Jan 092015

B6T5xNSIEAEP7WmBy FinebaumFan.

“Andy from Perrysburg, Ohio” absolutely annihilated “Jim from Tuscaloosa” on the Paul Finebaum Show today.

It wasn’t the first time!

More later!

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Jan 172014

telephone270x200By Finebaum Fan.

Lars Anderson, journalism professor at the University of Alabama and award-winning writer at Sports Illustrated, joined Paul Finebaum today for the broadcast of “The Paul Finebaum Radio Show”.

Late in the program, “Andy From Ohio” called in to discuss The University of Alabama football and Tuscaloosa Menswear controversy.

He began his call with shot or two at Finebaum’s resident caller, “Jim from Tuscaloosa” before he began elaborating on the subject.

As he has in the past, Finebaum seized the opportunity to pit “caller vs. caller” to deliver “radio gold”.

Finebaum referred to it as “one of the all-time calls”.

Anderson likened the phone call to a prize-fight. When asked by Finebaum who won the decision, Anderson replied,”That was a big beat down there.  Andy – all the way.”

Andy is an attorney from Perrysburg, Ohio, and well – Jim is Jim. The results were inevitable.

Listen to the call and the reaction of Finebaum callers – Will in Ohio, Joe in Michigan, Reverend, Jeff from Washington D.C., and Jimmy:

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