentle side, talked about her battle with cancer, and gave us more insight into her true personality.

Take a few minutes and get to know her.  There is more to Phyllis that the rants we enjoy so much on The Paul Finebaum Show.

Listen to Matt Moscona’s Interview with Phyllis:


Matt Moscona
‘s show, “After Further Review” airs weekday afternoons 3PM-6PM on WNXX-FM 104.5 in Baton Rouge.  To listen enter “WNXX” on our streaming audio page.

Oct 062014

By FinebaumFan.

“Phyllis From Mulga” took exception to ESPN’s Colin Cowherd’s comments regarding her beloved Alabama Crimson Tide and Head Coach, Nick Saban.

This morning on his show, “In The Herd”, Cowherd made this comment on air immediately after Paul Finebaum had been interviewed:

Phyllis called into the Finebaum show today unaware of Cowherd’s comments.

It didn’t take long before Phyllis began her second scathing of Cowherd on the Finebaum Show.

Her first call was a classic and quickly went viral on social media.

Play Phyllis From Mulga - Colin Cowherd: COW TURD


Today’s response to Cowherd was as intense as her first:

Here’s the COMPLETE call.

Play Phyllis From Mulga Scolds Colin Cowherd - Again

Video from The Paul Finebaum Show YouTube Channel:

Roll Tide!

See more video from the Paul Finebaum YouTube channel.

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Aug 012014
"REAL Jim From Tuscaloosa"'s recent Critique of The Paul Finebaum Show.

The REAL “Jim From Tuscaloosa”‘s recent Critique of The Paul Finebaum Show.

“Jim from Tuscaloosa” reappeared on The Paul Finebaum Show this week much to the dismay of “Phyllis From Mulga” and others.  Jim “quit” the show recently (again) claiming Phyllis was spreading falsehoods about him.

The two got together on today’s show for a little chat.

“I’ve got a lawyer! You’re a damn IDIOT, woman! You are a total LIAR!” – The REAL Jim From Tuscaloosa.

Seems the world just can’t accept Jim for what he is – “The World’s Greatest Radio Show Caller”.
(cough, cough…)

Play Phyllis Sends Jim Packing In Less Than A Minute

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Apr 222014
Play Call of the Day - Chris from Ohio vs. Phyllis from Mulga

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Dec 182013

Colin CowherdLink To Phyllis’ Latest Call Berating Colin Cowherd.

Colin Cowherd, host of ESPN’s “The Herd with Colin Cowherd”, joined Paul Finebaum today looking for publicity for his new book “You Herd Me”.

Well, he found publicity, but not necessarily for his book.

It came in the form of “Phyllis from Mulga”, whose call to Finebaum went viral on the internet.

Phyllis once again took exception to comments made by an ESPN personality regarding her beloved Alabama Crimson Tide.

She proceeded to unload on Cowherd.

Listen to the call:

Play Phyllis From Mulga - Colin Cowherd: COW TURD

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Oct 222013

Paul Finebaum Hr. 1: 10/22/13  Download


Paul Finebaum chats with Dan Wetzel and John Infante about the sanctions laid down by the NCAA on the University of Miami.

Paul Finebaum Hr. 2: 10/22/13  Download


Paul Finebaum chats with Trevor Matich about Week 8 of the CFB season, and Chuck Todd on the University of Miami rulings by the NCAA.

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Paul Finebaum discusses Danny Kanell’s BCS top 3 ranked teams, and previews Week 8 games of the CFB season.

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Paul Finebaum chats with Gary Danielson (CBS, SEC analyst) about Auburn’s upset of Texas A&M and previews the Alabama / Tennessee match up.

Oct 182013
Play Phyllis From Mulga - Charles From Reeltown - Love, Truce, Hate

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