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Paul Finebaum joins Keith Olbermann to discuss the Heisman race, Nick Saban-to-Texas rumors, and Johnny Manziel’s NFL prospects.

Sep 242013
Drake and Paul Finebaum

Drake and Paul Finebaum

By Finebaum Fan.

ESPN radio host, Paul Finebaum, joined Canadian rapper, Drake, on ESPN’s SportCenter earlier today.

The two brought to mind the 1933 science fiction movie, “When Worlds Collide“.  Apparently, public perception of the two places them at opposite extremes of the spectrum.

Twitter exploded with comments related to that interview.  Here is some of that reaction.

Sep 242013

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Over the course of the last six months or so, Johnny Manziel and Drake have become best buds. Okay, maybe not best buds. But they’ve clearly become pretty good friends. In fact, back in April, Johnny Football credited Drake with helping him become a changed man during the college football offseason. He took a trip to Toronto to hang out with Drake and seemed genuinely touched by the way the rapper treated him during his visit.

“To meet the No. 1 person on my bucket list, and for him to treat me like he did and how that whole trip went for me,” Manziel said, “I came back a completely different person.”

During an appearance on ESPN First Take earlier today, Drake spoke about his friendship with Manziel and defended his recent actions both on and off the football field. He also talked about what he has been talking to Manziel about in order to try and turn him into a better football player.

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Sep 132013

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Paul Finebaum in College Station

Paul Finebaum in College Station

Paul Finebaum also weighed in on Johnny Football. “I think the nation will be pulling for Johnny Manziel. I don’t care what I’ve said, what other people have said,” Finebaum said. “He’s just one of the most enigmatic players I have ever seen.”

“He is the reason why the ratings tomorrow will be a record number,” Finebaum said. “It’s not Nick Saban. He’s been there for a long time. Alabama is part of the texture and tapestry of college football, but Manziel is different. He’s new. We’ve never really seen anyone quite like him and I don’t know if we’ll see anyone quite like him in the future.”

Finebaum said an A&M victory Saturday would further elevate Manziel. “His reputation has certainly taken hits, but if he knocks off Alabama, forget Time Magazine, he’ll be in Times Square.”

Saturday’s faceoff is the biggest game in Saban’s career from a preparation standpoint, Finebaum said. “I really believe that Nick Saban has stayed up a little later every night. I’ve been told he’s brought in ex-coaches, defensive wizards, consultants from the NFL, they’ve broken down every game Johnny Manziel has played, which isn’t that many, and looked at all kinds of analysis and he has a game plan.”

Now what does that mean? “I don’t have any idea,” Finebaum said. “But he has never prepared harder or more diligently for any other football game.”

When Finebaum joined ESPN earlier this year, he declared Alabama would easily beat the Aggies in this game. “I’ve backed away from easily. The more I see of A&M, I think it will be a very competitive game but I think Alabama will win,” he said. “That not a prediction you can make and say I will guarantee my life on it, but I think Alabama has the motivation.”

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Sep 032013

With “The Game of the Year” coming up in just eleven days, we thought it would be a good time to revisit last year’s SEC showdown between The University of Alabama and Texas A&M .

What went right  and what went wrong?  It depends on which team you were cheering for.  Can we expect a repeat or will things be different this year?

Watch the game again and decide for yourself!

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Full Game HD Video

Texas A&M Upsets Alabama: Johnny Manziel Topples No. 1 Crimson Tide

From By John Zenor. 11/10/12

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — Johnny Football and the SEC newbies from Texas A&M took down the biggest bully in their new neighborhood and left No. 1 Alabama with badly bruised national championship hopes.

Johnny Manziel, better known around Texas as Johnny Football, staked the 15th-ranked Aggies to a three-touchdown lead in the first quarter, and Texas A&M held on to beat the Crimson Tide 29-24 on Saturday.

The Aggies (8-2, 5-2), playing in the Southeastern Conference for the first season after ditching the Big 12, also might have ended the league’s run of BCS titles at six years.

The defending national champion Crimson Tide (9-1, 6-1), who have been No. 1 almost all season and had won 13 straight, didn’t go quietly.

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